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Train - all the best tomorrow. We've all been there and we all hoping the best for you. 30 days in rehab hospital. Wow, I was out of hospital in a few hours post surgery. Wish I'd had more hospital time. Wait a second. Never mind, forget I said that. They're not fun.

Duncan - I get about 11 PT visits. I pay $45 each visit and I am covered for $500 for PT.

Re getting into the car. It was a while before I was able to bend knee enough to get into the car. However I reclined the seat way back and slid back part way into back seat to get leg in. Then once I was in I could tilt seat forward again. Not pretty but it worked.
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Train--all the best. First 3 days are pretty bad, nothing unbearable, though, with the meds. After that, it's all about getting rest and concentrating on getting better. We all will lend our support and prayers.

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Train -

All the best and good luck. The pain meds will help you through the first fews days, which are the worst.

If you are are lucky as me, the OS will start on PT quickly, (post-op three weeks), so that you can start to get some range of motion back. That was big for me, and I am now 95+ ROM at five weeks, with some active PT allowed under PT supervision.

You will get through this. I thought my life had ended when I first had this happen to me. Luckily though I found this forum and thats been a great help and inspiration to see that others have conquered this traumatic injury.
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Three months tomorrow

Hey -

trainbuff: Your surgery is over, and now every day is a day closer to recovery.

Uncle Crunch - Alaskan Cruise...Life is Good!

Today my ROM was 110 and 115! Yesterday, I went from my walker to a quad cane and on the 9th I climbed up and came down backwards once on a flight of stairs. Well, yesterday I did it 12 times without stopping! My next goal is coming down frontwards and I practiced on the bottom step for 20 minutes. I took my first baby steps walking at 7 weeks with a walker. I started out way behind most of you, but I believe it is the stairs and pool that are helping me catch up. So, for the new guys, work hard on getting up that first step.

Tiger Bait
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4 weeks post op

Wow hard to believe that it has already been a month. Got my CPM (Continuous Passive Motion) machine yesterday and loving this thing. I let it crank on my leg after work for 4 hours at 70 degrees yesterday and 80 degrees today for an hour, man did it loosen things up. I get to keep it for a week and hopefully be at 100+ degrees by next week. I get to start rehab on Monday after work but thinking that I am going to change that and go before work. My knee looks like crap after work and always have to ice it down before doing rehab, so I think mornings would work better with a freshly reseted un-swollen knee.
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15 Weeks Out

Hi Guys: Seems like everybody's attitude is good! I think that is what is necessary to make it through this nasty injury.
TrainBuff: Hope it went well for you - please let us all know - we're thinkin' about ya'.

A plug here for walking in the pool. I spent 3-5 days a week walking in the pool for at least 1/2 mile for about 6 weeks starting about 4 weeks after surgery. I believe this to be the single most important contribution to my rehab - nothing else even came close.

Also, a small cautionary tale: Yesterday, I was in PT, and she was having me hop onto a small bosu and then immediately back onto the floor (small plyometrics). After the third time, I felt a "pop" and got some quick, excruciating pain. I laid down, and with the help of my PT, diagnosed the location of the pain as away from the QTR repair location. Most likely the breaking down of some adhesion/scar tissue. Scared the sh*t out of me, though.

Today, swollen, stiff, sore and weak - rode my bike to work, but not looking at doing much riding this weekend.

Looking back on it, I don't think I was ready for this exercise - my PT is used to me "pushing the envelope" and I think she and I both forget sometimes that I am not a 25 year old - which is what got me into this mess in the first place! Regardless, push it, but be careful out there guys!
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Tigerbait - congrats on the ROM. You're doing well for the short time you've been recovering. Keep up the great work. 110 was where I got stuck for a couple of weeks and then it improved again.

Idaho - glad you didn't tear the tendon again. Every once in a while I get little pops and you're right. It does scare the crap out of you. Glad to hear you're ok. My physio also likes to push. Sometimes I praise her for pushing me. Sometimes I'm not so nice re what I'm thinking. But she is right in the long run.

Idaho - re not being 25 anymore. I'm curious re how old people are in here? I just turned 53 last week. So is this a yound persons injury or are we older?

