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Val d'Isere Super Combi Spoiler

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Miller first, Raich sixth, Cuche 24th. I still can't watch when Bode skis slalom. Luckily, in the super combi format it's only one run. He devastated the DH portion. Second Kostelic, third his Croat teammate whose name escapes me.
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Bode Miller

Ivica Kostelic

Natko Zrncic-Dim ...... came from a poor family, vowels were expensive

Ted Ligety .... 22nd'
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Kostelic is a cool guy. He was high fiving all the fans after his SL run, and seemed even happier for his teammate's podium than his own. Bode, for his part, when you see him in the finish area after a race, he's always talking. To the other skiers, coaches whoever. And it usually looks like he's talking tech.
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Bode killed it in the DH. Awesome.
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The Italian commentators kept complaining about the course. I thought it was pretty cool at the top. Don't remember how it was in 92 though.

Rant: I've been reading a bit of US press on today's result, also saw CNN's take. Not surprisingly, everyone misses the point. No one who follows ski racing cares about the f'ing Super Combi title, and almost no one cares about being sixth in all time wins or whatever. What matters is: a. winning races; and b. winning the World Cup Overall. The rest is all details.
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Thank you Bode!

Thank god Bode isnt letting me down like Tom Brady. Im not sure what I would do if they both failed me? I have decided not to send Tom Brady a Christmas card this year!
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I'm sure Bode's disappointed too, know he's a big Patriots fan. Hope it won't affect the rest of his season. Me? Bode padding his lead followed by a Giants Superbowl win made for a pretty cool weekend (given that I couldn't ski). Pretty sleepy today though. Game started at midnight local.
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