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17 1/2 weeks

NYBB: Hey, you are doing great and you're way ahead of where I was at that time. The night after my surgery a male nurse brought in some hand dumbells he had and I remember using them for about 20 minutes before he got nervous about getting in trouble, so I stopped. I was laying there working upper body, talking and laughing as if I hadn't just had bilateral knee surgery. It must have been the drugs...

I've worked some upper body every day since, but I didn't get to start doing legs until about 5 weeks ago on different machines. I'm still using very light weight, but I can see some definition coming back, although they do look different. My OS said I should be able to work legs like I used to, but to never do leg extensions again, because they're terrible for the quad tendons. That's been confirmed by other OS's, too. I know you miss working legs, but they'll come back. My OS said my sutures would desolve in about 2 years. I think I'd rather them last forever. Does anyone else know about how long theirs will last?

bulldog: I had the holes drilled. Running stairs sounds pretty good and I bet that felt great!

At this point, there's nothing really new happening, just getting a little stronger every day. Yesterday, I did have one knee buckle for the first time in 3 weeks. Hopefully, that will be the last time. It get's better all the time...

Tiger bait
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Tiger bait: Great information and good to hear you're getting stronger. I look to hear about your improvements more so since you are a BQTR like me. Not to take anything away from the others here but at least they have one good leg. I know you probably like me constantly say if it could only have happened to one leg only, I could get around a lot better and rehab much faster. I have a couple of questions. Are you still walking with your braces? Are you now able to drive and if so when did you start? It's good to hear you are able to train legs again and great advice on the leg extensions. They will be gone from my routine once I can start training legs. Did you have holes drilled into the patella like me? You know, I never asked my OS about the type of sutures used and if they were permanent or not. I will make sure to ask him on my next visit, thanks for the info.

Everyone else, have a speedy and painless recovery.

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6 Weeks 2 Days Post-Op

Got on this site 2 days after surgery and have read it completely, parts of it twice. I'd like to join the rest of you in expressing my gratitude to Idaho Guy for starting this thread.

I'm a 51 year old with a lifetime passion for fitness, training, and sports. Joined a softball team and played for the 1st time in 33 years. Had my QTR in my first inning sprinting to 1st. Had an achilles rupture 27 years ago so I knew immediately what the "pop" meant. Went down like I was shot, rolled a couple of times, grabbed the bag and hung on till it was confirmed that I was safe. Probably should have been thrown out but, I think the other team was confused by my unconventional approach to base-running.

So, 1 for 1 on the year, surgury the next day, and the word 'softball' will probably always cause me to flinch. On the way to the emergency room, I lamented my loss, all the wasted training and conditioning I'd been doing, the year of rehab ahead. Then I started reading this thread and realized that I am sinrider's lost brother/twin(?).

I'd had debilitating pain in those tendons for 6-7 years which had limited my beloved pick-up basketball games and tennis. Just sitting with my knee at 90* angle for more than 20 minutes was enough to bring tears. When I get done with the rehab, that pain will be gone! This injury is not really a negative for me, its a chance for me to prove my training and fitness theories.

Sounds like NYBB is from the same (but larger version) mold. So, I got back to the gym on day 8. Desperate to keep the conditioning and muscle I'd worked so hard for, I looked for an aerobic piece I could use to get my heart rate up. Sat down at the hand peddle bike for about 5 minutes and with my arms burning, my heart rate was still under 100. Eventually landed on a machine which is about half-way between a cross-country ski machine and an eliptical. It was perfect, not much knee bend required, got my heart rate up as high as I wanted.

Been to the gym almost every day since. Got on the treadmill also, but 2.8 mph was clearly not fast enough to be aerobic. Did go for 2.7 mile hike (flat) on day 16 and have done that 2-3 time a week since. I've been able to walk, with a small brace, with almost no visible limp at 3+ mph on most days since.

Sinrider has been my constant goal and encouragement. He sounds like a more serious athlete than myself, but his program is my goal. I haven't had any formal PT yet (I do have a prescription) but I probably wouldn't be a good patient. I do have a theory on the buckling we all seem to have. Seems from the start, the only way for me to walk was to land with the injured leg straight. I've also noticed that my good leg natually lands with a slight bend. I believe the buckling comes from temporarily forgetting to straighten injured leg when landing. Just not enough muscle strength to handle that yet.

