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Ache After PT

Hi CaliQuadPop,

I think your experience is common. My leg always aches after PT. I take one hydrocodone tablet, if necessary, to reduce the pain after PT. My PT is in the morning. My leg aches most in the afternoon. By night, I'm usually able to sleep.
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CQP: I wonder if ibuprofin (e.g. Advil or Motrin) would be a better choice than Tylenol, since it is an anti-inflammatory.
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PAIN AFTER PT:Ibuprofen helps, (anti-inflamatory+pain killer)if your stomach can handle it.Take it with food.I use it only if I can not take the pain
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Need Surgery for my Partial Tear

Hi again.

Will, sorry to hear about the loss of your son. My problems seem small in comparison.

I have a partial tear, but my leg is not working. I cannot lay down and do a leg lift. It just doesn't work.

My sports doctor referred me to his surgeon. He thinks I will have a good recovery since the quad has not retracted and he can tie some of the torn tendon with the tendon that is still attached. He told me that besides some ROM exercises, he will prescribe rest for the first 4-6 weeks based on what he finds when he is in the knee.

I hope to one day post positive results like Vermont Soldier.

Good weekend everyone.
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4 weeks post

Hi everyone,

2nd post surgery visit with my OS today. I walked in without the braces cause I told my wife that I was not going to play the game that I was doing everything he told me to do when I really haven't to an extent. I have been walking very sure footed without them for some time and as a result the ROM has improved tremendously on it's own. I have been walking up and down the stairs a couple of times during the day and going to the gym for upper body training. I drove my wife's car today and we went to the marina and was on the boat but did not go out. I am planning to go on a short cruise on Wednesday. I have been going out to restaurants and able ti sit with legs bent and no pain. So I showed my OS how well I was walking without the braces and showed him how I could step on the small step stool with each leg. I also showed him that I could do leg lifts straight up with each leg for reps. I did not do this to show off but I wanted him to know exactly where I was so that I could start therapy at the right level. My OS is great but he is a by the book type so he sounds like a disclaimer all the time when he recites following the post surgery protocol and I know he has to do this in order to cover himself as well as not putting me at risk to re-injure myself and he will have to re-do his work again. I explained to him that I cannot sit around and let my muscles atrophy and also told him that my body is responding more quickly because it is used to having muscle fiber broken down and repairing itself. I also told him that I believed because I continued to exercise even while bed ridden, it enabled the cardiovascular system and the lungs to supply blood and oxygen to the muscles more effectively and efficiently and had to have a positive effect on my legs and knees. He was agreeing to the merits of what I was saying but would not give it his approval. My OS has done surgery on my elbows in the past and he did say that if anyone could pull this off it was me. He was going to take x-rays of my knees today but then said he will do it in two weeks at the 6 week mark. Obviously if he saw or thought anything was wrong he would have taken them today. He did prescribe PT but insists on not working ROM till after six weeks. That's it for now.

PhillyBuster: Sorry to hear about your set back and thanks for the advice. You make my point in that if possible you must take control of your muscle atrophy.

CaliforniaQuadPop: I haven't started PT yet so I can't relate at this time. I will let you know when I start if that happens.

boxingprogrammer: When is your surgery scheduled? The sooner the better.

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One better

My husband had double knee surgery replacement six weeks ago -- guess what -- both knees gave about about a week ago and he fell. Diagnosed with ruptured quadracept tendons in both legs. Had surgery yesterday. I am overwhelmed. I have no idea what is going to happen next. I am hoping that he will stay in rehab in a professional setting rather than being sent home. I just don't think he will receive the optimum care in a home setting.

Any advice?

Thanks - Drose
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7 & 1/2 Weeks

NYBB - I totally agree with every word of your post. The OSs and PTs are just doing their job and protecting themselves and sometimes even worse, have little or no experience with our injury. It's up to all of us to think on our own, do the research, listen to our bodies, and take action based on our own conclusions and beliefs.

I have to admit to getting goose bumps at the thought of you walking into your gym (with double QTRs!!!) without even the braces at the 3 week point and your encounter and demonstration with your OS this week. I believe the recovery records you are setting will never be broken.

