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Post OP 7 weeks.

Hey all, it's now the 7 week mark and my repaired QT is showing some definite signs of positive improvement. This past weekend I unofficially lost the immobilizer for a neoprene sleeve. I'll see my OS in a couple of days and he'll be officially fitting me for one.

As far as rehab goes...
I've been walking in the therapy pool 3-4 times a week for three weeks now. I can tell this helps. My OS will write for my PT to start next week, can't wait...

7 weeks post op here's where we're at.
- ROM 110 degrees
- Able to walk without immobilizer most of the time. I still wear it when I'm out in very public places.
- Leg does swell a bit after activity, OS said this is normal and wearing a neoprene sleeve will help reduce that.

I have noticed less folks are writing to this. Maybe it's run it's course a bit but I can't stress enough how much this blog has helped me through the last seven plus weeks. I'm happy I found it.

Here's to you Idaho Guy

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25 Weeks

One week away from the 1/2 year milestone. It has gone by fast. I went to the gym today for my leg workout:

40 minute warmup (elliptical trainer)
3x10 weightless squats
3x10 45 degree leg press with 90 lbs (one plate per side)
1x10 weightless squats
10 minute cool-down (elliptical trainer)

I noticed the knee felt a bit better on the last set of squats than it did on the first ones. For the leg press I used both legs but tried to focus on the injury leg. Next week I might try it one-legged.

Helmut: Thanks for the recommendation and I agree that high reps are the way to go. I intend to stick with a 10 rep minimum for any set.

Like others have noticed, I too seem to have a bit of muscle building on the inner quad but very little on the outer quad. I also notice that I have some slight bruising just below the inner quad. I have had this for a while -- not sure if it is related to exercise or just part of the lengthy healing process.

Good luck with everyone's recovery,

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Duncan -- No problem on the rep advice. To hit the lateral quad try some hip excersises. Ask you gym for recommendations. Also and a big ALSO do not neglect the hamstrings. These do a lot to stabilize the knee very important. Balance in the leg is a must.

I am now around week 10 post op and started the muscle building at the PT. Man I have forgetten how much that can hurt. Biggest issue I have is ROM is only 70 degrees not very good. Could be because the knee was in bad shape to begin with we will see.
I have been walking with cane for 2 weeks now and that is getting smoother. Have also been walking without cane this week but the limp is very bad but, it is coming along. Knee is very weak. I did not expect it to be so weak because, my previous 2 ACL repairs were not this bad. SO this is going to be a new learning experience.
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Originally Posted by buford View Post
Hey all, it's now the 7 week mark and my repaired QT is showing some definite signs of positive improvement. This past weekend I unofficially lost the immobilizer for a neoprene sleeve. I'll see my OS in a couple of days and he'll be officially fitting me for one.

As far as rehab goes...
I've been walking in the therapy pool 3-4 times a week for three weeks now. I can tell this helps. My OS will write for my PT to start next week, can't wait...

7 weeks post op here's where we're at.
- ROM 110 degrees
- Able to walk without immobilizer most of the time. I still wear it when I'm out in very public places.
- Leg does swell a bit after activity, OS said this is normal and wearing a neoprene sleeve will help reduce that.

I have noticed less folks are writing to this. Maybe it's run it's course a bit but I can't stress enough how much this blog has helped me through the last seven plus weeks. I'm happy I found it.

Here's to you Idaho Guy

Agreed. I'm at 6 wks./2 days (who's counting?). My MD, who cleared me to run only 3 weeks after scoping ea. of my knees (very aggressive given my age), is playing it the other way w/ the QTR: won't write a P.T. Rx, wants me to do only very limited ROM and quad isometrics. I'm cautiously going beyond that. Only wear the brace for household chores, during upper body weightlifting (I do light weights, gross numbers of reps), and public situations where I might be jostled. Sometimes I use a small, supportive knee brace my wife bought that's too big for her. This helps me remember my condition as much as anything else. I started backing the car in/out of the driveway last week (it's a rt. leg QTR); will drive a short distance this Sat. In secret, I tried my (gym quality) elliptical at zero resistance yesterday, just to see if I have the ROM. I do, and will begin light use on a regular basis at the 50-day mark next Wed. So I guess we're both moving right along, Bu.
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9 weeks Post Surgery

Hey Guys!

