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Rainer Schoenfelder disqualified WTF!!!?

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Shoenfelder did not stop and immediately go to a gate judge.
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So why was he allowed to do the second run?
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An initial ruling allowed him to take a second run. This led to 10 protests and resulted in a video analysis, he clamed he was distracted. This apparently was not supported by the video.

What is not clear, is where Schoenfelder skied out. Where the course worker fell (broken hip) and where the protest was filed. Also not clear is whether the course worker was on or off the course.

FIS indicated that the whole thing is still under protest and the the ruling was unique. By this I assume that they mean the video replay (also supported by witnesses).

It is not the responsibility of a gate judge to get involved and file a protest for a racer. When you see something happen that may be questionable, it's noted, but it's up to the racer to protest.

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The official results noted ICR rule 628.7 for the reason for disqualification - "requests a re-run which proves not to be valid."

In effect, the skier said he was interfered with in the first run (bib 5), requested and was granted a re-run. (Ran between 15 and 16).

The Jury (3 persons) then received a protest (against granting the re-run) from the Finnish team.

After video review, the jury must have concluded the athlete had no grounds for the re-run - as Yuki noted, because he didn't stop at the point of interference (or, they perceived there was no interference) his re-run was invalid.

It is unclear when the protest was filed with the Jury - when time allows, first run protests are generally handled prior to the second run - in this case, TV feed created a time constraint and the athlete was allowed to ski the second run. (the second run was still 15 minutes later than scheduled on the program).

Check out the FIS ICR - the International Competition Rules for Alpine Racing.

As far as the course workers, yep it's always a dicey situation. The start interval between racers was 1 minute 40 sec for the first group - in Slalom, there is no start interval, but at the World Cup level, it is determined for media purposes - the live TV feed to Europe.

The course workers make every effort to maintain the racing line to be as fair from one athlete to the next. The snow conditions generated rutty conditions early - much more work. In defense, go run around on a steep, slippery slope without ski boots on with tools in hand and inevitably a butt check by a course worker is gonna happen. The course worker in question was NOT in the racer's line - the distraction was the excuse used to initially justify the re-run request, after the athlete fell further down the course.

Bottom line - safety IS the number one concern of the race jury at this (and hopefully all) levels.
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As an aside, this got me thinking about some of the things that you may see in slalom where a racer appears to be "off course".

As racer is not bound by the conventional line of entry in a flush and may elect to run it from a different side of the gate or may ski up and into a gate to complete it (looks like an elongated "U") ... probably won't be on the podium, but shouldn't be a DNF.

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Wow, I know what you guys are talking about because I completed a Level 1 officials course on the weekend run by my kids racing club.
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Thanks for doing that CanSki. Parent involvment is what make kids programs happen. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Rainer Schoenfelder disqualified WTF!!!?

Austrian Rainer Schoenfelder disqualified.


Can anybody confirm why Austrian Rainer Schoenfelder was disqualified and why the hell the pepole that are clearing the piste are still on the piste until the last moment? People have been killed in similar situations (e.g. France's top woman skier Regine Cavagnoud, died from severe brain injuries sustained in a high-speed collision in Austria). Is this all so that the coverage fits in with American adverts or is this just fast food service mentality applied to skiing? I'm sure any country would be up in arms it they lost one of their top skiers for a season or more (e.g. Bode Miller). The whole set-up looks like an accident waiting to happen.
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