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KAllen....Saw your previous post on page 92 earlier. It is a good start for a program and I will follow it when I am capable.However....my concern is that I cannot start striding to run at all and was looking for feedback on when people can start to stride and run. I am 171/2 weeks from surgery and cant stride to run.

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Georgetown Frank,


I experienced that and thought it felt somewhat like a catch where the kneecap didn't seem to glide like it had and it would pop at a certain point and then move on.  It went away once the quad muscles were stronger and somehow allowed the kneecap to track properly.


Hope that helps...


Texas Diesel.

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As I recall we were pretty close as far as injury date. I am at 14 months post surgery, and although most things are almost back to normal, I still have my annoying little pop going up stairs and sometimes just straightening my leg. There is no pain involved. At what point in time did yours go away?




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Some days it never seems to get better! I'm at 12 weeks post surgery now and certainly making progress. From being carried to my car by 2 men at an estate auction (where I'd stepped down a step on the porch and ruptured the tendon!), to actually walking around in the house without a brace! Wheelchair, hosptal bed, crutches, Bledsoe brace, hobbling around like a 94 year old after a mountaim climb--all that is so fresh in my mind!  I'm sitting (as I've done since November 18th!) icing the thigh and knee, thinking how far I've come and how much further I still have to go. Reading these posts gives incredible insight to what really goes on with this injury and it appears we all (quadrippers unite!) face the same issues. I live where there is still snow and ice, so walking and even attempting to run would be out of the question, but I do se the OS again in 2 weeks and I'm really hoping he'll let me begin elliptical work-outs.  Muscles soo desperately needs to be built up again---I'd love to see my legs the same size!  The frustration end of this injury/recovery is immense. Day after day, trying to keep a positive attitude becomes mind-boggling. My husband has been the recipent of a couple of really frustrating days, and after all he's done for me, the apologies were sincere!!  PT had me doing 4" steps last week which were really painful after the fact..had to stop doing anything for a couple of days...immense knee pain! Don't have any answers yet, but will keep up wth PT and doing what I must to get through this ordeal!  Maybe tomorrow will be closer to 'normal'......or maybe I'll be able to stand up without that strange little noise I make every time!  eek.gif

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It's been awhile since I updated my progress here, so I thought I would do that now. I know how helpful this site was to me when I was first injured. I think it's good for those who have recently suffered a QTR to be able to read of others' experiences. There is light at the end of the tunnel, that's for certain.


My QTR was a complete tear and was accompanied by tears of the muscles on either side of the knee (full on the left and partial on the right). I am almost 13 weeks post surgery (12/1/11). Last week was my last PT session. I was at 115 degrees ROM, compared to 135 on my good leg. I have commenced training on my own and with a trainer at a health club. I am trying to get in for that 4 times a week. I also do my exercises and stretches at home and in the office. I've been driving since early February. I am now able to do a cardio workout on the stationary bike. Getting to the point where I could do a complete revolution peddling the bike was huge. The knee still gets puffy and achy after working out. I'm curious if others are experiencing that too. My right leg is still a bit puffy around the ankle and foot. I'm hoping that eventually goes away. I am taking stairs normally now, albeit slowly, especially when descending. I am working hard to regain strength in the injured leg. At first I focused on ROM, now I'm focusing more on strength.


I agree with what others have written about the frustrations of looking at such a puny leg. It's amazing how much atrophy takes place. I'm looking forward to the day when the two legs are closer in strength and appearance.


I feel for those of you that have suffered your injury more recently. This is a tough injury to deal with. It's hard for others that you know that don't live with you to really have a clue as to what you're going through. I find that recently I inwardly shake my head when people remark that I'm back to normal. They have no idea how far I have to go to get back to normal. It's going to take months. But at least I am seeing enough progress now to be reassured that I will get there. Early in the injury it seems that you're never going to get out of that darn leg brace. And then the prospect of having to learn how to walk again is pretty daunting. I remember my first tentative steps after taking the leg brace off. Now that was scary. It does get easier, rest assured, but you're really going to have to be serious about your PT. And while the PT shouldn't be painful, it will be uncomfortable. Think of it as the most intense stretching you've ever done in your life. If you can put up with that, you'll make good progress.

