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St. Moritz SG

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Emily Brydon
Elisabeth Goergl
Reate Goetschl
Lindsay Vonn

Of particular note at St. Moritz in the DH and now the SG is a real (OK, so I like cute girls) is a kid (minds out of the gutter please) ... to watch ..

At 16 years old Lara Gut .... first WC podium in the DH with a 3rd' and gave the "old women" a run in the SG with a 5'th.

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Geez, I thought that was a DH today. With the women I can't really tell the difference, especially on an easy piste like the one at St Moritz. But it was amazing how many racers--Goetschl, Vonn--were ahead of Brydon in the early going but just couldn't match her speed in the final section. Still, pretty boring race.
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