Glad to see everyone is progressing so well. This is such a frustrating injury, everyone is anxious to get back to "normal". I'm in that number as well. Frustrated because it's taking so long to get back to normal.

I got my immobilizer off at 7 1/2 weeks and started my PT at 8 weeks. Needless to say, my ROM was a pitiful 63 when I got to my first PT session and this was after a lot of effort before getting there. The Therapist seems very knowledgeable and they gave me an initial workout that mostly consisted of strengthening exercises. She also gave me a few to do at home . When I returned this week for therapy, my ROM was 80. On my second visit yesterday, I was only at 83. But I'm being diligent with my exercises without pushing too far.

My biggest problem has been swelling. I also returned to work this week. I'm sitting a lot at work, however, by the end of the day, my knee(and leg) is so swollen that it's hard to bend and do exercises. So I usually come home and elevate and ice. that usually does the trick.

I do have two questions for the group. How long before the swelling is not an issue. This forum is so good that when I start experiencing something(like swelling), I've heard many of you talk about it already. So I was ready to ICE and ELEVATE HIGH. Sometimes my swelling comes after only a minutes of being on it. when I'm not on it much, I don't get any swelling. Since I've been at work this week, most of the days, it's been swollen all day. But it makes it hard for me to rehabilitate in the evenings. So I was wondering how long did you guys deal with the issue of swelling.

My other question is about Range of Motion. I'm being pretty diligent with my exercises. My knee feels like it's not EVER going to bend any further than where it is now. There is a pain and MAJOR tightness behind the knee when I do try to bend. Thats why i say,it feels as if it will never bend further than where I am(ROM 83). Where there any exercises that you guys did that seemed to help your ROM better than others. I have to travel to St. Louis this week for work and will not see my PT for a week. Wondering if you guys could recommend exercises that really helped with the ROM.

Thanks again for all the encouragement and information. Keep progressing and posting. It's very encouraging and inspirational to hear how everyone is progressing. So when I'm getting frustrated after a PT visit, I'm encouraged to see how you guys have progressed.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!
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Walking in the Pool

Hi gang: Just stopping by real quick to see who's posting. Those who have expressed frustration about how long it takes - you are right - rehab takes a long time. I am at 8+ months now, and am back to normal activity, but still have the tightness in the leg, still have much weakness (doing various one-legged lifts - the leg strength is really not even close to equal), can't stand up and sprint on a bicycle, etc. (I did do a good hard mountain bike ride with the wife last night - but have to put it in "tractor" gear - no climbing in big gears!). It is getting better every week, but slowly.

Dude: the absolute best rehab I did to both increase ROM, work on swelling, and in general feel better was walking in the pool. We have a lap pool at our local YMCA that is 3.5' deep at the ends down to 5' deep at the middle. So, I would walk laps. Started slow, but got to the point where I was doing 1500 yards of walking 4X a week. Gained strength and speed as I walked more. Also would do various leg lifts, knee bends, etc. in the water. I would recommend that each and every person do this starting at 4-6 weeks. I can't even tell you how much it helped me physically and mentally to to do this.

just my .02

Idaho Guy
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Geez, Dude et al., your posts just go to show how different we all are. Maybe it's because I was in very good shape before my accident, maybe it's that I'm being quite sedentary - largely because I'm semi-retired and spend most of my day reading/writing (i.e., on the PC). But I haven't had any swelling. My OS won't let me start PT, but I am working out on my own, including light quad exercises and passive ROM (I'm at +/- 85 deg., 6.5 weeks post-op). I do have sufficient ROM to pedal on my elliptical. If Dr. GJ doesn't go ballistic, I plan to start using it at the lowest level of resistance next Wed., my 50-day anniversary. I've also begun driving (I'm a right QTR person) short distances, soon to become longer. Tonight, in fact! Ice is cheap, dude. Use it. Good luck all.
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DudeinMD: A 20 degree ROM increase in your first week of PT sounds like good progress to me.

My swelling really started to calm down around week 10 or so but was icing all day long at work with the exception of week 2 and week 3 when I did not have much access to ice.