I need to respond to a couple of earlier posts and will have time later this weekend. I also want to thank everyone for the outpouring of sympathy over the loss of my son.

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Originally Posted by NYBodybuilder View Post
Hi everyone,

boxingprogrammer: When is your surgery scheduled? The sooner the better.

Thursday July 3rd. I have the whole July 4th weekend to do legal narcotics and nurse my way back to health.
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Originally Posted by boxingprogrammer View Post
Thursday July 3rd. I have the whole July 4th weekend to do legal narcotics and nurse my way back to health.
Good luck, I'm sure it will turn out just fine. Me personally, I don't like to be drugged up but had to while in the hospital but not at home.
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Good luck on surgery!

Originally Posted by boxingprogrammer View Post
Thursday July 3rd. I have the whole July 4th weekend to do legal narcotics and nurse my way back to health.

Best wishes on your surgery.

If you want to get a good rest, don't be a hero, take the legal narcotics (just don't mix them with alcohol or other drugs)! I had Vicodin (with 2 refills). I went through my first bottle of pills, one every 4 hours, and didn't feel spacey or out of it. I just had a bit of dry mouth. Everyone reacts different to different drugs. All I know is at the beginning I would sweat it out waiting to take my next pill, but it stopped the pain and I did get some sleep.

I wondered why I had 2 refills. (I refilled one.) Now I know! I'm going to have to take one before bedtime, especially after a hard day at therapy. My therapy is at 2 pm.

I just figured out that when I started therapy, everything was still kind of numb, now the nerves are coming back and I feel everything more! : So that is why they may give you more refills on the drugs then you think you need.

Have a successful surgery.

Best wishes to everyone else. This is a real roller coaster ride.
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Greetings All!

Drose: sorry for the double calamity your busband had. I would guess if he could get rehab for a couple of weeks in a healthcare setting that would be good...I cant imagine how to do rehab for 4 surgeries!

CalQuadPop: My brother is a physician and when I had plantar fascitis he recommended Aleve. It worked along with rest. I have also used it for the QTR and have had good results. 1 in the am, 1 in pm. I lived on Advil between my injury and ultimately surgery, traveling at the time. I stopped and then realized how much it helped.

Went "mini" rock-climbing today (St Croix Interstate, Will) and while it was good, it was a little scary on rocky, uneven ground! But i did it!

Boxingprogrammer: best of luck with your surgery!

NYBB: Keep up the great effort!

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Major breakthrough - raised my leg tonight!

I tried taking a Vicodin (actually is generic called Hydrocodon 500mg) last night, it made me relaxed, but I was still keyed up and couldn't sleep much, but wasn't in pain. So much for Vicodin making me drowsy, I think it does the opposite for me.

Instead, I've been taking Extra Strength Tylenol (2 tabs, 500 mg each) every 5 hours, usually after meals. I have a giant bottle I bought before surgery (225 caplets) because at that time they didn't want me to have aspirin. Being a thrifty person and on a reduced income at the moment, I'm going to take these until they are gone. The trick seems to be keeping it in my system at a constant level.
Thanks to the relief of pain and swelling, and hard work. I finally had a breakthrough tonight! I was doing my last therapy session from 8-9pm and I was able to finally raise my leg up (unassisted by my towel sling I've been using) and it wasn't just a fraction of an inch. I got that leg up about 3-4 inches and held it and slowly lowered it about 3 times!!

My r.o.m. isn't where I would like it, about 40, but the leg raise was a major breakthrough. I suffered for that as I was crying like a baby on Friday before therapy and on Saturday at home while I was doing therapy. Yes, that depression hit me, but I got it out of my system. That is why I'm taking the Tylenol, it is relieving pain and swelling and when I'm not in pain, I feel better and I can do more exercises.

I noticed on my 2nd therapy session at home today the left side of my left thigh was really tight and felt like a knot. I tried massaging it. I think the ice and raising my leg helped after that session. I try to space my 3 therapy sessions at home every 5 hours.

