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Outside of Thigh Muscle

Fishbike: Your comment about the outside of the thigh muscle is interesting. I also have enormous oversized thigh muscles from many years of cycling, skiing and hiking. My PT suspects that the fact that the outside of my thighs is so developed contributed to my reliance on that muscle instead of the inside of the thigh. So, she is having me work on strengthening that muscle to "even" things out. Notably, I have had patellar/femoral pain under the kneecap for years - again, my PT suspects it is a result of the "uneven" strength between the inside (Vastus Medii?) and outside of the thigh muscles. She suspect that when I was skiing, I was overrelying on the outside (Vastus Lateralii?) of the thigh, and that overreliance may have resulted in this rupture.

Interesting theory, no?

Glad to hear you are doing well Fishbike. I too, love biking, and am avoiding big hills, although I am managing to do quite a few flat miles. Was hoping to do a Metric Century ride in two weeks, but think I may withhold that pleasure in favor of riding the 35 miler with my 12 year old.

Best to all. Thanks for all of your contributions!
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Welcome to the forums CQP! Your post did not appear when you posted it because the links got caught by the spam trap. No one is perfect.

Anyway, good luck with the recovery.

Originally Posted by CaliforniaQuadPop View Post
Hey all,
Just by luck I found this forum. Now I won't be surprised as to what to expect after surgery.

I'm in California, age 48, and was walking to my front door after work. I was 10 feet from the door, ready to get my mail at the mailbox, when I stepped, not in a hole, but just a little uneven patch in the grass. I didn't slip or trip, I had flat rubber soled shoes on. I tensed up my muscles in my leg, and the next thing I know I feel the dreaded pop and I'm on the ground screaming and crying. I knew it was a serious injury and I couldn't move that leg if I wanted to!

Thankfully, I live in a condo and neighbors called 911 and my Dad and sister and the paramedics came and took me to ER (it was 6:30pm at that time). That is the first time I've been in an ambulance, what a rough ride!

I wish I had an exciting story as to how it happened. I was so mad. Maybe it was good I was screaming and crying, it got more oxygen into my head and I didn't pass out. I'm not one for passing out, and never have. However, I understand this injury as caused people to black out.

I was in ER for about 5 hours and it took forever to get an Xray, but what I really needed was an MRI. I knew I didn't break a bone. I even told them the pain was above the knee, not the knee. They gave me no pain medicine, I had to request a bed pan because I thought my kidneys were going to explode. I had nothing to eat or drink. I actually used self-hypnosis to take my mind off the pain. Finally, an Xray and then a nurse came in to splint the leg (that soft brace with the velcro straps and metal rods). She didn't know how to do it! Then, they didn't have the right size crutches for me.

Thankfully, my Dad got to ER and sat next to me for those lonely hours. They didn't have a TV or anything for distraction and the poor old Alzheimers lady next to me (we were separated by a curtain) kept vomiting and pulling out her IV.

I've been through my Dad's hip replacement surgery and rehab, so know he is here for me. My Mom passed away in 1997. My sister is just a few miles away, but the day after my surgery, she is having a biopsy so she will be under general and out of commission. I'm divorced, so if Dad didn't help me, I don't know what I would do!

I'm lucky I got in to see an ortho doctor and an ortho medical group and rehab center. As luck would have it, it is the same place my Dad went to rehab and he thought it was really good there. I have no dought. I was able to see a PA, get MRIs, bring the film back, and by then the MD was back from surgery, so I got my MRI, saw the doctor, got the diagnosis, set up pre-op blood work, and surgery all in one day! I also got my doctor notes putting me out, my DMV form for a temporary disability permit, and was able to take that permit to AAA office and get the permit already.

I'm just taking one day at a time. I also don't like to be drugged up, so I will be using a self-hypnosis CD for pain management. It really does work. I used it one other time I had to have surgery and I actually had no pain the next day and was able to walk around quite a bit. I found a morphine drip is nice, but if you hit that button too many times you will get sick to your stomach. So, I used my hypnosis CD and spaced out the med time further and further apart.

I also have a two-story condo with only one bathroom --upstairs! Thankfully, due to Dad's various medical experiences, we had a good pair of adjustable crutches at his house, so he brought them over and we adjusted them. I'm thinking of having him bring over the "portapotty" as I don't know how bad that pain will be the first day or two after surgery.
I've ordered "No Rinse Moisterizing Body Wash". It is even used by NASA astronauts on all space shuttle flights! I couldn't find this stuff at my local large chain pharmacy. So, I ordered it online at www.drugstore.com where even the shipping was free with a purchase over $25. I also got "Comfort Bath Value Size Personal Cleansing, Ultra-Thick Disposable Washcloths". These things will come in handy for cleaning up while I'm stuck in the straight leg brace.