As far as ROM exercises, I was fighting excess scar tissue most of my rehab so I am not a normal QTR, but what I found to helped keep the knee loose and gain ROM was to use overpressure stretching in my office chair. Would put my foot as far under chair as possible and hold it for at least 30 minutes, would also ice the knee this way and do this 3 to 4 times a day. I was trying to emulate what the JAS Splint does. (http://www.jointactivesystems.com/index.html)
When I was not doing that I would do leg extensions under my desk all day. I also agree with Idaho Guy on the pool walking and should have done more of this myself, think this lets you work knee good and the water acts as a radiator keeping it cool.

Yes this is a VERY frustrating injury and I am coming up on 6 fricken months, have had two surgeries and do not feel anything close to normal. The excess scar tissue I figure has cost me an extra 3 months. I figure I might actually start being able to truely rehab with good ROM in another two or three week when I recover from this second surgery.
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Hi all. I have not been in for a while as I have been traveling so much. I also declared myself about a month ago as "graduated". After 7.5 months, my knee is about 90+% recovered. All the gym exercises are no problem, ramps are ok (they took a long time) and stairs are no problem. So not sure when the official graduation happens, but figured I'm just about 100%.

Duncan, try turning your foot out when exercising and then turn the foot in. PT told me that trick to help build muscle on inside and outside. It soulded too simple, but it worked.

Dude - swelling can last months. But hand in there, it does go away. Keep icing, then elevate. But until you get the muscles and toe back, swelling will still be there. 7.5 months after surgery, my injured knee is still slightly bigger than the other one. And yes the motion will come back. Once your PT or DR give you the go ahead, push the knee and do your stretches all day every day. You have to push through the pain to get it stretched back out. Heel slides are great. PT had me sit on chair amd slide heel back until it was under the chair and hold it. It hurt like.... but it works. Try lying on your side and use theraband to pull your ankle towards your butt. When it hurts and won't bend any more, pull a little harder. Using an exercise ball and doing wall slides to do knee bends are a mainstay of the recovery when you're ready for them. Just don't go too far with these.
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Ice ideas for those on the go to keep swelling down

Dude and others trying to keep swelling down-

I've been using "Icy Cool" ice mats to keep the knee iced without having to use ice. These ice mats are filled with purified water and you can easily roll them up in the freezer. You don't have to fill them with water, just roll, freeze and they are ready. You avoid the hassle of keeping ice around in places where you have no access to ice. You can easily freeze these and put them in a backpack or small insulated soft bag for use later. Their website is at icycools dot com (but they don't sell to individuals through that website). Their products are easily available at Amazon and Ebay.

I was looking for a way to keep the ice mat on the knee while moving around and I found the same company makes a professional quality neoprene wrap that insulates the ice mat and keeps it cold for 4-6 hours! It stretches to allow it to stay attached while walking or standing.

The neoprene wrap can be used hot or cold and has multiple uses - for shoulder, back or knee. I'm copying a picture of its use on the knee.

If interested, just go to Ebay and in the search box type "NeoWrap Hot/Cold Pack Pain Relief". They are "Buy It Now" and cost $29.99 + shipping. These are good to use to and from work and even if you have to travel or if you are going to do a lot of walking, etc., while away from home.

As far as swelling, my doctor and the PT team have said that swelling is going to happen for months and months after the surgery. So just plan on ice and elevation for months. Because as most have found out, you cannot get a good session of PT in if your knee is all swollen, nor can you increase your ROM with a lot of swelling in the way!

Injury: 5/28/08
Surgery: 6/5/08
PT started: 6/18/08
Currently: almost full ROM, working on strength, balance, endurance. Treadmill set at 10 incline, worked up to 2.5 mph for 10 minutes. Bike 10 minutes. Various strength exercises, stretches, steps--only 2 risers under base, working on strength going down stairs, up to 20 pounds on wall slide against wall (instead of quarter squats, now half squats 4 x 15)
Total Gym - 4 x 10 at level 8 and going down all the way! (this single exercise helped me finish off my ROM. We started slow at level 3 and only going down to about 45 degrees, and slowly worked up to this level.)

