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Mitch,  I'm with you.  About 8.5 months into recovery and my knee still is not 100%.  When I was told it would take a year to fully recover I couldn't accept it.  Believe me folks, it will be a year.  With that in mind, don't push too hard, too fast.  Be patient.  At times the progress is slow.  I'm going to run up to Big Sky today to ski --- but I won't be skiing for as long as I'd like or where I want to ski but I will be skiing.  Some activities are done without even thinking about the knee.  Others, like skiing or hiking, are done but still not at 100%.  However, I do know that full recovery is only about 3.5 months away.  Be strong. Be patient.  Heal up.  Brian.

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Thanks for your comments  Blue Belt.

I am not going to stop using the brace out doors in the garden and when at risk until 3 months and then I will maybe get a lighter brace to protect myself when when doing all the stuff around the place that needs done.  i think when its on it makes me remember to be careful. I note you are an ER doctor.  I am a GP and have been unimpressed with the general concensus of the various OS and PTs.  Evidence based protocols are not very evident. Some suggest early mobilisation which encourages healing of the tendon.  The risks of this advise is obvious as care should still be necessary and at all costs avoid stress and weight bearing on the knee at 90 degrees or more until 3 months. I am a lot older than you (63) and I suppose have lesser goals than you.  Golf at about 16 weeks post pop would be good!

Thanks for your input and good luck with your rehab. 

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Originally Posted by fergie View Post

Thanks for your comments  Blue Belt.

I am not going to stop using the brace out doors in the garden and when at risk until 3 months and then I will maybe get a lighter brace to protect myself when when doing all the stuff around the place that needs done.  i think when its on it makes me remember to be careful. I note you are an ER doctor.  I am a GP and have been unimpressed with the general concensus of the various OS and PTs.  Evidence based protocols are not very evident. Some suggest early mobilisation which encourages healing of the tendon.  The risks of this advise is obvious as care should still be necessary and at all costs avoid stress and weight bearing on the knee at 90 degrees or more until 3 months. I am a lot older than you (63) and I suppose have lesser goals than you.  Golf at about 16 weeks post pop would be good!

Thanks for your input and good luck with your rehab. 

I'm with you Fergie, golf is my biggest goal too! I have been without the brace for three or four weeks, but I am not going to risk starting over by rushing things. I rode around the course today with my golfing buddies and it was a killer not to be able to take a few shots, but I see a light at the end of the tunnel. I think back to three weeks ago where I had only left the house twice in seven weeks and that was to see the OS. I am driving now and am finding my "good knee" is giving me a lot more pain than my repaired knee, so I am going Wednesday to see if a cortisone shot will help. Still having a lot of swelling on the right knee which makes it feel stiff when walking but not pain.


Has anyone been using a home electrical stimulation machine? I have been using it at PT but they have ordered one for me for home use. They say it should help the quads strengthen quicker, but it does not feel any different doing quad sets with the machine on than it does without the machine.


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Hi all,


I haven't checked in on here in a long time.  I had a bilateral QTR last August and had surgery the same day, so just passed my 8th month.  Biggest piece of advice I can offer is hang in there and be patient and let yourself heal up.  It will happen for you.  I got out for my first, very tentative, cross country ski just before Christmas (4.5 months post-surgery) and gradually ramped things up over the winter, managing to get in 58 days of xc skiing, going as long as 2.5 hours, both skate and classic.  I am a ski coach and by the middle of the season was out there with the kids, keeping up with all but the fastest ones.  I even hopped in the back of 3 of our local Tues night races  here in the Boston area and happily spent my time working my way through the pack. Last weekend was my last ski at Waterville Valley and today is a classic New England spring day, so got out for over an hour of road biking.  My legs feel great, although my quads do feel tight in the morning after I've gotten in a long ski or walk.  I think they felt better riding today than they did last summer before I trashed them.  Can't wait to try some serious hiking....maybe the dowhills won't hurt anymore! 


So, hang in there, be diligent about building strength and flexibility, be cautious and it will all come together.  I'm still working on strength and flexibility and will be doing that for a long time.  Very soon I'll try running and if that goes well I'll be ecstatic, having been a serious runner. 


Good luck and stay positive!