I'm off to ice my leg now.

Hope everyone else is making progress. Even at PT they said sometimes it is 2 steps forward and one step back, but you just have to ride it out.

I can't wait to go to therapy tomorrow. When they come over to do assisted leg raises, I'm going to tell them to stand back and watch!
It's alive!
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day 32 post surgery

hello everybody!

Today I had my 8th pt session.Rom 60-63 assisted and a lot of PAIN!!!: I don't how much pain is ok or that's the way it suppose to be.I usually can tolerate a good deal of pain ,but:.The knee is still swollen but going down slowly. I had to wait 12 days from the moment I got injured to the time the surgery was performed .I wonder if that has anything to do in slowering the recovery time(swelling,rom..).Pt said I should be around 90 rom by now. Anyway,keep working hard to get there.

Best wishes to all.
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Calquadpop and TazD: Keep that swelling under control and ice and elevate that that knee often don't want that swelling laying down excess scar tissue or you will be paying for it later like I am now. Also reading on a PT rehab forum the other night a good way to ice the knee is at full flex (put the ice packets/wraps on it at your current ROM) suppose to help with gaining more ROM.
TazD: Your ROM is fine at 4 weeks, I am at 10 weeks and at 95 degrees but hoping to break out and make some good gains here in the next few weeks, today has to be the best this knee has felt since the injury. If I had to do this all over again, I would have put a lot more attention on controlling swelling.
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Saw my OS today. First time since I started PT a month ago. He reviewed PTs report and said I was making good progress. He told me I could get rid of the brace (thank God!!!!!!!!!!) as well as the crutches. I may still wear the brace if I am outside doing yard work or maybe use the one crutch for stability if I feel I need it. Therapy is going slow. I am 12 weeks post surgery and only up to 94 ROM with help from PT. Painful help!! The knee if still very stiff and I wonder if it will ever loosen up.

Drose: I feel bad for you and your husband. I cannot begin to imagine having to deal with those injuries. Makes a regular QTR seem like a walk in the park. Hang in there though and try to keep a postive attitude. He will recover from this even though it will take time. I know at times it seems like you are going to deal with this forever, but we just have to keep going and push ourselves to recovery. Keep us informed on how things are going.

Quick post for tonight, but wishing everyone speedy recovery. Best to you all!!
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I wanted to say hi to everyone and a "speedy" recovery for all. I found this thread and started reading over the weekend so it took some time to go thru it all.

I'm gonna join your little unforunate club as your second female. Well definitely not as active of most of you - I was at least doing the treadmill 3 mornings a week before the "great fall"

So my background is a stay at home mom of 3 boys ( 10, 6, 3). Feb 19th I was taking the oldest to the bus stop when on the steepest part of our steep driveway my left leg went flying on some ice - I heard and felt the pop and knew nothing good had happened. Yelled for my son to get the neighbor who was sitting in her car and could not see me. My major concern was for my other 2 boys who were left in the house because it was really cold out. I did have a phone in my hand that has a room monitior so I could hear what they were doing. I called my husband who was thankfully at the office about 15 mins away and not at a job site.

I live across the street from our township office and EMS (so handy ) - the township manager saw me in the driveway and called the EMS and walked over to see how I was. Someone also stopped by - so the ambulance, police, school bus and husband all arrive about the same time. Needless to say it was such a sight for the school bus kids, plus other moms taking their kids to school ( I have since run across 2 that said "oh you were the one I saw being loaded into the ambulance"). So off to the ER and a second ambulance since the first one broke down 2 miles down the road. Had the xrays and sent home around 11am with crutches, blue velcro brace and a 3pm appt with the ortho. I was pretty much pain free until trying to get into the house and on the last step into the kitchen and hubby helping me hop I accidently placed weight on the bad leg and that lead to a nice long scream and his ear is probably still ringing to this day. Saw the dr and almost passed out on him from him feeling around the gap above me kneecap. They had a nice expensive hinged metal brace sent to the house the next day.

