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Steve - I'm experiencing the same thing with the knee cap moving.  I don't know what it is either.  My PT wants me to come in and take a look at it, but can't get in for an appt until April 1.  I've completed the walk/jog program and the PT said he would also start another more sport oriented program with lateral and agility movements included.  He also wanted me to do some of the jogging on a track or something in addition to the treadmill.  I find the treadmill easier.  The first set doesn't feel as good as the second and third.  Once everything gets warmed up the leg seems to feel alright.  Until then though it feels like I'm running on a rod, no shock absorption.  Anyway, I have made several 18 minute jogs.  It doesn't feel "normal" yet, but I plod along. On the treadmill I was jogging at 6.2-6.5 mph on the track I've been jogging at a 9 minute mile pace.  I'm curious with what others are experiencing with the knee cap moving too.



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Right Quad Tendon Rupture

48 Days Post - Op

59 Days Post Injury


Good Morning All;


Had my 6 week f/u with the surgeon yesterday and my first PT visit 2 days ago.  PT was "incredibly impressed" with my mobility - no brace, ROM to just over 90* and almost no limp.  I ditched the brace full time on March 14th.  The straight legged walking was causing me two different problems - my back was killing me and my left knee (previously what I referred to as my bad knee, now my good knee) was starting to really hurt.  After ditching the brace, improvement started to come very quickly.  PT says she feels I am "weeks ahead" of where she expected me to be.  PT was very happy - OS.....not so much.  He was not impressed that I ditched the brace and I think was surprised at my range of motion being at 90* quite comfortably.  I tried to explain to him that I didn't set out to do this, it just kind of took shape.  Anyway, the repair is solid and all is good - see him in 6 weeks again.  Also, more importantly......I can drive again!


Here is what I can and can't do in a nutshell.  Walking with no brace and no crutches or cane (I do get that odd slight knee buckling, but it is minimal).  I can do straight leg raises with no problem (couldn't do these 3 weeks ago) and I can go up stairs one foot in front of the other but it is not easy.  I think I look like a bit of an idiot, but at least I can do it.  I was on the stationary bike at PT and can get the pedals around - no resistance and the seat is so high I can barely touch the pedals.  I have NO chance of going down stairs normally, feel like I may never go down stairs again.  One stair at a time, bad leg first is what I can do while holding on.  PT says she should have me cycling normally in 1-2 weeks.  She also mentioned I have minimal scar tissue so that was good.  PT protocol after 1st visit as follows;


  • stationary bike for mobility, seat high no resistance
  • Butt raises/bridging with feet on the ball for hamstring work (someone mentioned this earlier)
  • Roll exercise ball in and out while on my back
  • Heel slides
  • Icing, electric stimulation, working ROM and breaking up scar tissue


On one other note regarding the knee cap clicking that Cvilleguy and Kallen are experiencing.  I have had this before (in my other knee).  I saw my PT at the time and they referred to is as "patella femoral" syndrome (I think).  They say it is a tracking issue and can be caused by the pulling of the knee cap to one side.  They had me doing lots of rolling on the foam roller on my side to break up facia in my IT Band.  I did this on both my IT Band and the front of my quads.  It would seem that this could be the problem as the IT band becomes very tight and "pulls" on the knee structure.  I will be interested to hear what your PT says.  Anyway, back to PT this morning - I am driving myself there and am very excited!  Will check in later this week and best wishes to everyone.  CG

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Ken and CG,


Thanks for the feedback.  I will consult my PT and OS about the patella tracking and report back to this forum.  I hope this thing can be solved as I cannot see riding 20 - 30 miles with it!

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Steve & CG,  Thanks for the feedback. Please do post what you find out from the PT re the patella tracking.  CG - You are progressing great.  Keep up the good work.  Steve - Let me know how that walk/jog program is going for you.





