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Steveinpa - dodgeball! Look out Ben Stiller!


Footiefan, welcome, Men's league? I'm a footie coach, U18 Girls - must be up & running by May! A sprinkler head hole - that sucks & sounds dangerous to have on a soccer field? Our fields simply go brown if there is no rain. Rather have brown fields then a blown quad tendon! Sounds like you aren't using a brace for rehab? I would like to do that if possible, hate those braces, or a smaller brace just to stabilize the knee if possible. I would not be able to drive with a foot to upper leg brace on, not an option, I think if I had a brace like this I would rarely put it on? Must talk to PT about this.  I'd rather use the zimmer as needed from week 6 to 12 complimented with a knee brace for rehab as needed? 


What have others done from week 6 to 12 regarding braces?


SteveF - thanks for yr input.


All the best to all in your rehab & do stay positive!



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I play in the Vancouver Island Masters A League (Over 35's) and we play in the winter months.


I wore the zimmer brace and then went to crutches with no brace. I lucked into a PT who had dealt with this injury over 30 times and she has made the rehab that much better. I stayed on the crutches and transitioned to one until I finally ran into my surgeon one night at a restaurant who told me to lose the crutch. Since then it has been nothing but positive, steady results. I am walking 5km a day and cycling 20km per day (stationary bike).


I agree with you in regards to the option of driving with a full leg brace. When I first drove, I actually took the back rod from the zimmer brace out to give me some freedom and that only lasted for a couple of days and then I completely removed the brace. Be sure to keep up the calf exercises which will aid alot in driving.



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just  got back from the pool.  doctors visit went good said everything looks good.  asked about going into a hinged brace and he said no go.  this will be the only brace he wants me in.  told me to start weening out of the this immobilizer and thats it no other brace needed.  going to increase aggresiveness at pt and start strengthening quad with weights.  i asked about all the different protocals on this injury he said its a difference in training periods between doctors.  said the doctor he's in with treats same injury different then him due to being trained in the 70's vs 90's.  next os visit 6 weeks told me i would probably be released on that visit if everything is going well.  really nervous about trying to ween off this brace.  any suggestions from some vets who have gone through this process?  keep up the good work everybody!

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Wow, I leave for a couple of weeks and we get  a whole new bunch of recruits.  Welcome all, sorry to see you here.


I'm now 6 weeks post op.  I walked without the brace and no crutches for the first time today!  Just around the house.  I will still use the brace when going outside until I get more comfortable.  My leg feels like it weighs 5 lbs compared to my other leg.  I guess that's from being in the brace for 6 weeks. 


I use the crutches occasionally when going on long walks or out to the store.  Don't want someone bumping into me and knocking me over!


I have a question about swelling.  I've been back at work full time for 3 weeks now.  Desk job, but I do get up and walk around quite a bit.  I keep the leg elevated when sitting.  My knee is still swollen.  Hasn't changed much in the past 3 weeks.  I have been icing it at night for the past week.  My knee feels really tight and firm to the touch.  I just in the past 3 days was allowed to start bending my knee and started at about 30 degrees ROM and now upto around 45 degrees ROM.  Has anyone else experienced this swelling for this long?  I really don't feel pain in my knee, just an exteme tightness.  I'm thinking if I can get the swelling down, I can increase my ROM.  Any thoughts?



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I received approval from my OS thru my PT to get a hinged brace (locked at first) the day before I drove. A shorter brace which allowed me to somehow get into the car. My OS assistant told me prior to surgery that I could drive, but if I had an accident, it could be serious, meaning it could affect the surgery. So I was nervous. But driving with a straight leg (right knee QTR) hurt my hips after 30 minutes. I use cruise control and have power seats so was always adjusting the seat to alleviate pressure points. It was really tough getting out, and like someone else mentioned, my good knee had pain for compensating for little help from the right one!  I was always nervous about an accident, so was cautious, but we know accidents happen with no fault of our own!  Be careful!



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Originally Posted by Falcon71 View Post


  Has anyone else experienced this swelling for this long?  I really don't feel pain in my knee, just an exteme tightness.  I'm thinking if I can get the swelling down, I can increase my ROM.  Any thoughts?


I am almost seven weeks post surgery and still have swelling.  If I remember correctly from when I had the same injury to my other leg (two time loser) it is pretty normal.  Opening up your leg is fairly serious and I think the swelling is normal.  Hopefully it will start going down soon.  Good luck.



