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7 Months Surgery #1 and 7 Weeks Surgery #2

Things are going much better for me now. Almost have full range of motion back about 2 to 3 inches from my heel hitting the back of my butt. Saw my OS last week and he released me since there in nothing left for him to do, but I still have a lot of work to do to get strength back and get this knee to completely loosen up.

What I have been doing to get strength and muscle mass back is work legs twice a week Tuesdays and Saturdays. Been doing everything single leg, single leg press, single leg extensions (light weight super high reps), single leg curls, and single leg squats. Will keep doing this till my strength and muscle mass catches up to my good(bad) leg.

What I think has been helping a lot with the tightness has been riding the bike for 30 minutes every morning with the seat ALL the way down, works range of motion from like 110 to 130 degree and really stretches that tight quad tendon out where all the tightness is. Then I do another 30 minutes at normal height with high resistance. I am going keep this routine up until I can wake up in the morning with a nice loose knee, this might take a long time but I really want to get this injury behind me.

This board has been too quiet lately, everyone needs to check in and let us know how things are going.
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31 Weeks

I have gone back to the once-a-week schedule for leg workouts, leaving the weight about the same for now:

30 minute warmup (elliptical trainer)
3 x 10 Weightless squats
1 x 10 Squats, 45 lbs (just the bar)
1 x 10 Squats, 95 lbs
1 x 10 Squats, 135 lbs
1 x 10 Squats, 185 lbs
1 x 10 Squats, 205 lbs
1 x 12 45 degree leg press, 270 lbs
1 x 12 45 degree leg press, 270 lbs
2 x 12 45 degree leg press, 270 lbs
3 x 10 calf raises
15 minute cooldown (elliptical trainer)

I went to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert yesterday and the show was fantastic. Unfortunately I found that my knee was really aching after about 40 minutes of sitting. Fortunately standing up for 30 seconds or so relieves the pain, but it's not always convenient to stand up every half-hour or so. I'm interested to know if others have this aching-knee problem when it is bent for long periods.
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9 Months out

Hi everybody:

Doing OK here. Duncan: I am able to keep my leg still for longer and longer periods of time without moving it and without pain. However, situations like tight seats in airplanes and theaters and concerts still do cause a little stiffness and pain - like you, moving around helps.

I was quite dissatisfied with my progress of late - I am strong when lifting weights, except for leg extensions, and am pretty strong on a bicycle, except for sprints and climbing steep hills. But, I had no agility. When needing to move my legs quickly and into odd positions, the leg would collapse, causing extreme pain - as you can imagine, for a skier, that is quite concerning. After speaking with my Orthopod and several PTs, we settled on trying Neuro Muscular Electrical Stimulation to try to build up the muscles directly around the knee a little better. I have been doing it for three weeks now, and believe it has helped a lot. Basically, I put four electrodes at different set positions above the kneecap, and hook them up to a battery powered device which shocks the bejeebus out of me for 15 seconds every 30 seconds for a 30 minute period. Try to do it 4 times a day - but it is difficult to speak with someone while doing it, and difficult to remain still during that time. Still, I think it is helping.

However, I have come to the conclusion that I will not be skiing this season (at least alpine - nordic remains to be seen) - for the first season in 36 years. This on top of my first summer without backpacking in 40 years. A little depressing, but I think it is best to build up the leg and avoid reinjury - which at this point would certainly happen if I in any way tried to ski at my normal level. Maybe I'll progress enough through the season to be able to ski groomers by March, but, for now, the plan is not to ski this season.

HOpe all are doing well. In2Falling is right - check in and let us all know how you are doing.

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15 Weeks Post

Good to hear from our founder, IG! While it’s nice to see that we’ve traveled 25 pages together I don’t see how anyone new to this forum is going to make it to the end so they can make a relevant post. I wonder if we could elect someone (IG comes to mind) to go in and clean out about 80% of the posts. A lot of junk in there and yes, I have read every page. I’ll bet the length of the posts could even be limited in the future. As I saw multipage ramblings about nothing (CQP), a sense of panic set in realizing that’s what would kill this site.

I’ve been trying to resume everything I was doing before my QTR and I’m getting close. Got back on the tennis court about 4 weeks ago and every outing feels a little better. I’m watching the pickup BB games with renewed interest. I’m not there yet, still feels like I’m running on a flat tire, and putting on the brakes is next to impossible. I’ve gone back to some of the basic exercises my PT showed me and it is helping. I am getting a little lift, maybe 6-10”, but landing is quit painful yet.