Saw the PA yesterday (he assisted my doctor with my surgery and was the first person I saw at the ortho facility after my accident) and asked if he had seen any new quad rupture patients lately. Of course the answer was no. Really puts this injury in perspective--it is rare and why did we get picked to have the injury?

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tendon to tendon complete tear

Originally Posted by Jobo Pooks View Post
"CaliforniaQuadPop""Injury: 5/28/08
Surgery: 6/5/08
PT started: 6/18/08
Currently: almost full ROM, ...

Did you do a full tendon tear off the bone or just sprain it a little. You're saying your full ROM 13 days after surgery with all this as well?
The tendon tore completely an inch or two above the knee and there were tears up inside the quad also. So it was a tendon to tendon repair. I started PT on June 18, but that was table exercises as I was still in a leg immobilizer at all times except when in PT. We couldn't do more extensive PT until July 15 (when the leg immobilizer was finally removed, which is about 6 weeks after surgery). It is now September 29 and I almost have full ROM. So, that is a little over 3 months, not 13 days!
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CaliforniaPop just wonering how long was it before you started seeing gains in your ROM?
I had the same type of tear as you and am 4 weeks into PT. My ROM is only at 75deg. That is a big gain since getting out of immobilizer 4 weeks ago but now it seems to be locked there. Did you experience this kind of plateau?
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Schedule of ROM Measurements after surgery

Originally Posted by Helmut2468 View Post
CaliforniaPop just wonering how long was it before you started seeing gains in your ROM?
I had the same type of tear as you and am 4 weeks into PT. My ROM is only at 75deg. That is a big gain since getting out of immobilizer 4 weeks ago but now it seems to be locked there. Did you experience this kind of plateau?
Ok, I've gone through my postings and written down all my ROM measurements here. If you are at 75 degrees ROM after 4 weeks into PT, you are doing better than I did. I was 78 ROM 5 weeks after PT started. I had slow but steady progression and did not reach any plateau. Of course, PT was rather aggressive just a few days after my immobilizer was removed and bent my knee to 60 when it was only going to 50 ROM on its own. I was very aggressive at home 3 times a day doing those heel slides and pulling my foot up with a thin towel around my foot to the point where it hurt a bit and holding 10 seconds and each time go just a little past that pain threshold.

The big measurements are 90 and 105 ROM. Once you reach 90 they figure most of your scar tissue has been broken up and you are out of the woods when you reach 105 ROM. If your PT is concerned about your ROM being stuck, believe me, they will help bend your leg for you! They didn't even give me a weekend to get my leg bent to 60 ROM and did it for me on that Friday when I measured 50 ROM and that was the last time they ever had to bend my leg for me. I stepped up my heel slides at home even more and sometimes did 4 sessions spaced out through the day. I worked like crazy on that bending as I didn't like anyone else bending my leg and I didn't want to put on a show at PT again. (I could not just suck it up and as soon as they forced my bending, I couldn't stop crying and I couldn't hold it back. The pain was horrible.) At least when I bend I know just how much to do it. There are some people that on their own they just cannot bend to the point of pain and need PT to do it.

Here is my schedule of ROM measurements:

May 28 -Accident
Jun 05 - Surgery
Jun 17 - Staples out (10 days after surgery)
Jun 18 - PT started (day after staples removed)
Jun 27 - 30-35 ROM (3 weeks after surgery)
Jul 15 - immobilizer removed (6 weeks after surgery)
Jul 16 - 50 ROM (6 weeks after surgery) (4 weeks after PT)
Jul 18 - knee bent to 60 by PT (6 weeks after surgery)
Jul 23 - 78 ROM (7 weeks after surgery) (5 weeks after PT)
Aug 04 - 90 ROM (9 weeks after surgery) (7 weeks after PT)
Aug 08 - 103 ROM (9 weeks after surgery) (7 weeks after PT)
Aug 15 - 106 ROM (10 weeks after surgery) (8 weeks after PT)
Sep 12 - 122+ ROM (14 weeks after surgery) (12 wks after PT)
Sep 30 - full range (haven't been measured, but no need to,
the knee bends all the way without hesitation when
I'm on the Total Gym level 8) (17 weeks after surgery)

Stretches - This was added just the past few weeks and only after PT could see my knee was bending in almost complete ROM on the Total Gym. After all my exercises, I lay face down on the table and put my strap on my foot, then slowly pull on the strap until I feel a stretch and hold 30 seconds x 3 (both legs). Also roll over on back and put strap on foot, straighten leg, and lift so it is bent 90 degrees from hip, and pull down at toe for 30 seconds x 3 (both feet).