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Wow good to see so many folks contributing. Thank you all. I think those advising patience and caution are probably giving sage advice. It is so hard to tell because you really want to find that perfect balance of pushing rehab to gain as efficiently as possible without unnecessary risk. It seems in the first twenty pages or so I noted two folks( Sinrider and NY bodybuilder ) who seemed to engage in fairly high risk rehab early on doing things in the first 8 weeks that seem to be universally not recommended, yet both seemed to report great success with it. Unfortunately they may be the exception and the truth may actually be for every one that succeed with that approach 10 fail... Who knows? As Fergie says no real evidence based approach. Since my OS works with millionaire pro athletes I tend to trust his advice on rehab approach. He tells me the tendon takes 4 months to become securely healed. He is adamant about the bracing issue until the tendon is healed and that there is no value in high risk rehab early on. It would seem after this 4 months of conservative approach it will probably be reasonable to get more aggressive w rehab. I think the early goals should be flexibility, preserving the integrity of the tendon attachment and working the stabilizer muscles as much as possible as well as isometric stimulation of the quads themselves to preserve as much of their physiology as possible in their dormant 4 months.

Anyone have issues w depression? Some days I wake up and feel very depressed about the whole thing and others I am fine. Any advanced folks have some strategies to combat this?
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Interesting discussion about the long term progression!


Yesterday, while I was standing on one leg (the repaired one), the PT put a small plastic cone in front of me and said "Jump over it!". On one leg? "Yes". Might just as well have told me to jump off a cliff, that's how I felt at first. Then the interesting part - when I finally decided to have a go I physically could not do it!. My bad leg had forgotten all about one-legged jumping. After 5 minutes of clever PT tricks and practices I managed to hop a measly inch and then two or three.  One day later I can do it! It was not due to lack of strength or stability; the nerves and muscles had simply forgotten how to fire up in sequence. Quite interesting I thought. I would not have got past that hurdle easily without the skills of my PT. (skipping and two-legged jumping did not show any similar problem)


Now is 4 months post-op. Over the last month I have pushed quite hard, and my PT is challenging me way beyond what I at first think I can manage. I like it! My repair is secure relying on a big strong artificial tendon implant. However, muscle wastage was bad as I was operated 6 weeks late and spent the standard 6-week post-op healing period with just passive ROM to 30 degrees allowed. Now it feels great to walk across the park without even thinking about the injury.


On the way home from PT I fell off my bike, over the handle bars and hit the repaired knee on the pavement. Came home with cuts on my knee and hands. "Shows that the repair is strong - it did not break. You must be pleased..." said my other half with poorly disguised sarcasm. Guess I deserved it.

Keep safe, and keep at it.

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Electrical stimulation, has anyone used it, and did it help?


Starting to get discouraged, still a ton of swelling, knee still buckling, and can't lift the knee straight out. 10 weeks post op.

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I got one ( Russian stimulator) on amazon for about 150. It works but not quite as strong as the one they r using at PT I use it every day. Have to buy a good supply of gel pads as they only last a few sessions...2 x2 inch ones seem the best. I don't know if it works I am only 10 days out but I figure I would try everything. The physiology mkes sense to me
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Hi All,


Nothing has really changded at my end. Had a check up with the OS but he didn't change anything, so I am still in brace and not allowed to move leg at all yet. Remove brace to shower but that is all.


OS reckons that if surgery had to wait another week he would not have been able to get the ends back together. Says he only managed to get them back together - just. I thin that will force him to take a slow approach to my rehab recommednations. Back for another appointment this week so hopefully I will be able to start some form of rehab and movement of the leg. Not supposed to wieght bear, but have to tell the tructh that some weight has been going onto the leg. I do feel it but nothing major. Leg is well supported by the brace so is low risk. No pain or discomfort.


Sorry to see even more people joining this forum since I last logged on. For an injury that is considered uncommon we are generating a rather large group.


I am supposed to be going on a boating holiday in a couple of weeks to cruise aaround the Whitsundy Islands for a week. OS told me before surgery that I would not be allowed to go. Risk of a fall is too high he says. Not sure that I will remind him of the holiday when I see him again on Wednesday. I have a couple of other peope (wife and 2 sons) that can drive the boat and tend to my whims while on the boat. I suppose if I don't ask him he can't say no, so that will probably be my tactic on this one.


All the best with your rehab and I will check back in after next review.

