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Best mountain for a season - what do you think?

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If you only had one season to spend at any resort in North America, where would you spend it? Alta? Snowbird? Mammoth? Squaw Valley? Jackson Hole? Whistler/Blacomb? etc., etc., etc. A large quantity of high quality powder is the most important factor. Also, need some rocks/cliffs to fine tune the dropping skills. Note to self - there is no guarantee as to the amount of snow a mountain will experience in a year. I'm sure some snow years in Cali are better than Utah, some years in Colorado are better than Jackson, and some years in Jackson have an edge over BC (or the other way around). Edificate me if I'm off base. I'm getting the feeling as I write that it's close to impossible to say what the "best" mountain would be. Maybe I should rephrase the question. Is there a mountain that you would not spend a season at, besides let's say, Mt. Baldy in southern California - though I've heard the skiing there can be amazing if the conditions are right (which only happens once or twice every 5 years or so). By the way, if any of y'all are in/around Tahoe on a big powder day, give Kirkwood a try, you will not be dissapointed. C yah.......Brian
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One of the least trolly troll posts I've read in awhile.

If you want to basically asure yourself not to get skunked...goto targhee. They are really drought proof. You can day trip to jackson if you need extreme.

Utah's good too. Whistler's good too. Tahoe is good too.

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I'm an east coast raised skier who moved out west this year and loved it. Alta/Snowbird frickin' ruled!!! There are so many nasty lines there, I love it.
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I wouldn't choose North America.

For a season, I'd probably choose Chamonix, St Anton or Val d'Isere.
If it had to be North AMerica, I'd maybe go for Whistler.


Edit: Meant to add that my above comments are based on the various areas and countries I have already skiied in

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The answer to your question probably doesn't lie with one mountain, but with one location.

In North America that pretty much sorts itself down to Golden, British Columbia. The local hill, Kicking Horse, is on a par with Jackson Hole, without all of the fluff and testesterone. It is the location that really counts here though. Nestled in a river drainage between two spinal ranges of the central rockies, the low altitude setting is surrounded by the finest skiing the World has to offer. You don't have to banter over the stats, because within a hundred miles there are more places than a person can count, with snowfall levels that pale the rest of the continent, and terrain that challenges any person's lifetime ability to ski. The fact that the Canadian government has seen fit to put much of the really good stuff off limits to development only makes it better. For those in the area with the will to pay the price for their skiing, it is limitless!!

For those who need developed ski areas, this is one area where cooperation in the community really shines. Most of the ski areas have situations where you can shuttle over to other hills without much trouble, and there are plans for considerable new development in the region. They have the goods, and are beginning to see the better parts that have been left undeveloped as an economic resource. ...It will only get better for the traveling skier as years go by.

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Something in Colorado. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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it's gotta be either the i-70 routes of abasin/breck/stone or anywhere in lake tahoe. tahoe has so many resorts and nothing better than apris ski as the sunsets over lake tahoe. both those options have shuttles that go to all of them and you can ski the i-70's on the same ticket.
cant decide between breck or heavenly for best overall for the season. the mountains may not be the best ever, but you have free shuttles to lots of great mountains and breckenridge is unbeatable for the holidays and south lake tahoe is unbeatable the rest of the year.
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