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Welcome Susan! Sorry you had to join the club. I posted a page or two back about some must haves going into the surgery so it might be worth looking at.

I'll be honest in saying the hardest part in getting back is the patience required. Once off the pain meds, the leg never hurts and is just frustrating because you want it to get stronger faster than it wants to.

I know people that have had knee surgeries and they lose mobility and have constant pain and swelling from extra use even years later. I honestly think that after all of the time it will take to get to 100%, we won't have those struggles like those with acl or mcl repairs.

Stay patient and when the time comes, be motivated to do all you can to get it right!
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Welcome Susan, although welcome never feels right to say.  TD is right, definitely check out his post a couple pages back.  I just had my surgery on 2/3/11 and here is what I can tell you to this point;


1 - If you have an option to get a nerve block, get it.  I did on the recommendation of many on this forum and it was a great help.  I opted for a spinal (if you have kids and have had an epidural, same kind of thing), nerve block and then sedation.  I was completely out for the surgery, don't remember a thing.  When I came to, I felt pretty good. 


2 - Don't let them send you home without good pain meds.  That has been documented here.  I am completely off the pain meds now for 2 days with the exception of Tylenol Extra Strength.  All in all, I was on pain meds for a total of 3 days.  I did find that the Oxy/Percocet they had me on was making me dillusional - I couldn't close my eyes.  It did help the pain however which is important.


3 - This was my big mistake - muscle spasms after surgery.  They did ask me in the hospital if I needed anything for muscle spasms and I said no.  At the time (I suspect due to the nerve block) I wasn't having any.  Anyway, got home and every time I went to dose off or go to sleep at night, my quad would go into spasm.  IT HURTS LIKE HELL!  Get a script for muscle spasms and take it with you.  At least if you need it, you have the script with you.  I am seeing my OS today and am going to mention it to him.  My big worry is whether it is doing any damage to the repair itself.


4 - ICE - this has been helpful.  If you read back, including TD's post I believe, many talk about a unit called the ICEMAN.  I have ordered one, expecting it either today or tomorrow.  I have been using GEL Packs in the meantime and it provides quite a bit of relief.


I can't offer much more as I am still pretty much useless these days, hobbling around, getting help from anyone and everyone.  Good luck with surgery and let us all know if you have any other questions/concerns.



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Welcome to the forum.  I find it helpful to consider this forum as part of the recovery process---a tripod of PT, OS counseling, and forum participation.  I am about 9 weeks out from surgery (December 9) and have been walking without a brace for almost 3 weeks.  After surgery I found it helpful to count small steps of progress: removal of sutures/staples, moving from 2 crutches to 1 , etc.   This seems to reinforce the notion of progress. 


Concerning activities--I hike, bike, and kayak also.  My immediate goal is to return to the road bike in a few weeks (how many weeks I am not sure but hoping the OS will let me try it in about 4 - 5 weeks).  I am a little reluctant to get out with the kayak because it weighs about 55 lbs and I don't trust my balance and weight bearing capacity. I know 55lbs is light but the boat is 16' long and requires balancing.  Kayaking may be 6 - weeks off. Maybe sooner.




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    My name is Jill and my e-mail is tisisntyou@yahoo.com. Please talk to me and let me know what you encountered with your healing process. I simply walked off a step in July 2010 and completely snapped the quad tendon from my left knee. I want to find someone who has had the same surgery to reattach the tendon. It has been 6 mths with therapy and I haven't yet driven my car 'clutch'. I have not worn heels and I have been wearing sneakers. I go thursday to surgeon after having a MRI done for post op check. He wants to be sure everything has married up good and no cartlidge damage. Not the same surgeon who did the repair. Then I will begin intense quad therapy to strengthen.

   What, if any difficulties have you had in getting back to normal?? My ham string seems to still be weak when I walk. I do use cane at this point. No longer wearing the immobilizer. Please let me know how your legs are doing and how well you think the therapy helped you in strengthening. I also want to know if I am going to be able to wear heels again as a woman who likes to dress up. My scar isn't as bad as I thought. It is about 5 1/2 " long over the pattella. After I took the ice machine off and the staples were removed, it was Aug. here in Fl. and I put leg in the sun with olive oil. Seems to have healed well without too much scarring.

   Thank you and I pray your healing has gone well.


Jill Maine

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Welcome Jill and sorry you have joined the club.  There are now 87 pages of people healing and going through the process of healing so you will have plenty of reading and advice to sort through.


I'm really surprised you aren't driving your car yet.  I had my surgery September 16th, was told I could not weight bear for 5 weeks and was able to push my left leg clutch in during week 6.  My surgeon said I the repair should be completely reattached with no fear of retearing at the 6 month mark and that I could start sprinting when it arrives mid-March.