Nice leg routine, Duncan. I’ve got that ach from sitting too. 30-40 minutes is about all I can stand. The only thing I’ve tried that worked is a little Prednisone, but that stuff comes with some nasty side effects. I’m also worried about anything that masks pain to the point of putting me in danger of another injury.

I’d just like to say that this injury has renewed my dedication to fitness and appreciation for what our bodies can do when we take care of them. I’ve used my rehab to get in better shape than before the original injury. I’ve lost 15 lbs. and dropped my body-fat readings from 16 to 11%. Ok, now I’m the one rambling so if this post gets axed, I’ll understand.

Hope all are doing well,

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I have led an active life, walking swimming etc and have never been a skier but I have just had this agonising injury - crossing the road. I came across this excellent thread, whilst researching my treatment and progress for severed quadriceps.

What does amaze me is the delay which some of you have experienced before you received surgery, which should be within 24 hours and must be within 48 hours. Greece is hardly in the forefront of medical science but I received specialist X rays within 2 hours of the injury and was operated on, just within 24 hours.

Now 6 weeks later I am removing my leg brace whilst in the house and can throw it away at the end of next week. I will still neeed a stick or crutch. I have been doing flexion exercises and can now do up to about 90 degrees. As yet my kneecap does not appear to be running smoothly.

The need for physiotherapy was not explained and I think now is the time to start.

The experiences related on this thread are very helpful in enabling one to judge ones own progress or lack of it. Certainly the most painful experience of my life
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new to this forum

A friend introduced me to Gater Jersey who told me about this forum. I have already found it useful and has helped me to think positively about the process of rehab from this awful injury.

I had my qtr surgery 2 1/2 weeks ago. I injured myself in a freak fall in my backyard. I am 57, athletic - good skier, tennis player, runner, and weight train - but a freak fall on a slippery stone brought me down in a flash. I share everyone's pain on this forum - my pain when I fell was unimaginable. I was misdiagnosed at the local er with a "sprain", given some percoset and a knee immobilizer and sent home. Fortunately, my wife and I know a good surgeon in NYC, who had operated on my wife's acl, so he agreed to see me the next day. He diagnosed the tear, and set me up for surgery the next day. I was on the operating table 48 hours from the injury. I went home the same day, used the ice machine for 2 weeks and am in the brace now for another 4 weeks or so. Staples were taken out on
Wednesday and I started pt on Friday with a goal of getting a rom of 60 in a week and a half. I am using the cpm machine now, for 4-5 hours a day. I am curious what the forum thinks about the usefulness of the cpm and how often it should be used.
I look forward to sharing my experiences with this forum and wish everyone a steady recovery and good spirits.
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Benefit of the CPM

Regarding the CPM and how it helps. I too went on the CPM the day after my surgery. I think using it right away definetly helped with my recovery. I do wonder why all OS don't prescribe the use... My OS stated that not all insurance plans view this as a required rehab tool. That's too bad but I do know it's not cheap so to pay for it on your own is probably not an option either. My 8 week bill totalled almost $3,000.00.

I'm currently going on 14 weeks post op of a total tear. I'm back to teaching my Spinning class twice a week. My PT is going to start me running again this week.

I attribute my recovery so far to a few things.
- Started the CPM directly after surgery.
- Once able, I started walking in the pool at the club I belong to. I now am able to run in the pool.

- After all that, elevation and ice. Things tend to swell a bit after activity increases. Keeping the swelling down keeps ROM where you left it.

Again, take care...
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14 Weeks 5 days Post Surgery

Hello All!

Glad to see everyone is doing well. Welcome RLB! I wish you a very Speedy Recovery. Trust us all, in the beginning, time drags and it picks up in no time.

I'm now walking without a cane or brace. Other than swelling and a little discomfort after workouts, I feel OK. I'm still not at a point where I can do any running. My PT is still twice a week. I usually do elliptical and light weight training on my own. My Range Of Motion has been 120 for the last 3 weeks. Coming from the time I came out of the the Immobilizer at week 8, I never thought I would bend my leg like this again. lol

Going down stairs is still a little uncomfortable. My gait is really jerky walking up or down stairs. And Yes, I too still have the tightness at the top of my knee. I also had skin peeling in my lower calf, but that went away.