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Tom North....You are so correct when you say people say we are back to normal...but only we know we are not. I told my surgeon about this site....but even he does not get it. He gave me the go ahead to do anything I want after 18 weeks from surgery....he is a great surgeon and mechanic....but we only know when we are ready and "normal". Patience and diligent work is the key. I thank God for this wonderful site and the support group us " Quadrippers" are. Make it a Great Day !!

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4 1/2 weeks after surgery - began P/T.  Can only get 30 or so degrees ROM.  Then it is tight tight tight.  My quad is melted away :(

Doc is letting me unlock the brace to 30 degrees while seated (not walking).  Makes a big difference - able to sit in an office chair without too much discomfort.  The journey begins .... 

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biggfred, glad to hear u are coming along. Patience is the key to this injury, as well as perserverence. I have been making some gains recently, and i am nearing the 11 month mark. This is definately a marathon and not a sprint.


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Originally Posted by inpatientguy View Post



As I recall we were pretty close as far as injury date. I am at 14 months post surgery, and although most things are almost back to normal, I still have my annoying little pop going up stairs and sometimes just straightening my leg. There is no pain involved. At what point in time did yours go away?




I think mine was completely gone with no pops ever at about a year.  The thing that seemed to help me the most is what my PT called, "step downs".  I'd get on a step with the foot of my injured leg and then I'd lower myself until the heel of the foot on my good leg would touch the ground and then back up.  The key is to keep the toe of the foot of the good leg up and off of the ground so you aren't using that leg at all to assist in the motion.  I had been gaining good strength in the leg overall but the strength that movement gave me in that slight range from straight to 45 degrees took a while to be able to lower my body slowly and push it back up with the one repaired leg.  One day, the popping just stopped.


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Thanks TD. I will definitely give that a try. I still do a lot of the exercises that my P/T gave me way back when, but even at this point I can still use some more strengthening too. I walk and bike a lot but I have found that small things like this can make a huge difference.


Thanks for the reply.



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I am 61 and had a complete but clean tear of the right quad on 1/7/12 with surgery on 1/13. I fell while walking on a golf course. I came across this site several days after surgery and want to thank all of you for taking the time to write and describe your symptoms and progress. As all of you know, this injury can take a lot out of you and your family. Just reading about the symptoms and progress of others (usually early in the morning when sleep was impossible)  made me feel a lot better about my situation.  Pretty much over the constant pain and have learned that I can only wear the brace with a sleeve underneath or aggressive welting occurs. Can't wait to shed the brace (now at 70 degrees open), but still have a fear of falling which I can't seem to shake.


I am now 6 weeks from surgery, have 96 ROM and generally feeling OK, although the knee is still somewhat enlarged and is certainly stiff. I am disappointed on how slow it takes to get ROM back. Progression now has definitely slowed. Affected leg is mostly skin and bone but some muscle is coming back. I'm doing rehab regularly.


Does anyone have any idea from experience how long one could realistically expect to get back to playing golf after this type of injury?

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Breakpar: I am retired and work part time as a ranger/starter on a very nice golf course in a  Minneapolis suburb. Our golf season runs about late April thru late October. I had my surgery 10/28/11 and am 18 weeks from surgery. I know I can not plant my legs enough to properly swing a golf club....and probably wont be able unti mid summer at best. I know that is not what you want to hear...but this is a long recovery injury as many have said on this site. I feel I am at a sticking point now....and I am a very active rehabber...I can bike, do eliptical, and some walking...but no running or being able to plant my leg properly to hit a golf ball. Important to do your rehab schedule and have patience....a lot of the stuff you hear from your fellow 'Quadrippers" Hang in there....you will be back !!

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6 Weeks post op today...Woo-hoo.  Today I walked up two flights of stairs leg over leg (Not "good one up to heaven, and bad one down to hell" as my Dr would say) with no elastic brace or anything (not fast and carefully).  I can go down stairs leg over leg too, but have to be extremely careful.  Starting PT next week.


At the 5 wk follow-up last week with my Dr, his first words were "where is you brace" I told him I stopped using it 4 wks post op;-) He was impressed with how much I can lift my leg and said "god bless ya". I did not want atrophy to set in as bad as some on this board have had it. He said the swelling will take at least another 2-3 months to go down fully; the scar tissue is part of the healing process and 'good' but it creates swelling.  He said to expect more swelling and pain with PT...can't wait...not. Dr gave me clearance for PT. My Dr is the orthopedic guy for the US Snowboarding team; I think he did a great job and sent me pictures of the surgery (which were NOT pretty). 