I had PT from week 5 until about week 10 and was released to the gym for my own workouts and have been strength training since.  I'm surprised your OS has prevented you from strength training until the 6 month mark even though I know each person's instructions have been different.  What have you been doing through the 6 months of therapy you said you have been going through?  It seems like your OS is EXTREMELY CONSERVATIVE and probably the most conservative of what I've read since IdahoGuy started this thing three years ago.  Has he/she mentioned why they have gone such a conservative route?


Good luck with the healing and let us know how the appointment and your recovery go.



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Susan, Jill, as said the idea of welcoming people to this forum is a little strange but welcome anyway,


Gottagetback, glad the pain meds got sorted. I was given paracetamol and Tramadol. Kind of worked but wish I could have got better stuff. I found it difficult to keep in front of the pain. As usual with the Superbowl I fell asleep around about the middle of the 3rd quarter. Will have to try watching it sober some year :-).   



Curling Geek, I used to get spasms pretty much every night but mine didn't seem to hurt as much or be a violent as yours. They were more of a shock coming on when i was half asleep. They still happen occasionally now ( 11.5 weeks post op) but obviously nothing like the ones in the 1st 48 hours after surgery.


I need to get rid of this limp. I think my good leg is starting to suffer. It seems to get tired more quickly than the bad leg at the moment.


All the best Joe

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how are you doing with the passive movement machine?

are you already at 45 rom?


let me know



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hello SUSAN


it is like every body said, but welcome to QTR  club, sorry for the accident but it time to move on, hope the surgery goes well and check some post here for ideas from TD and other, also i think CG and I has a kind of similar protocol post surgery gue to the use of a passive movevment machine right away the next day form surgeryand for my it seems to help because my knee although its hurts but cna do some ROM  movement and this is OS ordered with the iceman and the pain meds


hello  JILL


wished you a great mri and that the OS  clear you to drive and best wishes  with the strenght terapies,

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Well hello to all my fellow QTRS, and especially to the the newbies although this is such a terrible injury, having this forum to release whatever you are going through is such a blessing, for all are going through ,or has been through what your expieriences are or will be ;). That said it is day5 post-op and i got up and made breakfast for the family and folded all the clothes that had piled up on our couch, big accomplishments right now as anything helps my wife. I still cant get in my bed by myself cause i  cant lift my leg, but i have a scarf in which ill put my leg in, straight out and lift it with my arms to place on the couch or recliner, also i'm down to one crutch most of the time, but i do pay for this with a little with soreness in the injured legs thigh muscles, its not so much as cramping as it just sore and needing massaged, as of late that has been the norm, the outside of my knee is numb, i mean real numb , can anyone explain this as the rest of my knee isnt?????????? .I get my staples out monday so that may help we'll see, Well thats all i got for now, And once again keep on keepin on cause we decide our future. Have a wonderful day, Terrence

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As odd as it seems, it still is nice to receive a warm welcome from the group - thanks.  From what I've read here and elsewhere, I was extremely naive about this injury and repair.  It's been like a long, slow awakening INTO a bad dream, or something like that.   I'm a bit vain about my legs, and the scar/swelling over the knee hadn't even crossed my mind.  Also, 2011 was to be a big year of travel for me - I was going to the Amalfi Coast of Italy with my 19 yo daughter in March, and Ghana for 3 weeks for work.  I've already cancelled Italy, but am on the fence about Ghana.  Some, but not much walking will be required and it will be 3 months post-op.  Any advice?

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I would think you would be able to walk in Ghana at three months. Too much will cause swelling and tightness from the repair down, but nothing that some ice and elevation can't fix in an hour or less. You will have your sexy leg back within a year. My leg is still a bit smaller and weaker but the shape around the kneecap and the muscles leading in are looking much more "normal". Being a guy and having hairy legs might make my scar less noticeable but vitamin e oil does wonders and I'd think someone would have to be close to really notice.


That is VERY normal. I'm almost 5 months removed from my surgery and still have significant numbness outside of my kneecap. It's due to the cutting of the nerves and the time it takes to grow back. My wife had a knee operation a few years ago and she can't remember exactly when the feeling came back but she had gotten used to the numbness and then one day she noticed she wasn't numb anymore. She thinks it was just barely under a year.

Good luck all,

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Susan and Jill,  welcome to our exclusive club where the price of membership is too high.  Susan, I am 12 weeks post op today.  You should be fine traveling at 3 months.  Walking really depends on the terrain.  I can walk fine and maneuver stairs.  I have no worries if the surfaces are even, but am cautious on uneven surfaces.  Jill, sorry to hear about your long road to recovery.  It may be a good idea to talk to another OS since your recovery experience seems quite different from mine and others I've read on this forum.  I am not "back to normal" yet but feel I'm making decent progress.  I've been driving since week 4 on our automatic and week 6 on our stick shift. I've seen a noticeable increase in strength from exercise.  I ride the stationary bike, elliptical, leg press, body weight squats and lunges in the gym.


gottagetback, my OS and PT told me numbness on the outside of the knee was normal and usually feeling returns.  They explained that the nerves run down the inside of the thigh and the turn above the knee and run around the outside of the knee.