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Today marks 1 week post op. Not sure how much pain I should be in, but there is still a fiar bit there depending on what I am doing. Most of the time I am either laying in bed or laying on the lunge watching TV or reading. I get most pain after my leg "flinches" involuntary as I am dozing or about to go to sleep. It sometimes also happen while I am sleeping so I hav no control over it. I had a good day a couiple of days ago with the pain manageable, but yesterday was not a good day again. Still on pain meds and blood thinners but neither have casued any ral issues. Constipation is one side effect but I have been able to manage that.


Was still doing work from home up until the operation, but haven't been able to return to that since the op. Emails and phone dpesn't stop though so I can't get away from it all.


Leg brace is on and I have to leave it on until I see the surgeon on the 31st. Badages over line of incision so I don't even know exactly where he cut me. Very sore around the patella though. Can see top of incision which sits about mid thigh level. Tried reading the surgeons report and it appears he did a bit more than first planned. I do know that there was a 5cm (2 inches) gap in the tendon that he had to bring back toghether so the join is very tight. Will get the full details when I go back and see him nextweek. He did tell me some stuff the morning after surgery, but I was not really able to take in everything he was saying at the time (wasn't able to take anything in at that time as it was only about 14 hours after surgery. That was just before they discharged me.


My wife has been just wonderful to me. She has had to everything for me whcih I am sure drives her a bit crazy at times, but she does not complain. Have even been able to convince two teenage sons to help out a bit more (although that does not always work), but they have been a good help as well.


I can't wait to start rehab proper as I am going stir crazy already. I do know though that it is going to be a long process and that I can not hurry the process............that's too bad.


Good luck with your continuing rehab and I will be back later. Just going to resume position on the couch and watch the morning news.

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I had what I referred to as a "tracking issue" with my kneecap that I would experience with wall slides. As my heel would slide down the wall, around the 50 degree mark, my kneecap area would hurt like an SOB. Once it made it past 60, it would kind of pop and the be ok. It felt like my kneecap wasn't on the correct plane of movement. Once my quad strength started progressing, it completely went away. I could hold the kneecap with my hand and move it in a certain direction to prevent the pop, but I figured that out right before it stopped hurting due to the increased quad strength. If I had it to do over again, I'd have my PT tape that damned thing up with that colored support tape people use now.

Hope this helps...

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Welcome to the right side of surgery.  A couple of things; that involuntary muscle spasm that you are getting - go get a prescription.  If you can't, go buy some muscle relaxants at the drug store.  I had those same spasms after surgery and they hurt more than the bloody surgery did - brought me to tears once.  I had the exact same experience, right before I fell asleep.  It made me afraid of starting to fall asleep. 


Make sure you keep the brace on, it will probably be on for a while.  As I mentioned in my earlier posts, I ditched the brace full time at after about 5 weeks, in the house a little before that.  At 4 weeks, I saw a huge jump in improvement and again at about 6 weeks.  It is hard to believe that you will get better, but it will happen. 


There are so many different experiences on here, don't let one person's progress or lack there of get you down.  I know that some people are doing leg lifts early, some not until later (that was me, thought I was never going to be able to lift my leg again), some are moving better than others.  Try to be patient, keep that brace on (it saved me real good twice when the knee buckled) and take your pain meds.  I found icing was a huge help and bought myself an iceman.  Keep at the exercises and we'll all be following your progress and provide you with advice along the way.



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Patella Tracking Issue  (perceived bone movement and clicking in the exterior side of the kneecap)

TD, thanks for weighing in.  Your answer was more satisfactory than the one from my PT.  She dismissed it as tightness and told me to spend more time stretching.  She gave me bout 1 minute over the phone and she attributes the problem  to the strenghtening of the repaired leg (counter to what TD says above).


Ken,  I will probably consult my OS and, if necessary, get a new prescription to see a PT.  I will let you know what I learn.  It may take a while to get an appointment with him.



