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WP/Copper Feb 4-15?

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Anyone care to show a flatlander around? I'm skiing solo this trip if anyone would like to meet up. Will be based at WP but also hitting Copper a few days, probably mid week so I don't have to hassle with the traffic. 40 y/o, intermediate. Probably can't hang with the truly hard core, but I'd give it a try. PM me or let me know how to contact you. Leaving Saturday the 2nd with probably no internet access so I'd like to have something lined up before I go. I can't seem to talk my friends into going with me so I think it's time to make some new friends. Thanks! :
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I can ski WP

I can ski WP with you for a show around on Feb.9 if you want. Send me a PM with contact info if you want.
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