I'm doing alright getting up the stairs (they are carpeted) with one crutch on one side and holding onto the rail with the other hand. The first night I came home from ER, I scooted up the stairs and down the stairs to show Dad I could do it. It was 2 am and we got situated and he was falling asleep and I had nowhere for him to stay!

Well, this will be a journey and I will be checking in from time to time to see how everyone is doing and post my recovery stories.

I'm always so careful, it just seems like such a freak accident.

In my past I have run marathons, did weight training, etc. So, I know how to push myself. But I'm not going to do anything except what the doctor and therapist tell me to do. I don't want to re-injure myself.

I'll be happy to be able to bend my leg, support myself with the quad muscle, and do fast walking, stationary biking, light weights, and maybe step classes.

I don't know how I'll get to work even if I'm cleared to work part-time. My new car hardly has leg room, and as a two-door car, it is just about impossible to get into in the carport as there is no room to lift a straight leg into position. I could take the bus and train, but after I get off the bus, it is a long walk to get to the office and I don't think I can make crutching that long a distance.
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15 1/2 Weeks


fishbike and California Quad Pop: Sorry about your injuries, but welcome to our forum. I could not imagine living alone when my injury first happened. I know it's tough to ask for help, but in this case, you may have to. Be sure to ask plenty of questions, because somebody here will have an answer.

Idaho Guy: In the beginning, I did have some knee buckling (like stepping in a hole), but it has gradually gone away. It's been over two weeks since I've had any, but I haven't been hiking, in the woods, going down slopes or ramps yet. I do still feel a little shaky though.

I worked in the yard for a couple of hours for the first time and did pretty well. I added the elliptical trainer and stair stepper machines to my workout and also added ankle weights around the house. These things all seem to be helping, except by the end of the day my legs are just about finished. I'm adding a little more every day, but I'm still not overdoing it because like Ankhsighn and fishbike said, you don't want to go through this again. For the sportsman out there - NEVER GIVE UP!

Tiger Bait
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Greetings to All:

Idaho Guy: no, no bike yet...havent had time to test drive them.... re: buckling; I havent experienced that for quite some time. You recall i did the heavy wood cutting/hauling in April which woulda been about week 23. I did have some slight buckling then when lifting/stepping over/manipulating logs. Prior, going back to about week 16, i experienced buckling, although not serious, going down inclines (do we go "down" inclines??). Like Anksign, those airport jetways were really tough boarding a plane. Re: outside thigh, my OS said that is perhaps THE strongest muscle in the body. When i was still running outside, i had extreme knee pain which was attributed to patella movement due to muscle differences. During my rehab for QTR, I experienced the same and that is when OS explained muscle differences, one pulls the patella in, the other out, hence an imbalance results in poor patella tracking and the pain.

CQP: sorry for your injury, but glad you found us. you will find help here and we all try to pump each other up! Good luck with your surgery tomorrow but for me, I would do drugs!!!

TigerBait: Great job on the yard work and elliptical and stair stepper! You impress me!! keep going Dude!

Wonder if we can find TrainBuff some how? Hope he is doing ok.

When I travel or cannot do my regular knee workouts, I have more "discomfort". anyone else experience that? I am better off working it some, or even hard, than not at all.

Thanks to all for their attitudes!
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7 weeks post op tomorrow

Idaho Guy - In reference to buckling, I have had that happen a few times since I have been walking without my brace. When it has happened, I think my bad leg is slightly bent and I am not thinking about my QTR. When my leg buckles, it's just gives me that uneasy feeling, but no pain. I have attributed this do to my quad muscle not having the strength

My PT started me on "stairs" last week. I started on a 4" rise, and that was too easy to "cheat" and not use the quad muscle. He then moved me to 6" rise, which made me use the quad muscle. I am able to go up cautiously, but going down is a different story. As I am sure many of you have already experienced, it is hard for my brain to tell my quad muscle to work correctly. I know it won't be too long before I am concentrating on the next obstacle to overcome.

Overall, I can't complain about my repair and recovery. For the most part, I have been pain free since two days post op. I have been walking without my brace for a little over two weeks now and am walking without a limp. It has been (and continue to be) a help to read everyone's experiences on this discussion board.