Due to my aggressive program, I've lost very little size in the injured leg (maybe 1"). I have about 110-120* ROM so I started stationary biking this week. Felt so good after being on it last 6 weeks ago. Been back to see my OS once, not sure what he said, his lips were moving but all I heard was "bla, bla, bla." (lol) He's a younger guy and he must have done a great repair as on day 19, I took a nasty fall on a wet porch, without brace (hope you're reading this NYBB) which almost completely collapsed the injured knee, setting me back about a week. I had a ripping sensation (probably scar tissue breaking) and another post-op feeling day. I had about 70* ROM at the time, and I went back to swelling, pain and about 30* for the next week.

Now of course, I have even more confidence in the repair and plan to stay aggressive in my rehab. The way I look at it, these OS's are only doing a few of these a year while this thread has dozens of contributors. Besides, life is to short to waste a year on rehab.

A few thoughts and questions (if anyone is still reading this post). Lots of us complaining about back pain. I've had a series of back stretches I've done for years, all of which require the ability to bend both knees. So glad I discovered inversion boards a few years ago. 5-10 minutes a day is all it takes. Just a little scary the first time after the surgery but I quickly realized there's plenty of other things holding the knee together.

Tendon rupture risk factors. One that has just recently been documented is a genetic condition which causes cholesterol readings above 300 (mine goes to 400 without meds). Guess it causes some kind of calcium build-up in tendons, weakening them.

Also, what's up with all the negativity about leg extensions. Without some kind of proof, I was planning to make them a big part of my program down the road. I don't see how I can build those muscles back without them.

Got to go for now.

Will from MN
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19 weeks out but I havent counted in a while. Went to the OS this week who told me to have a good life!!!!! For those who have been involved in the thread for a while, my OS (DR NO) never made PT an option. He always told me to do what I want to do, just dont over do. Treatment modalities are all over the map but this worked for me. Today, full ROM (heel to butt) no issues with stairs (pain or otherwise) at all, riding a bike, walking alot, losing some weight (a little) building quad strength and very happy about the way I feel. I could not have seen this at week 4.

IG- bought a road bike and loving it. All of the work out of running but so much easier on the knees.

Sinrider-Stop by

The best of days boys and Cali

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11 Weeks

I had PT session #8 on Monday. I started with ROM exercises on the stationary bike, followed by zero degree leg presses with very little weight -- I would guess maybe 50 lbs or less. Then five iterations of hot/cold water therapy and 15 minutes of IFC. ROM measures 102 degrees; 108 degrees with assistance/pain. I have been out of town the last two days so I haven't been working the elliptical trainer but I plan to get back to it on a daily basis to try to further increase the ROM (and stay in shape).

I am interested to hear the discussion about lower body weightlifting exercises after QTR recovery. I would like to build the strength back eventually but I'm not sure what the limits are. Prior to the QTR I could squat 315 and leg press 720 for 6-8 reps. For now I am going to stick with weightless squats and weightless leg extensions until my next OS visit in mid-July. If he lets me start doing weights I might stick with 12 reps minimum per set and keep the weight down, especially after hearing about NYBB's cause of injury.
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Today I went to the marina with my wife and went on my boat. It felt good to start her up sit and listen to some music. I'm thinking in a few weeks I'll attempt to take her out with the help of a friend or two.

willthethrill: First off let me extend my welcome. It's good to hear you're grabbing the bull by the horns and trying to control your own destiny. I think I am going to do the PT and my workouts as well. Sorry to hear that you fell, that is my biggest fear also of re-injuring the knees. I will pay closer attention to my footing. I love leg extensions.

VermontSoldier: Glad to hear about your progress as well. I can't wait till I get to that point.

Duncan_CalgaryAB: From what I've been reading I believe we will be able to train our quads as before however gradually going up in weight. It will take time I'm sure to get back where we were. I don't think I will go as heavy as before but then again there is no need to.
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10 Weeks Post OP - Off on Vacation!!

11th PT Visit today

ROM now up to a consistent 125 under my own power, 135 if the PT helps

Now into my second week of strengthening of the quad muscle itself. PT introduced some new exercises, including a machine with a sliding bed that helps greatly to strengthen the quad.

