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Funny to me that in a sport that is so aesthetic and personal, all about reflex arcs instead of thinking about it, we huff and puff about who's more au courant with their camber, who's a gaper because they like to be in the snow instead of on it, who's not getting it about early rise vs true rocker. Yeah, this is a gear discussion forum, but once in a while I shake my head over the degree to which we lose track of what the gear is for


OK, now back to Chapter 87 of the This Is What All Right Thinking Skiers Should Ski thread...

Funny you say that. I never give a shit what the people i'm on the lift with have on their feet. I usually just like to share some beta, and get some back.Though I get plenty of comments my direction. Most of them are real ignorant. Especially the "in the snow" not on it one.

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I'm about 5 years behind on the food chain for economic reasons and would love to try the new sutff, new gear is fun (at least to try), but it really is up to skier, not the gear, to make things happen.