I do find it interesting that everyone posting on this site seems to be very active and in good shape. I wonder if there is a correlation with this injury and activities that people do. This is not to be confused with what we were doing when our injuries actually happened. It sounds like a number of us are into biking, hiking and other activities that would exercise the quad muscle. Any thoughts on this???

Everyone keep up pushing on to full recovery.

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Hello Everyone

Had my third PT visit today. ROM has increased from 50 the first day to 68 today, so am pleased with that progress. My Pt starts me out with about 15 minutes with a heat pack and towels to warm up the area and loosen things up. He then put this blue gel on the knee and massaged it with a machine that helps it penetrate into the muscles and tendon. This drives the heat deeper into the tendon area and really loosens up the knee for the workout. He has had me doing leg lifts, quad sets, toe raises to strengthen the calf, leg presses with the injured leg and several ways of bending the knee as far as possible and holding it there for a count of 5 to 10 seconds.

Have been doing these at work and at home on my days away from PT. The knee is still very stiff, but I am noticing slow improvement. My hip hurts like heck and he told me it is the muscle strain from limping around on one leg for two months and twisting funny. Said it should go away, but don't know when that will happen.

CQP: Welcome to the group. Your hospital stay sounded horrendous. Its hard to believe that you can injure the quad just by stepping on an uneven patch of grass. I have noticed alot of guys reporting this injury by not really doing anything dramatic, just some wierd way of turning, twisting or stepping on something and POP

fishbike: Don't feel bad about your occupation being Occupational Safety and Industrial Hygiene Manager. I am the Collateral Duty Safety Officer where I work and I got alot of flack from my fellow employees, just joking around of course.

Idaho Guy: Just wanted to say thanks for starting this forum. It has been interesting to listen to all the different experiences. Finding it hard to try to touch base with each one of you individually. Will try to do better.
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Game Ready Machine

Did anyone have a Game Ready machine as a Rx during the first 2 weeks from their Dr? My Dr. is the ortho for the Portland, OR soccer team and he Rx'd one for me.....and I must tell everyone in the first 2 weeks of post op that this is something to investigate and shell out the co-pay $ for. It was a miracle machine for me. MIRACLE.

Here is the link: http://www.gameready.com/index.htm

The Dr and the operation instructions said to use 2x/day - I was using the thing 4-5 times a day. If I did not have to go down the stairs to get more ice loaded into it, I would have used it more. My med plan paid most of the $1000 rental fee and I ended paying up about $200 copay for the 2 weeks. I did not want to return it.

Came home tonight and put on the biking shoes and knocked off 12.5 miles in 55 minutes on level ground. Getting so I am looking for a few hills!!

Will be off to Homer, Alaska in a few days to slay the halibut. Thank goodness I feel I am nearing normal and can go and do things I enjoy. I missed the fall chinook run in September of 07 due to my surgery. Nice to be able to get back to things I enjoy. It will be a great day when I can post (hopefully next winter) that I telemarked again!

Hang in there everyone. I am 9 mos. post op and more than willing to listen and help in any way possible. Feel free to contact me direct fishbike53@yahoo.com

This is not an easy injury to deal with.

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To: CaliforniaQuadPop

See my post of 6/4 re: Game Ready machine. Hope all goes well tomorrow @ surgery. Hopefully we will see you in a few days. It is going to be rough for a few weeks. Take care.
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Surgery tomorrow - some inspiration for all

I'm trying to get things ready for surgery tomorrow. When I had my accident, I was in the middle of "spring cleaning" inside my house. I am getting boxes out of the way so I have clear paths. I'm also setting up my couch downstairs with sheets, pillows, and clearing off the coffee table to use for whatever supplies I need close at hand.
My computer, and remote controls for TV, stereo, DVD/VHS, is all downstairs. I have plenty of reading and movies to watch that I haven't seen yet.

It is too bad I have stairs and one bathroom up there. However, I guess those stairs will come in handy for therapy.

It is ironic that just about 2 weeks before this injury happened, I took my Dad with me to see a speaker at a local church. The speaker was Nick Vujicic and his organization is called lifewithoutlimbs dot org (I'm spelling it out so there is no delay with my post)--from no limbs to no limits. He is 25 and from Australia. He was born without arms or legs with no reason for the medical condition. He is a dynamic and inspirational speaker. I had bought his DVD and I will be watching it often if I start to feel depressed. I recommend for anyone feeling down to check out his site. He has a great sense of humor and determination and travels all over the world. Wow, what one person can do is amazing. Attitude is everything and he is certainly proof of that.
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I'm just a lurker in here (no injury but I have a macabre fascination with it, hoping I never have one and deriving inspiration with those struggling and overcoming).