Surgery was scheduled for Fri 2/22. I ended up with 2 nights in the hospital. The dr that looked at me sat morning said I could go home, but shortly after that the pain really kicked in and the nurse that afternoon called the PA and told them no way no how was he going to allow me to go home when even a shot of morphine did not help. All 3 kids were born by c-section and I barely needed the percocet. I think my major problem was I did not keep ahead of the pain ( I also did not realize what I was feeling was the pain). I also think that the nurse I started out with was over worked ( they were quite full ) and did not want to bother with the self administered pain meds so she never hooked it up and I did not argue the point and just stayed with the percocet. I think most of my pain was the result of swelling and the ace bandage was very tight so my leg was feeling leg a sausage that was starting to split open from being on the grill too long. Once my favorite wonderful nurse got the okay to rewrap the leg and more percocet into me it was smooth sailing pain-wise. I stopped the pain meds that tues ( I would have on Mon. but I was humoring hubby ).

I will say that hubby was great and so were my inlaws. For about the first 2 weeks there was someone around to babysit me, take the then 5 yr old to preschool and chase down the then 2 yr old. The church and friends/family sent over lots of meals. I spent the first 8 weeks sleeping downstairs in the recliner because crawling up the stairs was a pain plus I like to sleep with my left leg bend and that was not happening with a huge metal brace.

Started PT in April, was ok'd to toss the brace on May 21st. I then started just at home and then about 2 weeks later felt okay to go without it all the time. Saw the dr last week and he said everything looked good and to see him again in Feb and that time will take of everything. So as of right now about 4 months out, I'm still a bit sore ( the stepping on an ice cube last did not help). Sitting with it bent is when it aches the most. Stairs are still not great - I'm just starting to go upstairs some of time by alternately my feet. I'm not ready to try it going down yet - I think about it but just can't make myself try it. Down inclines are iffy as well. I never knew how inclined the grocery store parking lot was until I tried to go out with a loaded grocery cart and a 30 lb toddler sitting in it. That is getting better and my 10 yr old helps slow the cart down. I've only been down the driveway twice since then and not even to where I have fallen and I feel better walking off to the side in the mulch than the actual driveway.

ROM is improving as of 6/20 the pt had pated my flexion at 118 (p 125). Quad flexibility is 112 and the hamstring flexibility is 100. Insurance is only going to pay for 4 more session - they did tell me that they offer a gym program so I can still go in and use the equipment. We placed in an aboveground pool the end of May but since then the weather has gone to crap so I have only been in it twice. Hubby just got the deck completed so I can get me and the kids in during the day if only it would get super hot again ( we do not have a heater yet)

Boy oh boy that was long so thanks for making it to the end.
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Will - omg I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your son. Not having any kids, I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like to experience such a loss.

jlw - it is nice to have another lady in here only I'm sorry that you suffered this injury. We all know what you're going through. I fell on ice on Feb 18 and had surgery the next day. So I can relate to everything you have been through to date. My PT was quite agressive and I have now had full ROM for over a month and counting. Maybe your cooler pool will substitute for icing :-) I'm still working on the muscle building however it too is coming back very strong.

I have taken the last week off and did lots of walking on unusual terrain to get the knee used to something other than flat surfaces. Walked on sand at the beach, took a number of walks around the neighbourhood with lots of up and down hills and also walked sideways across hills. Using the theraband around my ankles and walking sideways has helped build up the muscles for walking on slopes. I am going to try the stair climber at the gym next. I have tried it once but the knee did not like me after.

Best wishes everyone.
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11 weeks +/- post op - back from vacation

Back from a vacation in Florida. I learned a lot about myself and my injury while on vacation. I came to realize that walking is a very good therapy for working on the perpetual stiffness that seems to set in.

Overall I am making decent progress. I feel pretty good, except that the quad muscle is still weak. That however seems to be getting better with time and more exercise. I can now go up stairs, (albeit with some difficulty), but going down is a little scary yet.


Hang in there - it will get better. One thing that helped me regain my range of motion was heel slide exercises, where I took the brace off while lying on my bed. I then slid the heel back as far as possible. I pushed the heel back out using my good foot. I must have done thousands of those heel slides to get back my ROM.