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Just wanted to say that I have found your site very useful. I tore my vastus medialus obliquus on March 4th and am having surgery on Monday.  I injured my knee in football practice. I got "rolled up on" while blocking.  I play for the Columbus Comets out of Columbus, OH.  We are one of many womens football teams across the country who play full-contact with NFL rules.  Needless to say, I am done for the season which goes through July. 


Anyway, I had a similar surgery in 1991 and am hoping my recovery and rehab will be a lot better this time. Can any of you tell me how quickly I can be back to playing football and softball?


Thank you.





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I'm no doctor or PT expert so this is just a guess but I'd say one year before you will be what you were pre- injury. I'm a week past 6 months and have just started "sprinting". Three times in the past week, I've ran 8 60 yard sprints and it is rough on the first two, even after a light jog and stretching, but the third one felt pretty good, and 4 through 8 felt almost normal on the acceleration portion. Slowing down feels somewhat jarring but it's tolerable. My wife was playing tennis nearby (yesterday) and told me afterwards that I actually looked almost fast. I have zero lateral quickness and would think it another few months before I started getting any of that back. That would have me around the 9 month mark and I'd think it would take another few months to have the confidence for contact and all that is needed to be proficient. Age will play a factor and I'm 42 for reference.

Good luck and welcome to the club no one wants to join.

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Thanks for your insight.  Yes, I've been a member of this club before. I am renewing my membership for the 3rd time.  And by the way, I'm 41.


I think I knew, deep down, that this would take a year to be ready for full-contact, especially since I play center and longsnapper.  I had so much swelling and bruising that my doctor decided to wait 3 weeks after injury to perform the surgery. I'm at the point now, where I just want to get it over with.  This has given me time to get things situated at work for my time off.


I have found it odd that some people in this same situation have waited to do PT.  I have been in PT since I got injured.  The biggest challenge has been bending my knee 90 degrees.  My PT said that being able to do that will make recovery that much easier. 


Thanks again.



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Right Quad Tendon Rupture

6 weeks (today) post op

7.5 weeks post injury



Had a breakthough today, tried a single lying leg raise and thought as usual that it would be as impossible as trying to get myself to levitate but lo and behold, the leg lifted off the bed :-)

Funny how happy I was from such a (normally) simple task!


Not sure whether the answer was simply time or it whether it was more of a combination of two things;

  • Working in the pool yesterday doing steps up, squats (very partial), etc.
  • Whenever I'm home I remove the brace. As Curling Geek found, I find it restricts my movement and resulting in me walking more straight legged which is then causing pain in my other side. So I find it easer to bend my knee (in the safety of my own home) without the brace.


I still haven't got much ROM ~ 50 degrees. The PT said it was because the knee was as stiff as  "old boots" (hopefully it's as strong as old boots too!).

So my 'homework' is massage (try to breakdown scar tissue but also the skin apparently is sticking to the patella restricting movement) and ice as much as I can.

The PT also advised taking arnica as it can help with the internal bruising.


Anyone got any good tips to help increase ROM when the range is so limited?


Fellow QTR-ers well done with all of the progress and sorry to hear that we have some new members!


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Steve, CG, TD - Thanks for checking on the patella tracking issue.  I'll ask about taping when I see the PT next week.


Comets59 - Sounds like you're looking for the lifetime membership.  Sorry you have to do it again.  Were the previous two injuries on the field too?  Good luck getting back to competition.


Markie - Wall slides to increase ROM to get to the point where you can ride the bike.  Then lots of stationary bike.



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Left total quad tear

14 weeks post injury

13 weeks post op

ROM 120 before therapy, 135 after


Hi all, haven't logged on for awhile. After catching up on the posts I'm glad to see that many of you are doing well, and sorry to see that we have some new members. Still attending therapy 3X weekly and doing exercises given for home. Newbies should take pieces of advice from the veterans rehab practices, as long as your OS or PT are ok with it. Texas Diesel's wall slides are very helpful to me for ROM, and nothing seems to be more helpful than the stationary bike. Like Cvilleguy and texas Diesel I seem to be having a little of the tracking issue, although it comes and goes, and my PT thinks that the stronger my quad gets it will resolve itself. He hasn't been wrong yet so I trust his judgement. I really don't have any pain to speak of any more, but everyday is a little different and the knee goes through some strange feelings and sensations as it heals. From itching where there is still numbness from the surgery, that drives me nuts, to the feeling of something moving around in there when there is not, it seems that there is always a new feeling to experience.