I hate bad medicine ... nothing worse than people not knowing what they're doing and they're doing it to you or a loved one. Good luck with surgery/rehab and recovery.

I'm just curious - general question, how many people who've had this expect to ski again? Or is it normal you should be able to. In a sense I think this is worse than ACL for that. Maybe ACL is just more widespread and thus they've figured it out a little more.
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18 Weeks Post Surgery

California Quad Pop: Very sorry to hear of your misfortune. Good luck with surgery. I am somewhat concerned for you in that your bathroom is up a flight of stairs. I think you are going to have a real hard time getting up and down stairs for a week or so. Maybe see if you can stay with someone else for a week? Regardless, good luck - I like your attitude.

Fishbike: The Game Ready Machine looks very similar to the Iceman I was using for a couple of months after my surgery - absolutely key to my healing.

ct55: I AM going to ski again. It is the largest part of what makes me ME! I don't yet know that I will be ripping next season, but I fully expect to ski - a lot - just like every year - and my doc and PT agree with me. The level at which I am skiing will almost certainly not be as athletic this coming season, but I expect that to come back the following year.
As far as a comparison between this injury and ACL - I had an ACL five years ago in the same knee - in my view, the injuries are not even close. With an ACL, you still have some control of the leg, with a QTR, there is no control whatsoever - the muscles have completely detached. The pain of my QTR both post-injury and post-surgery was much, much higher than with the ACL. I had my ACL surgery on almost exactly the same date as my QTR surgery, but five years ago. At this point in time after my ACL, I was doing three hour mountain bike rides with 3500' in elevation gain. Last night, I did my second hill on the road (on my mountain bike because it has lower gearing) - it felt good, but I was much stronger 18 weeks after ACL surgery.

Thanks for all of your responses about the knee buckling - I am just working a lot on the bike and on short-arc quad sets to try to strengthen that very small ROM within which the buckling occurs.

Hope you all have a good weekend. Keep up the good attitude. CQP: please report back in so we know you made it through ok.
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Hi Gents, (assumed)

New QTRs abound!! Welcome boys, this injury sucks hard but it gets better.

IG- No buckling but some very random weakness if I am not concentrating on the task at hand. I find myself teaching my knee the work I need it to do. Running is still not fun or coordinated at 16 weeks post op. I look like a monkey f---ing a football! No rthym or natural balance. It will come back.

ct55- I will ski this winter, i will continue to bike this summer and will do some minor hiking as well. The biggest chore is mowing the hill in front of the house. It just takes me longer. I also fuller expect that I will be deployed to Afghanistan (second time) in Jan 0f 2010. I fully expect a full recovery!

Calipop- Welcome, your injury sounds like there were minimal contributing factors. Not even a good story to tell the ladies!

The best of days to you boyz! VS
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ct55: I would PLAN on skiing again! Your positive attitude will help! My OS did not give me any "No's", but he said some things could take time. Hang in there Bud!

VS: You too hang in there! My PT regime from OS called for "light running" at week 16 (the last week of regime they printed). I could not without the major "hitch". I was really bummed, and, in fact some of that depression on progress led me to search once again on the internet and I found this thread. (Thanks again IDG!). My original PT had run its course before then and i started a new one which allowed me a therapy pool (98F). When that pretty expired (80% strength in injured leg vs non-injured) i continued working out on my own, but I couldnt get rid of the hitch. I was on the Wave (skating like action) machine one nite and my 2nd PT got on the elliptical next to me....so i said, I cant get beyond this hitch, what should I do? Run through it or let it heal? He said, you can run in the pool, sometimes it is mental, run through it and if you have pain, see your OS. And i recalled how Sinrider pushed through it. So that is what I did, and I tried to focus on running (treadmill) normally, as long as I could. I ran through it. It was probably week 18, more like 19, when I got rid of the hitch. Last weekend I did 7.2 mph on my TM (I typically did 7.6-7.8 prior to injury) and i am at 6mo3wk then. So keep plugging away...I think i was giving in too much to the "feel" and not making the leg work correctly. Hey, hope it goes ok in Afghanistan, I had a buddy over there. Will they let you into combat zone with the history of QTR? Thanks!
IDG: a friend of mine had ACL and we had the "mine is worse than yours" thing going....I asked my surgeon...he said, well, neither, but if I had to choose, ACL.
CQP: How did it go? It will get better...hang in there!