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Wow Aussie 46 sounds like u had a particularly nasty injury, even as far as QTR go. I am sorry to hear that. The boat trip will probably be very good for your mental well being, whereas, not going might be particularly bad for your mental well being. If you decide to go just keep that brace secure and check it often. My knee has buckled a couple of times since surgery and I am very grateful I had the brace to save my repair.rolleyes.gif
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14 weeks today post-op L complete quad tendon rupture and repair.  Slow progress continues.  I definitely fought some depression early on.  I am a pretty active guy year round.  The pool helped early on as at least I could do something semi-aerobic.  At 2 1/2 weeks post-op I swam while the bad leg just followed along.  I have never worn a brace in the water.  I also did gentle ROM in the water.  I was always very careful.  By 9-10 weeks I was kicking well and as fast in the water as pre-injury.  I swim more now than ever before, over 3 miles a week.  My repaired L pec tendon rupture from 10 years ago gives me zero problems, hopefully I'll eventually say that about the knee.  Early on I also did lots of upper body lifting carefully and always with brace on.  Saturday I rode 15 miles, about 75 minutes, on mountain bike, then I did stage 4 of KAllen's running program (4 min walk, 4 min run x 3).  I have not had much swelling the last couple weeks, just some stiffness.  Today I did stage 4 again but ended with 6+ minute run, almost 3/4 mile.  I run now at about 9:45-10:00 pace (pre-injury 8:15ish).  I can do it and knee feels secure just weak.  I feel like I can go faster and longer, but taking it slow.  I plan to take at least 2 more weeks to finish the program then graduate to KAllen's next program which he posted a week or more ago, basically working on lateral movement, cutting, and speed.  As is well noted, my rehab is not for everyone, but working for me.  Ironically, as I return to running, my old familiar chronic R good knee medial pain is returning, but I'll take it as a welcome sign that I am getting better as a whole.  Good luck with your rehabs and thanks for your posts.  Andy.

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Andy I would love to do the pool. I am an ok swimmer mainly swam to be a better SCUBA diver. What type of stroke did u use early on, and does the water seem to protect the leg without the brace? I mean did you have any scary moments where u felt you might damage the repair or did the bouyancy seem pretty safe? Conrats on your rehab, seems you took it on pretty aggressive. good job!

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I started with regular freestyle without kicking with L leg, the R good leg kicked some.  I only did maybe 15 lengths the first few times.  I was careful on the turns and had no scares with bad leg.  The bouyancy of the water is very protective.  I swam 3 days a week.  I also did lots of ROM with the leg on the stairs and eventually worked on up and down stairs in the water.  I also power walked a few lengths every time.  Gradually I worked up to 50-60 lengths with repaired leg kicking more each time and am now at 90+ lengths and full kicking including breast and side strokes which require more aggressive kicking.  I am a strong swimmer so this worked for me, may not for everyone.  Hope that helps.  Off to bed and up early tomorrow to move onto KAllen's stage 5 running rehab.  Continued good luck to you all.  Andy.

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2 1/2 Weeks Post Op


I spent the last three days reading just about every post on this thread.   I've noticed a few things.  I noticed that a 'sense of community' usually builds around every 30th post or so.   Most folks are actively posting between day 1 and week 20.    So those folks with similar time frames tend to bond.    I've also noticed that recovery protocol differs with each of us.  Some OSs are aggressive, some conservative.   Some of us follow advice.  Some of us go rogue.   And, I think results differ as well.  Without much in the way of empirical data, it's impossible to determine who's right and who's not.   I think we all just post our thoughts and protocol and seek advice and responses.   So, here goes......


Staples just came out and OS continues to be ultra-conservative.  My next appointment with x-rays and full assessment is a month from now.  This will put me in the immobilizer with no weight bearing and no ROM for 6+ weeks.    Now, I'm way good with this.   My OS continues to communicate and ask my long term goals (bench & deadlift competitively at a lower weight class - 242lb).    He strongly believes that a very conservative approach the first 6 - 8 weeks will pay untold dividends 8 - 12 months from now.   Makes sense.  


My approach is to follow his advise to the T.   Luckily I have a home gym in the garage and twice a week I've been doing high reps in the bench, seated curls, tris, db shrugs, arnolds, reverse rows.... basically everything but legs and abs.   My girlfriend ensures my leg is secure and immobile through this movements.    I plan on continuing this routine through week 15.   

