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I know we have covered some of this before, but there are many new people on the site now.

What are your favorite tools for tuning your skis. Maybe we can get a consensus.

Example, what kind of files do you use? Laser cut, chrome, etc.

Bevelers, edge tools, base repair etc.
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SCSA is my favorite tool.
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My favorite tool right now is my side edge file guide from Red. Its actually a snowboard file guide with adjustable 0-5 degrees I think. It might be 0-4 though, I haven't looked at it since last spring. The guide edge is nice and big so its very easy to use and does a great job. Just drop a file in and your off.
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Lesse, each fall I go to a tuning class at my neighborhood shop. For $15 the tech knows my name and face plus they give me a $5 cheapo file which lasts all season. Best money spent.

Second favorite is a gummi stone.

Let's see Phil’s complete inventory!!!

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My favorite edge tools are the BEAST brand. The file guide type beast for the base edge angle and side-of-beast for side edge angle.

Nothing beats a good square cut hardwood stick wrapped with silicon carbide sandpaper for base structure, 220 or 320 grit.
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[blushing]Awe, you guys...[/blushing]

Montana GM-U 6x60" wet belt sander with feeder. This is the prize piece.
Various Binding jigs form Marker and Salomon
Swix boot-in vises
30lb or so of swix wax
Files, files, files
P-tex... lots of it, we ski on the woods alot.
Base welder.
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Best Tool - A big 'ammer (use on almost anything) [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I purchased a ski vice last year.....soooo much easier now.
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A visa card.
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I put a couple of black felt tip markers in the tool box every year -- Just use it to color the metal edge along the whole length of the ski, then file. With this color contrast it makes it simple to see what you are doing, to file just the right amount, and not skip anywhere important. (You'd be suprised how easy it is to miss areas, especially when filing bevelled sides- yes even with a side bevelling tool).
what I've noticed since I started doing this is that it typically takes less passes than I thought for the bottoms and more passes than I thought for the sides.
Hope this $0.02 helps.

Does anyone here use chrome files, and if so, are they really worth the extra expense?
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Don’t know about the chrome files being that much more expensive than regular files ($5-10) price range in tognar’s catalog. The Lasercut files will cost about double. I’ve never used a laser cut. One thing with files – use a file brush regulary and don’t set your files down flat (this will pevent them from picking up grime). tognar files

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Dangerous Brain,
You sound like my friend trying to fix his truck. "Dammit, this bolt is stuck, where the hell is my hammer."
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Essential tool inventory:

1 roll duct tape
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Best files i've used are tungsten carbide(lil' baby files glued onto a plastic plate) Made by You can find them at Leaves the edge sharp and smooth.
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Yo GeoffD,
Do they consider Duct Tape as a traction device back there? [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Laser cut files are worth the $$ especially if you're into polishing after filing because they make a cleaner cut..last about 2x as long and have deeper tooth structure to avoid loading.
Fave tool is probably the SVST Double Duty Side Edge Beveller. Isn't compatible w/ a laser cut file..yet..but the quality of the tool is killer. Can also be used w/ a diamond insert.
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irul&ublo though I think you pick on SCSA too much that was damn sweet

Favorite tool is Black extra coarse daimond stone. Sharpens like a file but barely takes anything off.
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a hacksaw to chop off any excess torn out edge - (and also to chop off my leg in case i'm hang'n up-side down in a tree well )
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Any Shape.
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I swear I've gotton twice the life expectancy out of my "rock" skis with Two-Part Epoxy and some good clamps !
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Gelandmeister, great idea about magic markering your edges. Has anybody tried a pansar file? they're really good for taking down uneven repaired ptex. Actually my favorite tool is the Tognar catalog, it's a huge resource. This bbs ain't bad either.
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SVST Has a tool steel 4mm thick lap ground scraper that's like a razor blade! Makes shaving down repaired areas smooth as silk! Those boys have their tools dialed.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by slider:
Yo GeoffD,
Do they consider Duct Tape as a traction device back there? [img]smile.gif[/img]<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
Superb traction device. Works just as well as climbing skins. You can also wrap it around the bald summer tires of your Trans Am when driving up from the flatlands.

Also repairs blown ski tips, makes an adequate emergency base weld, and is the ultimate fashion accessory. Vermont Bogner, if you will. You can also use it to get your car past inspection when it has visible rust holes. Here's the former Vermont car from one of my Tahoe transplant friends:

I think the pinnas say a prayer to the duct tape god every night.
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I am with Arby on Beast tools. They have a web site. It is
I use swedish steel files. Chrome is good too.

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Tastefully done on the Isuzu. We were duct taping gloves and other ski gear back in the 70's. Right along with chewing Copenhagen and hair down to your ass. Not the same anymore but "The Tape" lives on. I hear they use it on the space shuttle too. Raced with a few Vermont skiers,excellent. Too bad you can't defend the Vermont Drinking Title at Fernie.
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Little late on this one Lucky. I use and am okay with chrome files. Not too particular, just want a good file. Last year used the Ski Sharp tool and it was okay but fairly cheap built and broke it at the end of the year. This year decided to splurge and go to the SVST tools. Hope their as good as some people say. Really like my Swix boot-in vise. Also really like the bench mounted Swix scraper sharpener that came out last year. Have lots of other "stuff" but most is generic or could be. Prefer the ribbon ptex because it's tough but am not very good with the iron. Would like to use a torch but don't want to mess up.
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