The Total Gym has really been the exercise that has finished up my ROM. The key to that though is to push yourself just the point of pain and hold the stretch for 10 seconds, then slowly push up and hold 10. I've seen people go on that and just mechanically go up and down and they aren't doing anything but going up and down! They aren't holding the stretch and they aren't pushing the bend a little further each time. I would take a deep breath going up, then breath out going down and hold (4 x 10). I always do the Total Gym after all my exercises are done and after the Total Gym I do my stretches on the table with the strap.

You can bend your leg 100 times or more, but if you aren't pushing it each time just past the point of pain and holding the bend, it isn't doing anything. Better to bend 40 times and really concentrate on the bending a little more each time and holding the bend, than bending 200 times and on your final bend you are still bending at the point you started! More is not better because then your knee will swell up faster and you won't get anywhere. At least that has been my experience.
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8 week post op

All, I saw my OS yesterday for the 8 week post op visit. He checked my range of motion and here's what he said " this is fricken rediculous". I guess that meant I was doing ok. My current ROM is at 120 degrees with minimal swelling. He's allowed me to loose the immobilizer and go with a neoprene sleeve only when needed. He's scheduled a visit in another month, after that, no additional visits needed... Not bad for a complete tear just over two months ago.

I do believe the fast recovery is attribute by having a good base prior to the injury. I was cycling at least 120 miles a week and running the off days. My OS agreed but also said people all heal differently.... some of it's attributed to genetics as well.

I went to my first PT today, it went well. The therapist gave me the first round of excercises. She knows me and warned that I shouldn't try to do too much. At this point, that's goint to be the challenge.

So here's where we're at 8 weeks post op.
- ROM 120 degrees
- Walking in the pool 3-4 times a week.
- Starting eliptical and stationary bike this week. (ok'd by both PT and OS)
- No running allowed except while in the pool.

As always, take care and let your body tell you where you're at..

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90 Days Post Op

Hi All,

Hope everyone is doing OK. I am 90 days post-op today.

Last measurement was 133 ROM.

I am able to drive my jeep (manual tranny), hold mitts for my boxing students without any brace (first time today). I can walk almost normally as long as I focus. I am also able, sometimes, when I am feeling strong and have the courage, to go down the stairs normally. I tried to run yesterday, but that was a no go. I am taking walks with my wife and dog and since we live in the hills, the short one mile walk is strengthening my leg tremendously.

My doctor says I can start doing some leg training with weights so I will let them know at my PT tomorrow.

I just want to give hope to all those that are a little ways behind me. Just keep working at it, pushing into the pain a little at a time, and using your ice diligently. Between the PT and the exercises I learned in this forum, I was able to increase my ROM and strengthen my leg to a point where I feel almost normal again. I didn't know how nice it was to walk around freely till it was gone.

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hi all!

I haven't posted for a while...glad to see all the progress!

October 12 will be 11 months post-surgery for me. I was passionate and dedicated about my rehab. I would say since mid-May or June I have been able to do anything I want without limitation. However, Like IDG, I too have a "tightness" or "fullness" on the top of the knee. I beleive Sinrider said that eventually goes away too. I too am a proponent of pool activity, I like to "run" in the pool and it helped me get over my "hitch". As the weather cools here in MN and my outdoor activity ebbs, I plan to get back to the club and the pool. I have been doing my normal treadmill work at home for4-5 months. I plan to revisit the OS in November just to ask some more questions, and he had said noone ever comes back after release from him.

Best to All!

Keep Pluggin'

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9 1/2 weeks Post Op

Hey Guys!! Thanks for all of the information. Because I had to go out of town for work, I haven't been able to start the pool sessions. I plan to start the Pool Work tonight.

However, I had my first PT session today after missing a week and my ROM is 100. I started at 63, went to 83 the next week and almost 2 weeks later I'm at 100. Maybe it was having to sit on a plane from Washington, DC to St. Louis for 2 hours....lol.