I do plan to go to the PT in week 7 or once prescribed.    I want to be pushed but 'respectfully' pushed.  Meaning - I think many PTs have limited experience with QTRs and treat them like ACLs.   So, I will simply refuse any high impact (Bosu ball to hard floor and stationary jumping).   I'm going to approach PT in a manner which will provide flexibility and provide the muscle patterns for effective growth.   I plan to stay with this for 2 months or as long as it takes.  


Once I'm into week 15 I plan to add weight  resistance and do light deadlifting with light partial lunges and super light heal leg presses.    I'm going to discipline myself to not even think of stressing the tendon with any amount of weight for quite a while.   A tentative goal is to hit sets of 405 in the dead no sooner than December (8 months post op).  In contrast, I was a 650 puller before injury.    Once I hit this threshold I figure I'm off and running (so to speak). 


Well, our little community is chocked full of athletes and active folks and those who genuinely care for others.    Thoughts are very much appreciated.       

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BIG FRED can you clarify for me...no wt bearing? You don't walk without crutches/walker? Or do u mean no weight bearing without the brace? I don't weight bear without the brace, but with it I walk around all the time, and now 10 days post op its relatively easy. Also "no ROM" do you mean they are not passively flexing your leg right now? You also say " starting PT" as if in the future....do you just mean more serious PT or have you not been in PT yet? My os had me at PT the day after surgery, relatively minor stuff, but I lay on my stomach and they flex my leg the goal being 90 degrees by 2 weeks, I am at about 85 now, we do EMS and quad sets there(isometrics) and assisted straight leg lifts without brace which I do at home. I do this routine every day as well as continue the weight training like u described for all body parts but the repaired quad. I got a speed bag set up at home and figured I could take this time to get proficient with it as I understand its a good cardio workout once you are adept at it. Let me know about your pt stuff I think sometimes we just use different terms.


stay positive, our quads will be strong again!

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Getting There;


I use the electrical stimulation at PT while doing 1/2 squats and quad iso work over a foam roller.  I am not sure of the benefit of using it if all your muscles in your quad are firing properly and in sequence.


I am still having swelling, certainly seems like alot compared to my other leg.  I am 10 weeks on tomorrow and my knee does buckle every now and then but generally the leg is coming along well.  I have been doing straight leg raised with the quad flexed since week 7.


How long have you been out of the brace?  What are you doing for PT?  I am happy to give you some of the exercises my PT has me doing to see if that will help.  I am able to ride the bike at normal speed and reduced tension.  I can squat to 90* X 20 reps and I hit my first couple of golf shots this past Saturday.  I think for a right handed player, right quad tendon repair is better.  I don't think I would be playing if I had to turn onto my repaired leg to finish.


Are you still icing?  I am icing at least twice a day to assist with swelling. 



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2 1/2 weeks


Blue Belt & Curling, 


Good questions.   I don't bear any weight on the leg therefore I'm always on crutches or the walker.   I don't and haven't bent the knee one degree.    Per OS instructions I do light straight leg raises.   And, I haven't started any form of PT and won't until week 7 (if perscribed).    The OS is most concerned with the violence of the injury (below parallel with 525lbs).         So, I'm still of the mind to be Mr. Ultra Conservative as well. 

The swelling subsided in one week and I haven't nor did I use ice at any time.    Bottom line:  I haven't been out of the immobilizer accept to air it out.    


BTW - I hired a sales mgr. last year who is a brown belt through the Gracie system.   He trained with Gabriel Santos.   I did some cross-training with him for 6 months prior to injury.    That 198er literally dominated my phat arse.    I developed a whole new level of respect for y'all.     


Thoughts on approach?  

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so Big Fred I understand better you actually are partial wt bearing with a walker unless you are in a perpetual dip exercise, I think that is better than no wt bearing. I actually keyed in on your posts because I can relate quite well as I used to be 270 and squat in the 5's for reps. Then I got my chronic quad tendonitis which gradually whittled me down to doing 5 sets of 20 reps with no more then 245 as my squat routine. Thats when I looked to jiu jitsu as something that wouldn't stress my quad tendons and would get me in better cardio shape. I dropped down to 215 (and all my weights went down in the gym as well) and I really felt in the best shape I had been in 20 yrs. Then ironically I rupture my R quad tendon in jiu jitsu! Although I don't have nearly the legs I once had, I still looked like I trained them, so when I heard your concern about "twiggy" leg in 8 weeks I could relate.


