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Mt. Hood Going Off!!!!

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Here are the last six days totals for Mt. Hood Medows....

1/27 - 17"
1/28 - 17"
1/29 - 16"
1/30 - 19"
1/31 - 23"
2/1 - 18"

that's 110" inches!!! For a more dramatic effect how about 9 FEET 2". Been really cold so not a drop of Cascade Concrete. And too boot, more coming.....

Needless to say it has been pretty darned good.
I'm finidng my 110mm waist skis need to grow another 30mm under foot.......
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I'm there next fri

thx, will bring wides:

coming in from out of town this sunday (norcal) for work - will have next fri off; have rental car, but no chains, no 4wd. Is there any kind of bus/shuttle from Hood River to Hood meadows?
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no shuttle I'm aware out of Hood River. Given it is a week away condtions may change (duh?). Right at the last intersection out of Hood River is a small Park n' Ride, your thumb can be your ticket to the mountain. On occasion I have driven from Portland through Hood River and have picked up hitchers on their way to the slopes......

here is Medows site so you can keep an eye on conditions and forcasts....

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Another 15" in the last 24........
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shuttle service

was there a few days ago and used this excellent shuttle service from Downtown Portland: http://www.seatosummit.net/, 503 286 9333
Happy to recommend them. could not have skied otherwise.
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Hmm - looks like snow for as far as forecasts go:

Not that logistically easy for something that is 35 mi away; either stick out my thumb, buy chains, or back to Portland to take a shuttle. If anyone is going up hood river to ski 2/8 -and willing to give me a ride, please send a pm.
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Hey Argus, great to meet you. Very impressed with your amazing equipment knowledge. Hope you had a great day.
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Ryel, Great to meet you too. That was one good day at the slopes. Didn't cross another track until noon.
Thanks for the props.
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