Best to all!

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9 Weeks

I had PT session #7 yesterday; the first one with the new "no restrictions" script. I had the warm blanket on the knee to start, then ROM exercises including the stationary bike (partial rotations to stretch the ROM), lying on my back and sliding the foot down the wall, and using a strap to pull the leg while lying on my stomach. I could stretch the PROM to 85 degrees. Next up was the hot / cold water baths: dipping the leg in hot water for one minute followed by cold water for one minute, for a total of 5 iterations. I also started doing weightless squats. With the summer weather I am spending a lot of time outside walking. Hopefully that activity will help to increase my ROM. I also started driving today for the first time since surgery.
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hoorah VermontSolider - good luck with your QTR and Afghan stay. Wife's cousin with a young family is over there now, 2nd time, 4 including Iraq deployments. He's a helicopter mechanic and we leave a candle in the window for him til he returns.

Good vibes to all - you guys are all inspiring and here's to hoping everyone who wants to skis again!!!

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Four months post-surgery, today

Mahalo gents,

A quick howdy-do to all the newbies. Welcome - and sorry you're here.

To all you folks worried about resumption of normal activities, whatever they are - I had this same injury eight years ago, and though I don't remember exactly how long it was before I was completely back to normal, I've been doing anything I've wanted to ever since. Winters find me alpine skiing, tele-skiing, snowboarding, skating, and x-country skiing. The rest of the year, with lots of overlap, I'm an avid road/mountain cyclist, hiker, trail-runner, surfer, and windsurfer. And we're not talking as a recreational weekend-warrior either - for most of my life I have been doing at least some of the above at a professional or elite level. Including since the injury (feeling pretty good about that, at 51).

And until I wrecked the other knee this winter, I had completely forgotten about the previous injury, other than for the fact that the knees didn't match visually.

Well, now they do match, quite nicely. And I am once again doing everything I would be this time of year, at very close to the same level I was last year. So fear not - once your rehab is complete, there is no reason you shouldn't be able to do anything you could do before.

IG - sorry to hear about your buckling episodes. I wish I could offer some kind of suggestion, but I thankfully haven't had that problem for months. It probably is just a weakness in that short portion of your ROM. Hopefully it can be worked out.

VS - I've ridden by your sister's house a number of times since we spoke, on several Tues, Weds and/or Thursdays. But haven't seen your VW in the driveway (or any vehicle, for that matter, other than a contractor's van a couple of mornings this week). What time do you typically leave in the morning, return in the evening?

Best regards, all. Work hard, and you'll get back everything you ever had.
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3 weeks Post Op

hello everyone, finally got home yesterday 6/5. had surgery 5/15 and everything went well. stayed in hospital for 6 days since I had nobody at home to help me. OS concerned about infection and blood clots. hated it cause had to use bed pan. then on 5/21 moved me to the rehab section of hospital until yesterday, so spent 2 weeks in rehab. it was great they were very aggressive. was and still in brace both knees locked at 0 degrees. they gave me OT and PT exercises. was using walker to walk around during PT. also doing leg exercises. when I left brace was set at 50 degrees for walking and must be on 24 hours. having PT home visits until I go back to OS on 6/16 and then going for out patient PT. I have no pain, right knee was swollen but seems to be going down. staples were taking out 5/30. was able to walk up and down stairs with brace on in rehab. cant wait to get brace off to see how well I can really walk. well hope everyone is doing better and getting back to normal. so take care and be safe

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Train Buff

TrainBuff: Good to hear from you! As you see, we were wondering how it went for you and concerned. Glad things went well, and I think it is great you had the time in rehab. Now, keep the positive attitude and work to get back to normal! You see we have several new members of our "club" since you went under the knife. Glad you are back!
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Train, glad to hear you are back in the loop. These dudes have been looking for you. You had Bilateral injury? OUCH.

Sinrider, I am usually out of the house by 0630 in am and dont get there until 7p. Contractor van is my brother in law. If you pass and see the Vdub, hit the brakes and pull a full power slide to the drive way. My sister works for your dentist! They were talking about me and he said he knew someone with the same injury, it was you. Is it a small world or what?

The best of days to you all! VS
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16 Weeks

Hey -

I feel like I've gained my 5% this week to get me to 50%, but I'm still feeling elastic bands, some weakness in my quads, and am aware of every step I take.

trainbuff: So glad you made it home, and are walking with your walker already and even walking up and down stairs with your braces on in rehab. You're so far ahead of where I was at at that time. I'm glad you're OS is aggressive, because it will speed up your recovery.