Good Luck to All...and may your 'bionic' knee come back better than your good knee!!!  


Does anyone know if these cords stay in your knee for life or do they dissolve over time?  I'll give another update in two weeks, cheers. 

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hello everyone,


       5 weeks post op, saw my OS yesterday..... had kind of a confusing visit with him, he wants me to start PT next week ( thank god). but then he said to me he wants me to see him in 2 weeks and no more immobilizer after that visit...... and i said well didnt you say after the immobilizer i would go to a hinged brace, so he says no that wont be necessary. so i say i dont mean any disrespect but what are you judging this on, i have not even started therapy yet!!!! i dont know am i wrong for questioning him?   but i DONT THINK i feel comfortable with that idea. i have a multiple level home with alot of steps. if i have to i will by my own brace. on the brighter side i start therapy next week, i know it will not be easy, but i look at it as the first step to actual recovery and freedom!!!!  but, it is great to read how some of my fellow QUADRIPPERS are progressing in there rehab, keep up the post, they are very motivational..........  if anyone can recommend a good rehab brace i would appreciate it, and if anyone has any advice on my feeling on not beeing ready to be without a brace please feel free




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One thing that stands out to me is the difference in the doctors methodology after surgery.  For me, at 4 1/2 weeks, doctor cleared me for PT and allows me to unlock my brace while sitting to 30 degrees but never walking.  Brace is off during PT and doc wants me to get to 45 degrees ROM by 6 weeks.  For now, my PT is mostly at home unless I feel the need for the therapist.  He told me I will have this brace on for 12 weeks!  Definitately have atrophy setting in and I don't think I could walk without the brace without my knee giving out.

My feeling is the doctor does not want to take the risk I will slip and retear the tendon so brace for 12 weeks.   My brace is a DonJoy Competitor Post-Op Knee Brace.  ~ $99 to buy

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My injury occurred 9/12/10 and I had my surgery on the 16th. I was able to go to the range in March and was playing rounds by April. I suck at the sport and was able to get back to my top level of suckiness by May. I hit my only ever hole in one in June.
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TexasDiesal. Thanks for relaying your timeline. OldRunnerGuy was right. A 6-7 month delay in being able to play is not what I wanted to hear. But now I can adjust my expectations and focus on rehab (and possibly my chipping). Congrats on your hole in one!
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JMKING, Some much conflicting info on PT timing and brace time.  Regardless of what your doctor says you need to be comfortable and confident not wearing the brace.  I stopped using it 28 days post op but the dr wanted me in it for 42 days, he even wanted it on at night the entire time I stopped wearing it at night 18 days post op.  I have been wearing an Ace elastic knee brace pretty much all the time; It seems to help quite a bit.  My Dr just said No Major trauma; so I am careful and still limping significantly. I'd also suggest leg lifts (back and forth until there is pain) in the pool, daily if possible.  Good luck.

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Hi Breakpar

I too had a total quad rupture of my left leg on a golf course last October 6th. I was operated on October 14th and remained in a full leg restraint for 6 weeks, 24/7. I had my wife wrap my restraint in plastic wrap to shower and I slept with it on. The restraint was replaced with a brace that was locked at 90 degrees. I began physio three times a week on December 2nd and reached 90 degrees by Christmas. The brace stayed on day and night till January 5th. I still go to physio every second day and my ROM is now at 135.

I slipped on a small hill going to the green when I heard the "pop". I knew immediately that my golf season was over. Thankfully I never experienced any pain and only discomfort during my stretching exercises. We were lucky to have had a mild winter with very little snow and ice. The thought of another slip and fall scares the heck out of me.

Walking down stairs is a challenge but my PT has given me exercises to work on that. The popping in my knee while climbing stairs is uncomfortable but not painful. Again I have exercises to work on that too. Eventually the stiffness will disappear and I'll be walking the course again. I plan to be on the course by early May. Still looking for that hole in one.

Good luck to all "quad rippers".

