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Saying Goodbye to a Friend

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Yesterday was a day of some vary mixed emotions.I was vary excited that The Olympics are finally here.Yet it was a vary sad day for me, becuse yesterday afternoon we said goodbye to a good friend.
We had a memorial service and Celebration of life for my good friend Bob Littlewood.As many of you know Bob died in a freak skiing accident while skiing at Aspen Co.It was a great send off for a really great guy.Many of Bob's family and Good friends Told "Bob storys" We laughed and cried.His wife Carol had his remains cremated and when all the Olympic crazyness is over His ski budies will scater some of his ashes over Mount Baldy in Deer Valley.Then this summer we will take other part of his ashes on a camping trip to Kings Peak ( The Highest peak in Utah) and scatter them there.We were planning to summit Kings peak this summer.So it makes sense that he should still be on that camping trip with us.With his ashes at deer Valley Then everytime i ski there Bob will also be there.I like that idea.He was a great guy to ski with always up for a challenge and always a lot of fun.He was really looking forward to the Games So for my part i am going to enjoy them as much as I can.
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Utah49 - As someone who has also recently lost a friend to the mountain, I share your sorrow. I realize it's small consolation, but Bob died doing what he loved and he WILL always be there on your hiking trips and skiing trips. He's not going anywhere as long as you remember him in your heart and mind.
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