X-rays this week confirmed I have bone chips in the knee. I have no idea why they didn't remove them when there operated. Not sure what they will do now. Stay tuned. Feels like I have razor blades under the knee some days.
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ankhsign: Sorry to hear of the presence of bone chips. Hopefully they can remove those arthroscopically. Regarding demographics I heard that the injury is most common with men in their 50s and 60s, and usually the "weekend warrior" types that are active in recreational sports. Good luck with your follow-up appointments.
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4 weeks 3 days 3 hours 15 minutes post op

Hello fellow quad rippers! Hit 85 degrees PROM yesterday with my CPM machine, was in this thing for 6 hours yesterday, have it setup in the living room and pasted the time doing some studying for Cisco networking IT certification I have been working on. Also started doing some mini squats yesterday and going to add these to my daily rehab ritual. Unlock the brace to 40 degrees and do them while holding on to the kitchen counter, placing anywhere for 25 to 50 percent body weight when doing these. Also started doing some leg extensions while sitting on the coffee table, and could actual feel the quads work for the first time.

Big thing that is slowing me down right now I think is swelling. Along with the quad tendon rupture I did I also sprained my medial collateral ligament. So I have swelling on the top and top inside of my knee.

Idahoguy: Got in the pool today for the first time for and hour and you are right it was great. Think this is going to help me get rid of these crutches/crutch and escape the brace quicker down the road. Start off in 5 feet of water and end it in 3 1/2 feet of water. So going to be jumping there everyday after work.

ankhsign: I was laughing my ass off the other day about your analogy of the movie Groundhog Day. With me its more like Groundhog hour, because when I stop using this CPM machine for an hour I have to start all over. Sorry to hear about the bone chips, hopefully they they can get rid of them with out to much of a set back. I am 6' 1" 215lb male that just turned 40 back in March. I don't think age had much to do with my injury, as much as my stupidity of choosing to jumping a high performance parachute. I was sliding across the ground at 20+ mph when the injury happened and don't think a 20 year olds quad tendon would have held up.
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4 Weeks 4 Days Post Op

Hello All,
I just got back from my 3rd PT visit and all seems to be going as well as I think I can expect. This morning he had me at 97 degrees ROM with him pushing me to get there. Comfortably, I was able to get to 90 degrees without any tightness. The best thing though, was he had me start doing active leg extensions without any weight. I wasn't able to flex it to 0 degrees, but he said that that would come in time. Anyway, it felt good to have my quad muscle do some work.

As far as age, I am a 34 year old male and I guess you could say a weekend warrior. I do a lot of road biking, white water canoeing and whatever keeps me outside. Unfortunately, my injury occurred from carrying my 2 yr old son in from the rain. I was jogging with him and in one stride went up two stairs to my porch. When I planted my leg to stop, POP when the tendon. I didn't hear it, but as you all know, I felt it! Anyway, hope everyone is getting along with recovery.

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I guess I officially graduated last Tuesday, just shy of 14 weeks post-surgery. When my OS came in for my followup appt (I was in shorts), he actually pointed to the wrong knee and had me extend the leg. He then commented on how good the scar looked. It should look good - it's 8 years old.

At any rate, the mistake was understandable. My knees now look virtually identical except for the scars - the new one is longer and has substantially more red tone. But other than that, not much difference at all.

Doc said standard procedure is a final visit at 6 months. But in my case, not necessary in the slightest. So I guess I'm done. I've been riding my bike, as hard as ever, as much my schedule allows, and it's glorious. No pain at all.

So boys (still not one single female, eh?) - ride lots, play lots, and it will all come back - much sooner than you've been led to think if you push it just the right amount.

IG - sorry to hear about your setback, but thanks again for starting this all up. I know everybody here appreciates what you've done. Sharing of information is critical, and it definitely put me on track to get back to normal in record time.

One final note - I'm 51, but did my first knee when I was 43. According to my OS, tendon ruptures start to occur with a much higher frequency when men reach 40. A primary factor is decreased blood flow, mainly due to lowered flexibility in the vessels. Not much we can do about that, short of not aging.

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12 Weeks

Hello gents -

I'm 12 (almost 13) weeks out from surgery. I got off crutches last week. Walking now with a cane. The knee is wobbly. It's also swollen (as is the foot - I still have to sleep with it elevated at night). Last week - challenged by tiger bait - I started going up stairs (3 flights) leading with the injured leg on each step. Still leading with the injured leg going downstairs, though. Last Wednesday, I finally made a full rotation on the stationary bicycle. My ROM was measured on that same day, hitting 97 degrees. I walk about 1/2 mile with cane every day.

I am a 50 year old male, a regular runner, even marathoner, since I was a teenager. Hadn't run a marathon in a while, but was determined to do it again. I was in the process of training for a spring marathon when I was injured.

