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I'm planning a heli-skiing trip this summer in Alaska. The big problem is that my ski's are Head Mad Trix, which are awesome in groomed but powder I doubt it. I need to find skis that will work in Alaskan powder well. I assume fatter is better, but I've never used really fat ski's so I don't know if they are harder to handle.
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use the skis that the heli company has for rent. They want you on the ski that you can have the most fun on, and easiest for you to ski on.
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i agree with mntlion, the company that takes you should have some serious big mountain/powder skis for you to rent and as far as i know they usually recommend to use their skis unless you are set on using your own gear. enjoy the trip, i'm jealous
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Thanks for the info....I guess I just have to prepare mentally now
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and a bit of leg and core strength will not hurt either ...
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I would recommend a stout fat ski that still has adequate torsional stiffness to hold an edge. Depending on where you're heliskiing in AK, you may have to deal with icy / firm chutes on the upper flanks of the mountains before getting to the more moderate mid & lower slopes where the nicer pow is.

I made the mistake on my first trip to Thompson Pass (Valdez) by bringing some flexy Salomon AK Rockets, which were fun on the moderate slopes but seriously pucker-inducing on the technical terrain higher up.

It's not ALL pow there- those are some BIG mountains with some serious terrain.

But you will definitely need fat skis- mid fats won't be nearly as fun.
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Originally Posted by mntlion View Post
and a bit of leg and core strength will not hurt either ...
and don't forget endurance. I've never been heli skiing, but I have experienced wondering if my burning legs would survive that compression near the bottom of a run or if I should come out of my tuck. They held up.
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