Here is my take...only your OS knows what your repair was like...did he tell you?was there muscle tears as well, was the tendon particularily short post op? what degree of flexion did he obtain in the OR? I think these greatly impact your post op care. If u really trust the surgeon I would certainly go with it.


One other concern I have about some of your thoughts was this....my OS tells me it is 4 months which is about 17.5 weeks before the tendon repair is truly strong and in his opinion "very unlikely" to re tear....from your posts I see you are anticipating a quicker turnaround as you plan on starting light deads at 15 weeks....I would be cautious there. My OS is a real sports guy and works with numerous pro athletes so I feel pretty confident he is well aware of the abilities of very athletic people like ourselves and their rehab potential, and he really wants me to wait on the aggressive rehab for 4 months...and, I was fortunate that my repair was "uncomplicated" and described as pretty routine by my OS. I had 90 degrees of flexion on the table. Curious on your thoughts. Good luck everyone. Stay positive!

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Hi all,


Injury 2/1

Surgery 2/4

PT start 3/30


9.5 weeks post op. Left quad tendon rupture (complete rupture) and repair. 


Had PT and saw the OS today.  All quite happy with ROM- (-5* to 120) this is 3 weeks of PT following 6.5 total immobilization post op.  Only exercise was isometric quad setting during immobilization and straight leg hobble to and from the can while in the immobilizer.  Strength is still quite low +/- 50% pre-injury at a guess.  Exercise is still light.  Walking, straight leg raises, short arc quads with light ankle weights, abductor raises, clams.  Also Stationary bike or treadmill as a pre-PT warm-up.  Usually some Proprioception work just before the ice.  re Stairs: I can, within limits lead with the left while going up but I cant lead with the right going down yet.  I can slow walk for a short distance without the brace now- new this week.  By slow/short I mean 220 yards in 5 minutes call it 1.2 mph pace.  I probably could have walked farther/faster/longer but felt some fatigue wobble by the end and since I NEVER WANT TO DO THIS AGAIN, i figured it was time to accept the PT's wisdom and quit for the day.


Doc approved return to work- light duty- No stairs on 4/25. I don't know if work will accept that as climbing stairs to see clients in their homes is a critical part of my duty. We shall see.  No matter what, FMLA ends 5/2 as does Short term disability from work.  So I guess I had better be better by then or seek alternatives!  DOC was clear that without Light Duty, I should not go back.  I concur!  The idea of up and down 3 flight 4 or 5 times a day strikes terror in my heart!  On the plus side, he says I can 86 the brake in another 2 weeks.  We discussed the merits of keeping it with me until I can get through a day without feeling fatigue wobble.  If I feel wobbly- put on the brace and do paperwork!


Now is the time to see if the admin is going to be reasonable or rigid regarding policy!  Wish me luck!

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Blue Belt,  


Reps in the 5s - I knew I liked you for some reason.    Actually, I figured we have a lot in common (strong athletic history, great success with weights, cross-trainers, etc).    Where we differ is in our medical experience.  As an ER Doc I'm sure you listen with more intent that I could ever with my OS.  And, although I believe my OS is very competent (known as 'superman' in San Diego) your OS works with some of the greatest pro athletes on the planet.   So, my thoughts are this:  I very much value your opinion and my goal is to be deadlifting (albeit at a lower weight class) with Masters 2 caliber weight next year.   From what I'm getting from you I shouldn't start pulling light until week 18.   I get that.  


I have to keep thinking forward or I'll go stir crazy.   If I start pulling light at 18 weeks can I progress normally or should I set upper limits (i.e. don't go over 315 until 24 weeks, don't put 405 on the bar until 30  weeks, etc., etc.).    


I'm very interested in your opinion and I appreciate you taking the interest and time in my goals.        




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Right Quad Tendon Rupture

9 weeks (tomorrow 16/04) post op

10.5 weeks post injury


Haven't posted for a while but been reading this forum daily.

The good news is that yesterday I got the ok to drive again which is great for me and my poor wife who has been a taxi for me for the last 10 weeks! (I owe her big time!)