Another good trick that the OS taught me was to sit in a chair facing a wall clock. Luckily this was in room where I have hardwood floors. I then unclutched the brace, and pulled back on the heel on the bad leg using the hamstring muscle. I held there for 20 seconds while staring a the clock.
I then pushed it back extended using the good leg/foot/. I did a ton of those as well. My IPOD is constant companion while I work through all the endless exercise. For referenece, my PT has me doing 12 different exercises, (now with leg weights attached), twice a day. I go for PT vists twice a week. Each week I make a little more progress. Sometimes its tough to measure it, but it is there.

Key for me thus far is that I am lucky to have an OS that has experience with the QTR. I also interviewed my PT and made sure that she also had experience in dealing with the QTR. Between the two of them, I have been taught where I can push it, and where not to push it.

To be honest, at week 4 I could not have imagined going to Florida in late June at the 10 +/- week mark for vacation. The OS told me it would happen, the PT told me it would happen if I worked at it. Both were right.


I too don't even know where to begin to express my sorrow in everything that has happened to you. Congradulations on your progress and a great attitude.

My life has also been a bit of mess the last year. My wife has been battling cancer and from the looks of it - it has come back again - and the prognosis is not good. Top that off with a couple of bad business deals, along with the dreadful QTR injury and I too could be depressed. What I have learned from all of the adversity that I have faced in the last 12 months is that life is dealt to me by the man upstairs in a format that I have to deal with and accept. Acceptance and perserverance are the keys. Luckily for me I have a close friend that has been at my side all thorugh this adversity, along with my QTR fiasco, and he helps keep me from putting my head up my butt. Bottom line for me is that I am a fighter and I am going to recover from this dreadful injury and move on.

Welcome to tazD, WilltheThrill and Boxingprogrammer and anyone new that I might have forgotten to note. Sorry that you have joined our group, but with a good attitude and a lot of hard rehab work you put this behind you.

Thanks to all that post here.

Good luck to all with their recovery. May you fully recover and forget that this ever happened to you.

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Had Surgery Today

Had my surgery today and everything went well. I had about a 70% tear, most of it ripped at the top. This is why I couldn't lift my leg. The doctor believes I will make a full recovery, but that it will take 12 months till I am totally back to what I was before the injury.

The anesthetist did a nerve block, so I am 9 hours post surgical, so as long as I sit here, take my ES7.5/750's every 4 hours, leave the cooling machine on, and don't move, I am not feeling at lot of pain.

I am sure tomorrow will be a little tougher as moving the leg slightly hurts like hell on the outside (where they told me the nerve block would not reach).

I hope everyone is doing well,

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13 Weeks

13 weeks since surgery I think I have recovered enough to be able to drink heavily during the Calgary Stampede. :

I had PT visit #10 today. ROM is now measuring 115 degrees, 125 with assistance. I did some variations on weightless squats including one-legged squats and squats on one of those half-sphere rubber wobble boards. I also did three sets on the 0 degree leg press. I found the one-legged squats to be the toughest -- I definitely felt it in the knee. I have been continuing to do a lot of elliptical trainer exercise in the gym. My next OS appointment is this Monday.

Boxingprogrammer: Good to hear surgery went well. Take it easy.
DavidM: Good luck with your wife's cancer treatment.
in2falling: Any luck with the ROM and swelling?
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Duncan: Ya I got the swelling under control and just been working on getting the scar tissue broken down at this point. Still icing it after every work out session and a few times a day just out of paranoia :. Most of the scar tissue it under the quad tendon (suprapatellar pouch) which I am sure is were all of us have scar tissue, so massaging the hell out of it and its breaking down slowly. Getting really close to 100 degrees flex now, almost bottomed out the leg extension machine (aka pain machine ) at the gym this morning, have it on the second lowest setting which is about 105 degrees bottomed out.

