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Toronto Ski Shops

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There are several good ones:

Sporting Life
Skiis and Bikes
Sign of the Skier

I don't know the addresses, but you can find them in the Yellow Pages. Unfortunately it is a little early for a decent selection and many are already packing their stuff for the ski show on Oct 11.

Speaking of the Ski Show, if you are in Toronto between Oct 11-14, I would encourage you to attend the ski show. Lots of nice stuff and lots of bargains!

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Toronto Ski Shops

Anyone familiar with Toronto ski shops? We're going to be up there in a couple of weeks and looking to pick up a pair of Volkls for my wife with the favorable exchange rate? I'm having trouble tracking down Volkl dealers in town.
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Thanks for the info. Unfortunately will miss the Ski show by a couple of days.
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