The not so good news is that I still only have 60-65 degrees ROM. The PT says there is a lot of scar tissue which is restricting movement of the knee.

I only having PT once/week but doing home exercises (eg wall slides) and massage multiple times/day. But the progress is frustratingly slow and I'm getting quite fed up with it.


Has anyone got any good tips to help address the scar tissue problem as my leg feels like I've permanently got my brace on even when I haven't.


Bigggfred - I'm a powerlifter too and aim to compete again but probably like yourself just push/pull. I haven't set any expectations yet of what I aim to do. If I could get to 405lb by the end of the year I'd be over the moon, but I just want to be able to do 132lb 1st....

At least I've been able to work on my rubbish bench while I can't do anything else.






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2 1/2 weeks post




I'm way too lazy to look back in posts - what's your body weight and age?   I'd very much like to bounce stuff off you.   Between you and Blue Belt maybe I can keep myself from doing something stupid.    

Enjoy the open road.




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Hi Bigggfred - I'm one year older than you.

Weight 198lb/90k (compete @ 181 or 198lb). I clearly have put fat on as my bodyweight has remained the same since the injury yet I've lost muscle on my right repaired leg.


There's much more sensible and advanced people than me on here but we can certainly bounce our progress off each other as have the same goals to bench/deadlift in a meet again...



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Markie isn't your PT folks addressing the scar tissue issue?

Bigggfred I saw my OS today and got the staples out. He reaffirmed no weight training till 4 months. However he did tell me that at 4 months I was free to wt train "as I would
Normally" so basically free to do any type of movements. It would seem to me that it would be reasonable to do some very light sets the two weeks prior...like at 15 weeks. he told me prior to 4 months the tendon muscle complex would not really respond to the stimulus properly anyhow. So I think wait and see how it feels but at 15 weeks it would probably be safe to do light warm up level weights, then at 17 weeks have at it. He also told me to avoid sudden explosive eccentric movements for a full year from surgery. At this point while in the brace you should bear wt as often as possible.
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Curling Geek, you are way ahead of me, decided to walk a few hole with buddies today. Walking on a golf course with a single crutch is a lot different than walking on pavement, never knew the grass was so uneven. Made it to the first hole and walked back to the car by the cart path. Nowhere near swinging a club. I am having days where the knee gives out time after time and other days where it never happens. As much as I want my arms back.... I don't think I will be giving up the crutches any time soon. I do think the knee giving out may be partly due to the excessive amount of swelling in it. Last visit at 5 weeks the OS tried to drain it but got nothing out. He said it was a gel that would be re-absorbed into the body but next week will be my 11 week visit and if it not any better and he can't tell me why I am going for a second opinion.


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At 12 weeks I only at 90 degrees at best - this was very discouraging.   The OS went back in and removed the scar tissue and then did a manual manipulation.    The OS informed me that my body was generating alot of scar tissue.    He showed me before and after pictures of the inside of my knee after this procedure.   Once that happened I took off and quickly got to 130 degrees in a couple of weeks and felt much better from a ROM perspective the day after the procedure.    As you know by now, each OS has their own philosophy on treatment.   


Hang in there!

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2  & 1/2 weeks post


Blue Belt,


Thanks for asking your OS.  That settles that.   My plan:   Start deads at 16 weeks (July 16th) with a very tenative 135 lbs. x 4 reps for two weeks then start progressing normally.   I plan on escalating slowly through Aug - Oct.      Curious about another thought:  I have been doing high rep upper body work.  Can't hurt right?  




A finally went through your posts...... how did your rupture the tendon?


Peace guys,




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bigggfred II stopped doing heavy low rep sets when I got into Jiu jitsu. Since the quad injury my upper body wt training hasn't changed, missed a few days aroundvsurgery is all, so yeah I'm all for the high rep shit, obviously without your base it would be a bit risky doing anything else.

I'm with you on the deads...pretty much same time frame though no doubt I will be eating your dead lift dust after a month!
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Blue Belt,


Yep - I worry about hittin anything upper body heavy without that base.     We think the same.


Are you in Phoenix?  

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Bigggfred yeah I live just east of Phoenix in a town called Gold Canyon...your in San Diego right? Wanted to ask u what r u on for DVT/PE prophylaxis....any family history of clotting disorders?
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