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POW ski help

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OK, I reserved my post until I had spent so much time surfing that my wife said "pack it in and get the kids to bed". I can't quite find the best answer to my question. I have Rossi B3's 176cm which I totally love as an all mountain ski. They rock on everything with a bent towards chop and light powder, yet I have confidence on hard pack and icy conditions. However, anything more than 6-10", particularly heavier powder, and they bog down and require a bit of work. I'm thinking I need a more dedicated powder ski. My local shop dropped the price on Volkl GOTAMAS to $599, which doesn't seem bad. The problem is that I have never skied them and I'm not convinced that they will fill the gap that the B3 doesn't quite meet. I could demo them, but even living in Colorado my ability to hit a powder day soon is unpredictable.
Will the Gotamas be enough of an improvement over the B3's in medium to heavy powder to justify the purchase or should I look at a more hard core powder ski even though 1 foot plus powder days are a rare occasion?
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I believe that about 90% in here will say go for the Goats Everyone on epicski loves those
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Fisher Watea 101 is a great powder ski and is easy and fun to ski and turn on soft groomers as well. Very easy skiing ski for a 192. They can be had in your price range if you shop around on the net.
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OK thanks for the advice. Sounds like you can't go wrong with the Gotamas. I've seen a bunch of people comment on the Watea's too. I'm not too thrilled about a 192cm ski. Those are the skis I got rid of 10 years ago. I only weigh 150# and I'm thinking a shorter ski 170 - 180cm will still give me plenty of surface area for my build. Most of my powder skiing tends to be in the glades as opposed to above tree line bowls. I know a bunch of people seem to be pushing a longer powder ski.
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