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What to look for when getting fitted

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I have been away from skiing for many years and am going in to get fitted for boots. I was always of the assumption that ski boots were supposed to hurt and if they did not then they were not on tight enough.

I live in the Portland, OR area and will be shopping around here. I have been doing a lot of reading here so I kind of know what to expect. But I have some issues with my feet.

In my younger days I flung my self out of a lot of airplanes as a Medic with the Rangers, it was great fun. I jumped any time I could. Needless to say, every time I jumped I also had to land. So, after hitting the ground so many times I have developed arch issues, not to mention that I am also an inch shorter now too. Every time I stand up and put weight on my feet, they flatten out. So I have wide feet now, when I am standing. I wear a size 11 street shoe, depending on the maker. Also, I am a bit confused by the whole us/metric sizing/down sizing thing. If my US shoe size is an 11, does that make me about a 29-29.5cm?

So, is there a brand that is more prone to be a better fit for me? What should I tell the person doing the fitting? I work in health care and we have our own language. I am assuming that you guys have the same type of thing.

Any way, thanks for any information that you can give me...

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don't worry abou the number on your shoes, or the number on the box, What you want is a 5-15mm shell fit, and once you have had the boot on for a few minutes, flexing it, your toes will touch the front as you are standing upright, when you flex forward your toes should just pull away from the end.

tight, light a good handshake, but no large pressure points.
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Mtnlion is correct that the numbers aren't important but I think a little more guidance might help. Read through posts here and you can learn the guidelines for correct fit and the process you and your fitter should go through to determine what is correct. In general a 29 souinds to big for you and I would say you are more likely a 28, but it does depend on foot shape and boot chosen.

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Thanks for the input.

Is there a shop here in the Portland area that any one can recommend?
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