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proper boot fitting

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Does anyone know how good of a job CO ski and golf does with their boot fittings? How about Christy Sports? Looking to get new boots ASAP and just want to make sure if I go to either of these places they will know what they are doing. Thanks, Drew.
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It is a matter of who you get. everyone is different. Most of the guys that work in big box stores are not as dedicated to boot work as the guy you might meet in a specialty store. Where are you we can point you in the right direction.
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As each client is different, each 'Bootfitter' is different. Don't discount a 'Newbie' because of experience, i've met too many reputable 'Bootfitters' with old techniques who wont embrace your needs due to past histories. A fresh face and a positive outlook is what keeps our business moving forward, and indeed the better understanding of what 'Your' needs are. Find an open mind and someone you can communicate with over a 'World Cup' Bootfitter. Be comfortable, it's your money.
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Thanks for your help/input. I live between Boulder and Denver, CO. Closer to Boulder but have no problem going to or around Denver oeither.
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You know that at least one of the guys on this forum is just a few hours west of you in Vail?

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I know a few people on here are around the state, many in Summit County but I don't know any of the personally. Only joined a few weeks ago. Curious if anyone knew how the bootfitters were at the COSkiandGolf in Arvada? I know its kinda specific but I was just curious.
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Ended up going to CO Ski in Golf in Arvada (Denver area). Had a GREAT experience with a salesman/fitter named Billy. Young guy, mid-late 20s, but seemed very knowledgable. Didn't really do much for me as far as fitting, I think I got lucky though. I told him about myself, skiing style, ability, terrain preferance and I tried on a total of 3 boots. From a super soft flex, all the way up to a $700 lange race boot. Ended up with something in between. Didn't need any changes to the boot other than heating the liners once to mold to my foot. They ski great are super comfortable with no pressure points and warm. He listened to my thoughts and acted accordingly, not telling me what boot I needed to get. They were busy in the boot dept. and he handled it well. I think if I had needed more tweaking to my boots they were more than capable and even promise to tweak them free of charge until you're happy. The prices were also great too!!!
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