All in all, I feel that I'm progressing well. The swelling has subsided some, but it's still a major issue. So I continue to ice and elevate. The pool workouts helped immensely. THANK YOU ALL for that valuable suggestion. Again, glad to see everyone progressing well. Can't wait until I'm performing at Pre-injury levels again . I'll keep you posted.
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thanks for the responses

Thanks, guys, for the response about the cpm and the preview of coming weeks of rehab.... I really appreciate your encouragement. I see my pt for the third time tomorrow. I'm now at a 53 rom with a goal of 60 for next week when I see my os. I have 3 weeks more with the brace. Agreed, it's pretty slow and frustrating right now, but the forum's comments are helping me to see there is light at the end of the tunnel, particularly when the brace comes off. Stairs are a big issue for me right now since I have a lot of them in my house... I have to go up and down them on my rear end right now which is not fun, needless to say. That's a great idea about walking in the pool - I joined a health club with a pool right before my injury and it sounds like great therapy when I am able. I look forward to sharing more thoughts as my recovery proceeds... I wish all of you continued healing and positive thoughts.
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One Year Today!

Greetings All!

One year ago at this time I was in the recovery room, getting more pain killers!

Today, I can do anything I want, although I still feel the "tightness" around the top of the injured knee. Yes, I am cautious, I look at stairs and remember a simple slip down them caused this, I look at declining geography and am aware of how I manipulate it, I see rough terain and I pick my steps. But at the same time, when doing such things as cutting wood I fight with it and forget that I may misstep.

I took the summer off from my club workouts thinking I did as much physically in the yard, the woods, etc. I went back Monday and found out there is a difference! I will be more diligent in the future.

I have scheduled an appt with my OS for 11/25 as he said noone ever came back. I have some questions, I want to tell him about this forum, and I want some advice on various things.

All: most of you know the importance of a positive attitude. For me, my PT helped me with that a lot. But perserverance with the rehab protocol is pretty much on one's own. Not that I am that strong mentally, but I was insistent (to myself) to have a positive outcome of this injury/repair. Both are keys.

HiddenGreece: yes, there may be some delays in repairs. From my recollection of these posts, some were due to misdiagnosis, or cautious diagnosis (ste-by-step). For me, I had 3 days in New Mexico (vacation) before returning to Minnesota..then a work trip, both my fault. Ihad surgery about 16 days post injury. Welcome and best wishes!

rlb: welcome and best to you! As you read this thread I think you will find that most injuries were due to simple slips or falls. Some, like IG skiing or bike riding, but most just simple things we have done forever. You will experience frustration with getting back to where you want to be....hang in there, do at least what you are told and try to keep a positive frame of mind.

dudeinmd: my rehab protocol called for "light running" at week 16. My frustration with being unable to do that led me to this thread. I had a major "hitch" in running, and to an extent, walking. Concentrating on proper gait helped me get thru that.

Best to All!!!

Keep pluggin'

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New to the site 11 days after surgery. The following is my situation.
First diagnosed with an ACL injury and a month later find out it a quad problem. The operation went OK, although from what was to be day surgery turned into a 3 day stay in the Hospital. Got out on November 5 the day before my birthday It was a torn quadriceps muscle that had detached from the knee. Repair started just below the hip and down to the knee. Because the surgery was delayed with the miss-diagnoses they had to massage and stretch the muscle to get it to reach the knee. I go back to the orthopedic surgeon on the 21st to get the stitches out. There is quite a few staples to be removed (approximately 12 inches). They were to come out after 2 weeks but as soon as I could get in, it will nearly 3 weeks. I do not know about re-hab yet but it looks like, from information on line, it is going to be a long process just to walk properly let alone run. There is still pain although it seems to be less as time progresses . I use a walker or crutches to get around as I am not supposed to but any weight on it yet. I try not to use the pain killers and use extra strength Tylenol. I have a hinged leg brace that is locked right now to restrict mobility. One of the hardest tasks is putting on socks and shoes. Read through many of the messages that I'm sure will help answer the many questions I will have. I'll keep the forum up to date on my experience.
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Welcome DougM! Sorry for your injury. 2 key things: keep a positive attitude and work hard on rehab!

