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Socalman, I really don't know but I lean towards the surgery. I was never able to do a seated leg lift... always about 20 degree lag, and was told over and over I would get there but never did. I did over two hours of exercise per day on the quad, walked about an hour and a quarter, and used a muscle stimulation machine for at least an hour a day so I don't think I left anything that could be done out. ( On the plus side my quad made it through the most recent surgery a lot stronger than the first time which should help when PT starts today). I doubt my right quad was ever stronger than when I went in for the second surgery. I have been using the EMS machine on the quad set at between 45 and 60 for two hours a day since week three when the OS allowed it so I should be ahead of the game for PT.

Rehab was tough the first time but it was the middle of winter, having this operation in the middle of golf season is awful. I can't wait to get out and drive... both the car and a golf ball

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Hey Socalman, I just realized that I never answered your question. Discomfort, hurting, and some pain are normal for seven weeks and will be for a while longer. You are making things work that haven't worked for a while so during the early part of PT you will have some pain. When you get to the rebuilding muscle mass part it becomes more of a tired but good feeling  proposition since you are getting to where you want to be.

I had my first PT this morning and although I could only get my ROM to about 60 I was able to get full extension on my seated leg lifts which is a great accomplishment since I never was able to do that after the first surgery.  

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My surgery was July 21. I had my first PT session yesterday 8-30. I started with 69 degrees and ended the session with 80 degrees. This is at 5 weeks - maybe a little more.  I was impressed with the therapist - - he seemed to be very knowledgeable about QTR.  

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Socalman, thanks so much for your thorough and thoughtful response.  You hit the nail right on the head.  Saw my doctor today and he showed me my MRI.  I have a 50% tear of the tendon and the tendon has retracted only a couple of centimeters from the patella.  Given the size of the tear and my age and fitness level, he strongly suggested the surgery be done before the tendon retracts any more and before scar tissue starts to develop.  He said he's going to use two metal posts anchored to my knee instead of drilling holes.  It's scheduled for tomorrow and it's being done on an outpatient basis.


He suggested I stay home and off my feet for at least a week so I think I'll be spending a lot of time reviewing this blog.  Thanks again for your response and advice.  I'll let you know how I make out in the next couple of days.  Best of luck to you and your continued recovery!

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 I went to my OS Wednesday for my 5 week post operation appointment and he was really happy with the outcome of his surgery. He said I could lose the straight leg brace...Yahoo!!!!! He also said there was no reason that I could not start driving... Yahoo!!!! I thought it would be at least two more weeks before I could drive so you have no idea how much freedom it now feels like I have. This is how it feels to be on the road to recovery, I am not even ticked anymore that it took having the operation twice to get here.

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Socalman, I just got stuck in deep powder not far from our cabin near Yellowstone last winter in a short track snowmobile.  When I was trying to pop the machine out of the snow I was along side it pushing hard and then running next to it as it came up out of the snow hole.  My legs were very cold and it was an awkward angle and my L knee quad tendon tore.  I thought I got shot or broke my leg or something.  I was lying there in the snow when my physical therapist brother-in-law came over to me and quickly figured out what I had done (and started making fun of me).  Anyway, the newer long track sleds get stuck less if you're careful and reverse also helps you get out if stuck.  Electric start is just a nice option.  I just passed 8 months and continue to recover.  Ran another 10K yesterday, 54 minutes.  Knee felt good.  Soon I won't be able to use that as an excuse for everyone beating me.  Good luck to you and everyone as you recover.  Patience, we'll all get better.  Andy.

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Whess3298, found the blog earlier today and just read your message.  I simply had to follow up as I am also in my 50's and live in Colorado. 


Where to start?  First, thanks to you and many others for starting and continuing this blog for all of us QTRs.  I experienced many emotions this morning as I was reading, from dispair at the daunting recovery ahead to elation at the success stories and support for working hard and getting back to skiing again. 


Second, I am a former ski racer who is (was?) trying to stay in shape and slow down the aging process.  I would like to tell you some story about back country pow-pow and some steep chute that resulted in my injury but the truth is I was rough-housing with my teenage daughter, trying to throw her in the pool, on 7/23 and my left leg collapsed under me.  I thought I had broken my femur and I screamed like crazy.  Eventually the pain subsided and my wife took me to the emergency room, dragging my dangling limb.  Two orthopods and one MRI later, on 7/29 I felt the anesthesia hit my vein and woke up babbling but with a repaired knee.  The first week was filled with pain management and movies (I cannot remember whether I watched 30 different movies or one movie 30 times?), but like several of you I found the drug-fog numbing and depressing and finally turned to the occasional ibuprofen. 