The swelling was a major issue the entire time I was away. I kept up with the icing as much as possible. But i guess it's just a part of the healing process. So I try to keep it elevated and iced as much as possible.

I wasn't able to pedal a stationary bike today in PT. So thats my new goal. I'm going to start with the eliptical tonight at the gym and see if that will help.

Again, thanks for the info and I hope everyone is progressing well.
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6 months surgery#1 and 3 weeks surgery #2

Been 3 weeks since surgery #2 and 6 fricken months since the first surgery and things are going fairly well. Knee still a little sore and swollen from the second surgery but things are coming along good and the quads have completely recovered. Feel like this is where I should have been at 3 months ago if everything went as planned . Knee is still stiff in the mornings from about 95 degrees to my current 130ish and takes me a good 15 minutes of warm up and stretching to get it loosened up, but that is to be expected with it not being stretched out much past 100 degrees for so long.

Main thing I have been doing these last few weeks have been focused on ROM and stretching. I have been riding the bike 40 minutes every morning with the seat ALL the way down which works my ROM from about 100 degrees too about 125 degrees, feel like I am riding my 9 year olds 20” bike . Also still doing the over pressure stretching at work, jamming my foot under my office chair and lowering the seat.

Did my first true muscle building workout since surgery #2 this morning and man I am weak! But strength should come back fairly quickly here over the next couple of months, planning on working on strength twice a week Mondays and Fridays.

Finally jumped on my mountain bike yesterday also and cruised around the neighbor hood with my 9 year old, first time in 6 months that I have been on it. I should not have bought those 180mm LONG cranks, which requires a good 115 degree flex to pedal when I built it out. Felt good to get out and pedal it around and hopefully here in a few weeks I will have it out on the flat easy trails. It’s a tank of a mountain bike 47 lbs with 8 inches of travel, its more of a downhill bike than a cross country bike so its going to take me a while to get the strength to climb with it.
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27 Weeks

I increased the weight a bit today at the gym:

45 minute warmup (elliptical trainer)
3 x 10 weightless squats
1 x 10 45 degree leg press, 90 lbs
1 x 10 45 degree leg press, 180 lbs
1 x 10 45 degree leg press, 270 lbs
1 x 10 squats, 45 lbs (just the bar)
10 minute cooldown (elliptical trainer)

I was tempted to go heavier but decided to hold off and see if I feel any delayed-onset muscle soreness in the coming days. When I do the weightless squats I still feel some pain in the knee, although I feel it less after a few sets. Next workout I will probably try squatting 135 lbs (one plate per side). I am interested to know what others are doing for workout routines.

Good luck with everyone's recovery,

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Pickin' it up

Greetings, all. Happy to read the general good news. I'm at 58 days. Have resumed most of my regular activities. Pre-fall, I was on my elliptical nightly, w/ settings @ 70% of max resistance, 26" stride length (my machine has an adjustable stride length, which was a major selling point for me), and "850" calories (I find this to be the equivalent of a 5-mile run in terms of body weight maintenance), which took me 57-62 mins. to achieve. Today, I expect to reach 550 calories @ slightly lower resistance settings. My goal is to get back to my old performance level (albeit at a slower speed - for now) by 10/23, a day before we leave for a 10-day vacation.

I'm doing all my upper body work (light weights, high reps) as before. Will wait until my 3-month anniversary to re-start my A.M. quads exercises w/ 10 lb. ankle weights (I'm doing them now w/ only my running shoes on). So, I'm happy w/ my progress, although my OS thinks I'm taking too big a risk for a 65-year-old.

Keep it up, guys & gals!

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11 Weeks Post

Dan – I love your approach to fitness. I understand what your OS is saying about risk and your age but, I don’t believe he understands how young your body really is. This whole experience has made me an even bigger believer in the cardio part of fitness. I’ve been averaging over an hour a day, six days a week on the elliptical. I haven’t had time to do all the little gimmicky stuff my PT showed me. Just not enough hours in a day. I feel that between my cardio work and my weight training, I’m at least as far along as PT would have gotten me and I’m in a lot better shape than before the injury.