Sounds like you have made great progress over the last few weeks, keep up the good work and don't get stampeded on !
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7 weeks Post Op

Hello everybody I hope everyone is having a nice holiday weekend. and for those not in the US hope you are having a great weekend too. I see everyone is making a speedy recovery I went to PT #3 last thursday. ROM is 80 degrees. still wearing brace at 70 degrees. using a walker and the brace to go outside to walk and run errands. but inside the house no brace or walker. and I can even get into shower without brace, no pain. I still use the shower chair. Is it normal to be afraid to go down the stairs. I can go up the stairs but Im afraid to go down so I use the elevator. Im beginning to think and by reading the forum that you have to take a chance and go for it to make the mind stop telling you NO DONT DO IT. I still havent gone back to work, OS said when I go back on july 21 we can talk about it.

I have a couple of questions. what is the scar tissue? my knees arent swollen, I always ice them after PT and if I feel any pain, also I use a heating pad too, seems to help. is the scar tissue by the scar with a little lump. also should I start the gym now or when my PT runs out. my insurance pays for 20 to 25 visits. they have a lot of machines, but they say Im not ready yet. doing leg presses and leg extensions. also doing leg lifts, heal drags, and weightless squats at home.

Im really happy everybody is doing well, so be careful and be safe. and Duncan thank you so much.. really thanks to everyone, 7 weeks ago I didnt think I could handle this injury. but you guys got me through it.
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3 days PostOp

Had my surgery almost 72 hours ago. I had quite a bit of pain on Friday. I had to call the doctor and have him up my pain meds. He went from 7.5/750 to two 10/325's. It felt like trolls were sitting on my legs, lighting fires and sticking me with knives.

The bandage comes off in an hour, so I will get my first view of the injury. I am hoping to go back to work tomorrow. Unfortunately, my office is on the second floor and we do not have an elevator.

DavidM: Sorry to hear about your wife's cancer. Makes our quad problems seem mundane.

WyoPapa: Nice to see you got rid of the brace.

Good luck and good healing to all,
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David - I wish you and your wife both a complete recovery. I've said a prayer for you both that you are both well soon.

Duncan - have fun at stampede. With all the partying and alcohol of stampede, your leg will stop bothering you soon and the paid should only return about the time the hangover sets in. Do they still have that big party tent down by the grounds. I forget the name of it.

Train - scar tissue sets in as part of the healing process. It is very fiberous (is that a word) and does not have the stretching ability that normal tissue has. So it is tight and it can bind to normal tissue making it hard to stretch that also. As an example, where the incision is on my leg, when it formed a scar, the tissue bound with the muscle under it. So when I stretch the muscle, it pulls the scar tissue which will not stretch. I'm not a Dr, but that is my understanding.

I am now 20 weeks post surgery (not that any of us count) and have had full range of motion for months now. PT says there is no resistance now in tendon. On stretching I can pull leg up backwards to my butt with no resistance or pain. I am doing 60-80 leg lifts a day with 10lb weight. Using the theraband around my ankles to step sideways and using exercise ball against the wall and balancing against it to do squats are what is helping me most. PT has me standing on bad leg and squatting with one leg. That is still needing work. Other than that I am looking forward to graduating from this program.

Oh and I found that last week walking on the sand at the beach really helps too. As does standing on one leg. The bad one of course.

Great to see everyone progressing. Cheers, and hang in there. We'll all be well before you know it.
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willthethrill: I would like to extend my deepest sympathy to you in the loss of your son. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Hang in there and keep up the good work!

David M: You mention the heel slides on the wall and sitting in a chair and pulling back on the bad leg with your good leg. I do both of those as well. It really stretches things out. I notice that today I am having some pain in the knee cap area. I may have overdone my PT yesturday, but I went ahead and still did it today even with the pain. I am afraid to let even one day go by for fear of not progressing and maybe even back sliding. Man, that darn knee is so stiff. It seems okay right after I work it, but stiffens up pretty quick afterwards.

