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Utah gathering pics and stuff

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Day one of the gathering was off the hook at Alta with deep light POW and great company:

The road up was closed, but opened at 8:40AM and we were on the lift ten minutes after it opened

My camera lens was often foggy due to the snow accumulating near my CHEST pocket where it was stored, but I got a few. Other attendees please post'em up

Waiting for the road to open

Riding up Wildcat

Uncle Louie rib cage DEEP
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Cornbread at bottom of Extrovert

Uncle Louie rib cage DEEP in lower Catherine's
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Garyskr, northeasterner and Ski3po frowning at all the snow

Cornbread, Ski3po, northeasterner, Garyskr, Uncle Louie and Dan top of Erosion Gullies

Garret, Cornbread, Swing, Unknown and Dookey apres at Gold Miners Daughter
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Outstanding Giddy

Cant wait to see everyone at Snowbasin on Monday. What are my chances of getting about 12 Barking Bears to come over to help shovel for about an hour today? Free beer and big screen superbowl! BYOS

Bring your own shovel!
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Originally Posted by steelman View Post
Outstanding Giddy

Bring your own shovel!
Darn, I knew I forgot to pack something

Steelman, are you our guide tomorrow?
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Holy ****, it`s all breast deep! Happy you had such a fabulistic time!
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Originally Posted by northeasterner View Post
Darn, I knew I forgot to pack something

Steelman, are you our guide tomorrow?
I will do my best. I will be in the lodge by the fireplace by about 0800.
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Originally Posted by steelman View Post
I will do my best. I will be in the lodge by the fireplace by about 0800.
Sounds great steelman and tomorrow should be fantastic

The gathering hasn't seen a powder day, it has been a POWDER TRIP:

More pics to follow after dinner.
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Awesome, gang... keep the pics comin'!

Louie, you feelin' better?!
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Posted in the other thread, reposted here.

Day 1 teaser

Sorry this is on putfile, but youtube was down for maint....
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Originally Posted by ssh View Post

Louie, you feelin' better?!
Aside from having trouble breathing, yeah. It's tough at this elevation when the powder keeps pressing on your chest when you are skiing, and then there is all the stuff that keeps clogging your mouth and nose when you are trying to ski.
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Originally Posted by Lonnie View Post
Posted in the other thread, reposted here.

Day 1 teaser

Sorry this is on putfile, but youtube was down for maint....
Nicely done, Lonnie!

wishin' I was there...
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good stuff.

Great to meet you guys.

We had a great time at Snowbasin and Snowbird earlier in the week - sorry no pics but suffice to say more of the same. Snowbasin was minimum waist deep snowing all day. Awesome place - first time I was there.

Utah is just crazy right now with more today and Wednesday. Ridiculous bases up there.
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First of all let me say how much I enjoyed skiing and talking with all the Epic Gatherers. I had a great time skiing with everyone at Solitude and Snowbird. I'm not really much on skiing with groups BUT I thoroughly enjoyed my time with all of you and would readily join again. It was a special and interesting group of people. Additionally, I would comment on the high quality of skiing the group displayed. Let me tell you, the Gatherers were all very good skiers. (BTW, this should not be a dis-encouragement to any Epic member for attending. I believe this group is capable of including skiers of every level).

Second of all I'd like to give special thanks to Bushwacker for his efforts and enthusiasm in keeping the energy going on the Gathering. This kid has a lot of heart . I'd also like to give thanks to Harkin Banks and Adipose. Harkin's yellow jacket (very sharp) and Adipose's orange pack meant I never had to struggle to follow a group of good skiers on Sunday afternoon at Snowbird. On the other hand, Bob Peters gets no thanks for his white jacket that perfectly blends in with the snow . Personally, I found Max's white jacket much more recognizable .

Thirdly, I hope everyone had a great day at Snowbasin.

