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Motorcycles and Ice

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As some of you know, I volunteer to do some work at the local Motorcycle Club. Motorsports are my husband's passion and its fun to participate in this stuff with him.
This weekend we had an ice race scheduled on one of our local lakes. Its been a couple months of preparation, permits, and publicity.
The weather we had a week ago impacted our enthusiasm in a huge way, with melting ice and warm temps. the past few days have been sub zero temps and perfect for getting the track ready, but the racers down state didn't get the memo.
We had to cancel the race due to lack of racers, but those that did show up, enjoyed the lake time anyway.

Short video will follow.
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This I gotta see! That looks like such big fun!
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My teensy weensy video of the fun on the lake:
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Only in Michigan....

In Maine they used old beater cars. Dump the radiator, fill with water. Chain bumpers and stuff on, spike the tires and go.
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K, there is a guy named craig pickett, who has raced at our motorcycle races. He'll Wheelie down the straights and lay the bike completely sideways on the corners. Amazing!
These guys are pretty serious about their bikes.
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That video is so cool. I love that!
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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post

Originally Posted by weems
This I gotta see! That looks like such big fun!
Lets say, the person in the photo, whom we shall call Mr TC, has decided that he wants to use the remainder of our vacation budget(with which we were planning on a return to Colorado), to build up an ice bike.

Colorado Vacation
Ice bike?
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