Third, the rehab is proceeding with CPM and PT.  Leg is still in a brace and locked at zero and I am on crutches but weight-bearing.  I hope the quad is strong enough when I see my OS this week that I can lose the crutches and start bending the brace; we'll see. 


Fourth, this has been a profoundly eye-opening experience, e.g., handicap parking, stairs, getting dressed, being afraid of falling the shower, etc.  Notwithstanding these new experiences, I, like so many of you, am thankful for a wonderful wife and companion (and die hard skier) who has cared for me with only the occasional sharp complaint (precipitated by Chardonay); and also appreciative that it was my left quad which allowed my to drive. 


I missed the family backpacking and fishing trips in the high country in August.  I look forward to tomorrow's strength and sometime in the future, probably on some crisp cold morning in mid-November 2012, half-sitting on the back bumper of my truck and putting my left foot into a ski boot ....

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Just a hello from the past...my surgery was July 2010 for a partial tear.  One fastner into the kneecap to reattach the rectus femoris tendon.  I'm a road cyclist (usually about 7000 miles/year) and was allowed to resume riding after about 10 weeks.  I had no strength, limited range of motion, and serious concerns that my racing days were over.   I slowly recovered, and trained with weights and riding.  Now I'm riding better than before the injury, but the injured quads are still smaller and weaker than the other leg. 


Moral, it just takes time, effort, and more time to get better...don't despair... it will improve

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Thanks for continuing the great posts guys!  LastRunSC ---sorry you are here. It has been a great help to me just reading the horror/tradegy/triumph stories.  PT appointment today. I was 80 degrees last Tuesday and 107 degrees today. PT says I am ahead of schedule with flexibility but he is concerned with swelling.  I was more swollen today than last Tues, August 30.  Merlin, thanks for the encouragement. 

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Good going Whess, your getting there!


I get my ROM back very fast, today was my 5th home PT appointment and I reached 135 but like you I still have a lot of swelling. I start outside PT tomorrow since I can now drive.  My surgery was 7/26 so we can compare notes being so close. I am walking with a single crutch outside and nothing inside the house... just have to be careful for the first few steps when I get up from sitting for an extended period.

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New forum member..... with QTR.  Specs:  Injury 7/31/2011, surgery 8/18/2011, started CPM at 40 degrees 8/19 and reached 125 degrees 9/2/2011.  OS has limited me to toe touch only on repaired leg, still using crutches but no brace since day two. I have been icing and using EMS since the second day and started PT on 9/5.  Next visit to OS on 9/14 and am hoping for permission to start weight bearing on leg at that time.  My injury occurence was pretty mundane--- walking across aircraft hangar, something slippery on the floor caused me to do the splits ending with left leg folded under me and flexing too far.  Very significant pain immediately, and then unable to stand or walk.  Diagnosed as QTR, but since it happened at work, had to go through workmen's comp process to get authorization for surgery.  That took several weeks.  I'm improving daily, and was pleased to find this forum for discussion and info.  I read several months of the original start up members, and then jumped to the present day to share my story, and thank those that have kept this information source going.  It is definitely inspiring to read the stories of improvement and success, and the methods used to get there. 

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Ski weeks since surgery today.  PT going well.  Weight bearing but still wearing brace and using crutches.  About 90 degrees flexion.  My OS is very cautious with brace and flexion and crutches.  His rationale is that repair is not strong enough until 5-7 weeks to withstand new trauma.  Has anyone used pool therapy?

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Hi Everybody: I haven't posted in some time but I'm within 2 weeks of one year from double QTR operation. When I read Auscoach recent entry, I found that I felt the same way.. I'm older than most on here (69 now) but played a lot of different sports until about 5-6 years ago. Most of my activity since that time was a lot of golf and an very ocasional run on the treadmill. Did the rehab (with a PT for 8 weeks) then was told by the OS that I could continue with the PT or "join a gym". I ended up joining the gym. The gym I joined is one of those that is open 24/7 and It's been great. I have been getting there 5-6 days a week and do the bikes, elipticals and weights. I find I'm in much better condition now than before the injury. 69 really is the new 49. So, hang in there everybody. We all feel your pain (and, boy is it a drag) but always remember - this is an "injury" not a "sickness", We're all eventually going to recover 100% - some maybe more quickly than others but we'll all get there eventually. Good luck to all of you.