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Happy Valentines Day All! 


Thank you Footie, Steve in pa & Falcon and reading through previous posts. You have all helped with my decision regarding a brace from weeks 6 onward before I even get to my PT appt on Tuesday. I will be using the zimmer as needed until I can toss it unless I am convinced otherwise by PT, in which case I will get a smaller knee brace only.


Thanks Bulldog,  I am on the tall side of things (6' 3) and I drive a Montana. With the seat all the way back, which is where I have it anyway, my legs cannot straighten out. I couldn't drive if I wanted to! My first goal for Week 1 of physio is therefore to get enough ROM to allow me to get into the car & have enough bend to drive with control 9 days from now, which will be 6 weeks post op. Mini goals each step of the way!


Jason aka Footie - I have found choosing a PT to be a frustrating experience to date. Your rehab sounds great, I hope I can duplicate this, congrats! Regarding the zimmer back rods, I took a good look at my zimmer & discovered there is a flap which will allow me to remove one rod or both! Thanks for that! The side ones are velcroed in place so removing those is a bit less tidy. The blue coverings rips quite easily.


Steve in pa - interesting note re the training of Dr.s, you would think they would change with the times? Hard to teach an ole dog ..... lol. Congrats on yr progress.


Falcon - don't go away for a couple weeks! You are missed! ha I concur with SteveFin re swelling - I have it and from reading previous posts this is quite normal and will be a fact of life for some time - when I start PT I am going to start a heat then ice routine to increase the flow of blood to the area. Probably should be doing this now but the OS didn't suggest it so I'm just working the legs with passive exercises till Tuesday.


Keep plugging all - have a great weekend - Monday is our second annual "Family Day" here so I'll have some company on Monday!





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Tigger - Thanks for the response.  I've stayed away because I've been struggling mentally with not being released to start PT yet.  I am supposed to start PT in 1-1/2 weeks.  Thats 8 weeks postOp.  I think my OS is just really conservative.  I finally decided to stop feeling sorry for myself.


Steve in Pa. - You are ahead of me as far as PT, however I have gone without the brace while I'm at home the last two days.  It has felt so good!  I still have a very limited ROM, so still walk with a Frankenstien gate and take the stairs on leg at a time.  At first I was shaky, but I think that was a mental thing.  As I continue, my confidence is growing.  I think it is mostly a mental thing and I'm sure you will do great.


Someone asked about driving.  I've been driving since 3 weeks postOP.  It's my left leg, so no prob there.  Our van has electric seats and I can move the seat back far enough to get my leg in with the brace on (brace held straight-no bending).  It does put my leg in a little bind, so about 30 mins is about all I can take.  I am also a little paranoid about getting in an accident since my leg is pressed hard against the fire wall, it could do some real damage if I was in an accident.


keep up the good work all and hope for continued fast recoveries.



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Hello all,


I just found this thread, and I thought I'd join the forum.  Am 46 y.o. in good shape but with less time than I've previously had to stay fit.  I do manage to get to the gym a few times a week and regularly do squats as well as lunges with a bar on my back.


Two weeks ago, I was crossing a pedestrian cross-walk while finishing a run and was nearly hit by a speeding car.  I slapped the side of the car as it went by me, and the driver followed me for 5 blocks, got out and attacked me.  In the process of defending myself--I'm a former college wrestler--I felt something give in my right knee/leg.  Quadriceps was misshapen, and I knew something was indeed not right.  The leg pretty quickly went into spasm and I could not bend it and needed assistance walking 1/2 block home.  Went to ER that night, and they confirmed no broken bones but suspected quad-tear.


Saw the orthopd on the following Monday, and he tentatively confirmed quad-tear that would need to be repaired operatively, but wanted to get MR to confirm.  Got MR the next day, which confirmed a near-complete tear.  See image below:


MRI sagital view of quadriceps tendon tear


For the week between diagnosis and surgery I kept the leg in a brace and had no ability to bend it, although putting weight on it was not problematic.  I underwent surgery yesterday, and it seemed to go well.  Because the tear was not complete, the orthopod only drilled two holes into the patella.  I opted not to undergo general anesthesia, so I felt good following the surgery.  Am currently taking 500 mg of naproxen morning and night, as well as oxycodone+APAP 5/325 mg.  Am trying not avoid the opiates, but needed a few last night.  Pain is not too bad, deep and throbbing from time to time.  Am also using the cryo-cuff with lots of ice to keep swelling down.  Am able to put weight on the leg and move around a bit, but am trying not to overdo at this point.  I have a continuous passive motion machine that I will get into as soon as the orthopod gives the ok to do so, hopefully on Monday.


