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teens on boards in Utah

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Will be taking my teens to Utah for six days. Have lodging in Park City and will spend three of the days there. Looking for recommendations for day trips from Park City - 14 yr old rides the black diamonds, though mostly with an instructor, 17 yr is solid intermediate. [BTW, parents are skiers.]

Have been told that Snowbird might be over our head. Have been steered towards Brighton and The Canyons.

What do you Bears recommend ?

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Brighton, Solitude, Snowbird should all be worth a trip.

If you want to go a little further and a lot less crowded, check out Snobasin and/or Powder Mountain. They are about an hour North of Park City I believe. Locals can probably give you a better idea of what it takes to hit those spots from PC.
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There should be no pressing need to leave the PC area. One could easily spend 6 days exploring PC and the Canyons without getting bored. Brighton has a huge boarding contingent, but all 3 of the snowboard permitting Cottonwood canyon resorts have terrain suitable for intermediates and scaring the crap out of all but the most seasoned experts. Of the 3, Solitude is slightly more frustrating for boarders in that the traverse out of the Honeycomb canyon area is a pain for riders without skiing companions. Having been to SLC many times, the lure of hitting other resorts is quite strong. This is especially true for PC visitors looking at the greater depth of new snow typically reported by the Cottonwood Canyon resorts. If you decide to visit there on a powder day, get to the top of the canyons by 8AM to minimize the risk of getting shut out by a road closure due to slides. If you decide to travel north, Snowbasin would be my recommendation for you. It's only a slightly longer drive than getting to the Canyon resorts. I'd consider that option more the less fresh that the snow is.
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