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Cnd Wrestler,


Curious question for You....   I ruptured my quad tendon squatting.   I've powerlifted for 28 years and I know three guys who ruptured their patella tendon and one other who ruptured their quad tendon.  


Yet.... I have seen four pro wrestlers (not to mention McMahon) rupture their quad tendons on T.V. .... and, no offense, I don't watch much..   


How are these ruptures happening?   



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I would say it's from wear and tear.  I have had 2,500 pro matches over 15 years and there is a lot of starting and stopping in a match. No other athletes have that type of schedule and the long car/plane trips are hard on the knees too.  In my case, I was a pro strongman before wrestling so some of the damage was done in the gym I suppose.  The common denominator would certainly be steroids though.  In the cases of Nash, HHH, Mark Henry, Vince and myself they were all low impact moves which would indicate to me there were partial tears before the major rupture. I had pain in the area for several years and I fell down some stairs a few weeks before my injury that I think partially tore it or tore it a bit more.


Although this is a shitty injury, it is my hope that i will come back better than before as my knee should be 100% for the first time in years.  I don't intend to wrestle full time anymore but I look forward to getting serious on the squat rack by summer.



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Hi to mu fellow rippers,


In am 77 - active - work as a Carpenter. At 14 weeks I am back to work - no ladders right now. I have achieved 114 degrees ROM. Walking fine  - no limp but slower than normal.


Visited my Doc yesterday and he thought I was doing Great. Has scheduled me from 6 more weeks of PT - twice per week. He expects full ROM in that time.

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For everyone


Not sure I have read this on any comments, but probably have missed it. But, lately I have been almost unaware of my injury. I mean, I walk, stand, drive, go to meetings, sleep, get up, dress,work out, etc., without being conscious of an injury. It's eight months since surgery. Maybe that's a wateshep moment. It feels great!!! I should add that up and down steps and anything resembling running is not perect yet. But, keep the faith!!! You will heal; you will get back to doing the things you like; you will recover. It's snowing out and we're supposed to get a foot!


Merry Christmas


Active Padre

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Cdn Wrestler,


Peter - you are definately on to something.   I stopped juicin' in the late 80s and went drug tested, but I'm sure the damage was done.    Yeah, I forgot about Mark Henry.   Freakin' beast.


Your explanation of the constant pounding that y'all take makes perfect sense.   The weirdest for me was Vince McMahon's.   I've watched that footage over and over.    I guess with all the wear and tear that one explosive move diving on to the ring was the straw that broke......


As for the comeback, it took a good 9 months before I was lifting with any intensity.   I started lifting 4 months after injury but paced myself very slowly.   Today, at 51 I hit a comp bench raw and drug free at 473 lbs. and a 650 lb deadlift (raw).     I just push/pull now.   I train the squat but not near competition weight.   And not due to any physical restrictions.    I ruptured at the bottom of a training squat and can't wrap my head around parallel any more.    Box squats 2" above parallel has helped my strength tremendously.  

You are more agressive than I was - but with your background, you know your limitations no doubt.   


I'll tell you this.... I don't feel or think of the rupture at all any longer.  


- Fred.

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I was in the gym 15 days after surgery but the first two weeks were not what I would call productive workouts except mentally.....being where I enjoy to be.  Once the brace came off my upper body workouts have been just as intense as before other than back training because any type of rowing has been difficult except for machines which are too light.


Pulling 650 is quite a feat and heavily involves the quad.  I know what you mean about squats if that's where your injury took place.  I tore my pec benching in 2006 and haven't done a bench press since although I train chest very heavy on other exercises.  My biceps tears was done in the ring in 2000 on a very basic move which I have never done again.  When I get back in the ring I will never do the move again that tore my quad either.  Those are memories I choose not to revisit.


I just came from physio and got 105 ROM and my balance is much better.  I can finally drive normally (for weeks I drove with my left foot and put my right leg on the passenger side) and put my socks on and do all the normal things in life other than stairs.


I have to say, the path back from an injury has always been rewarding for me.  Perhaps not enjoyable but it has it's perks.  As athletes we thrive on goals and challenges.  I keep telling myself "at least it's not my spine".



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Me: 42yo male, L quad near-complete tear 07/25/12, repair 07/30/12, now 21 weeks post-op.


Hi All,

I have a question about the rehab process at this point. ROM is progressing well - 135 degrees at baseline, 145+ degrees with stretching at PT. We are working on strength and agility at PT.