Will be interested to hear tips from others regarding how to accelerate rehab.  I won't be skiing this year, but would like to get back to cycling and running ASAP.

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Wow,  I think you have the most interesting story about how your injury occured.  Sounds like a case of road rage to me.  Considered a hate crime in most places with some serious penalities.  Good luck with your rehab.


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Good Morning All,


Rt leg QTR, 5 weeks post op today, but who's counting, right?! 


Knee swollen, stiff and numbness often right down the calf to the foot, like others have often said before, how does this leg ever work again? Anybody else on occasion get the numbness right down the calf through the foot? I've concluded it's a circulation thing as getting up & moving around helps but I must ask PT on Tues about this? 


Welcome to the club jakster, serious anger management issues, did you get his plate number? I'll take the hoist lowered onto the foot any day! Just like children, each QTR incident is special in it's own little way! lol Neat MRI, not many can say they have their knee image on-line! I'm having a hard time figuring out what I'm looking at re which part is the patella! lol I asked my OS about CPM & he said there are only 2 in our city?  Would appreciate yr comments on both the CPM & the cryo-cuff as you use them. I'll ask my PT about the cryo-cuff & see how much they cost and where one gets it as icing is important esp once rehab starts. Re the rehab, first 6 weeks seems critical to err on the side of caution so that you don't undo the repair & in yr case complete the rupture. Some throw caution to the wind but I have NO interest in going under the knife again! I believe the repair is around 80% healed after 6 weeks, 100% after 8 - 12 weeks.  Move around as much as you can with the brace on, passive exercises with brace on, weight bearing with brace on, etc. I have accepted that we are in a marathon, not a sprint. :(


Hey Scott, keep that PMA going, every injury is different so yr Dr as well as being conservative might have a reason for his caution, have you by chance asked him? Congrats on moving around without the brace, I will be attempting that in a week at the 6 week point, yikes! lol I shower without but man it's unstable!


Stay positive folks  - Steve 




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Thanks for the welcome.  The red arrow on the image is cutting a diagonal across the patella and pointing to the tear.  The areas of more intense white, such as that below the patellla, are pooled blood / hematoma.  As I'm sure many have read / experienced, signficant bleeding and swelling often accompany this injury, and my case is typical.


I'm now 48 hrs post-surgery, and am feeling pretty good.  I can stand and walk without crutches this morning--with the leg in an extension brace, of course.  Am icing with the Aircast cryocuff nearly constantly, and this seems to be helping.  While I don't think it's covered by insurance, it's worth the $100 or so investment.  You can also find inexpensive ones on ebay.  I haven't yet used the CPM, as my physician wants me to wait 7 days for healing before bending the leg.  He is allowing isometric contractions, which I'm trying to do periodically.  I did a light work-out yesterday afternoon (sit-ups, push-ups, some upper body dumb-bell work, and one-legged squats), and it felt good to get my heart rate up a bit--although I was a bit tired and sore afterwards.  Am also keeping the surgical sock on the right foot, and it seems to be helping with the foot/ankle/calf swelling that were pretty significant yesterday.


I'll keep the group apprised of progress and will look forward to getting learning from others' experiences.


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Thanks jakster, I had figured out the patella on closer inspection, didn't expect it to look that small but it is a side view.


I wouldn't be able to get up off the floor if I tried push-ups and sit-ups! I think if I could they would be one legged push-ups ! lol 


Went for a nice walk outside yesterday, with brace and crutches of course, was cold but sunny. The fresh air was great for the mind. Shall attempt to make it a daily routine, then will walk to the Sport and Wellness Centre when I join - maybe - might be a bit too long of a walk when combined with the work-out once I get there. We shall see!


Have a grrreat day all! 

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Originally Posted by Tigger44 View Post


 "Anybody else on occasion get the numbness right down the calf through the foot? I've concluded it's a circulation thing as getting up & moving around helps but I must ask PT on Tues about this?"