I forgot to add to my previous post--when I had issues with long periods of time standing, sitting, walking, I found it helpful if I could find a set of steps and do "stair bends" bending my injured knee down to flex. This exercise has been described in several posts.

Best to All!

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Welcome Doug M. I am 22 days past my surgery and beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Keeping a positive attitude is most important because, especially at this beginning period, we are very limited in our ability to move around and it is very slow to be in this state. It gets better as the days go on, as I have found from the posts in this forum. Also, try to get into pt as soon as your os allows - I am finding it extremely helpful. Also helpful are home exercises my pt gave me, plus using the cpm machine several hours a day. You may not be quite ready for all of this but you will get to it soon enough. In the meantime, stay positive! There is a lot of wisdom in this forum.
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rlb: Be careful with that CPM machine, I read a story on KneeGuru site about a guy that ripped the center of his repair out using a CPM early on on his recovery pushing the range of motion too much with it.
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Thanks in2falling re cpm advice - I have been staying within the rom for the cpm prescribed by the os. I have been doing the cpm 3-4 hours per day but not pushing it past point of tightness. I see my os on Wednesday.
healing thoughts to all......
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Thanks to Rib and Bulldog for the postive message, it helps. Took the brace off today for a shower and tried a light bend. It did not move very far. Sure looking forward to getting the staples out on Friday and I hope get some questions answered by the OS and maybe referal to PT.
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Lunges anyone?

First off, welcome to rlb, Hidden Greece, and Doug M - sorry for your injury. My advice to you would be to push your recovery, but gently. Try to do as much as possible, but be reasonable about it. Make yourself tired, don't make yourself exhausted. Lots of PT asap.

Then, I have a question to the forum - specifically to you long-timers (chichi, maybe even Sinrider if you are still around). Is anybody else having difficulty with lunges? I cannot do a decent lunge with my bad leg in back to save my life - it points out the weakness I still have and that I must strengthen in order to be able to ski this year. We are headed to W. Yellowstone next week for the traditional start of the nordic ski season in N. America, and it is looking to me like I will be staying in the hotel as I don't have the strength and agility to be able to "catch" myself when I'll be required to quickly change directions or laterally step to the bad leg side. My inability to do a decent lunge points out exactly what I need to work on, but it is coming really, really, slow. Anybody else have this problem? Thanks in advance for your responses.

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It was just a hike.

Hi all. Tore my QT hiking with my Cub Scouts and a Troop at FDR Sate Park last Saturday. We were only 1.5 miles in and the boys finished the hike after I got out. For those who are scouts, this completed their Arrow of Light. Thanks in advance for letting me join in here. I'm 47, excellent health. I just mis-stepped off a rock with my right foot and the left knee took the damage when I tried to recover. I heard the tear, ended up on my rear with my knee cap poking up towards my face. What's strange is there was absolutely no pain. The doctor said there was no lateral movement during my fall so there is no damage to my side ligaments. Maybe that is why there was no pain. HOWEVER, from what I've read (about 4 early pages and 2 recent) I'm in for a severe post surgery shock. I will discuss pain medicine with my doctor, but I guess I need to know if you have any recommendations on how to set up the house for recovery. TV in the bedroom? Bathroom trips? Etc. It's reassurring to read about all your progress, but I know you're thinking have fun, buddy. It's a long adventure back.
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Welcome new QTRs. Sorry for your pain and injury. 10 months in to this thing and all is well.

IG, I have to say that i do not routinely do lunges but i can imagine that the effort is not routine. What i mean is that I have no issue performing routine functions but every once in a while the Quad lets me know that the recovery is not complete. Jumping into a small car quickly and putting all of my weight on the quad forcing it to fire as I am sitting down is an example. It is more of a slightly controlled crash to the seat. If I think about the movement, I can easily do it using both legs and maybe an arm to compensate. Stairs are a routine. My recovery has focused on the routine movement such as the roadbike, machines in the gym and walking. I think it will just take time. To ski or not to ski. I say do it Nike. Vermont looks to have a great season coming and i want to be a part of it but my plan will be to start easy and make some of the required movement routine. As much as I would love to bang out a few of the steeps, I have decided that this will not happen this year. I will try to stay close to the 7yo. Go to Yellowstone and get out there but be safe.

