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Just watched Blizzard of AaHHH's, for the first time

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Great flick. Ski flicks are groovy.

My take:
1) Plake rocks. Anybody, who can ski like he does and on 223's - is god like.

2) The technique did look different to me.
Not much edge work. I guess, that's because of the skis - the film was made in 1989, no shaped skis then.

Most of the time, I saw parallel shins. A few times, some stemming, but hey. Who the hell is perfect?

3) The rasta dude in the beginning, he makes a point. He's right, money has taken over the sport. But, without the money, there wouldn't be expansion, water on the mountain, high speed quads, and more terrain.

Yeah, dudes like him can't last - it's way too expensive. But what I found funny is that he thinks Telluride is so cool. Not being a skier then, I have no idea if it was or not. But today, Telluride has the same feel as Aspen, it's just harder to get to.

4) But the extreme skier interviewed, claiming that there's no more great skiing inbounds, I beg to differ.

There's plenty, of great skiing inbounds.

Is there terrain that you have to be lowered down into? No way. But you can still hike the East Wall at Abasin and you can hike Highland Bowl at Aspen Highlands. There's lotsa great skiing, tamed and not tamed, to be had.

5) It's a film with attitude, lotsa attitude, but I'm not sure if it's a bellwether piece or not. I'm not sure I've ever seen, a ski film that really tells the whole story - probably because there's not a market for it. But I'll order the movie Your Highness recommended and take a look.

I'll definitely watch Blizzard of AaHHH's a thousand more times, though.


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Originally posted by SCSA:
Great flick. Ski flicks are groovy.

My take:
1) Plake rocks. Anybody, who can ski like he does and on 223's - is god like.
He's great. I was able (well, not really able!) but got to ski with him a couple of times. It's obvious, but he is a truly fine skier. He'll take the time to show you a lot of technique. Let me say this. If you think you are good, and green trails are beneath your dignity, then check if you can ski a mere green trail the way Glen Plake can. We know about the cliffs, but consider the simple green trail. He is truly a great skier. And a fine person.
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I think its still the greatest ski flick of all time - overall. The photography, music, attitude, skills - awesome. Plake was wonderful in it, a great skier, and his attitude really stood out as fun and cool - but Schmidt's skiing was even more unbelievable. Scott showed hard carving high speed all terrain race born skills at their finest. Great movie!
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That movie changed ski films for the better. Before that, your choices were Warren Miller or Warren Miller.

And you gotta love that soundtrack.

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That dammed film ruined my life, I watched it on an off through University, on Graduating I stupidly decided to be a ski bum for a winter.....Now I'm addicted and have allready signed up for my 6th season, with no prospect of being able to ever consider a real job!
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Blizzard of Ahh's for the 1st time? And you call yourself a skier?
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When my daughter asked me what I wanted for Xmas last year, I told her to buy me a ski movie. When she asked which one, I named a couple that I recall being mentioned on EpicSki, including "Blizzard of AaHHH's" Well, she bought me the "Blizzard...", which was great. I watched it, it was good, I enjoyed it, but the tape had a physical problem which was slightly annoying, so I went back to the ski shop to see if I could exchange it. The girl at the shop asked me if I wanted another copy of "Blizzard..." or did I want a different movie. Whoa, a different one, an unexpected response. OK, I said, figuring that I had now already seen "Blizzard...", so I said "Mind the Addiction" and she went for it. I watched "Mind the Addiction" and thought it was great, as did my 13-year-old and his buddies. I enjoyed it more than "Blizzard of AaHHH's". I also enjoy Warren Miller movies, and attend the yearly fall showing of the latest at the Flynn Theater in Burlington, VT, which starts me serious Jonesing. Also, the local library has a number of old Warren Millers I can check out for free. Since we live near the Burton Snowboard factory, we are awash in snowboard videos, since they sell them cheap in a bin at the factory store. I rarely watch any of those.
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MTA is great (my favorite of the past 5 years), but it's no blizzard, purely b/c of the ground that the film broke and where it took skiing. remember, 1989, skiing was dead.
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Is there anywhere a trailer available?
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Further proof of the gaper-ific nature of SCSA.
You watched Blizzard (for the first time, no less--only two decades late) and you comment on parallel shins?
Sick little monkey.

edit: for the latest incarnation of Blizzard, check out Gaffney's 1999. Yeah, the Ski Movie series and some TGR stuff may have some sicker footage, but 1999's got more soul.

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The shot in Blizzard that made me realise skiing was making a big leap forward was when Schmitt lower down off that bridge at the top of Grand Montets, straightlined a narrow chocolate-chip chute, caught huge air over a small cliff band, and pulled his skis up out of the way to settle in nicely on his hip - all totally under control! :
It was a real eye-openner of things to come.

Plake, on the otherhand was in way over his head on that run and was lucky to have walked away from his attempt.
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Blizzard is by far the best ski movie. Hands down.

Plake, although a great skier, comes off like a spoiled brat. Schmidt comes off like a class act.

Best line in the movie... Schmidt on the train "skiers who sue ski areas should be shot."

It definitely changed ski movies for the better. As I said in a previous post, ski movies provide a history of our sport and any real skier owes it to himself to start a collection.

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Blizzard rocks, that Scott Schmitt run on Grand Montets is my favorite along with the Lawn Dart Cliff scene in Mind the Addiction, those guys are in need of some serious professional help! The one movie that really had me getting up at the crack of dawn to huck myself off rocks was TGR's "Further".
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Originally posted by Squidward:
Blizzard of Ahh's for the 1st time? And you call yourself a skier?
my thoughts exactly.

(parental tone) :SCSA, where did we go wrong?

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After all this talk, I had to go and rent it, (never having seen it myself) It took four video rental places, and 35 minutes to find a copy (damn smalltown midwest) but I just rented it today.
Definatly the best ever. Not just ski movie, one of the most entertaining films I've ever seen. While I was there I also bought a few Warren Miller films, not quite the same as the TGR stuff , but still very good in its own right.
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