I sometimes have the same type of numbness, usually along with swelling even in the foot.  I agree movement does help.  I saw my ortho surgeon today and he said he was amazed at my progress.  I walked into his office using only my cane.  I did not wear my brace because I thought he would want to see my leg and taking off the brace and putting it back on is a pain.  He told me to be sure to wear it all the time.  I got the green light to start PT.  My first appointment is on Wednesday.

Good luck to all.



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Quick question:  do people sleep in their braces?  Thanks for input.

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Good Morning All,


jakster, OS o.k.'ed me to take off the brace while in bed at 2 week post op appt. Until around week 4, the past week or so, I found it more comfortable to leave the zimmer on due to significant pain, swelling, stiffness and numbness. I think the heat generated by the zimmer helps it. Last night was really the 1st comfortable night I have had without it on.


PT appt today, let the serious rehab begin and the serious pain resume! 


Stay positive folks - later 






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Originally Posted by jakster View Post


Quick question:  do people sleep in their braces?  Thanks for input.


I slept in my immobilizer.  I do not sleep in my brace.  HTH


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Good afternoon fellow QTR's.


Jakster,   I've been sleeping without my brace for a few weeks now (I'm 7 weeks post op).  Just recently I've started walking without the brace.  Sometimes the brace feels good on my knee, especially if I've been up and walking alot.  But sleeping in it is very uncomfortable.  Mostly at home I go without the brace and only use it when leaving the house.  I've totally given up the crutches.


Tigger,  Congrats on starting the PT.  Hope it goes well.  I should get released to start PT next week.  I can't wait.  My ROM is not very much (about 45 degrees).  I've been working my leg every morning and night to try to get it limbered up some.  For some reason Monday it was stiff and a little painful.  I'm hoping that PT will get me a little further along in ROM.


Keep up the good work all!





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I've been sleeping with out my immobilizer for about 3 weeks now, just have to remember  you don't have it on when you get up.  Falcon good luck with therapy its not that painful.  You are already ahead of where i was when i started at 35 degree's 4 weeks ago. Yesterday i was 93 degree's felt like i could have gone further but pt said thats far enough.  I am getting close to making a complete rotation on the exercise bike seems like it's taking forever.  Walked today with out immobilizer on for the fist time other then in the pool.  Felt good but still shakey, just worried what if it gives out and down i go again and re rupture the tendon.  I'm sure it has run through everyones mind at one time or another.  Pt said I was not allowed wearing my brace past the coat rack any more a therapylol.  This sounds like this is going to start the tough mental stage of all serious  injuries.  I know when i rutured my acheallis tendon it took a long time to forget about it.  Sounds like everyone is doing well and on their road to recovery.  Newbies we know how you feel cause we can all say we have been there and delt with what you are dealing with right now.  It will get better I promise as I sure others here will say the same.  Take care and chat with everyone later. 



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Thanks for the input.  I decided to sleep last night (3 days post-op) without the brace and elastic wrap, and it felt good to get some circulation to the skin around the knee.  I also gave the upper leg and calf a massage with a product called Traumeel, and it seemed to help with some of the soreness.  J

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How soon was anyone able to do stairs? I'm at 8 weeks post op now and have done pt for 2 weeks. ROM is getting pretty good, 105 a couple days ago, can ride the exercise bike ok now, doing leg lifts with 5 lb ankle weights without too much pain, and am walking quite good without the immobilizer. But I cannot do even one stair.The strain on the knee when bent while putting all the weight on it trying to do a stair, causes quite a bit of pain and the knee feels like it wants to collapse.


I can't tell if it's a lack of healing in the knee, or just a weak quad, or maybe both, that is preventing me from doing this task. I'm tired of doing one step at a time leading with my good leg going up and my bad leg going down, as my good knee needs a break from all the strain I've been putting on it the last 2 months. Wondered when some of you have conquered stairs going one foot after the other.



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Thread Starter 

Supercruiser.  It sounds like you are doing great for 8 weeks post op.  It was quite awhile before I could do stairs - maybe 12 - 14 weeks.  But, it was only in the past three weeks (after more than a year of steady rehab and working out) that I could comfortably head downstairs without using a handrail.  Keep your mind set on the progress you are making - it is great!  But keep in mind you are in this for the long haul - we want you to get back to where you were right before the injury!

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Hit the 10 month mark and everything is going good. Unfortunate to see all these new faces here, but this is a great forum for sharing experiences, knowledge and support.


