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Snowbird - gathering day 3

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Look like another snow day for tomorrow with 18-30 expected for LCC by monday(and about the same for ogden as well).

So here is the Deal today late start at solitude will be followed by alittle earlier at Snowbird I am going to say be ready to go by 8:45am on tram Deck at snowbird tomorrow. FYI we will just keep doing laps on the tram untill the line gets long(roughly 10am) so if you get there before that time it will be easy to meet up. Also secondary meeting place will be the tram deck at 12:30pm.

things you need to know.

The tram deck is in the snowbird center, the center is located at entrance 2, or can be accessed by skiing down from chickadee from entrance 3.

Snowbird on a storm day is plague by flat light and strong winds, cover up every inch of your skin and wear you best flat light google(Smith Sensor Mirror if you have them)

Snowbird's parking is pretty bad after about 9am.

The road my shut again, I will try to beat the closure again because the snow field and chutes on the north side of the road according to snowsafety peeps are 'full" and ready to slide any day now. If there is a road closure and you dont beat it, wait it out and you may get lucky like alta.

also if someone else would like to set-up snowbasin because I have never been there before that would be great.
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Great info,

If the road is closed after a light overnight snowfall, I'll try to beat the gate closure.

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A word to the wise. Don't be late!!!! Get to the tram deck at 8:00am have a coffe and something to eat. You don't want to miss Bushwackin's warm up lap it is sure to be epic. I'm guessing a Crique traverse would be in order.

Bushwackin' knows this mountain and you will not have a better guide. Just be warned:

You will ski STEEP
It will be DEEP
You will ski fast
You will charge hard
and you will have the time of your life.

Wishing you guys Freshies.

Go get it Josh.

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You guys are missing some great skiing back this way. Snow, sleet , and ice with slabbed up snowmaking creating the worst death cookies imaginable.
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