Overall the stiffness seems a bit less. Still swelling if I am on my feet for too long without sitting down. Seems that the swelling is starting to get less by the day.

Pain now seems to be gone.

I'm off tomorrow for a 11 day trip to Florida to visit Mickey Mouse and friends as well as to visit my brother in his new waterfront home.

It's hard to believe that I am going, and that I feel better by the day. If you had asked me 4 weeks ago if I was going, I would have said no. It seems that once the recovery starts, that the progress is consistent as long as you work the PT program laid out for you.

CQP: I had quite a bit of numbness on mainly the right side of the scar area in a wide stripe along the length of the incision. That seems to be fading now as well, all though it has not subsided completely. Hang in there and you will make your goal of the reunion. My son graduated from Naval OCS one week after surgery and I made the trip there to see the graduation.

NYBB: You defintely are ahead of where I was at the same time in my recovery. I'm thinking that it took me four weeks to be able to lift my leg off the bed by myself. Then again maybe I was just plain chicken to do it!

bulldog: I had the holes drilled as well. OS never talked to me about the sutures melting away. At my next visit I will talk with him about this.

willthethrill: Welcome. Read your comment regarding calcium build-up in the tendons. I too am on medication for a genetically induced high cholesterol condition. Mine only reaches into the 240 range without meds, but based on a family history of heart issues, primary care doc put me on cholesterol meds 15+ years ago.

Thanks to all that post here.

Good luck to all with their recovery. May you fully recover and forget that this ever happened to you.

I'll check in after my return.

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WilltheThrill: Where in MN are you? I am about 40 mi north of St Paul.
Welcome to the thread, glad to hear your are progressing rapidly!

Sounds like a lot of progress out there! Keep Pluggin'!

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Bulldog, most of my family (Montzka) is in Forest Lake area, I'm in Brooklyn Park.
NYBB - I've got a bunch of questions for you but I don't want to waste everyone's time. montzka (at) msn (dot) com Anyone else could use this if you want to talk one on one.
To everyone - Keep up the hard work and especially try to remember this is not the worst thing that can happen to someone. It doesn't even make my top 5 in the past year! This one seems like a piece of cake to me. More on that if anyone wants to hear about it.

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Oh man. You travel for a week and have a book to read when you get back. NY, sorry to see you joined us. Only sorry because that means you injured yourself. Other than that, glad you're here.

David - congrats on graduating and losing the brace. It sounds like you have good ROM as well. Re your question of walking vs bike. My knee does not mind the walking, but really hated the bike for a long time. My suggestion is do both and alternate. The more different exercises I do, the more I have found the knee develops as do the muscles. I have also found that to deal with slopes that using the tread mill at the gym and increasing the angle helps to build the muscles so slopes are easier now.

In2falling - something that my OS, DR and PT all told me was that once the tendon and patella have healed, the stretching hurts like hell. And they were right. However, they said that I had to go through that to stretch the tendon and the sooner I did it the better. As I waited they told me it would become harder to stretch and that there would be more scar tissue to deal with. So the PT said pain now, or more pain later. But I would follow the advice of the health care pros. If you have a good PT, do what they tell you. I only deviated by doing more reps that they told me. But her advise was good, and she was right.

I have also found that doing exercises and stretches in my hot tub really help too. Although it was nice to sit in there in the cold weather, it is getting a little warm for the hot tub.

My progression has been quite good lately. I am in the gym more and walking whenever I can. I use 5 lb weights on my ankle for all of my stretches and exercises now. The leg musles have almost returned to normal.

Has anyone tried using the stair climber at the gym. I can't do much time on it yet, but I'm working at it.

Had one episode of the knee completely giving out on my this week. Fortunately I was near a wall on my "bad" side and when the knee gave out I fell against the wall. Instantly all I could think of was, don't tear, don't tear. But fortunately no injury this time. Kinda scary though. I have had it give a little quite often, but this was the first time it just gave out.

Several people have metioned slowly stepping down a stair, or off a book, or...... with the bad leg up higher. This has really worked for me. So if your OS/PT give you the ok, give it a try. It helps if you have trouble walking on slopes.

