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supporter protest

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As long as I'm in the "malcontent mood", one of the things that burns my adz is seeing Ott's fine stories collecting dust in the "Supporter Basement".

It's middle winter and these gems are too fine to languish in the darkness.

New visitors to this site are missing them since Ott has been in hibernation.

I think they along with the groundhog ..... deserve to come out and see their shadow for some of the newer members who missed them when they were there for all to witness.

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I second that motion.

All in favour?
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Earlier this year, we made all the "Premium Articles" interactive. Before, they truly did collect dust. The premium articles are a supporter benefit, but, here you go...I'll create a temporary subforum to this community thread and I'll put all of Ott's great articles there for free. I agree these stories are delightful and worth sharing.

I haven't checked with any of the rest of the team, but I'm sure they would agree everyone should have a little "Sigi" in their life.
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I say Yahooo!!
Yuki, see? We do listen!
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