Duncan – Against my better judgment, I started squatting about 3 weeks ago (8 weeks post surgery). Scary at first, I started with 85lbs. and about 3 inches of movement. Worked up to 135 my last session, with plenty of ROM, maybe 70-80 degrees. Can’t wait for my next session but I get the best results on an 8 day cycle so I’ll have to be patient. If I did use any of the machines for legs, it would be the leg press but I’m a bit old school and prefer exercises that require balance and involve the support muscles.

After spending a few sessions hitting tennis balls against a wall, I took the plunge and called my regular hitting partner. We hit on Monday for about 1 & ½ hours. It did feel a bit dangerous at times, and we both agreed that I’ve never been quite as slow. I did however, feel the benefits of all the cardio work I’ve been doing. No pain issues that day or the next so I’ll make the tennis a regular thing with an eye on the pick-up BB next. At 5’8” I’m going to need more than a 3” vertical to justify my presence on the court.

Hope all are doing well!

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27.5 Weeks

I felt no delayed-onset muscle soreness after Tuesday's workout so I increased the weight a bit this time around:

35 minute warmup (elliptical trainer)
3 x 10 Weightless Squats
1 x 10 Squats, 45 lbs (just the bar)
1 x 10 Squats, 95 lbs
1 x 10 Squats, 135 lbs
1 x 10 Squats, 185 lbs
1 x 10 45 degree leg press, 180 lbs (2 plates per side)
1 x 10 45 degree leg press, 270 lbs (3 plates per side)
1 x 10 45 degree leg press, 360 lbs (4 plates per side)
2 x 10 Weightless squats
3 x 10 Calf Raises
10 minute cooldown (elliptical trainer)

I think my non-injured leg was doing most of the work, but nevertheless it feels great to finally be able to lift some actual weight. Next workout I might work the legs individually on the leg press. I work the hamstrings on my back day (I'm hoping that 3-4 sets of deadlifts does the job for that muscle).

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"Fit to be getting"

Will: "Easy" for me. I've been a distance runner for 50 years, including 8-9 marathons and year in which I averaged 10 mi./day, incl. days off, and one stretch, in my late 40s, when I went 2 years (one of which was a leap year - ughh, one extra day) without a missed day. In other words, I'm totally obsessive-compulsive. Prior to my QTR, I had developed a seemingly minor neuro-muscular problem in my other leg that had defied rehab. Therefore, I was exclusively on my elliptical, with the idea that I could put running behind me. But now I'm eager to see whether the neuro-muscular problem's resolved itself. I'll probably try a short, slow run this week.

I'll tell you, though, you can't totally hold age at bay. Every time I try, like when I think I can catch a younger guy (or gal nowadays) in the park who likes like he/she is going slowly, or when I get sick or injured, I pay the price. That's why I've tried to forge a middle ground between the OS's "orders" and what my reading of this forum and the rest of the available literature tells me about QTR rehab. Not only that, but I think a re-rupture would push my dear Dr. GJ over the edge. And that's the last thing I want to do.

Will and Duncan: I admire you real lifters. I do high reps of light weights (partly because I do this myself, in my basement gym, and have had a couple of accidents and near-accidents with heavier weights). My body type seems more conducive to modest muscle mass. And my eating habits -- lots of complex carbs, moderate protein -- probably hold both my body weight and muscle development down. I've never done real lower body weights, only quad strengtheners w/ 10 lb. ankle weights. But, since I started on the elliptical, my gastrocs have atrophied a bit vis-a-vis when I run, and my left gastroc has become smaller than my right, which may be a symptom of the nerve damage (peroneal nerve) in that area of my leg. So I'm doing a few hundred up-and-downs every day w/out weights on the edge of a stair.

Keep pushing guys!
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Almost 20 weeks post

Hi all. It's been a while since last posting. I'm glad to see everyone is making progress. At this point I have full ROM on both knees (bi-laleral QTR) and I'm carrying on with all normal activities and full time work. My gym workouts are progressing just fine for being 53 years young. I'm not looking to break any records as I do not want to suffer any set backs. Here is a sample leg workout for now.