Good luck everyone. Keep smiling and keep healing. May the ankh sigh shine down on you.
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quad. tendon rupture

:3 weeks post surgery.
Someone outthere; it,s my first time here. My rom is only 35-40, . Is that normal for that amount of time? I had a complete tendon rupture and holes were drilled on my knee cap.It,s frustrating for someone like me that work out everyday weight lifter,and sports....I only have 4 pt visits so far
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taz_D: I think it's normal. I only had 31 degrees PROM 29 days after surgery and my doctor only prescribed 0-40 degrees until the 4.5 week mark when he increased it to 0-60. Once you get permission to remove your brace the ROM will come back naturally from walking around and other day-to-day activities. It can be a frustrating injury but as you can see from the posts on this forum the long term prognosis is usually good. If you read through the other posts on the forum you can get a good idea of the probable recovery timetable.
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DavidM: You and I had our injury and surgery within 2 days of each other. I am also 10 weeks out and have had 8 PT visits. You seem to be doing better than me though as your ROM is up to 125. I am only up to 90 and that is with the PT really pushing on it. Started out with 50 on first visit. I am down to one crutch, still in the brace, but can walk without the crutch for short distances and the other day at PT I decided to let go of the hand rails while doing the walking exercise just to see if I could walk without assistance and I was able to do it. Kept the hands about an inch above the rails just in case my knee gave out. The old knee is still stiff, but I am making slow progress. Keep up the good work.

ankhsign and in2falling: Yeah, the pain gets you sooner or later. I have been pretty much pain free until a week or so ago when my PT really started pushing on the knee. I was immobile for almost 8 weeks before going into PT and I think that has set me back and is the reason my knee is so stiff and ROM is only up to 90. That, plus I'm an old guy and probably not bouncing back as fast as I would like.

I see the OS June 30 and I think he will set the flex on my brace up to 120. Can't wait until I can get rid of the thing, but I think I'll be wearing it for a while longer.
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9 weeks post op

Well my little 5 days of rest and layoff of PT and aggressive work seemed to help a bit but not much, up to about 95 degrees forced flex. Swelling has gone down a bit and things seem a little looser but still not where I want to be. My goal it to get to aleast 110 flex or more in another 2 1/2 weeks when I see my OS again.

Started new routine last week at the gym and just got back from the gym just now. Going to do this every day as long as my knee can hold up. Using the leg extension machine with about 50lbs to force the ROM slowly lowering with my good leg until I can not take the pain and leaving it there for a good minute or two about 95 degrees right now. When I get done with that I run over to the standing leg curl machine and stretch it to extension for a minute and then crank out 20 reps with light weight 5 or 10 lbs trying to flexing it as far as I can, -5 to 90 right now. I then jump on the machine squat sled and set the seat back really far about 100 degrees flex and again with light weights 75 lbs + body weight lower it forcing the flex and stretching too the pain limit and hold for a minute let up a do that 5 times. After about an hour of doing that routine cycle I jump on the elliptical trainer for 20 minutes. When I get home from work been doing 20 minutes on my recumbent training bike at home, my ankle weight hangs and heel slides. Look like one of Jerrys Kids peddling the recumbent bike with the seat slid back as far as it goes past the locking holes but at least I can get it around. Also have been icing it three times a day at work, moved to a new building a few weeks ago and have a nice ice machine right across the hall from me so brought in some ziplock bags, its been nice to ice it right after my morning routine in the gym.

Able to do a bunch of yard work last weekend, trimmed all my trees and got the grass mowed and fertilized. Had to get up at 5 am to do it before it hit a 115 degrees.

Idaho Guy: This injury has cost me close to $4k already almost at my $5k deductible. My OS mentioned to me during my last visit that he just might have to go back in later and clean out scar tissue so I might just hit that $5k this year. I am hoping that I will not have to got through more surgery but want a normal knee again.

ankhsign: Unfortunately I have fired my PT and going to going to tackle PT on my own. Not really happy with what I was getting for the price and they have only worked on one other quad rupture repair before, place was over crowded and felt like I was being thrown in the corner with a handful of exercises to go do :.