Strength exercises:

- leg presses

- squats with weights

- step up/down


Agility exercises:

- gentle joggin on the trampoline

- small hops to start jumping

- exercises with the "agility ladder"

- hops on the leg press machine (light weights)

- squats and balance exercises on the Bosu ball


All is going well. However, at this point going down stairs is tentative still, although getting better every day. I am still unable to jog on the treadmill - I think the barrier is as much psychological as it is physical. I am still not convinced I have the strength/agility to do it.


My question - for those at or beyond 20+ weeks postop, do you recall how the jogging/agility was at this point?

Thanks all, and Happy Holidays!!

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Hi NYYankee (9 weekers now) -


I was having a lot of swelling too, but as of last week it seems to have dissipated,  to the point where I have trouble keeping the brace tight enough.   I'm at ~100+ degrees ROM.  My brace is set at 75 and PT says we're going to 90 next week.  I'm comfortable walking without brace, and  was also told to start walking at home (away from dogs and children) without the brace and work on the gait, which is pretty good so far.  My PT is not quite as advanced - squeezes and leg raises, calf raises, standing quad stretches with a band, lots of work between the bars.  But I can't get around on the bike yet.  Getting close going backward, but not really close going forward.  PT says be patient, but I'm pretty jealous you are getting in some spinning.  Tell me - what do you do to "stretch" at work that you think is helping?  Thanks, and Happy to Holidays to everybody,



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old bumper

I have to say I'm a little envious of you with how well you are doing, I'm approx 7 weeks ahead of you and yet I'm still stuck at 98, also I'm not getting any physio at all at the moment and I'm waiting to have yet more surgery, which hopefully will be in the next few weeks but what really gets me is how differently we seem to be doing, most people posting on here seem to be getting great results and then there are a few like myself not doing so good, how can it be so different?!.
Another thing, all of these excercises you talk about, when I was getting physio my PT never went through anything like that with me. All he ever did was work on the ROM and that didn't do much good.
I just this second surgery works!
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anybody ever try the dynasplint? wondering if it will help increase ROM. Im at 105 ROM feeling better every day swelling is still a problem, stiffness and weird shooting pains on occasion but all in all feeling like i will get back to normal soon(within 6- 10 months).Knock on wood.

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hello everyone, have not posted in a few months .... I am 11 months post op, and i am still going to therapy 3x a week. I am a cement mason in NYC, still have not gone back to work yet and to be honest i dont know if i will ever be as agile as i was pre injury. It is a tough job with 2 good legs. so, my ROM is about 120 now, still a lot of tightness. still can not kneel on bad knee, have trouble squatting...very frustrating. went for MRI today, my OS has some concerns with pain that i have in the lower part of the patella, my strength i would say is 4/5, im ok with that i know i will get that back. but it seems the more stretching i do yhe tighter it gets at times



theatetus, i have used the dynasplint, i used it with a moist heat pad to keep the knee warm. when you get to about 115 ROM it kind of becomes useless but it does help with good prolonged stretches.


I wish everyone all the best in the recovery from this injury and happy holidays everyone

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Hey Estearn,


Sounds like your doing just fine...as soon as I started the extra stretching I jumped in ROM measure and ability to ride the bike.  I try as often as I can (usually 2x) to go into one of our conference rooms....I sit on the table (I'm only 5'8" but sure you can make it work) and use my good leg to push the injured leg back in a controlled motion as far as I can stretch it.  Hold for about 5 seconds and repeat.  First few will likely be stiff but you should likely develop an increase in ROM if you make a part of your routine.  I also started doing standing leg curls without the brace.  Work in my calf raises at this time.  Try to hit on my morning and afternoon breaks.  I trust my PT...he is has seen me through two shoulder surgeries prior to this....has been really stretching it (I call it cranking it), pretty painful for that five min period or so...I assume you know what I am talking about...but its helped increase the ROM over the past two weeks.  You'll be on that bike next week...good luck.



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Just an update after my visit to orthopaedic surgeon and physio on Wednesday, am a week shy of 4 months post op. ROM now 140 at a stretch so that is going OK- pretty close to the good leg. However still have significant wasting in the thigh- its about 4 cm smaller. Am told my intermittent knee ache is in part due to the wasting as the muscles act as shock absorbers for the knee, but the delay in the surgery probably did not  help. Still uncertain about going down stairs as I am particularly weak doing a descending controlled foot plant with the bad leg. I have been given a lunging exercise to try and strengthen the quad for this purpose.