Markie, congrats on your leg raise. I know the feeling you speak of. Kind of strange for a grown man, or woman, to be proud of something so miniscule, but this whole process is all about small victories I guess. Every new advance makes us all proud of what we are accomplishing. The ROM thing is so challengeing for most of us. Is seems like we will never get to where we want to be, but little by little as you work at it, it comes around. It really is something most of us really have to work at.


Aussie46 and Comets 59, hang in there. It does get better. Comet 59, let us know what you have done in the past. I think something we would all like to know is how to maybe prevent this from happening to the other leg, (sorry bilatteral guys and gals.) The OS tells me that a repeat of the injury to the repaired leg is rare, but he tells me that my good leg is at very high risk for the same thing happening. Have any of you guys heard or been told that. Scary thought. This is something I NEVER want to experience again. Off to therapy now. Everone have the best day you can! Work hard.


inpatientguy - Rick

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Hi all you fellow quadies!


8 weeks post op today.


Started outside PT this week. Not a very good start, when testing ROM (130) the scar split open. Called the OS office and they told me to keep a record of my temperature and to call them if it went up or the fluid was still leaking out, but it has seemed to stop. It was a surprise since I had not had a problem with it before.

PT is only 1/2 hour per visit three times a week, seems kind of short to get anything done. I have continued to work the leg at home about two hour long workouts per day, but have found out now that I have been released to drive there are days that I don't work it as hard as I think I should.

The PT has said it is not a real bad injury for golf, but I can't see myself walking up to the first tee with my 8 degree driver and a crutch so I will continue to do whatever is needed to get back to where/near I was before the operation. I need to play golf!!!!!


Continued good luck to all of you on your recoveries.

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getting there - this sounds horrific! That would be everyone's nightmare. What do you mean by outside PT? How could the scar split open after 8 weeks when it should have been completely healed by then, I would have thought?


Several of you seem to get a lot of PT - I've had to make do with 30 minutes every 10 days on average, throughout.

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I'm guessing you have a partial tear. Mine was a complete mid-muscle tear with a void above my kneecap and me detached quad wadded up towards the top of my left leg. The majority of the injuries on this board are ones where the tendon detached from the kneecap and had to be reattached. Both injuries prevent one from straightening a bent leg because there is no attached muscle one can flex to accomplish this task. That is why I nor the others were prescribed any PT prior to surgery. Until the muscle was reattached, there was nothing to rehab. I'd have to think yours is significant but still somewhat attached or the surgery would have been more immediate with no PT. I'd be interested to know what your surgeon says.

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I had home PT for four weeks since it was my right leg and I could not drive to PT and had no other way to get there. Home PT was very limited in what they could have me do since it was in my home. I look forward to doing other things like using the bikes, steps, etc.

As to how it split I have no idea, there were no scaps or anything, it looked really good (For a scar) but I guess where it split open it will be a little bigger scar. It was only about a half inch, so if that is the end of it I can live with that. Thanks for your reply.

Originally Posted by lakeswimmer49 View Post

getting there - this sounds horrific! That would be everyone's nightmare. What do you mean by outside PT? How could the scar split open after 8 weeks when it should have been completely healed by then, I would have thought?


Several of you seem to get a lot of PT - I've had to make do with 30 minutes every 10 days on average, throughout.


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Hi all,

15 weeks post-op yesterday.

I had promised to report back on progress with KAllen's running progression (quoted below).