WyoPapa: I tore my meniscus in my other knee back in 1998 at the age of 30 about the same time of the year April/May, had it repaired right away (big mistake operating on swollen knee if you do not have to, the repair failed also) and it took what seemed like for ever to recover from that surgery a good 4 months. I remember how fricken happy I was to be able to get on my bike like 3 or 4 months later. I think we all heal differently and sure we will be looking back at this a year from now with fairly healthy knees with close to full ROM. So hang in there and work it hard and rest it hard.
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Finding a Good Ortho Surgeon

Hi All,

Caused a partial tear to my Quadricep tendon tripping down the stairs. My doctor indicated that this QTR is a rare condition and surgeons do not have a lot of experience with these. Does anyone know of a surgeon out there that specializes in this type of surgery? I hate to go to someone who only does a few a year.

Thanks in advance for the response and for all that have contributed to this forum.
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20 1/2 weeks out

Welcome to tazD, WilltheThrill and Boxingprogrammer. Sorry for your injury, but I think you'll find aggressive rehab and a good attitude go a long way!

My OS released me from his care, but told me to take it easy on the mountain bike this summer. Also told me I would not be skiing at my customary level this winter and to take it easy with that as well. He did say he expected me to be all the way back by the following cycling and ski seasons - so, looks like 100% rehab for me will take a total of about 18 months. But its not so bad - I did an hour and 1/2 mountain bike ride with my wife and a friend on Saturday to start their ride (they did 4 hours in 101F heat and came back hot and tired - she slept for a couple of hours in the middle of the day.) Then, on Sunday, did a 70K road ride, averaging 30KPH - not bad for an injured, out of shape, fat, balding, old guy! So, while I'm not at the level I'd like to be, its coming back slowly. My knee still buckles at very inopportune times - I'm sure it looks hilarious - I never fall, but it always surprises the hell out of me, and I throw up one or both hands to keep myself on my feet.

Will: If this didn't make your top 5 "Bad Things for the Year", I'd hate to see those that did - wow! Take care . . . .

tazD: I think you'll find you will progress faster than you think - you will look back on this as merely a "blip." It doesn't seem to me that you are rehabbing any slower than normal - seems like this injury happens primarily to athletic folks, so you are in good company - keep a stiff upper lip, and do what you can to remain in shape - the time will pass, and you will come back.

boxingprogrammer: I don't know if you will find an OS who specializes in these. I think OSs work in a geographical area, not in a certain specialty injury. I guess if I had unlimited resources, I'd go see the surgeons at the Steadman Clinic in Vail, CO - they are probably the best in the world at repairing athlete's knees - but I'll bet they don't see a lot of these there, either. If you don't have those types of resources, ask around for a Dr. who is good, and who believes in agressive rehab - you should be able to find such a guy by asking your friends who have had ACL, MCL, meniscus repairs. Get it done quickly, regardless, and good luck!
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7 weeks tomorrow

IG - Thanks for the shout, and here's the list.

1. Lost my son in a car accident.
2. Gave up a business I'd owned for 20 years so I could...
3. Move across country...
4. Twice...
5. So I could invest and lose my life's savings working 70 hours a week...
6. Holding two executive positions I lost before receiving any compensation.
7. Broke knee being stupid.
I think I'm missing something in there but you get the idea.

I think I speak for all of us when I say we all look forward to your posts as you are the founder, and we owe you a lot!

Bulldog - Guess I can't reply to private messages until I've had a couple more posts but, yes he's my brother. I probably should know from your posts but, what kind of ball did you play?

Got on an eliptical trainer for the first time last Friday and had such a blast I stayed on for an hour. Feels like the right kind of motion for building and flexing for now. I need to be ready to hike Yellowstone in 2 months so I'm going to have to keep pushing.

Hope everyone's keeping a positive attitude, we all know how important that is for getting the most from our bodies.

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Boxing, I don't know of anyone who specializes in this injury. Only know my OS said he'd done lots of tendon surgeries. Oh and welcome to our little group.

In2falling - I live in Canada so can't relate to the cost of the injury as it's all covered by Government health care. First 12 PT visits are also covered. After that I pay $45/visit which I can deduct on taxes of course. But surgery, hospital etc are all Government paid.

PT told me today that "bad" leg is almost as stong as good leg. She said that there are a couple of little muscles that are not strong yet. My newest exercises are:

- resting my ribs against an exercise ball against the wall, I do sets of 10 squats standing just on my bad leg. Not sure if I should call then squats as I don't go down more than a few inches

- use teraband (like a giant elastic band) around both ankles, I side step to stretch the band and build the muscles.