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Quick update
Injury: 26th may, 1st op; 3rd July

After been stuck at 98 degrees for 3 months I've finally got a date for second op to remove scar tissue and manipulate the joint, next Friday the 28th at 7:30 of all times, but hey if it does the trick then I don't mind.
On a positive note, although I still have restricted movement, my strength is building up quite well and pain and swelling have reduced considerably to the point where I can walk normally, I'm even having less trouble with stairs so it would seem patience really is the key with this injury.

Happy holidays to all
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NYYankee -


Big day today in PT.  Worked the stretching pretty good, heel slides with a strap, and got the ROM to 105, measured.  Jumped on the bike, and within 2 mins was spinning both ways.  No real pain, just a little hitch at the top.  Feels like real progress, finally.   Enjoy the holiday everybody,



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StevieP, that is great news! I am glad you were able to finally force it through. Heal fast and Merry Christmas to all the Quad Rippers!

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Dear StevieP

Good luck for your surgery on Friday mate. Hope it sorts out your restriction issue.

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Estearn...good to hear.  I try to stretch it as much as possible during the day...you'll notice the results on the bike, it felt good to take a 15 minute ride.  I can't wait to be back to the gym but trying to be patient.  I'm going to try and stay diligent with the stretching until the ROM is fully returned then focus on the strengthening.  Did do this week some squats on a total gym with just my body weight and it was definitely easy but PT doesn't want to add resistance yet.  Leg presses doing with resistance at this point....all in time.  Focused on the positive progress...still a long road.  Happy Holidays.



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Thank you guys, hopefully it sort the problem out, fingers crossed. Merry Christmas to all my fellow quad rippers

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Merry Christmas to all fellow Quad Rippers.


Celebrated 8 month post op with a long walk in the snow! Used hiking poles, but otherwise just like I was able to do a year ago: hike snow-filled trail in the woods. Made a long loop, about 4-5 miles. Couldn't believe how good it felt. Poles helped balance, insulated, lugged boots provide warmth and stability, and 15 degree temp provided added incentive to keep moving. It was the best Christmas present. Never believed I'd get back to this level of activity (at age 69) after such a traumatic injury. Looking forward to some snowshoeing this week as well.


Hope all you newbies will keep your spirits up. If I can make it back, so can you. Patience. Keep working. You'll get there.


Active Padre

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Sounds good Padre.


I just came back from physio.  It's been 9 weeks and 2 days since my surgery and we acquired 112 ROM.  My limp is almost gone when I walk at a slowish pace and aside from stairs, I can a normal day to day life.  Of course my goals are much more than being normal as I believe is the case with most on this forum.  I am currently doing at least double what what pt asks me to do at home and he is aware of it.  I also do a few leg exercises in the gym after my daily upper body training.  I use light weights with no pain.  I also try to do as many standing exercises in the gym as possible and consciously bend my legs slightly for the extra work on the thigh.  My goal since I got 90 ROM was to gain one degree per day and I have managed that and will continue to until I reach 125.  


This injury is like any other venture in life.  Consistent effort will produce consistent results.


Happy new year to all and may it be injury free.



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The things that seemed to help my gait other than more walking were things that were a little out of the norm like walking backwards, doing the elliptical in reverse, and focusing on the eccentric phase of all leg excercises.  All of my explosive types of movements were first to return but it was the slow path to just sitting in a chair or using the repaired leg to lower the body down stairs was what took the most time.



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I was supposed to be having an arthroscopy tomorrow morning, but it has been cancelled due to my surgeon having an emergency job coming in, so now I have to wait until January or possibly early February to have the procedure, just my luck!.
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Dear StevieP


Sorry to hear about your delay, hopefully it will be sorted in January- fingers crossed.


Although I have got reasonable ROM my gait is still very abnormal, I have the stair problem mentioned by TexasD and the knee feels abnormal and unpredictably painful and still has a small effusion according to the orthopod. I am able to do 40min plus on the bike or elliptical trainer mostly going backwards that seems to be OK. Its a strange injury with very variable recovery patterns according to this blog.

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Originally Posted by Cdn Wrestler View Post

Sounds good Padre.


I just came back from physio.  It's been 9 weeks and 2 days since my surgery and we acquired 112 ROM.  My limp is almost gone when I walk at a slowish pace and aside from stairs, I can a normal day to day life.  Of course my goals are much more than being normal as I believe is the case with most on this forum.  I am currently doing at least double what what pt asks me to do at home and he is aware of it.  I also do a few leg exercises in the gym after my daily upper body training.  I use light weights with no pain.  I also try to do as many standing exercises in the gym as possible and consciously bend my legs slightly for the extra work on the thigh.  My goal since I got 90 ROM was to gain one degree per day and I have managed that and will continue to until I reach 125.  