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Good positive post.  That's the mental stress that accompanies this injury . . . .it's difficult to see that you will be normal or near-normal eventually.  I am making progress each day  but my pathetic looking /weak feeling/awkward stepping/won't do what I want it to traumatized quadricep is still there. I am fortunate to have found this thread - - what a great resource! Thanks!

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LastRunSCGuy ....  Like so many here, I am encouraged by the positive attitudes and the stories of returning to normal activities.  I am in my late 50's, injured myself (slipped and landed with my left leg folded under me) on 7/31, but didn't get the surgery until 8/18 (due to hassles with workmen's comp).  It has amazed me to read about the broad range of recovery directions from the OS's represented here.  I started CPM the day following the surgery, but am still not permitted to be load bearing on the leg.  I haven't worn a brace (other than when I go out of the house for Dr appt's), but I am on crutches.  I started PT at the third week following surgery, and when I see the OS this week (4th) I'm hoping to be permitted to begin load bearing and more aggressive PT.  In reading the earlier posts, I thought that the idea of water therapy sounded very sound, so ..... since I have a pool, I began gentley walking laps, letting the water bouy me up while the leg was articulating in a normal (sort of) walking motion.  It felt good, but stiff to work the leg. I gave up the pain meds on the second day post surgery, with the thought that I wanted to be able to feel as much as possible what was going on with the leg/knee repair during CPM and later, PT.  I've lost muscle tone and mass on the calf and quad on the injured leg --- PT is helping to begin working on that, but hopefully the pool therapy helped also.  I intend to continue that, weather permitting.


To all who post here:  Thanks for the information that everyone shares.  I've learned more, and feel much more hopeful about the prospects for the future.  I'm impatient to get better and get back to my normal pursuits, but realize that it will take time, and it's better to only go through recovery once ...... Please continue to post information, updates, etc

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Injury 9/12/10

Surgery 9/16/10


Hey guys and gals,


One year ago today I was getting my MRI and the bad news that I needed surgery to repair a full mid-quad rupture.  I couldn't bear weight for 5 weeks and thought I was in Hell and worried if I would ever recover.  The 5th week I received my clearance for PT and felt a new lease on life.  Every day since has been a progression.  I'm still not quite where I was pre-injury in all facets of my life but no one would be able to tell it that isn't me.  I can run, sprint, squat 405 for 6 reps, do lunges, go up and down stairs, have full range of motion, zero tightness, and 99% of the things I was looking to achieve pre-injury. 


I'm 43 so time will slow things down naturally but I still can't sprint quite as well as I could, the outside of my knee still really doesn't have much feeling, and my lateral movement is about 75% what it was.  All of these things I expect to improve over more time as long as I work on them.  I haven't worked on lateral quickness much at all but went out to hit some tennis balls the other day and just noticed it wasn't where it should be so it's something I need to work on.  The numbness will take time to heal as the nerves reattach.  The sprinting just needs more work.


Wherever you are in your recovery, there is progress to be made and you should all be close to well before you know it. Good luck to all...



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Original Injury, Sept 23, 2010

Surgery, Sept 29, 2010

Today, Sept 17, 2011


Playing basketball, I tore the left quadriceps tendon.  It was horrible, as you all know.  The trick is to refrain from moving the knee that first few months.  This repair must be healed before you begin to rehab.  It has been almost a year since I was hurt.  Just a couple weeks ago, I played basketball for the very first time since the injury.  I was very concerned about injuring it again.  I am very concerned about tearing my right quadriceps tendon.  But I took it easy and survived.  It wasn't pretty as I moved very slow; but my teamates were tolerant.  This really is a life altering injury.  Have some respect for it.



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Quad Tear Injury Date: July 9, 2011

Surgery                          July 21, 2011



True words - life altering.  I am only two months out from my surgery, and recovery is going well, but I keep discovering ways my life  is going to be different.  I am already experiencing some paranoia about reinjury.  Bad thoughts of coming snow and ice, another slip while going down stairs, etc.  Like you, I worry about my other quad - - I have pain at the top of the knee during flexion.  Physical therapy yesterday - 120 degrees and gaining strength.  Therapist says I am progressing very well.  Thanks for the post.  It's great to hear from you guys who have been where we newbies are.