She sure seams to know just the right stretch to work on a given muscle.

She still says it is my fault that she did not help anyone with a torn quad tendon for a year, and since I came in she has had 2 more people with the same injury.

Be well everyone.
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3 weeks 3 days post op

Hi everyone, glad to read the progresses made so far and welcome taz D and boxingprogrammer to this group of great and active people that met here due to this unfortunate injury. The good news is there is light at the end of the tunnel and through continued reading I've found this to be a great support system.

Well yesterday I had my wife drop me off at the gym and it felt great to be there again. I did not wear my braces for the following reasons. When I'm at home I don't wear them and I figured since I would not be able to go to the downstairs part of the gym for a while and as long as I paid attention to what I was doing, I didn't need those cumbersome things getting in the way of me and the machines. I think I have 45-50 ROM on both legs and haven't started PT yet. It was good to know that I was able to sit on the machines and get up without any problems or pain. Obviously I am not working on my legs and will not be doing that for a while.

willthethrill: I don't even know where to begin to express my sorrow in everything that you've been through but it seems you have found the perseverance to continue going forward and with that I say congratulations.

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Will: I just want to say I am very, very sorry for your loss. It seems that all of your other troubles pale in comparison to the loss of your son. I'll say some to the man upstairs for you and your family - bless you and yours.

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TazD: welcome to the thread, but sorry for your injury. sounds like you are doing ok for 3 wks, but read through all the posts here and I am sure you will find ideas. Attitude is big! And stubborness to stick with rehab.

Boxingprogrammer: ditto on the welcome and sorry! As for recommendations on OS, I would ask PT people I knew who they would go to, or other friends that have had knee surgeries, or other doctors. I looked at several and immediatly eliminated none knee specialists. I had my surgery last Nov. Around the first of the year at my OS visit he said, wow, I usually do 1-3 of these a year, and now i have done 4-5 since you! (I said i have always been a trend setter ) I think it is going to grow with baby boomers. So do a little calling around. My surgeon specialized in knees plus had a PhD in kineseology and biomechanics..I think he did a good job.

Will: Sorry for the loss of your son, no words can express that enough! And you are right, QTR was icing on the cake....You are doing well with a great attitude! Ditto on NYBB and IDG's comments.
My level of ball decreased with my age! From baseball to fast pitch to slow pitch, but it was slow pitch at AA Industrial level that we went to nationals.

Best to All! Keep Pluggin'

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CalQuadPop: keep up the good work! Sounds as though you are doing as much as you can and are moving ahead! Yes, you need to listen to your own body but it is common, I think, to be afraid at the beginning. keep Pluggin'!

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quad. tendon rupture

Idaho Guy,Duncan C,NYbodybuilder; guys thanks for your words of encouragement,that really helps. I,m going into my 4th week post surgery in couple of days.Yesterday, in my 5th pt session,I reached rom of 50,53 with help.My os wants me to be on 90 rom at the end of the 5th-6th week.I read that some os are more aggressive and want you to start earlier the rehab process,I guess mine is one of those. 8 days after surg. I had my first pt visit, basic leg movements, tried leg raises(always wearing the brace).Week 3,start bending knee,gently, start with 30 rom.Still some swelling of the knee,specially around the cap.That area is kind of hard and still tender to the touch.They said that's the scar tissue forming ,and early movement will help to break that down.Anyway,felling much better.I hope you guys are doing a lot better
NYbodibuilder,it is tough this happening in one leg, I can't imagine happening on both legs at the same time. 900 lbs on leg press, woww!, I use to be there 20 years ago.I'm sure that you felt great going back to the gym, I know, I went yesterday and did upper body(wearing my leg brace ) and was pretty good.
Good luck to all of you! we"ll be OK!!!
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Chihibulldog,thanks for your support too
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4th PT visit tomorrow, about 30 rom, home therapy 3x/day

Hey everyone,
I've been kind of quiet here as it is a full-time job doing my therapy at home! I've been thrashed doing my therapy. I guess my doctor & therapy are in the aggressive camp, which is good. It is tiring, but good to be moving. Slow, but notice progress from last week.

