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Can pressure point on top of arch be fixed?

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I need new boots. My 5yr old Technica's are packed out badly. I'd like to replace them with Rossi boots, as right now I can get pro-deal pricing on them.

I demo'd the Bandit B12's. No custom fitting, no footbeds, just straight off the rental rack. 27.5 fit well in the heel, toe box, sides. Two fingers on the shell fit. I liked the way they skied, but I had a definite pressure point on the top of my foot, just underneath the second (from the front) buckle.

Is this kind of pressure point fixable with proper bootfitting, or is the shell just too low volume for my foot?

In case it's relevant:
45 year old. Expert minus. (Still struggle with big bumps and tight trees) Skiing K2 Apache's, Dynastar troublemakers & Rossi Zenith Z5's.
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things like this can be solved IF the boot is the correct shape and size for your feet....

depending on how big your fingers are i would suggest that they are a size or more too big [two of my fingers is close to 35mm]
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I agree with CEM. A pressure point over the instep can be relieved with some creative bootfitting. Make sure this boot is not too big and you're not over tightening the boot because of pack out. What size street shoe do you use?
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I usually wear a size 10 street shoe, more like a 27 by the Garmont size chart. I measured 27.5 on the foot measuring device.

On the 27.5's, my toes touch the front when standing, and retract away from the front on flex. Pretty sure my toes will remain in contact on 27's, and certainly on 26.5's, but I guess you can make more toe room if needed?

The only shop I've found that sells Rossi boots nearby is at the base of WP, and they seem much too busy to spend any time with me on real bootfitting, so I'm kind of on my own.
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Well it is too bad that they aren't more help. The fact that you measure a 27 doesn't necessarily mean you wear a 27 in every boot. Now I don't see many of the new Rossis in my store so am not exactly certain how they fit in terms of length, but agree with my colleagues that 2 fingers sounds like too much.

Assuming you are not overbuckling then instep pressure can sometimes be resolved by grinding the tongue thinner or by lowering the zeppa.
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