The best of days to all. VS
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Welcome GA Scout! Sorry about your injury. It seems many of our QTRs have been simple movements. As far as setting up the house, I slept on the family room couch for 2+ weeks as sleep was rather fitful and I needed to get up to help alleviate pain. I had my laptop nearby, several pillows on the ottoman for my leg, same with couch. Bath had plenty of room even with full brace. My first shower with brace off (OS suggested saran wrap around surgical site to keep water off) I nearly passed out, not sure why, maybe simply not having the brace support?

IDG: Like VS, lunges are not part of my regular routine, but I can perform them. The only issue I have is that my balance is not as good when the injured leg is the main support. At 1 yr post, I feel comfortable doing most anything. However, i am constantly aware of my leg. Occasionally if I trip or step wrong, I am really aware! Not from pain but from recalling weakness and instability from months past. I think I mentioned I took the summer off from my club and recently returned and realized I do not have the strength I had built up inthat leg, so I need to get back to my regular routine. I feel I could go x-country skiing but I do understand your feeling apprehensive about relying on that leg, I would have the same felling until I proved myself.

Keep Pluggin'

btw: seeing my OS next Tues 11/25 for fun!
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Hi GA Scout I'm into day 18 after surgery with an appointment tommorrow to get the staples out. I am in a older 2 story house with a half bath on the main and the full upstairs. I found the couch on the main floor worked best. Right after surgery I kept the brace on all night and had to sleep on my back with the leg straight. I could not go on my side it hurt to much. I have cruthes and a walker and found the walker works best for me. Probable because I did not give the crutches a chance. If I had to go upstairs then I went up backwqards sliding one step a a time on my bum and came down the same way. Slow but not as intimidating as hopping up 12 stairs one at a time. I was told to not but any weight on my leg. I was given a loaner bench for the bath tub and that works real good. Take off the brace sitting, soap uo the legs and then stand with the help of the bench in the shower.

If you get a chance to talk to your doctor ask as many questions as you can about post surgery, time frames and rehab. Good luck
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Welcome GA Scout. This is definitely a club that you ordinarily would not want to join if you had the option, but if you have found your way to us because of this injury, I can tell you this is a very helplful and encouraging group. btw, I too had a freak fall in my backyard on some slippery stones that caused my fall. Your and my experience seems typical of this injury, so don't feel bad about it.

I have just finished my 4th week from surgery and, as the group predicted, things are getting better for me with more rom - 60 and working towards 90 - and much better walking on crutches. My brace should come off in 2 weeks. I live in a very old house with lots of stairs - after my injury, I realized it was probably one of the least accessible houses imaginable for a disabled person, so I have some ideas for you: I got a toilet seat designed for people with a handicap that has handles and fits on top of the regular seat - it makes it much easier to use the toilet especially in the beginning when you don't have a lot of stability so those handles really help. You can get these in a drug store. Re shower: a friend took off my shower door and replaced it with a curtain. I use a walker to move in and out of the shower and protect my brace with a plastic bag that fits tightly on your leg - I bought it at a drug store and it is designed for people with casts who need to protect it in the shower. The walker gives me stability in the shower and the whole setup works quite well. I did not move to my downstairs because it lacks a bathroom that is large enough and is also not a very private space, so I basically lived in my bedroom for the first 2 weeks, and then began to go downstairs for meals. If you have a downstairs space in which you can live for a few weeks and can avoid stairs, that might be preferable to being less mobile in an upstairs location. Yes, a tv with a dvd is really helpful to help the time go by - and I am really not a tv watcher although I have been enjoying some classics on the dvds - and I am fortunate to have a laptop with wireless in my bedroom. I also put a small refrigerator in my room for drinks and snacks, with a table for cups, etc. For the first few weeks, I got up and down the stairs on my rear end. Now, having had pt and being able to bend the knee a bit, I am walking up the stairs with the crutches but still feel more secure going down on my rear at this point. btw,I also would suggest a new type of crutches that my os's secretary told me about - they are made by Millenial Medical out west somewhere -they have a web site - and they have ergonomic handles that really make it more comfortable to use them, as well as a different configuration that put less pressure on your arms, with a spring bottom that helps you move easier. Definitely check them out. When is your surgery? The sooner, the better. My os prescribed a machine that circulated ice water around the surgery - I used it for 2 weeks and it definitely brought down the swelling quickly. I would recommend it to you. Finally, I too have not had much pain, fortunately, except for when I tore the tendon and during the time before the surgery. I used percoset for just one day after the surgery and then that was the end of it except for an advil here and there. I really don't have any pain at this point, thankfully. Anyway, these are some ideas for you, but the most important lesson I have learned is to be positive in your outlook about your recovery and be patient with yourself. As you can tell from the other members of this forum, you will heal and recover from this injury, so keep that in mind. I try to look at our injury as a motivation and opportunity to get myself in even better shape than I was in before the injury because, truthfully, I had slacked off a bit on my training and conditioning. So, don't feel sorry for yourself. Be positive!
Best of luck to you with lots of healing thoughts!
Feel free to post any questions or comments that could be helpful.
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I hope your os prescribes the pt for you. I started mine as soon as my staples came out and it has been really helpful to me in increasing my rom, improving my walking and using the stairs. My os gives me a prescription for pt 2 times a week. Good luck!
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5 months + post surgery, welcome new people