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Interesting you mention the burning sensation above the good knee.  I feel the same way.  And I'm wondering what pain I felt that day which I didn't notice or which I simply ignored.  I'm 6'1" and weigh 240.  So I have a lot of aches and pains from trying to play basketball.  So I'm sure I wouldn't have believed anything big was going to happen.  But I swear I don't want to go through this again.  Does anyone know if there is a test a doctor can run to see if the tendon is partially torn before this happens?  I have read on this site about guys doing both of them at once.  Wow.....  I think one was bad enough...  Currently, I feel like my knees will always be of different strengths.  I suppose them healing at the same time would be the ONLY benefit of them both being injured at the same time.  Ha...



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I told my PT about the pain above the good knee.  He says most athletic and active men have small strains/tears that go unnoticed until they have a traumatic event.  He says doing the same strengthening exercises for the good leg that I am doing for the injured leg will likely prevent the same injury.  God I hope so.... This PT is very knowledgeable - - I had clicking in my knee while doing quad lifts on his machine last Friday(Sept 16) and he said "watch this" while putting pressure on one side of my knee cap with his fingers and the clicking immediately stopped.  He gave me exercises to help correct this and said to do them on both legs. 



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Full tear 12/12/10

Surgery 12/22/10


Hi all,


I guess once you have been a member of this club, you will always want to come back and see how others are doing. Hello to bilateraldave and TexasDiesel who were posting when I first found this thread, and all of the newbies who have the misfortune of being here now. I am about 9 months post injury and surgery, and doing quite well. I have returned to most of the activities I enjoyed before my fall, although there is still a SMALL amount of discomfort in the knee when jogging, climbing, kneeling and squatting, but being 54 I expect aches and pains anyway. I still have a pop, and some grinding in my knee that the OS says may never go away, but they are not at all painful, just weird to hear and feel. Still numb around most of the surgical area, but notice that feeling comes back little by little. My quad is still noticeably smaller than the good leg, and still has a noticeable dent where the repair was made, which hurts nothing but my vanity, but it is regaining strengh all of the time, and the OS tells me it will continue to strengthen for up to 2 years. The OS also continues to remind me that this is a very, very, very serious injury, in his words, and that progression comes in small steps, as many of you are now realizing. My words of wisdom, for what they are worth, are to listen to the OS and therapist, and take it slow and let this thing heal. Doing to much to quickly will only delay your recovery. As whess3298 eluded to, this is truly a life altering injury especially in the beginning, and a little more so if you are a little older like me. No offense bilateral Dave! And I hope you are right that the new 49 is 69!! Also, I am not sure that the thought of slipping on stairs or falling again on snow or ice, will ever go away. God, I am dreading winter. I had never fallen until this accident but find myself being overly cautious even on wet floors now. Don't get discouraged because things will get better. Keep posting and reading. I found it to be a great help mentally to be able to go through this thing with others who were experiencing the same pains and trials. Remember, take it slow! Most of us end up being success stories!


Good luck to all !


 inpatientguy - Rick

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Hello to All,


I've been reading the blogs and finding comfort in this forum for about a month. On August 20th I had a complete tear of my right quad. I was jet skiing and hit the bottom of a rolling wave while coming off the top of another. I might as well have hit a wall. The pain immediately followed the tearing sounds. Thank goodness for my life jacket because it enabled me to dog paddle about twenty yards to the jet ski. I could not figure out what had happened...years of college football and strength training did nothing to prepare me for this injury. My initial thought was that I broke my femur but when I reached down under the water to feel my leg I noticed that my knee cap was sticking out. Friends finally pulled up on a boat and towed me to the beach on a tube. By the time I had reached the hospital, by way of an ambulance, the pain had decreased from 9 out of 10 to maybe a 5.


Surgery was on August 23rd. My OS is my neighbor and stopped over on August 27th. He had never seen it and does not know how I did it but apparently the Quad split 4 inches up my leg. It butterflied up...Anyway, I've been told PT would not start for at least 6 weeks. I have not used crutches since day 2 and have my brace set at 40. I can and do leg raises everyday and have no problem with weight bearing even without the brace. My problem is I need to travel for work and hit the road this week.


My flight to Denver went OK but driving the rental car has been tough and I almost tossed the car keys threw the window today. Not a good day. Maybe I'm just hitting the wall. I knew this would be a mental battle but today it boiled over. I'm 41 and have never had a knee issue. Just hanging on to the advice in this forum!



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Complete rupture and detachment..im nine months out of surgery and cannot run yet...hard to go up and down stairs! I was a Master's sprinter in great shape before. Now I can't even run! Anyone know an awesome therapist or a way to determine if the quad was repaired properly?

