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Spring Break destinations for family

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I'm looking for a recommendations that is driveable from North Texas (New Mexico, Colorado) for a family. Two and three years ago we flew to Salt Lake City and discovered the greatness of Brighton, Solitude, Alta, and Snowbird. I have 11, 9, and 7. Based on recommendations 2 years ago I put the 9 and 7 year olds at the time in a private lesson at Alta. Both learned to ski well enough they were comfortable going down blues and greens from the top of Brighton by the end of the 3rd day. Brighton was our favorite then Alta. We stayed in Sandy to save some bucks and drove up each day to ski. This year, it seems Utah will be a little expensive for 5 if we fly and its a long way to drive! We aren't much for nightlife

I've skied Taos, Angle Fire, Ski Apache, Beaver Creek, Vail, Copper Mountain, Keystone, and Breckenridge. I'm hoping that we can get something not overly crowded. I think that Summit County, and Angel fire will be to crowded for me. Here is my list for fall backs if AA doesn't have a super saver sale to fly to SLC:
Wolf Creek (Maybe stay in Pagosa Springs, could drive to Durango Mountain also), surely the Wolf creek pass is not an issue at that time of year?
Monarch, map looks interesting

What are the crowds and the snow like at those resorts during March 16 - 23? Also, my wife and I like skiing blues, greens and some blacks. We really like to do some green runs at the end of the day where you can go in and out of the trees and do a few small jumps.
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Monarch is my local hill. Its a small mountain with I think very good snow. During that time snow should be pretty good. Weather, who knows? I think its a great mountain and perfect for families. I ski there with my three girls 4, 6, and 9.

It doesn't get the crowds like summit county. You could stay in Salida which puts you 25-30 minutes away. Monarch Lodge is about 3-5 miles away from the ski area but I don't know too much about it. You could also stay in Gunnison which puts you a little further away from Monarch but about 30 minutes from Crested Butte.

We get a lot of people coming from Texas and Oklahoma to ski here. Its definitely not a large place but very cozy and friendly.

Hope that helps.
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That is helpful thanks. Is there tree skiing? Do they groom some of the greens, it was hard to tell by the website. The trail map looks nice. There seems to be a green or blue way down so if the group split up we can meet at the lift.
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Monarch has some tree skiing I don't do much (Usually chasing my girls around). All runs pretty much funnel down right to the lodge. You can split up and meet back quite easily. We do it all the time. There are places where you can get off the groomers and find some nice off piste conditions. If you like to hike (they say 10-15) then Mirkwood has some excellent terrain. I'm not a hiker so I haven't skied there yet.

Grooming is excellent. To me this is a family place. They have excellent snow pretty much all the time and I can ski with my girls and not be worried about getting lost. I'm sure there bigger and more exciting places but if you want a good family place Monarch is great.

Crested Butte is not that far away if you want bigger. Monarch season pass holders get three free days at the Butte so I like to play hookie from work and hop over there once or twice a year.
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Since you will be skiing mostly midweek, I wouldn't rule out the Summit County resorts. They are busy on weekends, but pretty civilized midweek. And right at the Eisenhower tunnel is Loveland. Midweek it will be very quiet.
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Anyone have a comment on Wolfe Creek and / or Durango Mountain?
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Monarch has some great tree skiing. Gino's Meadow off of the Breeze Way lift is a blast and most of the trees separating the different runs are very skiiable. The is one unmarked trail called Pinball by the locals that cuts through the trees from the Garfield lift area to the Panorama lift that is a blast.

The other nice thing about skiing the area with a family is you can ride the lift together, ski whatever type of trail you want, and meet at the bottom for the next ride up. Salida is a great little town without all of the ski resort hype about it.
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