Welcome GAScout, rlb, DougM sorry to hear of new injuries.

My quad tore completely apart about 2 inches above the knee, not at the end of the tendon. (end of may, surgery June 6, staples out 10 days later and PT started)

DougM - you can buy a special stick called a "dressing stick". You can ask at a nearby hospital supply type store or do a search online to find one. It helps you put your shoe and socks on when your leg is in the immobilizer and/or can't bend enough. Also get a long shoe horn to help put shoes on. They cost at most about $10 and the other end has a hook for zippers, etc.

CPM - I had asked my PT people about that and they said they would not use it on a quad rupture patient. It is common for knee replacement. The safe and boring method are the heel slides. I did those 3x/day (about 30 sets each time). Later, using a towel (you can buy a strap, but the towel is cheaper) I was able to get my knee bent just to the point of pain, hold, etc., until eventually it bent to full range. The trick is getting the leg to bend more each time. It's going to hurt whether you do it or the PT people do it. The PT people didn't touch me except to get me from 50 to 60 rom and that was it. I did the rest on my own.

Idaho Guy - Lunges - At 5+ months past surgery, my PT people have not prescribed any lunges for me. Sorry you cannot ski this season. Better safe than sorry. There are a lot of other activities that can be done to stay fit at the moment. Just keep looking ahead.

I forgot who mentioned falling into their car seat. Same here. My right leg goes in and my left leg (injured) is left outside, I then just do a controlled fall into the seat. Getting out, I make sure both feet are down, then stand. Same in shower - I use a transfer seat and make sure both feet are on dry ground before standing. I live alone and can't afford to do a sudden slip.


Doctor visit - 5 months post surgery (I see him once a month)
- Doctor said not to do any sudden movements, no running, no jumping. (As much as I do my exercises everyday, my injured leg feels too weak to run on and I have tried a few steps, but no go.)

- He said part of my surgery was making sure the tendon/muscles were stitched together well, but not too much overlap or then the leg would not be able to have full bending. He is happy with my repair and I have full bending of leg.

- Asked about knee extensions. Beginning of November I was approved to do knee extension with 5 pound ankle weight. The doctor said the max he would ever want me to do a knee extension is 20 pounds.

- PT exercises: I do them every day. He made no changes in my exercises and said to see him in January. When the new year hits, that means I can get more approved PT at the facility and we discussed that I could do PT once a week at facility to monitor my progress, add new exercises, etc.

Next visit I will ask about testing strength on the Biodex machine. How can we measure my progress if I don't know what % strength I'm at now? It has to be about 70% but that is a guess.

Stairs - been using alternating legs for months. Have to hold on to rails. Going up is fine. Going down is slow.

Ice & elevation - several times a day. Still swelling, not as much as earlier months, but still there and affects my walking.

Overall progress - I can notice a difference from one month to another, but daily/weekly isn't so obvious.

