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Homemade training gates?

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I'm on a race team that practices 1x/week. This is my first year racing, I'd like there to be more practices. Next year I'll be on a high school team that practices 3x/week, I think I'll be satisfied with that.

In the meantime, I'd wish to run gates more. Talked to management at the local hill, I can set my own gates if I please (apparently some people on my patrol used to set gates for fun, a few years back, anyway). Gates=$$$. Too much for me. Even stubby gates are a little too much money for me. And brushes. All I want is something for training to go around. If brushes were a couple bucks cheaper, I'd buy 10 or 15.

I'm considering just using little flags, such as utility marking flags. I have a ton around from work. I fear those will pull out very easily if I end up brushing by one.

So, I have 2 ideas-
make some homemade stubby gates from some 3/4" pipe and some very heavy flexible tubing I have laying around, to act as a hinge sort of thing. Would cost me nothing but a little time, but fear they'd pull out really easily.

Make brushes by cutting up a broom with plastic bristles. I don't really want to make that much garbage, cutting the bristles off of a broom and throwing the rest. Make a simple base from pvc pipe or something.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions for some sort of gate or brush or marker?
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Chalk powder that is used for carpenter chalk lines Cheap and come in three of four different colors.

I use it to test my kids skiing.
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Rit Dye powder works well, too. It's used at ski races to create gate marks and those guide lines seen on World Cup courses.
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Guide lines? I am not familiar with such things. Sorry, I just got into racing this year. I feel it has improved my skiing quite a bit, though. Are you saying to just make marks where gates would be? Wouldn't that quickly get covered up with snow, or scraped away?

If there is confusion, I'm not referring to the starting gate, I mean the actual gates. Like the ones that cost 40 bucks for training ones.
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Go old school. Beat the Boo.:
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I used to cut maple saplings. I wouldn't recommend them.
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Not if you stay on the right side of the mark.
Originally Posted by hamradio View Post
Wouldn't that quickly get covered up with snow, or scraped away?
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I know a great substance to use. If I told you I'd have to kill you though...

PM me if you're interested.
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You might try cutting brightly colored tennis (or larger) balls in half.
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Maybe I can help!

Hey I'm a welder/fabricator and think maybe I could help. I'm not exactly sure what you would want them to look like, but if you could give me a picture or drawing I could quote you on a lightweight (carry friendly)aluminum model you could probably pound into the ground with a hammer. I can't imagine materials would be very much and I have a whole shop- I'm always willing to help someone out when it comes to skiing! Networks freakin rock man so take advantge. Pretty much if you can put it on paper I could probably put it into your hands a hell of alot cheaper than some soulless department store so let me know and send me a PM.
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What about soccer cones? They are small, orange, and cheap...and I used to use them during my brief teaching stint (and when I was taught!)

something like one of these
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grocery store has little bottles of food colouring. Enviro friendly and cheap.

set your course and don't have to worry about falling / broken gates, and you don't have to pick up anything when you are done. Just sweep your course after and you are done.
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