It has taken me most part of three weeks to get through all the stages, and today is the day I graduated to Stage 9 'advance running'. The gentle progression of this program has been very helpful to me. Thanks again for posting it! May sound strange bur I was quite excited about stepping onto the treadmill today and just run for 30 minutes. Cleared 5 km in that time. Pre-injury I would have done that distance in less than 20 min, so I have quite a bit of work yet to do. It caused some pain in the tendons below the knee cap, so I'll give it a couple of days before I get on the treadmill again. The foot also felt a bit weak, but not too bad.


In the meantime, the PT has encouraged me to push the repaired quads to exhaustion in squats, lunges and on the bike. PT wants me to do one-legged squats and lunges with barbells, but that's a little too challenging. Pilates teacher also pushes my leg to what feels like breaking point, and it is working well so far.


I'm just a casual golfer and had a first go at the driving range today - felt alright. There IS light at the end of the tunnel!

Originally Posted by KAllen View Post

Stage 1  Walk 4 min; jog 1 min (3X) total 15 minutes

Stage 2  Walk 4 min; jog 2 min (3X)

Stage 3  Walk 4 min; jog 3 min (3X)

Stage 4  Walk 4 min; jog 4 min (3X)

Stage 5  Walk 3 min; jog 4 min (3X)

Stage 6  Walk 2 min; jog 4 min (3X)

Stage 7  Walk 1 min; jog 5 min (3X)

Stage 8  jog 15-18 min

Stage 9  advance running

Note:  No more than 1 stage/day.  May only advance to the next stage once the stage is completed without symptoms.  I saw another similar one that required a days rest between program days.



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Bilateral Quad tears




I'm new to this forum, and I do appreciate all the information.  I'll try to make this a short story.  I fell and tore both quad tendons, Nov 31 2009.  I had surgery on both Dec 3 2009.

My initial recover seemed to be going well, I started home PT after 2 weeks and after 6 weeks my OP said they were healed.  Said to go exercise them.  2 days later the right one failed and I had surgery on it Jan 13, 2010.  The left knee seemed to get better, but the right one was very swollen.  My OS told me in May 2010 that everything was healed and anything else was new.

My PT did not agree and recommended another OS.  He found 2 failed Quad surgeries and a broken left knee cap.  I had the left knee do again in Aug 2010 and it's doing fine.  I had the right one done in December 2010, but it kept swelling.  They did an MRI last week and the right has failed again The OS wants to do another surgery and use either one on my tendons or a cadaver tendon to extend my quad tendon.


Has anyone had the their quad tendon extended and did they use you a cadaver tendon?



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3 Time Loser;


I am not even sure what to say.  I am in total shock reading your story and my heart goes out to you because I can't fathom what you have been through.  Where abouts do you live?  As for the quad tendon extension, I have heard of this but don't know anyone who has had this done.  We will all follow your progress throughout and offer up some of our experiences with you, but I am not sure any of us have a story that is even close to yours.


Good luck and let us all know where you reside.



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I live just outside Raleigh, NC.  But I grew up in Michigan so I do know what Curling is. 


It seems no one has ever heard of so many failures with Quad tendons.  But at least one is repaired and I don't live in Japan.  I think I learned more from this site than from all the other combines.  They may describe what to do how to rehab, but you folks have gone through it. If my first OS had read this maybe I wouldn't be in this mess.


I just got off the phone with my OS and he's emailing around trying to figure the best way to do this again. It seems very few people have gone through all this.  I told him I was going to charge him to work on such a interesting case.


Thanks again and I'll keep in touch.