I have official therapy visits on M,W,F, they go a little over an hour. And the rest of the days I do my exercises 3x/day at home, plus I do a little more reps than they told me to do.

I have the little foam ball under the knee, tighten quad 10 counts, rest, repeat 20-30 times, then move leg side to side 20-30 times, then heel lifts, only now I use a towel around the bottom of my foot like a sling and bring it up just a little more at the end of my sets and hold a little longer than 5 counts. I try to relax. I did this at home and the next day in therapy they gave me a strap to do the same thing! I also use the towel as a sling to do assisted leg lifts at home. About 15-20 of those. Those are rough. I'm getting strong, but still can't lift my leg up even a fraction of an inch while holding it straight while on the bed. I use a moist heat pad for 10 minutes before starting (like they do at PT), and at the end of therapy, do 10 minutes with ice packs and leg raise above heart (same as in PT).

I asked one guy at PT who is studying for his Ph.D. in PT if he has ever worked with a QTR, he said I was his first.

Oh, at PT they told me to take a Tylenol about an hour before therapy, to help keep swelling down. (I still have a bottle of Vicodan, and sometimes I feel like taking one of those, but I don't.)

Will - very sorry to hear about your son.

NYBB - What an inspiration - your progress is amazing. I wish I could ditch my leg brace, or at least get a hinged brace, but not yet.

Boxing Programmer - Welcome to the group, sorry about your injury, but lots of help here.

Bulldog - thanks also for support

TazD - Welcome to group. I'm at same place as your in therapy, 4th visit. I was quite happy to make 30 rom as everything seemed so pitiful the first visit. I can see the progress. I sit up on the table at PT so I can see what my knee is doing. At home I'm in the bed with pillows propped behind me.

Wound is healing. I alternate steri-strips every other day and every night I use Neosporin and put gauge pads over the wound with clear surgical tape. That way the medicine doesn't get wiped off. I take the gauze off in the morning. There are just 2 kind of deep scabs where those staples poked in hard so I'm working on those. The other staple holes have scabbed and some scabs have already fallen off. Also, a little more sensation near the cut.

It was almost too much for me to take last week with staples being removed, numbness, first therapy visit, etc., seemed overwhelming.

Good luck to everyone on your progress!
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Will, sorry about the inconvenience concerning PMs. We have had the Chinese spammers setting up accounts and using the PM system, so we made a minimum post count to enable private messaging. I changed your post count and you can now send any PMs you'd like. Please accept my condolences on your loss and hardships this year.

Originally Posted by willthethrill View Post
IG - Thanks for the shout, and here's the list.

1. Lost my son in a car accident.
2. Gave up a business I'd owned for 20 years so I could...
3. Move across country...
4. Twice...
5. So I could invest and lose my life's savings working 70 hours a week...
6. Holding two executive positions I lost before receiving any compensation.
7. Broke knee being stupid.
I think I'm missing something in there but you get the idea.

I think I speak for all of us when I say we all look forward to your posts as you are the founder, and we owe you a lot!

Bulldog - Guess I can't reply to private messages until I've had a couple more posts but, yes he's my brother. I probably should know from your posts but, what kind of ball did you play?

Got on an eliptical trainer for the first time last Friday and had such a blast I stayed on for an hour. Feels like the right kind of motion for building and flexing for now. I need to be ready to hike Yellowstone in 2 months so I'm going to have to keep pushing.

Hope everyone's keeping a positive attitude, we all know how important that is for getting the most from our bodies.

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18 1/2 Weeks

Will: I'm very sorry about the loss of your son. I can't even begin to imagine what that would be like. You're right, everything else pales in comparison.

I don't have proof, but besides my OS, I've had five guys who said their OS told them to never use the leg extension machine again because it was a bad exercise for the quad tendon and knee. I've always done leg extensions, but so far, I haven't gone back to them. See what your doc has to say and make your own decision.

NYBB: I know it's great to be back in the gym, but I'm glad to hear you say you won't be working legs for awhile. I was told that it takes 8 weeks for the tendons to reattach, but it really takes about 12 weeks to be complete. My PT was working with a guy who went to the gym on his own at 11 weeks and had 200 lbs on the hack squat machine. He reruptured his repair. He started too soon with heavy weights. We have to push ourselves to get back, but can't be stupid.