Sinrider: You sound great, and we need to hear from you more.

Calipop: Hope your surgery went well. When you have an injury like ours, you really need your faith to get you through it. I checked out that website you mentioned and it's really something!

Openboater: It's interesting that this injury happened to such active people, when all they did was step wrong, slip, trip, fall, stretch or do something they've done hundreds of times. I don't think we can get too hung up on how we did it, because maybe the tendons were weak from overuse or whatever and it would have happened sooner or later. Hopefully, they will be stronger than before because the tendons should not have ruptured from some of these causes. Who knows??

Tiger Bait
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Day after surgery

I won't be here long as I have to sit at the edge of a chair to keep the leg straight in the immobilizer.

Surgery went well. The admitting nurse did tell me my doctor was very good. She had been a nurse over 25 years at this outpatient surgical center and they were all very nice and professional (unlike that ER room I went to).

I think the surgery took a little over an hour. Dad was more nervous than me! I was wheeled into the room and then the nurse had me scoot on the operating table. Then he started putting pads under my arms and strapping them down, the he put a large warm towel over my upper arms and body--that felt great. The anesthesiologist said he was going to give me a sedative and that is all I remember. I woke up and the nurse asked me my pain level. I said 6 or 7.
I tried deep breathing. They got me some morphine and something else.

Doctor said the quad was shredded pretty good. However, it didn't tear off at the tendon by the knee, so he didn't have to drill holes in the knee cap. I'm guessing that is good. However, it is all very painful.

I couldn't feel bad, as my doctor's first patient was in bed across from me waiting to go to surgery (he was relaxed--sleeping and snoring). The doctor came in and asked if he was in a motorcycle accident, as he had various surgeries, arms, legs, shoulders, etc. He said no, he was in an accident at work and a 500 pound air conditioner fell on him! Ouch!

If I didn't move at all then I was ok for a little while after surgery. But I knew I would be leaving soon and would have to get and into the car, so I concentrated on psyching up for that.

The only issue was the logistics for getting my pain meds, which I had discussed with Dad the night before. My Dad came in and during recovery. The nurses gave him my pain med prescription. I said in front of the nurses, "How are you going to get my pain meds Dad? You can't leave me in the car while you get them and I don't want to be alone at my house while you get them." So then the nurses said there was a pharmacy upstairs and they would keep my there until he came back with the prescription--gee thanks! I guess they could sense my anxiety level.

Ok, so I'm on Vicodan (one every 4 hours). I don't find it makes me fuzzy, just a little dry mouth, so I'm constantly sipping water when I'm not asleep. They gave me 2 refills. However, sometimes about 30 minutes to an hour before the next pill, I start feeling the burning and pain (the leg on fire someone described), so I get my hypnosis CD for pain management. I listen to that, totally relax, and usually fall asleep for a few hours.

I've been able to slowly get up the stairs to the bathroom. I use a crutch and the railing. The doctor said I could put my weight on the bad leg, but I don't dare put my full weight on it right now.

Every now and then I'll get on my crutches and slowly walk to the kitchen and get some ice water. After a session up and down the stairs, I am in a full sweat because it is really a work out just to do that. I've had to change my clothes 2 times a day. I just wear a long T shirt and underpants as sometimes those things catch on the rods of the stabilizer and sometimes I barely make it up to the bathroom! I start up early.

Do you all think I'm on the right path to recovery? I've been able to control my pain with the drugs and hypnosis. My Dad stayed with me overnight and tonight. He has gone out and got us breakfast and dinner, helps me adjust my leg on a pillow, get me things, etc. I know I've been cranky, but he had arthroscopic surgery on both knees (different times) and a hip replacement, so he is familiar with surgery and recovery.

I got hiccups several hours after surgery, must have been anesthesia. That was rough. Hiccup (oww!) Hiccup (oww!)

Well, I've been keeping my leg up yesterday and today as outlined for me. I go to my post-op appointment in 2 weeks.

Back to the couch.


P.S. I've only skiied a few times. It is not something I will be doing in the future. I plan to concentrate on walking, weights, stationary biking, and things like that. My sport in college was archery! Thankfully I have a lot of upper body strength and I guess quads so powerful they can shred in half in a split second!
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Wow - you go away for a few days and have a book to read in here when you get back.