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12 weeks post-op today from L total quad rupture.  Complete full range of motion, swelling better, pain minimal and normal feeling mostly back around scar and skin over kneecap.  Seemed to have plateaued a bit.  I'm sick of the bike, eliptical, stairstepper, and even the pool.  I want to run.  I have tried to run, but when I land on the bad leg it just wants to lock out, its a challenge to absorb the landing in an eccentric contraction.  I've been working bad leg single leg presses for strength, up to body weight plus, so over 200 lbs.  I can go up and down stairs pretty well.  Part of it is just the coordination of the movement.  Lakeswimmer is my official hero.  I am going to start KAllen's program but I feel like I'll be stuck in stage 1 for awhile.  Reading 3timeloser's story almost made me ill as I could not imagine going thru that.  Flew to Seattle and back this past weekend, same trip I made 10 days post-op.  It was so much better this time, no problem.  Good luck with your rehabs, I'll be on my 2 bent knees tonight praying for you all.  Andy.

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I have had two quadriceps reparis--both knees.  When people notice the verticle scars I say, "I had a duel with a midget".  (I am 6'7" tall).  


Anyway, the clicking sensation may be due to your kneecap not seating correctly in place.  An X-Ray might reveal this.  If you have problems with extension, i.e. very tight hamstrings and your knees are bent in a seated forward bend, then a handy device called an Elite Seat may help. You can look it up online.


I have one pending on order and will let you know about progress


My doctor just prescribed this for me as I have the clicking/popping sensation and my knees tend to "give out" when I walk despite regular stretching, yoga and weight training 


Best regards,



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Hello everyone ~~


I am nearly 7 weeks post-surgery, and I've got to say that I'm pretty pleased with my progress.  I haven't used the brace for a week (good riddance), and am using 1 crutch most days out and about, and just a cane at home.  The therapists have me doing leg presses, squats, up and down on a step, side to side with band around ankles, lots of extensions, lifts and and curls with 4 lb weigh on ankle.  I get an odd pain or ache in my knee and leg when seated sometimes, and some stiffness in the morning, but nothing unmanageable.  I am really looking forward to walking my dogs, but I'm afraid that hiking the hills of KY and IN will have to wait until fall at the soonest.  That's okay, all in good time.  I'm quite surprised that I've not gained any weight over these past 3 months...hard to believe since I was quite active pre-injury.  Not sure what that's about.  Anyway, hang in there everyone...  Maggie

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Welcome to the bilateral club, they say we have an unique injury bilateral quad tears. I hope you had better results than me. How did you manage to get both knees?  My first went when I fell, the second went when I tried to get up.  How long before you started PT after your surgery?  


Sound like your rehab is going well.  Good luck




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First, I have been an avid exerciser and skier for years but I attribute the quad tendon weaknesses to the punishment of long distance running/training.  The actual triggers for the tears were a slip and fall for the left knee and an misstep (on my pool steps of all places after a 10 k race) for the right.  The left knee was treated very conservatively with surgery delayed for a few months (pesky HMO's) and a full leg Kevelar cast for six months, believe it or not, in 1983. The withering of the left leg was reduced  by doing all the yoga I could at home with that darn cast including lots of shoulder stands.  PT was delayed for 6 months and took a long time. I finished the rehab in the gym on my own.  The right knee was treated  (1996) very aggressively with surgery the next day and PT within less than a month. Again, I finished the rehab on my own in the gym.  Not wanting to do rehab again, I limit my skiing to cross country and go to the gym.


I work out with a personal trainer now using the "Hoist" machines, elastics and lots of core strength work. We are also working with elastics and the half ball for balance work which I find very challenging. I still have residual extension problems so I am hoping the "Elite Seat" which arrives tomorrow will help. Realistically, I think it will be over a year long project to increase the extension on my knees given the long time since surgery. I am hoping the increase in range of motion of the knees from these efforts will lead to less knee cap discomfort, less sudden giving out of one knee or the other when walking longer distances and, in general, more comfort walking.