I'm still getting a little stronger every day and gaining about 5% a week. I've still only had that one knee buckling episode in the last 4 weeks, but with working around high voltage daily, I'm concerned about my kneesbuckling. Does anyone over 18 weeks still have any buckling (or that stepping in a hole feeling) or any other lasting effects?

As far as expenses, I estimate this injury has cost me between $6 - 7,000.

Tiger bait
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12 Weeks

Last week went well. I got on the bike for the first time on Saturday, and rode for about 2 hours. I rode across Fish Creek and then up through Carburn Park towards Lynnwood, then turned around and returned via Southland Drive. Monday evening I went for a one hour ride as well. It's great to be out on the bike again. I can definitely feel it in the knee when riding but I think it's a really good activity to start building the muscles back from zero. I also did some elliptical trainer cardio in the gym.

I had PT session #9 today. I started with 12 minutes on the stationary bike. Next up was leg extensions with a rubber rope tied around the foot for resistence. I then did 3 sets of weightless squats, three sets of wobble board balancing exercises, and three sets of zero degree leg press with light weight. I finished with the hot/cold water therapy and 15 minutes of IFC. ROM is at about 110.

Tiger Bait: That's good advice regarding the cautionary note about squats. I find that even with no weight when I do squats I really feel it in the knee, so I'm not surprised that 200lbs could cause another rupture. I think I am a few weeks away from even trying squats with just the bar. My PT had good advice to hold my arms out in front while doing the weightless squat exercises, thereby enabling a better range of motion.

Willthethrill: Good job on the elliptical. Keep up the good work. I really like this exercise too.

I am interested to know if others are having discomfort when sitting with the leg bent. I find that when I have the leg at 70 degrees or more for more than a few minutes that the knee starts to ache until I straighten out the leg. Hopefully that will lessen as I increase the ROM and strength.

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Be Careful About Over-Doing It

It's been a while since I checked in here. I see lots of new names. Welcome to the forum, all of you. I hope that you find it as helpful as i have.

I'd like to pass on some advice about PT. I started PT seven weeks after surgery. I started walking with a cane in May, after about 3 or 4 weeks of therapy. After about five or six weeks on the cane, I am now back on crutches again because I suffered a tear in the gastrocnemius muscle in my calf - which had not been injured in the original accident. It turns out that all my leg muscles - quadriceps and others - had become so atrophied following surgery that even those that had not been injured, such as the gastrocnemius, became more susceptible to injury once I began using the leg again. I will probably be back on crutches for at least 4 weeks, setting back my recovery by at least that same amount of time. Until the tear in my gastroc heals, I can't do any more strengthening exercises. All of the strength that I have worked hard to regain since starting PT in April will now slacken again.

I know that some of you guys have been aggressive in your PT and have received good results. In my case, doing the same sorts of exercises that I had been taught in PT, but doing much more of them outside of the PT sessions, has resulted in a muscle tear that is expected to set back my recovery by about a month. So, you might be prudent about being aggressive. Discretion is the better part of valor, as they say.
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PT - Anyone have difficulty sleeping after therapy?

I went to my 4th PT on Wednesday. They had me do 2 new exercises on machines. My leg only goes to 30-35 rom. The one machine I put my legs on a bar while sitting (I can also control the height with my arms). I just push down with my uninjured leg a little and the injured leg follows. I did that 30 times with rests. I didn't push it, just stretching the leg a little.

The other exercise was sitting on a machine with a leg rest that is straight out. I push down on it with my injured leg and the weight brings my leg back up. I also had a strap so I could control it so my leg would not overbend. I was very slow and gentle.

I didn't have any pain during therapy. But, I couldn't sleep that night! I took 2 Tylenols before bedtime. I must have woke up every hour or 2 hours for 6 hours. I was so tired, when I attempted to go to a movie with a friend last night, I fell asleep through half of it due to lack to sleep the night before!

There is a dull ache sometimes on the knee, not constant.

Does anyone experience this? I'm going to ask my PT if I should take the Tylenol or the Vicodin before going to bed after a session at therapy. I can't heal if I can't get sleep. Obviously it was bothering me so bad I couldn't sleep comfortably. And when I don't get sleep, I turn into a miserable grouch.

Anyone have this problem?
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