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Need gear advice :)

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hey all,
ok...i'm trying to narrow the list of skis down that my gf might want to demo next season...She tried the head X60 in a 170 last season and didn't like them...she currently skis on the volant FTXL (i think) in a 188 or 183. Fall line skier...skis very fast and has clean technique. Her comment on the X60 was, too chattery and too soft. I guess something approaching race skis but not quite that specialized would be nice.

I was thinking maybe the vertigo motion for this season/G3 would be a good start...but i need some other opinions...for some reason, i haven't been following the developments for the 01-02 season...

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friggin laa dee daa dammit....this one's in the wrong forum too
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As a fall line skier who is already on Volants, she might like the Volant SuperKarve. There are several different versions, I believe basically the same except for flex. If you ski a lot of crud & powder, she might like one of the PowerKarve models.
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