I am very sorry to hear about your wife. I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers. I know what you mean about the man upstairs dealing us situations that we have to somehow deal with. Whenever something bad in my life happens I wonder if it is not a test from the Lord. However, he has been good to me also and has answered many a prayer, even though I probably don't deserve it.

boxingprogrammer: Now comes the healing process. It is quite an adventure and you learn some new things about yourself in the process. Boy, how do you plan to get up to your office on the 2nd floor? Be careful if you plan to go up on crutches. That sounds kind of scary to me so soon after having surgery. Be careful!!!

ankhsign: That is great that you have full ROM, heel to butt, especially in only 20 weeks. What is your secret? I am 13 weeks post surgery and am having trouble getting to 95, even though I am working it hard everyday. Oh well, I'll keep trying. Hopefully, I will get there.

Everyone, keep in touch and best of luck in PT. Have a great week.
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Greetings All,

Welcome to the new QTRs. Nice to hear that all are moving forward. Slow strides everyone!

I am going to make a pitch for a treatment modality that has been very successful for me. It is something that everyone in this group can do and it is a simple as riding a bike.

Prior to my injury I had a Mtn Bike that has been in the barn for years. I bought a crossover "comfort bike" to ride along with my son and wife about 2 years ago but it spent more time in the barn than out. My surgery was 2/4/08, so i had the late winter to lay around and not do much. Once the weather and roads got good, I got on my bike. I found out that i really like riding alot. Not only is it great for QTR recovery (fire that quad), but it after reading some of the exploits of Sinrider and the bike buying advice from IG, I took the plunge and dumped about $900 bucks into a road bike. The bike is last years model that I got a great deal on and I think I am hooked. Initially it was just about me getting out there to breath and sweat a little. I then discovered this community of people who ride alot. It is getting to be a very social event. I might soon be riding with my wifes Boss. It never hurts! I just bought a pair of clip in pedels and some shoes and am learning the sublties of pulling up the pedel with one quad as I push with the other. My point is that it feels good, is fairly cheap and a new social outlet. Imagine that! It can be done at the level that you want and you are the most comfortable with AND you already know how to do it. My knees almost never talk to me any more and I hav4e lost a few pounds.

VS says, get on a stationary bike when you can. I remember the pain of my first stationary bike revolution. Ouch. Then go get on the bike you have had parked out in the barn for the last few years. Rent a bike. I am amazed at how quickly it really gets to be fun. I am planning a 100 mile century ride this fall which sounds nuts but it is a goal i can accomplish! I even got some of those padded shorts which my wife assures me that she will tell me if I am looking like a middle age wannabe Tour de France cyclist.

For what it's worth, the best of days to all. VS
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5 weeks 2 days

Hello everyone,

Just a quick update. I found a PT that I am very satisfied with so far. He worked 10 years with MLB, has his own practice now and has plenty of top professional and amateur athletes as patients and has vast experience with QTR's. The current Mr. Olympia was in to see him about 1 1/2 weeks ago. He has top bodybuilders as patients also, right up my alley. What a great find. today was my 3rd visit and he has added some more excercises. What a difference in walking right after he works on me. On my first visit with him I had 80 degrees ROM. I now have 90 and 95 with his help. He has been keeping me there as he does not want to stretch the tendon to soon which can cause problems later on. He will be ratching it up soon, I can't wait. I am walking with a better gait, it seems to get better by the week. I can go up stairs with out holding on the banister but going down is different. I kind of have to go side ways because going forward is not as stable and I don't want to lose it. Hopefully when I get more ROM it will be easier to go down in the forward position. Anyway that's it in a nut shell.

ankhsign: Glad to hear of your progress, wow complete ROM. I can't wait to achieve that. My PT says that I will. Keep up the good work.

boxingprogrammer: Hang in there with the pain. It will soon get better and don't worry about the battle scars. LOL!

VermontSoldier: Sounds like you're having alot of fun biking all over the place. Hopefully my PT will start me on the bike soon. I was doing the eliptical (don't know if I spelled it right) twice at the gym for 15 minutes but my PT frowned upon it. He told me to trust him, meet him half way, he will get me there. I will listen to him now.