My daily PT at home (all weights are only done with injured leg):

- warm up - heating pad 10 minutes
- stationery bike - 20 minutes
- standing balance - stand on injured leg only, other leg up, toss ball against wall (15 x 5)
- sitting knee extension - 5 pounds (10 x 3)
- Gastroc stretch (3 x 30 seconds)
- Hip flexion (high knee stepping/marching) 10 rounds trips back and forth across living room
- Fast walk - 10 round trips back and forth across living room
- wall slides (15 x 4) 11 pounds each arm, use exercise ball 55cm, and going down to a sitting angle about 90 degrees (used ball at PT facility--easier to slide & makes legs work harder)
- knee flexion: resisted (standing) 16 pounds (15 x 4)
- Stairs (step-up regular) (15 x 4)
- Stairs (step-up sideways) (15 x 4)
- Stairs (Step down-bending injured leg going down) (15 x 4)
- Deep Squat (free standing going down as low as possible both legs same time) (10 x 4)
- Hamstring stretch (supine - back on bed) use towel strap, leg up, bending toes down (30 seconds x 3) both legs
- Knee flexion: self-mobilization (prone - face down on bed) use towel strap, bend leg back towards my head and use strap to pull it further up (30 seconds x 3) both legs
- ice and elevation - 20 minutes (while eating dinner)

All PT is done after work, takes about 1.5 hours then sleep. There is no time for anything else--it is all about the leg. I try to sleep 8 hours every day and take my vitamins. As a bonus, since my accident I have lost about 20 pounds. (I meant to get back to my exercise program, but not like this!!)

neighbor just gave me a stepper machine (heavy duty portable) which I plan to use 5 minutes every day. I may even take it to work. However, it has nothing to hold onto and I have to hold onto something while using it. At PT facility I used a gym quality stepper 5 minutes every session in addition to every other exercise.

Daily at work - fast walk about 3 blocks to/from work wearing a backpack; lunch - walk down steps (about 40) to get lunch, walk around, then back up steps, ice and elevate in office 20 min. while eating lunch. Every time I see steps, I use them. Walk around every half hour or so. Try to massage scar area daily.

Commuting to/from work by train and bus.
I wear my neoprene knee brace (it has cushioned area around kneecap and non adjustable metal side bending joints). I've already had two people run right into me while waiting to get on/off the train. The knee brace provides extra support and strength--only use it for work commute. Once at home and work, I don't use a brace. I also wear a backpack that weight about 20-25 pounds. I tried using a different method to carry stuff to/from work, like a tote bag, but it throws me off and hurts my back. I don't want to use a rolling bag as I think that also would put my hand in a weird position behind me and hinder my movement and make it harder to get up and down steps on moving train/bus.

Just walking to/from work is like negotiating a mine field. Lots of cracks, sidewalks lifted up, slippery stuff from trees on the ground, slippery trash on ground, rocks, etc. I find myself always looking at the ground! Does everyone else find themselves doing that?

Rain - It rained once so far during a work day. I wear athletic shoes every day to/from work and change into "office shoes" once at work. When it rained, in addition to the brace, I also used my cane. During a first rain, the ground is slick enough from oils, better safe than sorry.

Everyone has a unique injury which requires special individualized treatment. No matter where you are at in your injury and recovery, if you can notice an improvement from one month to the next, you know you are making progress and that is what counts. You can't compare your progress to the next person because everyone is different. Just keep looking ahead.

Wherever you are at in your progress, good luck to all and keep moving.
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Update from Lucky

Hello all (and to the unfortunates who have joined for obvious reasons) thought i would give a brief update on my injury. Accident happened July 15, 100% tear including a portion of my knee cap. (I'm 45)

Cast came off August 28, injured the area again on Sept 6 (slipped on a greasy sidewalk gate, damaged some scar tissue) pushed me back for 5-6 days. Physio 2wice a week and gym 3 times a week from Sept 15- October 20th.
ROM currently 130 degrees but still cannot flex to 0 degrees (work extra hard on this every workout). Physio now every 2 weeks and gym 4-5 times a week (45 minutes on the knee, 45 minutes for other body parts per workout) depending on schedule. Can walk about 2 blocks without noticeable limp and can go up stairs pretty good, but down is still a WIP, can do 2 flights then it starts to get hairy. I've lost about 8Lbs since the accident all good as normal cardio was non-existent up until last week.

Doc said no weights on quad until after Christmas (been a good boy so far but tempted all the time).

I can do wobble board wall squats to 95 degrees for 3 sets of 15 now. Like some of the other comments, I have become very creative with my workouts to hit the quad/knee/hamstring as many ways as possible without weights.

I ice it everyday 2 times a day (still gets hot) and swelling is down but no where near gone yet.

I too have issues with sitting legs bent for a long time (have season tickets to the Calgary flames and have to stand up halfway through each period).

