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Jay Peak Prez's Week

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Heading up Feb 17 - 23 and parking at Jay Peak. May do a day at Smuggs or Stowe, or maybe ski a day in Eastern Townships. But, mainly we will be exploring the woods in and around Jay Peak.

My son and I will be skiing there with a like minded family from CT. If any bears are in the area we'd love to ski with you.

Come on up!
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I'll see ya there. It's been snowing pretty much non-stop for the past week, and the forecast is looking good. The horror that was January in the East is finally over!
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Extremely windy up there right now. Even the jay peak website admitted all the snow has blown off the trails. Ok as long as it sticks in the woods. I am hoping the forecast holds true and it continues to snow on and off all week. Tonight, I'm mounting up some old Sollie Guns I got on Ebay.
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