DavidM: So sorry to hear about your wife. You are lucky to have a friend helping in all ways. Hang in there as you have and take it a day at a time.

jlw: Welcome and congrats on being the 2nd female. Sounds like you have a good support system going.

Till next time.
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11 Weeks

All is going well hitting around 100 degrees flex and swelling is pretty much gone just dealing with scar tissue which should get broken down fairly quickly. Should be making good gains in flex ROM over the next few weeks and going to start adding more strengthening muscle building exercises to my daily routine. Saw my OS today and he was happy with my progress and will see him again in a couple of months.

Train_buff: Scar tissue is the fibrous tissue (putty like gooy stuff) that gets layed down as part of the normal healing process. Unfortunately some of us have tendency to develop more of it than others (over heal). It can get so bad that you develop a condition call arthrofibrosis where you get so much scar tissue it binds down the knee joint severely limiting its motion, at which point they have to go in and cleaned it out. Reason why it is important to control swelling/inflammation especially for some of us, and reason why you see some get their ROM back quickly and some more slowly.

VS: Road bikes are a blast, its fun to get them up to speed and watch the miles go by. Thing I hate about them is though is those clip pedals (death clips) your pretty much glued to your bike. I use platform pedals with spikes to be able to get off the bike in a hurry . Don't get the extra pedal power you get with the clips but can get off the bike in a hurry if needed. Another thing is that I don't trust traffic, always worried I am going to get wipedout by a car. I am looking forward to getting back on my moutain bike and doing some nice climbs and downhill runs, hopefully here in a few more weeks.
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Big News from FDA today

Just wanted to make sure everyone saw the news today about the connection between several of the main antibiotics used to treat infections (I probably can't name them in this forum) and tendon rupture. Wow! Shocking to read the full story and realize I was put on one of them a few weeks prior to my injury. I'll bet I'm not the only one on this forum, with this connection.

Let me know,

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Fluoroquinolones antibiotics and tendon rupture

I heard the story on the TV news today and it sure caught my attention.
The only thing I'm not clear on is how long does one have to take these drugs to have the higher risk. Is it an accumulative effect?

I've had sinus infections about 2 or 3 times a year since 1978. I know I have probably had some of these antibiotics in the past, but not for over 6 months. However, I've taken many antibiotics for over 30 years, even if only 2 or 3 times a year, that is a lot of antibiotics!

Fluoroquinolones is a family of antibiotics frequently prescribed for upper respiratory infections, intestinal, or urinary tract infections.

From medscape dot com - Since 1983, fluoroquinolones have also been reported to be associated with disruption of tendons. (notice, since 1983!)
The average time between the start of treatment to the onset of symptoms was 13 days, with a range of 1 to 90 days. Tendon disorders associated with fluoroquinolones have been estimated to occur at a rate of approximately 15 to 20 per 100,000 patients. Although tendon rupture in one series occurred within 2 weeks of starting antibiotics in half of the cases, rupture may occur after discontinuing the offending medication.

Public Citizen petitioned for the warning in 1996!

I checked with Public Citizen's website and they studied this issue by reviewing FDA's database and here is what they found:

262 reported cases of tendon ruptures
258 cases of tendonitis
274 cases of other tendon disorders between Nov. 1997 and 12/31/05, associated with the fluoroquinolone antibiotics, with 175 of those occurring since the beginning of 2003.
61% of ruptures associated with Levaquin (45% of all fluoroquinolone Rx in past 4 years, with 23% of ruptures associated with Cipro).

The tendon most frequently ruptured: Achilles tendon
Other tendon ruptures: rotator cuff (the shoulder), biceps, hand and thumb.

One theory is that fluoroquinolones are toxic to tendon fibers and may decrease blood supply in tendons that already have a limited blood supply.

I also found this:
Conditions that make a rupture more likely include the injection of steroids into a tendon, certain diseases (such as gout or hyperparathyroidism), and having type O blood.

I don't know what type O blood has to do with it, but does anyone here have that particular blood type?
Of course one could drive themselves crazy wondering why their tendon ruptured, but there are so many other factors it would be difficult to single out one.
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