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Whistler or Baker?

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I'll be in Vancouver this weekend visiting a buddy and we are going to spend a day skiing somewhere. We've been to Whistler already this season, but neither of us have ever been to Mt. Baker. He lives east of Vancouver off the Fraser River and is closer to Baker, whereas the drive to Whistler will take 2 hours if we're lucky.

Whistler is pretty impressive and I can ski there for a week straight without getting bored, however, I don't want to miss out on something special in not trying Baker. I'm asking for opinions since I expect to be moving out of the Northwest soon and want to maximize my fun while I'm here. How say you? Is Baker worth it? Many thanks.
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Baker with alot of snow is awesome but WB's 7.000 acres is tough to beat.

No high speed quads @ Baker, so you won't get as many vertical feet as you would skiing the Peak at Whistler.

It is worth the trip but, if I were you, I'd base the decision on the day's snow report.

It sure sucked last week taking 3 hours to get to Whistler from Vancouver because of the idiots on the sea-to-sky.
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Ski Baker so you can say you did.
Having skied both places, if WB is heaven, then Baker is a truck stop on the way to heaven. With it's funky, chopped up terrain and more snowboarders than you can count, only the deep Cascade Concrete is of worthy note. It's the only place I know where you have to take a chair lift to get back to the lodge. Forget about high speed GS-ing like Jersey Cream or Solar Coaster, at Baker there is no place to do that. However, if steeps are your bag, they've got tons of it covered in about 250+ inches of snow.
Just do it and see what you think.
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I agree go to baker.
I'm going next week again, last trip was amazing. I live in N. van so going to WB is a little closer but the rustic feel of baker is awesome. and the steeps just make the legs burn. Great hill and everyone there is there to enjoy it.
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