This injury is like any other venture in life.  Consistent effort will produce consistent results.


Happy new year to all and may it be injury free.



I am 15 weeks postop and now have 123 ROM. I too have a goal of 1 degree/day ROM. I have done well in that regard. I will say, however, that ROM has plateaued for me as long as 8 days with no change and then a jump of 6 degrees overnite. I know - not 1 degree/day - but overall 1 degree/day average is possible. I need to get to 135 ROM - Max on uninjured leg.


A healing New Year to all!

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NY Yankee and Estearn, I thought I had replied to a message ten days ago, but apparently, it never went out.  I'm now 11 weeks post-op.  My ROM is nearly normal, over 135 degrees, and has been for over 3 weeks.  I've been fortunate that my PT has been extraordinarily helpful, with observable improvement every session since I started.  On X-Mas day, I did 1/2 hour of stationary cycling with little resistance and 1/2 hour on the eliptical machine with no incline.   I'm still several weeks away from jogging, and my strength is a small fraction of what it was pre-injury.  I do leg curls with just 5 pounds.  I can go up and down stairs crossing over, but going down is still very awkward and I will use a cane frequently. I've been commuting since Thanksgiving week, and had my first air travel on December 3rd.  I have had a trip to Mexico since and will be heading to SF in a week and a half.  I've also had little pain since surgery. 

It is a little frustrating to lack the strength, but getting back to a normal routine is nice.

Happy New Year to all.       

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Ok....here I am at 14 months and still can not really run on dry land. I can do everything else but run as I have said many times on here. I have added a new exercise to my varied routine and that is using a roller. I took a class in rolling with a hard roller with the main emphasis to work on my quad area....knee area and IT band.. Too early to tell if it will help with my persistent tightness but worth the effort. What you do with the roller is hold it on tight areas of your body for no more than 90 seconds in a specific muscle area to try and release the tension/tightness. Important to use the hard rollers and not the real soft flexible ones that they call the noodle for the best benefit. I caution anyone who wants to try this to be well along in your rehab as it puts a lot of pressure on your quad area and needless to say you need full strength there. This is to work on tightness issues like I have and not to be done if your quad area is not ready. No one needs a retear !!  So...I will now try this for the tightness and scar tissue areas !! Happy New Year to all !!

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Congrats Boston...hope you continue on the same path of progress.  I am about two weeks behind...I would be interested to know for comparison what your home routine is comprised of.  I definitely believe keeping the course with the prescribed home routine is vital...some days the time definitely gets away but I pay at PT in my few moments of laziness...have tried to incorporate bending and stretching at work during the day.  I have had a few PT sessions first thing in the morning but for ROM purposes I tend to be tighter/stiff in the morning and then endure soreness all day where as in the evening I have had time to loosen up and the ROM gets pushed much further.  Best wishes..


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Boston, you're killing it!  Are you still in the brace for everyday activity or have you ditched that?  I'm now at 10.5 weeks, ROM was 110 last PT on weds, riding the bike with no pain, and walking without a limp (slowly).  But doc has me in the brace through 12 weeks.  I've been hanging out at home without wearing it, but for work or anything else outside I do strap on.   Curious to hear if you and NYYankee are still in brace jail.  NYYankee, at home I'm doing quad squeezes, leg lifts with light weight, quad extensions with a band (standing) calf raises and stretches, hamstring stretches, supported lunges, and heel slides with strap to increase ROM.  My problem is lack of time to do more than 1-2 sets a day, but it does help.  HNY everybody,



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Hey everyone I am a 26yr old Male and I believe I possibly partially tore my quad tendon. I am glad I found this thread because I have some questions regarding my symptoms. It happened about two weeks ago and I planted wrong at the beginning of the day. I felt a twist of the knee but no immediate pain. I continued boarding the rest of the day without any pain. However the next day I noticed my knee was swollen, warm, and I could feel an indention right above the kneecap. If I pressed hard in the indention it would produce pain. I did the RICE method for a couple days and the swelling/bruising went away. I can walk/run and exercise absolutely fine with no pain or swelling at all? The only thing I still notice is there is still that indention and it does still hurt when I press my finger hard there. I can easily do the leg raise and extension tests as well? I am trying to get an informed decision as to the cause's or treatment of this injury. I dont have medical insurance currently so that is the other driving factor as to why I have yet to see an OS or get an MRI done.


If its just a partial tear should i just bandage it up, rest and do minimal activity? I know it depends on the % of the tear, however the way I am able to still run and be active with no pain should indicate that the tear isn't that serious, correct?


Any thoughts and suggestions are really welcome.

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