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Dad's Pride

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Some times its good to be the Dad!

This is my second year skiing and I have started to introduce my youngest son (15) to skiing (Had to make a deal -- Learn skiing first, then snowboard). Saturday we were up for his third time. We skied various levels of blues all day. Some were more challenging the others. I had been telling him all day, you are doing fantastic, here's another hint, etc. On one harder blue, just as we started, we passed two instructors, I guess they took some professional interest because as he went by the looked at him go by. I couldn't help but comment as I raced to catch up, "Only his third time". Later on the run, we stopped to talk before heading for the lifts. Both instructors stopped and gave him prase on how good he was. I'm sure it made his day, that knowleable people thought he was doing very well, and not just his Dad saying it.

Thanks people.
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that's cool.
(just curious: was the "ski first" part of the deal aimed at him maybe liking skiing so much he'd "forget" about 'boarding?)

praise/kind words are nice and can be very important early on. we should all every now and then, when we see someone obviously working through things, encourage them. don't have to lie and say "yer ripping," but maybe a "way to go" or "keep it up" might suffice. prob'ly can't hurt too much.

i remember a couple instructor types at snowmass having a good time at the expense of me and my ski pants (at that time). (70's racing style, stretcho stuff.) they were saying things like "boy, those are some fast-looking pants," knowing dang well i was a beginner. all in good fun, and that part was clear. still, i felt good just that they would even deign to talk to me.

a little unsolicited friendliness can go a long way.

anyway, glad you're a Proud Dad. (and maybe he WILL forget about the snowboarding.)


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DB's first ski teacher

"You know Brian, you're not the best beginner I've ever taught but you've certainly got courage or are just bloody plain stupid."
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WAS not was,

I have the same deal with junior. Meaning, he has to pass my ski test before he can go snowboarding. Or I should say before I'll pay for snowboarding.

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Thanks for the reminder,
Part of the new PSIA model and I'm sure much of the other alternative teaching models includes "guest service". In Uniform or just free skiing, when I'm skiing in clinics or with other instructors I usually try to make it a point to stop and help, lend a hand or give real short tips while helping someone put on skis, like "put on the down hill ski first" or show them how to get up if they can't seem to right themself. It only takes a few seconds and can make someone's day. Like in your case, your son will probably remember that for a long time and I'm sure it didn't take the instructors more than a few seconds to talk to you and your son..

Way to go! for you, your son, and the instructors!

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by ryan:
(just curious: was the "ski first" part of the deal aimed at him maybe liking skiing so much he'd "forget" about 'boarding?)


(and maybe he WILL forget about the snowboarding.)

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Opps sorry about the quote thing.

Ryan -- Some at the hope level. After all, I, my brother & his family all ski (No boarders so far). I wanted to do the deal because I knew I could help some with the skiing but know nothing about boarding. That way I could help with the basics on resorts, rentals, lifts, etiqutte, etc.

I think that the next trip up with him, he will board. But, he's got to take the first time ever class. I have a friend that wants to bring her neice along and she wants to learn boarding. So its a natural time to do it. We ski they board. Oh, well!!!!
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i have a brother from whom I am, I guess, estranged. He happened to take up 'boarding as i found skiing.
I am sure that it'll end up being a day on the hill that helps us work stuff out.

Anyway, as long as you're with your son, no matter who's on what sliding tool, it's good.

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