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Hey GeorgetownFrank:


I hope you get that first hole in one soon. You are almost 3 months to the day ahead of me. I am now at 6 weeks post op and actually increased my ROM from 91 to 108 in the past week. I was quite pleased as I had stayed at around 90 for a while. The knee is still very stiff but I have the brace at 90 degrees now and hope to shed it in a couple of weeks (if I can get over the fear of falling again). I fell on a small slope walking away from a green when the injury occurred.  I signed up for some golf events in early May, but I did it more for incentive (if that means anything with this injury) than with a realistic expectation of participating. I have not yet started to alternate steps either up or down (although I did try it this morning without much trouble but I was cheating by holding onto a rail) and I am still waiting for PT approval to do that regularly.   Let me know how it feels when you start swinging a club.

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I hope you see this and can respond --or someone can respond.  I took Levaquin (heavy duty antibiotic) for an unrelated reason and next think I know, my knees start to hurt. It turned out (after about six months) that my quads were deteriorating.  One unreported side affect of Levaquin (at that time) was soft tissue degeneration.  I had a case, but the law suits were all centered on other regions of degeneration in the body, not quads. 


Anyway, I played hockey through college, was an expert skier and couldn't understand why my quads were burning so badly and quickly when I skied. Of course, it turned out that I was skiing on one leg with 90 percent detachment and the other was around 25 percent.  I had surgery on the bad leg with a hope the other would heal by itself.  That was the advice.


The surgery was tough and the rehab was several months, but I did the work and have come back pretty nicely, but I haven't skied since.  I hope that will change starting next year (no real reasons other than age, location, and other preferences, like golf).


The reason for my comment today is that I am experiencing swelling and soreness in my knee/quad area and starting to wonder if the surgery (done about 5 years ago) is one of those that needs to be revisited? I was told they trimmed the bad tissue and sewed me back together with fishing wire (something like that) so it seemed to me that the correction would be permanent. 


Any insight would be appreciated.  I'm bummed about the pain and swelling. It isn't stopping me --yet-- but it makes no sense to me. I'm not stressing the leg much other than in golf (right leg).  Would really like to avoid injections, opiates/pain killers, etc. and curious to know why it may be happening.  I live near Florida, so no big seasonal changes.



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Long term update


July 2010... snap there went the Quad, patella and all sorts of associated bits and pieces.


I have just had the final medical screen from the insurer and they have determined that I have 9% permanent disability.    


So that's the official version, from my perspective I run cross country hill climbs, squat 190kg, trek for endless km's and days with a 30kg pack and do all sorts of amazing things that I never could before the injury.


I still have a way to go to what I would call full strength, there is still some wasting in the calf and I have a super tight ITB (which causes some drama) but I am better than I was, faster than I was, fitter than I was and happier than I was. 


Have no doubt the injury is massive and it is indeed life changing.


It is one of those clear cut defining moments in life ... It provides you with two simple choices ...... accept disability or not!


Choose to fight and you may well find your life will change for the better! 





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Just a quick update for those interested.  I had my first torn quadriceps tendon on August 18, 2011 and then re-injured it requiring a second surgery on October 28, 2011.  First injury was while running down hill and attempting to stop pivot and turn on some loose gravel.  I had spent the week before kite boarding almost every day and was nursing some tendonitis in the knee that sustained the injury.  Next time, I will heed the warnings my body sends out.  The second injury came courtesy of a fall down some icy steps. 


I am now 4 plus months into my rehab. Some observations:

ROM - about 120 degrees and sticky.  Both the shorter length of the combined tendon / muscle and the relatively tighter joint are apparent at the edge of the ROM.  As I have built back some strength it has been a fight to preserve the ROM.

Quad strength - about 40-45% of the uninjured leg.  I have no sense of how much I have lost in terms of the un injured leg.  VM seems to be falling behind relative VL, VI and RF.

Hamstring - seems to be in parallel with the quad complex but perhaps a bit stronger.

Other related muscles (lower leg & Hips, abductor, gluts, etc.) appear to be responding well and are 70 -75% of the uninjured leg.


Other things that are in need of rehabilitation.  Those of you going through the process would be well served to pay attention to these items as well.  My PT seems to be particularly zealous about these items as they can help reduce the chances of re injury and collateral damage elsewhere.