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Hello All,


I am about 3 weeks away from my 1 year Bi Lateral Tear and repair.  Left leg was a 100% tear and the right only 75%.....only...ha!  I have not been on in awhile but as was mentioned before, the site always draws you back. It is quite the fraternity! (sorry ladies)  Anyway, I am a sports performance coach so this injury really did a number on me mentally as well as physically. You really fell ineffective trying to teach something you cannot demonstrate.  I am now just beginning to be able to sprint, demo agility drills and plyo work. The main issue I had during recovery was the left quad/VMO was delayed in firing. I had to really be careful when I took a step without thinking about it. If I concentrated, the quad would fire as expected. Even today, there is a slight residual but not a "show stopper". Before my injury, the pain above my patella's grew worse over the course of about 2 years. My OS advised that the pain was probably micro tears and that I had been on this course for awhile. Moral of this for anyone having any tendinitis issues, don't ignore them!  As far as training my knee/tendon pain was so bad before I did not do a lot of lunges, no squats and only partial leg presses to try and keep some musculature. I now do things that I have not been able to do for over 4 years! So, there is life after a Quad tear!  In my case, a better physical existence, so don't fret. I use a safety squat bar and do high rep sets of 225lbs in an almost full squat, which I would have never dreamed of. I am able to do just about all exercises I have my athletes perform; sled pushes/pulls, sandbag cleans, lunge jumps, plyo work and a lot of lateral movement drills. (Thats for you TD!! :))    One thing to remember during recovery. As soon as you can obtain full range of motion, always keep improving on it, even when you are able to start resistance training. I have found that my knees feel 100% better when I am able to exercise with full ROM. I make sure I stretch everyday with my bands, especially quad and hip flexor stretches. Best one;  wrap a strength band around your foot, facing you. Hold on to the band and roll over on your stomach, pulling the band tight over your shoulder. The place a yoga block or any item to keep your knee off of the floor. With the block under your knee and pulling on the band try and relax. You are stretching your quad and hip flexor and it is tough if you have not been doing it . Once you feel comfortable, drive your heel towards the ceiling and hold for 2 seconds, return and repeat for as many reps as you can stand.  Your goal is to get your knee off of the block as high as you can. The action involves you flexing your hip extensors while stretching your hip flexors. This will help correct any muscular imbalances you may have. (excluding adductor/abductor work)


Anyway just my 2 cents worth. By the way I am 49 yoa for those interested. So, keep up the hard work, it does get better as the veterans have explained.


Take care and good luck to all!



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Has anyone had to go through this three times???


Nine weeks post op, and things were going great until last week. Started with massive swelling and knee buckling. Went to the OS yesterday and he attempted to drain the fluid but found out like the first QTR the fluid is in the tissue and he can do nothing to remove it. His hope is that PT will push it out but has cautioned me to always walk using the cane.

I am hoping against hope that it works since I can do straight leg raises and other things I could not do after the first surgery,  and there is nothing I can do if this surgery fails also. Kind of depressing to keep doing all the rehab and not see positive effects.

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As many others have, I found this site surfing the web looking for answers for the injury I recently sustained.  In my case, I was Skydiving 17 September doing a Tandem jump ( where a student is harnesses in front of the instructor).  We were exitting a Beach Craft "King Air" at 18,000' with video.  The exit door is small so I have to bend down a little to exit.  On this jump, the student "got a little squirrely".  I ended up smashing my left knee on exit on the inside corner of the fuselage.  In freefall I knew immediately something was wrong...a lot of pain.  After we were under canopy, I looked at my left knee and saw a buldging kneecap and two tendons popping up.  Long story short, I informed the student, he helped me with the landing, and I went to the ER.  X-Ray showed no fractures ( I would have bet on a fractured patella).  On 19 September, I saw my Doctor and got a referral for an MRI.  This was done on 21 September.  I got a call from this Doc on 23 September, and was told I have a patrial tear of the Quadricep tendon.  I see an Ortho on 26 September, so I'll post the results for everything.

I am able to walk now, but first 4 days were on crutches.  If I need surgery, I sure have a lot of company.  Thanks to all for their contributions, it is VERY informative !!!  Regards...