Still have tightness in the repaired tendon put it is slowly diminishing. Strength is coming back say its about 80% of my other good/bad knee, quad head muscles are still a little weak but they are starting to gain size.


See some are fighting the same swelling issues I had that last almost 9 weeks for me. Few supplements that I found and started taking around week 7 that seem to really help where nattokinase and serrapeptase. I take these twice a day and noticed a big improvement in my other good/bad knee where I have quite a bit of arthritis inflammation at times. Both are proteolytic enzyme and work to fight inflammation and breakup/digest scar tissue in your body. Also Omega 3 fatty acids are suppose to be good for reducing inflammation.



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I saw the PT yesterday for the first time.  During my evaluation he determined that I had 95 degrees range of motion.  Pretty good for 8 weeks post surgery.  I am optimistic that things have turned for the better.  My leg was very sore yesterday evening but feels great this morning.  I only had ten minutes on the bike yesterday.  Tomorrow is my first full PT session.  I am looking forward to the long term results and getting this injury behind me.  Good luck to all.


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Falcon - Take a rubber ice bag to work and try to ice it 4-5 each day. You are correct. If you knock the swelling down it will help a lot


I did this and was at 105 ROM by the end of week 6.


ice 20 min....take a break for an hour....20 more....take a brake ....3-4 times at work 1-2 times at home.


Also, are you taking an over the counter NSAID...if yes, good...if not...every 4-5 hours






PS - Do some light ROM exercises at your desk every hour....nothing heaving....just 4-5 reps through a reasonable range of motion

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29 Weeks Post surgery 30 weeks Post Injury


Hello All! I haven't posted in a while. But It's nice to see how everyone is progressing. Also, it's unfortunate to see all the new "faces". This forum is and has been a source of great information and inspiration.


For all of you early on in THIS, hang in there. Really, after a certain point, the time is going to fly by. But the initial process was mental torture. Just sitting or lying and waiting to heal. I'm not a big fan of my OS, but his solution was for me basically to sit out and let the tendon fully heal before doing ANY PT. So I did NO PT for the first 2 months. But once I sarted, the ROM came back rather quickly(about 6 weeks after starting PT, I had full ROM). The swelling continued and I still get swelling, if I'm on my feet alot.  My leg strength isn't where it should be. Mostly because I had to go back to work and I slacked off on my PT. My PT released me and pretty much said, do it on your own. My regular DR disagreed and is sending me to a new OS on Monday because my leg strength should be further along than where I am.


Right now, I get slight leg dips(knee gives) every now and then. I can't run. But I can ride bike, elipticle(sp), and water exercises. But overall, there's no real pain, just swelling around the knee(just a little, unless I'm standing for extended periods of time). I do still hold on to rails when going down stairs. That was probably the biggest challenge of all - negotiating stairs.


Even though, I wasn't a big fan of my OS, I pretty much followed his instructions. I Kept the brace on all the time, even when I slept. But I would take it off evey now and then for a few mins for comfort or at night when I initially laid down. But I would strap it on before I actually went to sleep. For swelling, I used Ice and elevation. Pretty much following instructions from many of the people that posted on here. 


I really can't believe this injury is so "common" and the recovery is so arduous. Good luck to you all! Especially all of you new guys. Hang in there. We were ALL where you are and it seems like it will take for ever to get to the next steps. Be patient, read some books, watch some movies, catch up. Before you know it, you'll be out and about again!!!

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Hi all,


I'm 9 months post injury, and thought I'd gcome back and share my perspective for fellow unfortunate folks who blew out their quad tendons.


As background, I got hurt on May 16, 2008 (going off a diving board), has surgery May 21 (95% torn, had implants in my patella that were used to suture the tendon).  8 weeks in a brace with a month or so of PT.


I've concentrated on moving the leg and using it as normally as I can, and the results are starting to be promising.  I'd say I'm about 85-90% recovered, we'll see how easy I can get back the final 10%.  I went skiing this weekend in 18" of new Sierra snow, and the leg did everything I asked it to.  I even did a double black diamond in a whiteout and it was solid.


I let my weight go during the recover, and went from 174 to 192 between May and the end of December.  But as of January I've been able to ramp it up and the leg is responding, my weight is back down to about 180.  For the past 6 weeks I've been running 30 miles a week, with no swelling or tenderness.  It's still "tighter" than my left knee but I can get some lift.  On a 4 mile tempo run a year ago I would have run 25:20, and last week I did the same course in 26:26, so I'm roughly 15 seconds per mile slower.  On the other hand, I'm running hard and showing improvement, which is a great feeling.


