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My little guy redux

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Sorry gang. Had to fix. Spelled mountain wrong in the title. Derrrrrrrrrrr.

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There's an arguement for why east skiers are better! Wachusset is still as narrow and crowded as I remember it from the mid 80s-maybe a bit more?

My 4 and 5 year olds will get their first ski trip this Saturday. They aren't that enthusiastic about it so we may end up tubing instead. All they talk about is "sledding and snow angels". I'm going to get them to watch this in an attempt to spark their interest. Warren DVD's just scare the **** out of them.. Thanks for posting this, maybe it will help to show them other kids their age doing it.
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Great stuff!

Nice "safety teamwork" ..... stopping before that other group and looking up before starting out.

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