Proprioception - this is coming along and is approaching that of the un injured leg.

Balance - it is still off substantially.  I have been working on core strength and various balance drills.

Coordination - I am appalled at how poor this is. Lots of drills.

Agility - well I was not to agile before but it appears to have gotten much worse.

Hamstring, back, and hip flexibility - hitting this stuff hard and seeing some improvements.  May be at pre injury levels or possibly even a bit beyond.


I am cleared to walk, swim, pool run, cycle lightly ( flat courses, hour or less, keep it in the small chain ring) and supervised PT.


Kite boarding and trail running will have to wait but I am still optimistic that in the next two and a half months I get to where I need to be to enjoy them this summer.

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Hey Georgetown Frank....DarrylC01 here...thanks for the call this morning it was appreciated. My slip on a carpet happened February 21 with Surgery for three of the four tendons holding my quad happening February 25,2012. Spent four days in Hospital and am now in a demobilizer which keeps my knee from bedding. I am allowed to put full weight on it and I am using a cane...Crutches were going to injure me more.

My OR allows me to take it off and shower, that was great, and he says I start Physio in about 3 weeks.

Just checked with the PT here in Acton and she advises that she has had past experience with quad ruptures so I will start with her as she is very close. I also have a poole very close so I will be starting to go there asap.

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Checking back in with an update. Original injury 7/31/11, surgery 8/18/11, returned to work 10/5/11 (had to wait for doctor approval since it was a workmen's comp injury).  Injury caused by slipping and falling while walking across aircraft hangar -- oil on floor, fell with left leg trapped under me and over flexed it. Very painful.  Complete tear of quad and tendon, plus tear of MCL and cartilage inside the knee.

As many have said before me, this is a life changing event.  I'm 7 months post surgery, and doing well, but I know everyday that I still have a ways to go.  Going up and down stairs is the biggest reminder.  I'm still weak in the injuryed leg (left), and still can't run.  I ride a bicycle, ride my motorcycle, walk, etc, but have a very constant awareness of where I put my feet and how slippery the surface is.  I am temporarily in North Dakota, and the snow and ice definitely got my attention. 

I exercise everyday to increase the strength in the bad leg, and still see regular improvement.  I'm 60, so I'm in it for the long haul, I don't want a re-injury, and I want to get back as much of my former capabilities as possible.  I'm not in a hurry, but I will get there.

This site was extremely important to me immediately after the surgery -- I used many things that I read about here to help me in my initial recovery, and the information was very encouraging. 

Like so many have said, hang in there, it gets better.  Keep working on ROM, strength building, coordination, etc .  It's amazing that with so many different methods/courses of treatment that the Surgeons employ, we all somehow work our way back to a fairly normal activity level.  My surgeon's main emphasis was "don't fall/re-injure it". It seemed that all of his directions and cautions centered on that statement.  I was lucky -- not much pain in the recovery, and I progressed very fast.  It's been slow regaining strength, but I'll get there....

Best of luck to those more recently injured.  Try to keep a positive attitude -- it takes time, but it will get better.  Thank God for supportive families/spouses!!



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Old Colonial.....Thank you for your very interesting update info. I had my surgery the exact same day as your second...10/28/2011. Responding about like you are physically. My ROM is back to the full 140 but I am frustrated by the tightness and apparent quad weakness I still have. I can bike....eliptical machine and walk ....but with a gait that is still a limp. I am doing all the PT exercises but am still frustrated I can not even light jog. My PT has me doing what we call shuffling ....but it is hard and still too hard to get to a normal stride. What is good and assuring about this site is that I guess I am near normal for my post surgery time...even though I think it is too slow a recovery. This site is so helpful from all you guys as our injury is not that common as a knee, ankle, or hip. Good Luck to all and keep up the informative posts as we all are our best support.

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Just an update. Had the surgery on 1/13. I now have 125 ROM and finally removed the brace yesterday. Although the ROM is much better, it is not easy to bend the knee. It still feels weak and rather cranky. I took a trip to New Orleans last week for a wedding and actually walked 3-4 miles a day (with the brace). It seemed to help me considerably from a strength and balance perspective, although I was rather sore at the time. Two weeks ago I was lucky to make .5 of a mile. I also am uncomfortable with the knee in a bent position while sitting for any extended period of time. I use a muscle stimulator at least twice a day and this has seemed to help build the muscles considerably. I am doing rehab three times a week now. Stairs are a problem (particularly going down) but at least I am alternating steps now.


