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Kvitjell Course

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Just looking ahead on the Cup schedule. Anyone know what the Kvitjell course is like, who it favors? Looks like they'll have two DH's there.
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The course in Norway favors folks who can mix it up both in turns and gliding - a bit like Bormio, in that regard.

It's not at all like the Face de Bellevarde at Val d'Isere, which is very technical with little opportunity for the gliders. And since Kvitfjell picked up the extra DH from Val d'Isere, it should be interesting to see how it goes.

American racers have done well there in the past: Moe, Rahlves, Miller.
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Looking at the schedule, there are four more slaloms and three more of everything else (no more combineds). Obviously Miller has a big edge in DH, Raich in slalom, plus there's one more race in the category. You'd think that Bode would have the edge in Super G as well, but Raich has actually outscore him there this season.
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Cuche won both DHs there last year if I remember correctly. It was a good weekend of racing there with both Raich and Svindal screwing up the SG on the same gate to keep the tension up before the finals. I hope it'll be as good this year!
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Didn't Svindal make up like 300 points that weekend? I missed it all, think I was skiing somewhere and forgot to record.
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Looking back on the FIS results he only scored a 3rd in the SC, and 5th and 11th in the DHs...

On youtube there's one of Cuche's DH runs (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWbRvf3gvIk) and Hans Grugger's winning SG run (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kM6h6j6M4j0) to check out the course...
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Ah, I was just assuming that Kvitjell had the finals last year. I was thinking about the weekend in Lenzerheid, I guess, where he won DH, SG and GS.
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