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I am an Idiot!

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I was invited to go with friends to Alta this weekend and there was no good reason I couldn't go, but I decided not to. I would have been waiting for 1st chair this morning. The following is a graphic representation of why I am an idiot, starting with the updated report as of 11:00 am today.

Settled Snow Depth: 144"

Snowfall (Past 12 hrs): 15"

Snowfall (Past 24 hrs): 17 "

Snowfall this Season: 404"


24 hr New Snow

12 Hour Forecast beginning 5:00 AM (THIS MORNING!)
Weather: Periods of heavy snow...especially this morning.

Snow Amount Probability
Most Likely9-12" 80%
Next Most Likely13-16" 20%

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Sorry to say this but, um, yeah, you're an idiot.
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Second that. Not sure where your head was at!
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I had several excuses, but in the face of all that powder they are being exposed as incredibly lame. What can I say, I'm an idiot.
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But for a few $ more of an idiot.
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Care to post a pic sitting in the corner wearing the dunce cap for use on the Epic home page?

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Let's see.....
Weather forecast here for Monday is high of 42 with some rain showers.
I'm going skiing Monday!:
Weather forecast thru Saturday Lows in the upper 20s and highs in the 50s.
'm going back up Friday night with my family to take the two little kids (age 4 and 5) for their first trip EVER Saturday. :::
The conditions will be pure corn, not so bad to learn on but crappy otherwise. Still, I hope I can sneak away for an hour to actually ski some while they eat lunch.:

Me thinks you are an idiot too!
I can't wait to go skiing!:
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This is probably more enjoyable, exactly what I missed.
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Yup the JONG prize of the week goes to Mudfoot!
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I skied East coast hardpack that slowly turned to mashed potatoes yesterday. You turned down those conditions? JONG!!!

I am heading out to Utah in a couple of weeks. Make sure you take a few days off then so there will be more pow for me. :
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It only gets worse!

Monday Alta Noon Report: Another 29" new in the last 24 hours!
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