I encourage anyone to remember that this is a long process and any gain is a good gain. Accept the situation and work towards the end goal. I look for small consistent weekly gains and reward myself when i achieve them. I would be the greatest candidate for frustration but have managed to keep it positive.

Keep up the great posts.
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OS Visit @ 54 Weeks


An update with my OS at 54 weeks.

Background: injury 10/27/07 "sliding" down 4 stairs resulting in right QTR. Me, 56 yr old male, active. Surgery to repair 11/12/07, tendon to tendon repair. Stitches out 11/26/07. Started PT 11/27/07. Adjustable brace 12/4/07. Drove to Christmas shop 12/10/07 (not smart!). Crossed my legs 12/31/07! Back to work 1/2/08. 120 degrees ROM 1/17/08. Last OS visit 2/18/08. Felt I was "back" between 7-8 months.

Met with the OS today. At my last visit he said that it would be a year before I felt "normal" but he wasnt sure because "noone ever comes back". So I did to tell him about my progress and to ask questions:
1. Band around the knee: he felt it was due to nerve damage/ recovery/scar tissue. He indicated that generally the incision may go below the kneecap which cuts the major nerve on the interior of the leg. Mine did not, but there are still nerves damaged. He said he and his colleagues beleive the "band" will continue to be less and less of an issue.
2. "knob" on the outside of knee: he explained this as a "bursa reaction" where fluid builds to help protect the bone post-injury. Mine is about 90% gone and he anticipated it would continue, but probably not 100%.
3. Tendon-tendon repair vs drill patella/could I rupture off patella?: yes, but highly unlikely. reinjury of repair (although a couple ofyou have) is very uncommon. More common with steroid users (for medical purposes) or diabetics. He used sutures that disssolve(they "think" within 2+ years) on either side of the incision and one in the middle of the tendon that will be with me forever.
4. "Hitch" at 16 weeks post: my rehab protocol called for "lite running" at 16 weeks. I could not (big treadmiller!) without a significant hitch. I told him i got thru the hitch with concentrating on proper gait. He related a story of a youngster he treated post snowmobile accident (leg broken above and below knee). He felt he did a great job on repair but at 1 year the child still limped. He sent to neurologist, children bone specialist and "gate therapy analysis" (expensive! check all joints, muscles, etc). All aok. He said at 2 years the mother called and said he stopped limping. OS feels that "we" subconciously program our gait...I agree.
5. Increase in QTRs?: OS told me prior to surgery he usually does 2-3 per year. After mine, he did 5-6 in less than 2 months. I related our thread, majority of us over 40, and more of US population getting to that age so likely to see more QTRs. He said he has not done as many since that "surge".
6. Shared our web site: I said I have a gift for you! thinking he would dismiss. But when i left the office he was in the hall with his PA and nurse showing them the web site!

I also told him the keys (in my mind) are a good surgeon, good rehab and discipline (personal) to do it, and ATTITUDE! He said he is going to tell his patients to call me...I said Do!

Hope this is beneficial!

Keep Pluggin'

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34 Weeks

Bulldog: Thanks for posting the comments from your OS. It's good to hear that re-injury is unlikely.

I did another leg workout today, again starting with squats at zero weight and working up to two plates per side (225 lbs). I have been doing 10 reps per set. I then moved on to the leg press, starting at three plates per side (270 lbs) and moving up to six plates (540 lbs), again doing 10 reps per set.

After the last set of leg presses I felt some pain just below the patella, so I didn't bother with any cooldown sets and instead ended the workout with 10 minutes of elliptical trainer. Fortunately the pain did not last too long so I think it may have been just some slight bruising. I think I may increase the reps from now on, maybe going to 12 or 15 at least for the lighter weights.

Good luck to everyone, and happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the U.S.

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28 days post op Had my staples removed on Nov 21 and received a referal to P/T, no weights for 3 months after surgery. The knee seems to ache on a very regular basis. The Dr had a difficult time getting the muscle streatched back to the knee cap because of the delay (4 weeks from injury). Because of that the DR is saying slow and easy. I have still limited mobility using a walker or crutches to get around. It sure is frustrating. I appreciate the members iput on being positive. If I look back week by week I do see progress, my advice to others is not to look for improvement on a day to day basis but compare week by week. To all take care.
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