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Hello to my QTR buds and newbies!  Glad to hear youre all improving (whether youre seeing it or not, you are getting or going to get better!)  Ive been away for a month and Im curious to see how everyone is doing.  Im now at 11 weeks post op and seeing good improvements although its still a slow slog compared to bone fracture injuries Ive had.  Im taking PT once a week with ROM at over 120.  I noticed that when I did strengthening excercises (small 2" step ups) that my knee felt better as if there was a cushion between the joints that felt almost "good" as I walked sans the crutch.  Usually the pain would return in a little while though...but it was a good sign that quad strengthening is they key to reducing pain. 


Last week I walked all through the supermarket with no cane.... the going was a little wobbly and stiff with a limp and some pain but it felt like tendons and muscles were firmly building up again.  I couldnt believe that I was actually happy to be limping:-)  I now hobble around the house with no cane or crutches on a daily basis.  In the morning I noticed that when I yawn and stretch at the same time my quad response actually feels good again like it used to... in fact it even feels better than I remember....like new tissue stretching for the first time.  Of course there are still good and bad days... a typical bad day would be one where I have pain in the knee joint area when walking or doing PT but that is easily diagnosed as resulting from swelling and fluid in the joint.  Swelling is easy to resolve with pressure massaging the fluid and "pushing" it out of the joint.  I cant wait to start really building up my quad muscles!  I think once that process begins, (not before 6 weeks!) progress will be even more noticeable.  Again, Quad strengthening=pain reduction.  It actually feels good to stretch the repair during ROM excercises now.  Still cant walk up stairs at this point but that wont be long down the road.


I feel for all of you that are newbies to this injury.... if its any consolation, I can attest that I was EXACTLY where you are just under three months ago, wondering if I would EVER recover from this debilitating injury that hit me like a ton of bricks from out of the blue!  But keep your head up because you will get better!  Im living proof.  God speed and keep the faith.

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Originally Posted by getting there View Post

Has anyone had to go through this three times???


Nine weeks post op, and things were going great until last week. Started with massive swelling and knee buckling. Went to the OS yesterday and he attempted to drain the fluid but found out like the first QTR the fluid is in the tissue and he can do nothing to remove it. His hope is that PT will push it out but has cautioned me to always walk using the cane.

I am hoping against hope that it works since I can do straight leg raises and other things I could not do after the first surgery,  and there is nothing I can do if this surgery fails also. Kind of depressing to keep doing all the rehab and not see positive effects.

Hi getting there!  What is going on with you now my friend?  Nine weeks postop this shouldnt happen but dont despair or jump to conclusions ok?  Thats half the battle...keeping a postive outlook.  Your OS is 100% correct!  Back off a while from all physical stress to the repair and let it get back to healing.  Maybe you pushed too hard to fast.  That means no walking without a cane or even a crutch if that feels better.  Massage massage massage!  If you havent started PT, start massaging with a good amount of pressure where the swelling is and "push" the fluid out of the area... do this as much as you can.... at least four times a day or more.  Take NSAIDS to reduce the swelling and even take some good quality fish oil to help with that.  I would even put the brace back on with ROM set to 90 degrees max.  The brace will give you lateral support to take pressure off the repair too.  Try doing that for a few days and see if it helps. 


Dont worry all will be OK getting there.  Keep me posted.  ....God is going to Bless You


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this is a long haul folks. I am at 6 months now, and if all i wanted to do was golf or even bodybuild/powerlift, life would be great. But i want to get back to competitive jiu jitsu and its just not even close yet. any sig eccentric work cuases a loty of swelling tightness and pain the ensuing several days. Its very frustrating. At 2 months I felt...'This wasn't so bad" at 6 months I am thinking this %^&&%$# ing sucks! Again if you don't care so much about exceptional speed and flexibility it probably won't be so frustrating....me I am very sick and tired of this rehab. good luck everyone, I am not trying to ruin your day, just giving a heads up to the recovery time. BTW upt to 4 months I was way ahead of the game, since then my progress has come back to earth.

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Just found this page on the web.Today is day 15 post op for left QTR that I injured sliding into second base playing baseball. NOT GETTING PAID ENOUGH TO DO THAT ANYMORE! Had 4 holes drilled into my patella and the tendons reattached. My leg is currently immobilized and my OS says that it will be like that until I see him again on Oct, 26th. I am able to use crutches to move about very slowly and using a yoga belt to lift my leg up and down from a chair. Besides the pain etc. I need to get back to work asap or lose my job as I am self employed. How much am I risking trying to go down the steps from house and then get into a car for a half drive to work? At work I can sit with my leg elevated, and of course I have to repeat the exercise to get home.Thanks. 

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