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Volkl AC-30 170 or 177?

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Hi guys, just some advice. I am 45, intermediate skier, 5'9" and weigh about 200 pounds. I ski around 65% on piste and 35% off piste primarily in Australia and New Zealand but recently travelled to Japan and will be returning to the States to ski Mammoth and Steam Boat.

I've made my mind up on getting a pair of AC-30's but can't decide on the size between the 170's and 177's. Any suggestions?
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I am 5'6", 145#, expert and ski them in 163. Off piste you may like the 177 for the extra float for your weight, but the length may be a bit long depending on your level. What turns do you prefer? When on piste do you ski in the middle of the trail or seek the snow on the outside fall line?

I think most will suggest demoing in both lengths to see what you like better. It is a fun ski with some nice energy and great edge hold. I ski in the eastern US only so I can't speak to the powder capabilities out west, but in 8 in of fluffy Sugarloaf, Maine snow last weekend they were great.
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Thanks The Judge. I guess I would spend 60% of my time on the middle of the groomers and 40% on the outside edges/boardering on off piste depending on how the snow has been and who I'm skiing with. I currently got the '08 Elan Magfire 12 in a 176 and found them good in the soft stuff but a little lifeless/damp on the groomers. Don't get me wrong, not much wrong with the ski, just my hacker style.
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According to a member review the magfire 12 felt smaller than it is, so based on that you may like the AC30 in 170. I guess if it were me and I already had an 82mm waist ski and wanted something else(assuming you were keeping the magfires), I would opt for a race stock or something like the fischer progressor for a second ski for the groomers. I choose the AC30 because I knew I would be a one pair guy for a long time. Good luck.
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DDU, I'm a similar weight and taller and now find my 170cm AC3 a tad short, especially off-piste. Go with the 177cm.
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