Finally, for those of you who might come back to Solitude this year. Today I went out the get to skiers right (NOT the Honeycomb gate) off of the Powderhorn lift and took an immediate left down Milk Run. I stayed high left with the rope line in sight. When I hit the Caution Cliffs Below sign I continued down. No one hardly skies here (because it's normally very cliffed out and rocky) but today (and I expect anytime the rest of the season when there is soft snow) it was an amazing run. Clear paths all the way down through steep and exciting terrain with short waist deep powder filled chutes to keep the speed under control. Maybe two tracks found on the entire run. Additionally, quite good length for Solitude standards. Obviously your experience may vary so be careful and don't try this unless you have pretty good skiing skills and experience. I didn't want to lead people here on our Solitude Day because it really is some place where you have to be willing to take responsibility for yourself. As a contrary example, today I went down a few other places where I didn't lead the group. In two different cases I got to a point where I had to either climb back up or make a jump into a relatively tight spot. I've been to all of these before and backed out many times. Today, however, with 3+ foot of soft billowy pillow to land on I pushed ahead. While all of the landings were ugly by most people's standards I was thrilled to do them. For anyone going to Solitude I'm happy to offer the advice that I can.
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Originally Posted by Lonnie View Post
Posted in the other thread, reposted here.

Day 1 teaser
That corpse on the floor at :20 is me. Thanks for the vid.

Si, thanks a lot for leading us to the goods at Soli. I'd love to get back there this year.
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Garrett, let me know if you head this way. I am planning on being back at Solitude for some spring skiing in April.
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A few Solitude pics

Batgirl and Mrs Tromano ready to go:

Ski3po in the headwall forrest

Max(Swing) doing a little advertising or showing off his A$$:
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You lucky people obviously had a fabulous time.

Great pics and vid; post more!
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Snowbird on day 3 was just as off the hook as Alta on day 1

I had the best run of my entire life as I waited solo for Gad II chair to open. I was fourth chair going up and as luck would have it all the people on chairs one through three cut right towards STH and for the 1st time in my life made FIRST tracks down a run.

I went down Gadzooks and there were no patroller or other tracks at all. I skied it well and the lower portion of the run cuts back under the chair and never in my life has someone yelled down from a chair the cries of "awesome dude, way to get after it" and various other hoots and hollers while snow is billowing in my face:

A few pics!

A full Tram in early afternoon

Bklyn on the Cirque

Si, Tromano and Bushwacker enjoying the WHITE linen tram deck lunch:
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One quick end of the day shot from Snowbasin today with more to follow tomorrow(I'm tired and have to drive to CO in the AM).

MattL, Bob Peters(after trying new skis), Swing(Max) and the EXTREMELY gracious guide for many of us Steelman showing their stuff:
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Great posts and pics.

I had a hunch that when I overheard Camelback mountain mentioned on the tram in early December that it was Bushwacker. This picture confirms that it was in fact him.
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Cloudpeak & I had originally expected to ski with everyone again on Monday. The plan was to leave LCC in the early AM & meet the gang at Snowbasin for some skiing and then head for the airport. But Sunday night the snow started falling in earnest & the road closed at 11:30 PM, so what choice did we have? We were tragically forced to ski fresh Alta powder again...

Still Interlodged at 9:30 AM.

But then they let us out and we decided to Praxis our skiing. A few shots of cloudpeak on lap number 2 or 3...

The next round, the clouds broke, but there were still ice crystal type snowflakes in the air. It made for some interesting light.

Near the tail end of our next to last run, we played the "let's follow a local" game and after a quick 25 or so sidesteps, we got this shortly before lunchtime.

Find the cars...

We missed you guys!
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Ski3Po, how are the skis?

Spindrift, Inspirational!
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2 from alta I have alot more video as well.



yeah it was deep.

one from snowbird more video from snowbird as well

its just pukes in utah....welcome to snowbird, your fed for life.
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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post
Welcome to the white room Matt.....
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Glad to see everyone enjoying the snow here! Got to Snowbird late and spent the afternoon looking for "Bears". Every lift I came to I hollered "Bears", got a few looks but no replies. Sorry to miss everyone.
I spent the afternoon skiing Livin the Dream in knee to thigh deep powder. The only problem was the run out at the end, too much snow and a slight incline makes for a little hike. Boyhowdy was it worth it!
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Great stuff ... pictures say a lot but it's hard to describe how great the conditions were last week. Definitely the best week of skiing I've had.
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Just wow!!
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OMG I'm still reeling from the dream trip!

Hey guys don't discard any pics you might think didn't come out. If you think any could be nice pics but are blurred, you want to see the skier through the snow or whatever just let me know. I can edit / color correct them for you. Just contact me and I'll tell you where to send them.

Example (the whiteroom is awesome though)...

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