20 minute cardio: elliptical or bike
1 x 12 Squats, 135 lbs.
1 x 12 Squats, 185 lbs.
1 x 10 Squats, 225 lbs.
1 x 10 Squats, 275 lbs.
1 x 15 Leg Press, 370 lbs.
1 x 12 Leg Press, 460 lbs.
1 x 10 Leg Press, 550 lbs.
1 x 10 Leg Press, 640 lbs.
4 sets leg extensions progressive increase to 70 lbs.
4 sets lying leg curls progressive increase to 130 lbs.
4 sets seated leg curls progressive increase to can't remember
8 - 12 sets abdominals

Keep pluging away guys and gals and continue and work hard at PT. Moving and streching those knees are the key.

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NYBB: Thanks for posting your workout routine. Great job building the strength back! My only suggestion would be to delete the leg extensions from the workout because of the strain that this exercise puts on the tendon. How often do you work legs? Once per week?
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11 Weeks post op

Hey all, it's been a while but I thought I'd bring everyone up to speed on my recovery.

It's been 11 weeks and here's where we are.
- I've been in PT for 4 week with continue improvement on ROM (135 degrees).
- PT started me on Plyometrics two weeks ago. I was a bit reluctant. My knee would ache watching people jump. It turned out not to be too bad so I'm anticipating more of the same punishment from her this afternoon.
- I went on a 26 mile road ride a couple weeks ago. Nothing too aggressive. Finished last but felt great getting out. I never would have thought that mid - October I'd be back out on the bike.
- I taught my first Spinning class on Monday, it felt great. Again, not to aggressive... steady as she goes. I teach again tonight so same rule applies..

It really is amazing how fast the 11 weeks have gone by. I find myself checking this site less and less. It's not that I don't think about it, it's probably more of me being able to get out more that keeps me away from my PC.

My leg does tend to swell more than before. I attribute that to being more active.

Anyway, take care. I'm sure I'll post again.

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29.5 Weeks

I received my official operative report from the hospital last week. I thought I would post the procedure for reference and comparison to others' surgery. My surgery was performed 28 days after injury.

"We made a direct midline incision over the knee to expose the extensor tendon, patella, and just inferior to the patella. there was organized clot at the superior aspect of the quadriceps insertion on to the superior pole of the patella. there were two layers; the deeper layer appeared to be intact but attenuated and stretched out. the superficial layer was completely torn from the superior pole of the patella. We left the deep layer intact at its insertion to the superior pole of the patella. We excised about 5 to 7 mm of the superficial portion, which was torn off the superior pole of the patella. We then made a groove down to cancellous bone at the superficial insertion. We wove two heavy Ethibond sutures through the quadriceps tendon. We then made three drill holes longitudinally through the patella and passed two strands of suture through the central hole and one strand in each of the medial and lateral holes. then with the knee in full extension we tightened the sutures and then tied them on the inferior pole of the patella. This was followed by two circumferential stiches awith one from medial to the center and one from lateral to the center of the quadriceps tendon with a heavy #1 Vicryl stitch. This was used to reinforce the quadriceps tendon sutures."
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1 Year!

Greetings All!

Today is the one year anniversary of my QTR. Unfortunately, I remember it well!

Today I can do most anything I want, but I still feel the "band of tightness" and at times, some stiffness. No pain, nothing like that.

I have scheduled an appt with my OS for 11/25, which is ~ 54 weeks post surgery. On my last visit to him in February, he said 'you should be fully healed by one year but I really dont know because noone has ever come back'. So that is one reason to see him, the other to ask a few questions including asking about the tightness and tell him about this thread.

Keep Pluggin'

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First post here - 13 months out

Hi everyone,

I'm actually 13 month post-surgery after tearing my left quadriceps (playing beach volleyball). I too would like to offer encouragement to those who are more recent "victims". I have almost fully recovered, and am back playing sports again (including volleyball). I'd say my level of play is roughly 85-90% of my pre-injury abilities. I still have some strength and quickness issues with my injured leg, but am continuing to see improvements. My physician stated you can sometimes expect to see your final disposition at 12-18 months.

So good luck to you all, and if anyone of you more recent "victims" has a question for this "veteran", don't hesitate to ask. The bottom line is you can make a complete recovery if you're patient, and consistent in your rehab.

Good luck.
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