When I was in NO, six men approached me and asked if I had either a replacement or a quad repair - they could see the brace and my slowness on stairs. Four of the guys had quad surgery. All indicated how difficult the procedure was and all of them (and their wives) wanted to talk about it. Only one felt that he was still far from recovery after about 1 year from surgery - this fellow also said that his doctor advised against all rehab (I was wondering about that advice but didn't say anything). I told all of them about this site and suggested that they all take a look at it to compare notes.  


In any event, the torn quad helped me to meet some nice people in a different city. And, if not engaged, I am probably now at least going steady with a few people from TSA at the Philly airport who pulled me and my brace aside for some special treatment before I was allowed on the plane. Keep well.



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I had a complete quad tendon tear, left knee 2/21/12.  Was simply rushing down back porch steps, caught my left heel and went flying hitting on back lawn.  I felt the tear immediately.  Ironically, I was rushing to go to my last rehab session for post meniscus surgery on my right knee.  You can't make this stuff up.


I had surgery within three hours of the injury so I was very lucky in the respect. Now I am trying to figure out what I'm in for healing and rehabbing the leg.  I have been a competitive runner since I was a young boy. I'm now 63 and determined to run again.


Start ROM rehab next week and understand I am in for a long process.  Trying to figure out basic stuff so I can exercise around the injury and exercise the injured leg as much as possible by doing toe raises, leg lifts, pulsing quad muscles, etc.  One puzzle for me is how to get down to do sit-ups and get back up again.  Having he leg in a full length brace is problematic.  Surgeon told me another month in the brace but gave no assurance it would come off then which will be 8 weeks post op.


Any advice from others, especially runners and cyclists would be greatly appreciated.  This injury and healing process has been a nightmare but I will run again.  The only question is when!!!  :-)


Good luck to all.







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Will Run Again.....Sorry for your mishap....us old runners do not want to give up....I am a veteran of 36 marathons and too many to count other road races. We are close in age...I am 64 years old. I completely tore my left quad in an auto accident on vacation in Hawaii on 10/22/ 2011 and had surgery back home in Minnesota on 10/28/2011. One of the first questions I had for my surgeon was at my age will I ever be able to run again? He said I may be able to do some light running in 3 months. Only thing I can tell you to be perfectly honest is "No Way". I am a fit, active individual who enjoys biking, weightlifting, eliptical machines and cardio work. I have done the active PT with a therapist 2 times a week and now once every two weeks beggining one month after surgery. I have full ROM.....can bike, elip machines, and walk with a gait limp. But....running or even light stridding no way yet. I am 22 weeks from surgery and like many on this site after doing all the diligent rehab work still can not run. I do not feel pain in the quad but what I would call is a tightness and still weakness to stride. I know many on this very helpful site....which is really a support group for us have been very informative because our injury is not that common. The guy who started that site(Idaho Guy) 4 plus years ago started it because their was no good rehab and support info available. While we all have capable surgeons and therapists you will find this site more informative to your day to day recovery. The only universal theme is to keep working and give time the time to recover. I know as an active everyday runner pre surgery this is very hard to cope with. Keep your family ,religion, and friends involved and stay with this site for helpful guidelines. Short term exercise what you can. I went back to the gym 2 weeks after surgery and at least worked on upper body. MAKE IT A GREAT DAY  !!   ORG

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I am almost 10 weeks from surgery and I think I overdid last week, which was my first week off the brace. I walked for a rather long distance on Friday without the brace (with hills) and then worked hard at rehab on Saturday with biking (first time) and bent knee leg raises with 2 pounds on my ankle (first time with more than one pound). There was no pain when i did these things but then Sunday and Monday I have been living with ice bags and the feeling of much  greater than normal tightness in the knee and a little swelling (which is going down). I can bend the knee fairly well but it is uncomfortable. I did no exercise yesterday and today. Are these episodes of two steps forward and then a step (or two) backward common? This is the second time this happened to me. Do most of you experience occasional swelling, tightness and pain after a good workout? Is it normal?



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