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I'm 4.5 months post-op (surgery Nov 17th).  I finally had my follow up PT appt today.  We discussed the clicking/popping on the inside of the knee or patella tracking issue and also the running program.  He put me through some paces with step down, lunges and other activities to observe the motion.  He believes the tracking issue is due to weakness in my hip.  He showed my a couple of specific exercises.  1) AROM lumbar side bridge - beginning in a side plank position with involved leg down and resting the forearm on the floor perpendicular to the shoulder.  Raise your trunk off the floor into a side plank position.  Sets of 15.   2) AROM lumbar bridge w/static knee extension - lying on your back, involved leg bent with sole flat on the floor and other leg laying fully extended.  Pushing from the involved leg and hips and keeping hips square lift your trunk until your good leg while still fully extended becomes parallel with the involved leg's thigh.


Also:  Progressive Running Program once the previous program has bee successfully completed.


Each of the stages below has stages to completed at 1/2 speed then 3/4 speed then full speed (sprinting).  First do the stage at 1/2 then if there is not pain, swelling or instability then next time go to 3/4 speed, etc.


Stage 1 - On a track, run the straights and jog the corners.  I asked how many laps.  PT said to go by feel, but if I could run 4-8 straightaways that would be good (again go through the progression of 1/2 speed, 3/4 speed then full speed before this stage is complete.


Stage 2 -  Warm up with straight running.  Run figure 8's.  (The figure 8 should fit inside 20 yards).  Then run and cut in both directions at 45 degree angles.  Again the 1/2, 3/4 and full speed protocol.


Stage 3 - Warm up with straight running.  Run figure 8's (The figure 8 should fit inside 10 yards).  Then run and cut in both directions at 90 degree angles.  Again the 1/2, 3/4 and full speed protocol.


Stage 4 - Sporting drills non contact.


Stage 5 - Return to play.


PT said it may take a month or two to complete the Progressive Running Program.  All in all PT said I was rehabbing and recovering well, but the gains taper off compared to the gains early on in recovery.  I'll try to get started on the new running program this weekend.


I hope I was able to describe everything well enough to understand.  We did have a discussion around all this so if you have questions about what I'm trying to describe let me know.





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Injury 1/26/11

Surgery 2/3/11

8 Weeks + 2 days post surgery


Good Morning Fellow QTR's;


Nice to read about everyone's progress, always encouraging.  I am slightly ahead of MaggieGrace at 8 weeks and also exceptionally pleased with my progress.  I have been out of the brace now for 3.5 weeks (ditched it before OS said) and am really walking without a limp at all.  No crutches (too cumbersome) and no cane (makes me feel old).  I am able to do stairs as of yesterday holding onto the rail and going slowly.  Hard at PT 3 times a week (costing me a fortune) and at home on off days.  She says my progress is actually remarkable and now my biggest thing is not to screw it up by doing something stupid!  As a guide, here is what they have me doing; 

  • bike for 20 minutes 2X a day (I am at my normal cycling position and up to normal RPM's with no tension)
  • squats against the wall 20X
  • lumbar bridges as KAllen is doing 20X
  • side leg raises and backward leg raise (on my stomach) with quad flexed 30X for each
  • step ups 30X (this is what got me over the hump for stairs)
  • quad isos over the roller with leg in fully extended postion
  • side to side shuffles in both directions


On top of this, the PT is working the range of motion, doing electrical stimulation on the muscles (I can see them now!) and lots of IFC and ice.  I actually didn't ice for 2 days in a row and she could see the increase in swelling, so I am icing as I am typing. 


Anyway, just wanted to check in and let everyone know how the progress was.  For our newcomers, the first 4-6 weeks are the hardest for sure.  Listen to your body while being intelligent about what you take on and the progress will come.  I am still seeing progress daily, one day I can't do something, the next day I can do it.  Good luck everyone and I'll be checking in again soon.



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Injury 2-1

Surgery 2-7


                      Adventures of "scar knee". The PT Pushed a little too hard last week and my knee didn't like it at all. Swelling was the worst so far. I still seem to be stuck at 70 ROM. I want to push past that point but every time I am able to do it my knee seems to fight back. No pain until I start bending past the 70 point. Still very tight, even with heat. Still doing stretching exercises. Hope to make some progress soon.  

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