My PT and OS both told me that this injury almost never happens to healthy women, and rarely occurs in young people. My OS told me that his QTR patients are overwhelmingly healthy men between 40 and 60, whom he calls "weekend warrriors." His other QTR patients, a much smaller group, are obese diabetics. My PT told me that most men who suffer a QTR are closer to 60 than to 40. Neither my PT or OS seems to know exactly why this injury affects men rather than women.

tiger bait - Keep challenging me! A little competition with you has helped push me along. I am celebrate all of your achievements, even when you beat me.

sinrider - Congratulations! I don't think I'll be graduating at 14 weeks, but you are an inspiration.

ankhsign - how are you doing?

Uncle Crunch - We had our surgery around the same time (mine was on Feb 21, the day after the injury) and seem to have nearly identical recovery processes.

Train Buff - I look forward to hearing how you're doing. You might feel overwhelmed by the surgery for the first three weeks, but you really WILL start healing and regain the ability to get up on your feet again. At four weeks, I started going out for a daily walk on crutches, two blocks to a cafe, where I sat and rested, and then two blocks back home.

My regards and best wishes to all of you,

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New QTR Surgery Method

Hello gents -

I'm still curious to know whether any of you had the new method of QTR surgery, in which a loop is made around the knee that allows for almost immediate post-surgery flexing and PT. I'm told that the standard method of QTR surgery requires 4-6 weeks of immobilization after surgery before starting PT, in order to allow enough scar tissue to develop to keep the wires from ripping through the muscle tissue. All of you guys who made impressively rapid recoveries - which method of QTR surgery did your OS perform on you? Thanks for sharing this information.


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New QTR Surgery Method

Hello gents -

I'm still curious to know whether any of you had the new method of QTR surgery, in which a loop is made around the knee that allows for almost immediate post-surgery flexing and PT. I'm told that the standard method of QTR surgery requires 4-6 weeks of immobilization after surgery before starting PT, in order to allow enough scar tissue to develop to keep the wires from ripping through the muscle tissue. All of you guys who made impressively rapid recoveries - which method of QTR surgery did your OS perform on you? Thanks for sharing this information.


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PhillyBuster: I will ask my doctor if he did the loop thingy on my knee, I was told by him that he tested it to 60 degrees and that I could do 10 degrees a day PROM up to 60 degrees.
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6months 1 week


Good to see the progress of so many! Keep it up!

TrainBuff: hoping surgery went well! As others have said, you are on the road to better days now! And hopefully your post surgery pain is starting to diminish.

IDG: Oops! Can imagine your scare! But glad to hear it is scar tissue. Keep plugging!

openBoater: You seem to be the "pup" of the group! Like others have said, most internet sites i have read say this is for primarily over 40 males. I hadn't seen anything on weekend warrior stuff, and tend to think that is not so much the issue as perhaps reduced blood flow as Sinrider mentions. For me, and several others in this thread, it was a simple slip down 4 stairs...others have slipped on ice, stairs, you going up.

Me, i was 56 at time of QTR (10/27) and turned 57 last Feb. I consider myself in good shape, very active outdoors and heavy t-miller, exercise. Freak accident for me in my book.

In2Falling: a skydive was what i planned for my 50th, unfortunately I didnt follow thru on it.

Sinrider: i am sure you and others have seen the blog from 2003 (?) of a few gals chatting on this injury. That is where I learned of MUA. I havent seen anymore gals discussing this since. Keep riding!

PB: My OS and PA assured me I would be back on my treadmill. I was without a hitch or pain May 8 which was short of 6 mo by 4 days. So dont rule out a marathon! In fact, make it a goal! (although my PA strongly suggested I turn to bikes) (no IDG, still havent bought a new one! )

Anksign: i share your frustration on the bone chips...hopefully they can clean it up without major trauma. An interesting point, at least to me, was my surgery report stated "removed large hemarthrosis" (joint clot). I said I thought that was a clot in the joint? OS said, you were totally open, I could see into the joint. Now what "see into" means, I am not sure.

A final note for all of you guys: I am in the middle of my spring turkey hunt. For me that means lying down waiting in the woods. As happens, nature called and I rolled on my side to my "good" leg and realized I had put myself in position to have to stand up using the force of my "bad" leg. I did it. First time pain (lack of strength feeling) but several times since, it has gotten easier. Like others have said, these little things we forget about become milestones!

Your milestones will continue to build!

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15 & 1/2 weeks Out

Hi Guys: Thought I had "graduated" along with SinRider, but "twas not to be. As I reported last week, I had a little "setback" and am trying to deal with that. I'm headed back into PT tomorrow to see if we can do a little more diagnostic work. Right now, it seems I am still able to bend the leg passively to almost 140, so it doesn't appear that lasting damage has been done. However, there has been a lot of swelling and weakness - and some pain when going downstairs. Hopefully we can figure out tomorrow what that is all about. I am improving, though, and am hopeful that this is simply a setback of a couple of weeks or so.