First welcome CQP - sorry you injured yourself but glad you're here amongst friends. I think you're the first lady we have in here. Glad your surgery went well and yes your recovery (although just started) sounds very familiar to us all. I'm also concerned with the washroom upstairs part though. Be careful on those stairs. We don't want you falling. And I too recall the "workouts" to get around those first few days. And this surgery gives you every right to be cranky.

Bulldog - you are absolutely correct, the stair exercise does help with ramps. I had very little problem with airport ramps this week. Even the 5 hour flights were not too bad on the knee. I got up a few times and stretched, and of course having the business class leg room rally helps when you're 6'4". And leg lifts with my feet turned out have really helped with the muscles on the inside of the leg. I am still at around 200 leg lifts a day and have graduated to using 5lb weights. The other exercise this week was tightening the quad muscles, bringing the toes up towards the knee and holding a straight leg lift. I am up to about 6 sets of 10 lifts and can hold it now for about 20 seconds. The muscles are realy coming back strong now.

CT55 - glad you haven't injured yourself. Perhaps you will learn from us and never face this injury yourself. I highly recommend that you avoid this one. Re your question of skiing. I can say with confidence that I will never ski again. Of course I couldn't ski pre-injury either. However, watching people on TV doing moguls hurts just to watch.

Leg is getting better, now just need to get over this jet lag this morning. Be well everyone.
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Calipop, our first admitted female! Now I can tell my wife that this injury is not completely the domain of middle aged men doing stupid boy tricks! Manage your pain but get up and about early and often. It is really good for the injury (within reason) but more importantly for the mind.

All, I am actually going to try to run a 2 mile Army PT test in the am. It will not be pretty but I need a baseline to work from.

Vermont is about 100 degrees today with about 100% humidity. NICE

The best of days! VS
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PT Update

Hello Everyone,

I had my fourth PT visit this Friday. ROM increased from 68 2 days previous to 73. Making progress, but it comes slowly. Work the leg at home and at work as much as possible. Can feel the strength slowly returning. Putting more and more weight on the leg, but still in a brace set at 90 and still on crutches. PT thinks I'll be at 120 by the end of June, the brace that is, not necessarily me.

How long before you can start driving SAFELY? I have been tempted to try, but have not. PT doesn't seem to recommend it just yet since I am still in a brace. Luckily, my wife is off from work the next 3 weeks and can get me back and forth to work. After that I should be able to drive on my own.

VTSoldier: 100 degrees? That sounds hot for you guys in the north couuntry. I hear the east has been having pretty hot weather lately. Here in the Rockies we have had a pretty chilly, cloudy and windy couple of months. Had a lot of rain the past two weeks. Today, June 7, it never made it out of the mid 60's and is about 58 right now at 7pm. Possible frost tonight, but I hope not as we just got our flowers in. Where in Vermont are you?

Idaho Guy: I bet the buckling you describe will disappear in time as the strength comes back to your leg. I have been putting more and more weight on my leg and can feel the strength returning, but I can also feel the instability in my leg if I try to put all my weight on it - it feels like it would buckle on me.

Without sounding negative about getting back to skiing when we are all rehabbed, do you guys think that activity will be to risky? We all know how much stress is put on the quads during skiing and I'm just wondering if the strain on that tendon would be to much after it has already been torn? I would love to ski again, but am deathly afraid of tearing that tendon and having to go through this a second time. Also, if the tendon is torn again I wonder if they could repair it as well the 2nd time? I don't know, just some thoughts. I would love to think we will all be able to do the same activities that we did before, and maybe we can, but at what risk?
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3 weeks 3 days Post Op

hello everyone, hope you are enjoying this nice hot weather. I was wondering if anyone can tell me how soon did you go back to work. Im in a hinged brace set at 60 degrees. or did you wait until the brace came off. go back to OS on 6/16. thanks everyone for the encouragement and concern.
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train buff: I went back to work about two weeks after surgery in a hinged brace which was set at 0. I work in an office and it was uncomfortable and awkward to sit in a chair all day and go from my computer back to my desk or to grab the phone. Have to move around the office alot to get files and to see other people. The first few weeks back I was exhausted at the end of the day. Had a wheelchair to wheel myself around to try to take some of the strain off my shoulders from the crutches.

I guess it depends on what type of work you do. I also do alot of field work in addition to the office thing, but I cannot get out in the field for awhile yet because I cannot drive, although I am going to drive to work tomorrow for the first time in two months. We'll see how that goes.
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Greetings Travelers!