In addition to running I've kep going to the gym 2x a week and have done a lot of Pilates type exercises (plank, using a Swiss ball, etc.) plus squats.  My Dr. told me to avoid leg entensions, that they put huge pressure on the joint, so I do squat and balance exercises plus running.


My goal is to get 100% back in time for a race I do every year in mid June, and I think I have a pretty decent chance.  My 2 recommendations are to give your leg time to come back before you put the hammer down on exercise, and also to do steady work.  I've only done 30 miles plu tempo the past 6 weeks, but starting 4-5 months post surgery I was running 15-20 miles, and kept it at that level while my leg gradually got stronger.  Don't rush it, but be consistent.


I hope this gives some hope to the guys who are earlier in the process.  If you were athletic before I think you can still get it back, just be disciplined and don't rush things.  I'll post again when I'm doing real racing again.  I'm signed up for a 20K trail race on Feb 28th and don't anticipate that will be any problem, I'm regularly doing 1:30 trail runs and while it's not easy, I can keep it together.  Keep the faith!

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I saw my surgeon on Tuesday -- 6 weeks -- and he replaced the full brace with one of the shorter ones with the adjustable hinge.  I'm surprised how much I'm able to bend it (as was he).  Immediately after removing the brace, he had me sit on the edge of the table adn I could bend it a good 15 degrees and now, two days later, I'm probably up to 25 or 30.  More excitement:  I was actually able to get into the car today and drive for the first time.  The hardest part was setting the emergency brake (left side pedal, left quad injury).  I moved the seat back, which made it easier.


Other notes on the discussion thread:


  • I've been sleeping with the brace.  I've had no issues after the first few days with sleeping through the night, so I'm inclined to continue.  I had slept exclusively on my back but now with even the slight range of motion, sleeping on my side or stomach is possible.
  • For the last two weeks with the full brace, I was motoring around without crutches or the walker.  Now with the movable brace, the doctor wants me back using the walker.  It feels mentally like a step backwards though I understand fully the precaution.  I'm sure there's a bit of a stigma with a walker but I like it MUCH better than crutches.  Easier on the body, by far.
  • I'm not sure what it's like in other states but here in Connecticut, the surgeon signed a form enabling me to get a 6-month handicapped parking tag.  I feel a little silly at times parking in those spots, but on the whole, it does make getting around easier.
  • Those of you just coming off surgery, if you're on pain killers, one thing to be aware of is the constipatory effect of them.  It took me a while to return to normal.  Use Sennokot and a stool softener.  It'll make life much easier.
  • Get one of those high toilet seat commode things.  It eliminates all the hassle of getting on and off the toilet seat.  Before I got one, I felt some fair amount of torquing on both legs, getting up and down.  In my instance, the situation was worsened by the fact that I fractured the ankle on my opposite foot, so I had issues on both sides.  The good news is that the fracture was minor and has already healed, although the tendons are still a little tender at times.


I talk to a physical therapist tomorrow and will begin therapy next week.  Onwards.

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7 weeks post op.   2nd OS appointment.  I had 80 degress ROM in left knee and 75 in my right knee.  I got the green light to start PT.  I have been walking on my immoblizers without crutches for several weeks.  I went out to luch with my wife and walked in using crutches and sat in the wheel chair.  It was great to have a beer and wings.


First PT appointment is on the 24th.  I can't wait.  OS said i could start to sleep without the immoblizers on.  Ahhh a good night sleep.


My goal is to be ready for a golf outing on June 5th.


Bob in MI


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Thanks to all for sharing perspectives / experiences.  Tomorrow will be 7 days post-op, and I see the OS on Monday.  I've been using the cryocuff constantly at work and at night, and I think it's keeping the swelling in check.  I start CPM machine on Sat (0-30 degrees), and I'm looking forward to that.  I've been taking the brace off at night and putting my leg on a pillow so as to elevate it.  Even slept on my side some for the first time last night, with the affected leg on top and a pillow between my knees.  I'm able to do sit-ups, push-ups, light dumb-bell exercises, etc., which feel good.  Still am pretty fatigued and tired, however.  It's inspiring to read about those that are out further and regaining full function.

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