Age: I am 46 years old - extremely hardcore skier and very active cyclist - both mountain and road. This is third severe injury I have done to the same knee requiring surgery. Previously an ACL five years ago, and an MCL 20 years ago (all three injuries resulted from skiing).

PhillyBuster: I did not have the new type of surgery, but I was flexing the knee and participating in PT within 3 days after surgery.

Hope all are well
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IDG: don't be discouraged! My PT protocol called for "light running" at week 16 but i could not without a major "hitch". After that, week 16 or 18?, I asked my PT (although I had finished formal PT) should I worry, baby it, or run thru it? He said, try to run thru it, you run in the pool, sometimes it is mental too. I followed his advice and Sinrider's "just do it" attitude (thanks SR!) and soon i was running ok on the tm. So, my words to you are, dont worry, it will come! And especially if you are at 140! That is outstanding!
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Hey -

IG: Sorry about your set back and I hope it's not too bad, but it's a good lesson for the rest of us.

ankhsign: Hopefully, the bone chips can be taken care of easily. I'm 49 years old and I've always been active in sports, but not in the shape I was at 25, of course. Open boater at 34 holds the record for youngest of everyone I've heard about.

PhillyBuster: You're really coming on and I'm proud of you. A good long term challenge for you would be another marathon.

trainbuff: Hang in there - it gets better!

Bulldog: Good luck turkey hunting. I hope to be back in the woods this fall for deer season, but I don't know about my tree climbing stand.

I got back in the pool at PT, but I had to change therapists to do it. I believe in the pool so much it was worth it. I'm doing more now, but it seems when I work my legs real hard in the morning, they are worn out and weak in the afternoon and won't go anymore. How do any one else's l
legs hold up during the day?

Tiger Bait
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4 Weeks 5 Days Post Op

I went to my OS this morning and he released me from my brace, which surprised me a bit. I am going to still wear it when I am walking on uneven surfaces or where the risk of falling is greater. It feels good to walk as a "normal" person again. Of course, I walk fairly slow and with a limp, but I imagine that will go away with increased ROM and building the muscle back up.

As far as the question about the new repair technique, my OS told me that he went through the patella for the repair.
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I had the surgery where they drill holes in the patella and the baseball stitch. 14 weeks psand all is well. Some swelling and pain that i believe associated with cold damp weather. Who knows but it is a good excuse. Work outs continue and running 2 miles is the hope. It hurts and is much less natural that it used to be. It is all good.

Train, what is up whit you?

All the best VS
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7 Weeks Since Surgery

7 weeks went by pretty fast. Last weekend I did several hours of walking outside on the trails without the brace. It felt great to be able to be outside without it. I had PT session #6 yesterday. ROM is 53 degrees. Not too far from the prescribed 0-60. Straight leg raises are no problem. Leg extensions are do-able but I still feel pain just below the patella. In an effort to reduce swelling the PT had me dip the leg in hot and cold water, alternating between the two for 5 x 1 minute each. The session concluded with 15 minutes of IFC.

VS: Are you doing lower body workouts? If so, did your OS give you any guidelines or weight limits?

ankhsign: Any news on the bone chips? Good luck with the extraction.
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Phillybuster - sorry for the delay in responding and thanks for the best wishes.

I didn't have the loop technique. My OS drilled holes in the patella and stitched through the tendon and holes. And somedays I sure felt like I was tearing the stitches. But of course I wasn't.

The last week I have been working out like crazy to rebuild the muscles and they are coming back very well. I regularly wear an ankle weight now and currently have 3 pounds weights in them. Up to about 200 leg lifts a day troughout the day, 50 standing and bringing knee up to my chest with weights, and various other lifts with weights. Started with 1 lb and now up to 3. I will increase to 4 tomorrow. I have been sticking with small weights and lots of reps to build muscle. It is really helping regain muscles. I am also doing about 40 squats per day using an exercise ball, leaving back against it and the wall, legs slightly apart and about 1.5 feet in front of me. They hurt at first but are ok now. The more muscle I buikd the less the knee hurts. Most swelling is gone now, but I still have some. I no longer walk with a limp and I'm doing lots of walking. I take stairs regularly at work which also helps. I did about 8 flights of stairs today both up and down alternating legs. Down still hurts under the knee but going up is okay.