CalPop: Wow! Our first gal! Looking forward to your perspective on this. you and i (I think) are the "lucky" ones here, my OS found enough tendon to do a tendon to tendon repair as well. I think that shortens the terrible pain period. I empathize with you. While I go to the home office frequently, and travel, my main office is in my home, in the basement. Prior to surgery I moved my computer to the dining room and emailed from there, but sitting on the edge of the chair with a straight leg was not comfortable. I had my surgery on a Monday and had enough Percocet till Saturday. The PA offered me a refill but I declined and did Aleve. And the effort to walk initially was significant, but eases. I too had the sweats, but I think it was after effects of anesthesia and the Percocet. I slept on our family room couch for a couple of weeks as I wasnt sleeping well and had the need to get up every couple of hours, it seemed to reduce the pain. My PA told me to elevate the leg above my head, easy to say! You are on the right track, do everything you are told and a little more.
TBuff: I didnt go back to work for 7 weeks, but I had Thanksgiving and Christmas in there so nothing much going on anyway. Coulda gone back sooner but I woulda had a tough time as my job entails training, so on my feet, or computer, so sitting and the straight leg sitting is uncomfortable.
WyoPapa: Yes, ski! Get back to it all! Go back and read Sinrider's comments about his first QTR. I am now doing all my outside stuff (yard, woods) and dont have much difficulty, just the "awareness" of the knee. We have had some tough storms here in MN lately and I lost a huge tree Friday. Cut it up and cleaned up the debris yesterday.

Best to All!

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Glad to see we have a few new faces here, sorry you are here for having a QTR - Train, I was out of work for 12 weeks, just went back to work last week. I am a Special Education teacher, and just couldn't handle the driving to and from work and chasing after the kids until recently. Plus, I work with young kids with Hyperactivity - last thing I needed was a very active one running into my knee! I still walk with a cane when the kids are around to warn them to be careful. The good news for me, two more weeks of school, and then it is Summer Break! I think I can get used to this, three months off, work for three weeks, get another two months off... just as long as it doesn't include any more damage to appendages!

Personal update - I have been having the knee buckle a little from time to time, especially when walking on uneven road. My knee does a lot of snap, crackle and pop if I sit too long in a position greater than 90 degrees. I am now able to go up two or three flights of stairs normally, still cautious when going down stairs. 13 1/2 weeks in, and my OS dismissed me two weeks ago, and PT is looking to dismiss me this week. So, general question for the group, after OS and PT dismiss you, who do you go to if you need support (other than back to this thread for the moral support!)?
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I was out of work for 3 weeks but had the ability to dial in and have great connectivity at the house. 3 weeks with a limited duty schedule. More than tha and i would have been out of my tree! I was driving rental cars full size with automatic at 3 weeks and in my 5 speed(with seat adjustment, they pulled out the slide stops on the seat) at 6 weeks.

WyoP, I am not sure if it is really critical that you ever ski again. If you love it, set it as a goal! I have a 7 year old who has the skiing itch and there is notthing better than following him down a trail for 6 hours and being cooked at the end of the day with a bowl of ski area chili and a beer. It gets no better for me! It is the goal that drives me. We are in Windsor VT, proximate to Mt Ascutney and Killington.

It is hot in Vermont. The best of days to all. VS
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VermontSoldier: Your description of skiing with your son is what I hope to be able to do with my Grandson and I will set that as a goal. If I am not able to ski again at least I had all the years of skiing up to now and have some great memories, but I am going to give it a shot again, not this coming season, but 2009 for sure.

Vermont is a very beautiful state, you are fortunate to live there. When I lived in Penna. I drove up to Killington with a buddy and skied for a week in March. That was back in 1968 or 69. Would like to get back there someday and at least show my wife that country as she is from Wyoming and has never seen New England.

I was able to drive to work today for the first time in two months and then to PT. No problem, even with the brace on set at 90.

chihibulldog: Thanks for the encouragement about skiing. Glad to hear you are back to doing yard work,etc. and that things are returning to normal for you. How long has it been since your surgery? As much as I dislike mowing the lawn I now cannot wait to get back to doing it and being able to do all the other stuff around the house that needs to be done. Windows need washing very badly and my wife may help me do those. Hate to hire someone to do them for me when I have all the equipment.

You guys in the Midwest have been having some wicked weather lately with all the tornadoes and flooding. Hope you did not sustain much damage other than your tree.

Calpop: How are things going for you now that your surgery is over? Are you home recuperating okay? Stay in touch.
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