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Aspen/Snowmass- one resort or many?

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Hi guys, I have a quick question. Is Aspen/Snowmass one resort or several? On the website (aspensnowmass.com), it seems like it is one resort with four mountains, but when I have seen it mentioned in magazines, they rank Aspen, Snowmass, and Aspen Highlands as different resorts.
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Heh hey, "The Power of Four" is their slogan, but you could also call it "The Power of Marketing" in terms of it being one resort.

Great place - was just there (well at Snowmass and Aspen) during the recent ESA. But no way it's really "One Resort" in terms of connection.

You ride a free bus run by SkiCo and/or by the county, to go the several miles between the different resorts. No skiing interconnect. If you stay for apres-ski, the bus back to wherever you're based is no longer free (post 4:45pm it's $3).

One lift ticket works for all areas, and the ski school is supposedly all the "Aspen/Snowmass Ski School" at all 4 areas.

By that measure, Vail Resorts could, and perhaps should, advertise Breckenridge, Keystone, and A-Basin as one resort under one name. One lift ticket is good for all of them, you ride a free bus operated by either the resort or the County (and it's free all night) between each of them. A-Basin isn't owned by Vail Resorts (well not directly) but has a cooperative agreement with them, right down to A-Basin ads in the Breckenridge resort parking lot buses. The Summit Stage doesn't charge for travel between the areas (nor for anything else).

All you'd have to do is call the ski schools all part of one ski school, and we'd have the same thing over here in Summit County. In terms of marketing. Yeah, we only have three resorts, but we could call the new Peak 6 ski development a separate resort (maybe call Peak 7 and Peak 6 "Breckenridge Highlands") and we'd have our own Power of Four.

Not knocking Aspen - great set of resorts, and I'm looking forward to going back. But it's marketing pure and simple to call it one single resort. You'll experience it as 4 different places that all take the same lift ticket.

edit: weems is gonna spank me for this post
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Might add that the four ski areas are all within about 10 miles/16 kms of each other. Here's a crude map: http://www.tyroleanlodge.com/map_city.htm
Never been to Buttermilk, but the other three are VERY nice. Snowmass is the largest of the bunch.
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Buttermilk is also a really nice resort for it's target market. My sister is a low advanced skier and called me last week and raved about skiing untracked at Tiehack all day.
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Snowmass Resort located in Aspen, Colorado is one of the best ski resorts in America. You will greatly appreciate your ski resort vacation at Snowmass during both the summer and winter seasons. Luxury lodging and extensive shopping and dinning opportunities are offered in the many specialty stores, restaurants, and bars. Snowmass features over 3,000 acres of terrain for both snowboarding and skiing and also has a rail yard and a superpipe. Guided nature tours by either ski or snowboard are offered for free. In addition, snowshoeing tours are given so you are able to take in Colorado's natural wonders. Snowmass also features an indoor paintball area, a NASTAR course, and tube town. Snowmass resort has something for everyone to do and enjoy.

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Nice to see this thread caught the attention of the Snowmass PR crew.
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I'm thinking an intern maybe?  Its pretty blatent for a professional, but who knows...
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Actually, it looks like a place that rents lodging at various destination resorts.  

From the writing, I'd venture that it's a new writer trying to generate hits for their writing on the website.   I've seen many examples of people trying to write about ski destinations when they've never been there and they don't ski.   They sound like the above writer.  
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