Duncan - thanks for the best wishes. They have confirmed I have bone chips and that they are where I'm having most of my pain. Now they just have not decided what to do. Leave them and hope I recover once I have my strength back, remove them............ Now my Dr is on vacation so I will be following up when she is back. Stay tuned. Congrats on the ROM and leg raises. These are important mlestones.

Openboater - congrats on getting rid of the brace. This is great news. Well done! I was tempted to keep using it as I felt unstable at first. I found walking around the house on the level helped regain the strength and confidence. I was nervous about trying out slopes etc. But found that the stability came back quickly. It was the strength that is taking time. However once I took it off, the brace never went back on. Hang in there, you're doing great.

Great to see everyone is progressing well. Keep at it everyone. We'll all graduate before you know it.
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5 week 1 day post op

Not too much new here, hit 95 degree with the CPM machine the other day but have to give the thing back today :. My ROM still being limited by swelling, which is throwing a big monkey wrench in my plans to be walking crutch and brace free by now. Right now I am a loose 65 when I work the knee and a very tight 90 to 95 when pushing it to the limit.

Got into the pool for the second time a couple of days ago and walked in 3 feet for an hour and could actually see quads muscles. Its been raining the last couple of days so have not been able to get in there but will hit it this weekend when weather clears up. Only in Arizona you can have a high of 106 then 4 days later have a high of 68 .

I have been postponing rehab, but finally rescheduled it and going to start tonight after work. Two other previous knee surgeries on the other knee (cartilage repair and then ACL) I went through rehab and found it a waste of time and money and made more progress doing my own work. So I will give these guys a chance for a few visits.
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Hello Everyone Russ Here,
12 Weeks 4 Days Into Recovery Went Back To Work Last Week Light Duty But It Felt Good To Resume Somewhat Of A Normal Life. Still Going To Pt 3 Times A Week After Work ,i Have Notice That The Times That My Knees Want To Give Out On Me Is Gettig Father Apart,still Cant Wait Till That Felling Is Gone For Good.i Can Climb Stairs With The Help Of A Railing But Going Down Them Is A Different Story,but I Guess I Should Be Greatfull Im Walking At All.i Still Have Lower Back Pain I Can Only Walk For A Short Time Then I Have To Sit And Rest.my Pt Gal Said The Stronger My Quads Get The Pain Will Get Better. Anybody Haveing Lower Back Pain Also. Does Anybody Get That Felling Like There Slipping On Ice Thats The Felling I Get When They Get Weak.thanks To All
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14 weeks tomorrow

Hey -

ankhsign: It sounds like you're really working hard, and it's paying off. I know you're feeling pretty good!

trainbuff: Come in trainbuff?

russ 50: Great job with the stairs. I'm about 9 days ahead of you with surgery. Last week was the last time I tried coming down stairs frontwards and couldn't do it. Well, after a very hard weeks work of climbing up them, the pool and stationary bike I came down the whole flight today frontwards, then did it 20 times. It seems like with this injury once you do something once it becomes easy! Try to do a little more every day and keep working hard.

Tiger bait!
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First PT Visit

Wow, really impressed with this rehab place. Spent a good two hours doing a bunch of different isometric work, stretching and got a painful but great deep tissue/cross friction message that was worth the visit alone. Well they did not come pickup the CPM machine today for some reason so I get to keep it for another 3 days !!

chihibulldog: The three guys I was jumping with on the jump I injured my self on are 65, 61 and 58 years old. Our group/gang I normally jump with is called the dinos (dinosaurs), you have to be over 40, been in the sport 10 years and have over 500 jumps.
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Tiger - congrats on the stairs. Well done!

I agree that once you can do something, keep going. The first time is the biggest challenge.
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8 weeks post op

Hey gang,

Finally hit my goal or 90 degrees ROM yesterday, PT was very happy with my progress. Walking without any assistance, but I tire rather quickly, with pain in the hips and lower back. Got on the bike for the first time, but could not get the peddles all the way around. Can go up and down stairs, one at a time, rather slowly. I go to see my OS on Tuesday.

Congrats to all of you on your goals, I know it is a milestone when you can do even the simplest thing. Evenyone have a great Memorial Weekend.

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Dave - congrats on the ROM. Way to go. The bike took me a while to master too. Hang in there, it will come. First time PS got me to do 5 minutes. I almost needed help getting off the bike. :-)

Stairs took me the longest to master. Now they are no problem. So if I can do it, you can do it.

I think you're doing for 8 weeks. Well done.

Has anyone heard how train is doing? Hope surgery went well and his recovery is too.
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