CG,  I didn't really have much trouble with the spasms.  Only for a couple of days after my femoral nerve block wore off.  But mine don't seem to be as intense as yours.  I'd be interested to hear what your OS has to say about it.


Take care all...Ken

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I don't think you'll have too much trouble in making the trip, Most of us seem to get rid of crutches and are able to walk reasonably freely on level ground by the 10 week mark, some even sooner. Personally I've been without a brace and crutches for about 3 weeks ( 12 weeks on Saturday since the op). Stairs and steep slopes can still be a minor obstacle to me.  Being a guy I kind of like my scar but vitamin E oil is supposed to work as well as anything. It maybe worth pointing it out to the surgeon pre op that your concerned about the scar as how they close the wound may make a difference.



All the best Joe  

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First let me say thanks for all this great info. I spent days looking for info on quad tears and there is a lot of info out there but not from the patents point of view. I found out quick that my OS falls a little short in the bedside manner department. 

          History...I work for one of those box delivery company's, and of course..late at night (at my own house) steep drive...mud...slip...pop and here I sit. I found out quick what they could "do for me".  Temp disability basically means I'll starve if I don't get back to work as soon as possible. They fixed me Mon 2/7.  They told me I had a block, but I was in a lot of pain 4 hours post. I was given 1 perc. every 4 hrs and a small amount of morphine. I got no sleep that night. when I asked the OS about the pain he said nothing was going to take all the pain away and what he gave me should have been enough. It wasn't. I have a hinged brace and icebox. Hopefully things will get better in a few days.     I'm not in great shape and from what I've been reading I would have had trouble doing the exercises before my injury. I know it's going to be a long hard road but I can do it, I just have to not overdue it. 

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8 weeks post-op

ROM 90+


Hi all, esp. new folks. MG, one suggestion for you (after conferring with your PT and OS of course) might be to take one or two forearm crutches/hiking sticks with you for walking, just for insurance. You may or may not need them, but at least you'll have them available. I'm going to Peru in late June (which will be 6+ months for me) and I am going to take a pair of forearm type crutches with me.


PT on vacation (grrr, lol), doing heel slides, straight leg lifts, quad isos, prone hamstring stretches, situps, pushups, walking. I'm noticing some pain on outside of kneecap after exercising.. It goes away eventually but wondering if anyone else has this. Might it be a patellar tracking issue? Sleeping without brace at night and having some pain if I'm in any position for awhile (except flat on my back). Goes away usually when I change position. Anyone else have this?  I suppose it is reasonable to assume I'll have more discomfort as I ramp up the PT. I'm fine with that as long as I'm not doing damage..any thoughts? Finally, how did those of you who are driving decide when to start?  I did this to my right leg so no clutch issues. I'm not yet driving my car, but I can easily move my foot quickly from throttle to brake and apply significant pressure to the brake, Actually having more trouble getting in and out , lol. Just looking for parameters on driving e.g. ROM, leg press strength, etc.


Cville Guy: I'm a sea kayaker too and I'm wondering about getting in and out of the boat. In past, before injury, I noticed how much load was on my quad as I went from cockpit to standing. I'm not sure how long it will be before I can load it up like that again. I should mention that in past I have had to rely mostly on my injured leg as I have a bad left knee, so maybe my situaiton is too unique to comment. Just wondering if you've solved this or if its an issue. I can't wait to get back out, but I've been thinking about things like getting back in the boat after a wet exit, (I don't have a roll despite 20 years of kayaking in Alaska and BC, lol, too uncoordinated I guess), lifting my boat to cartop and back down, dragging kayak on beach, etc. Thoughts?


Puertorrican,  CG sounds like you're doing well, true?

Susan, try to get that nerve block if you can. It will really help!  Cheers all, Mel


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Welcome Singledad! Sorry the pain is an issue. Luckily, you will be pain free in another week. Don't sweat not being in great shape because it might help you be more patient being immobile for a few weeks. PT starts really slow and helps with swelling, ROM, and electrical stim to get the muscles firing again. Once you get an ample ROM, that will be your opportunity to get in better shape, because the more active you are once you can be active will help your ultimate goal of getting back to work. Stay patient for now and stay motivated once the time is right.


I'd bet money it's a tracking issue and it will resolve itself as the leg strengthens. The pain at night without the brace is also normal. I had no idea how much I moved and adjusted covers until I attempted to move them while asleep with me sitting straight up thinking "WTF???" about 5 times per night those first 3 or 4 nights. As far as driving goes, sit in the car and see how it feels without even starting it. I waited way longer than I needed to because I thought the strength needed to be more and my ROM better. Once I got in, it was pretty easy. I'm only 5'8" so getting in and out wasn't a problem. I'd scoot the seat back as far as it would go and lay the back down some so even a straight brace could get in. Then, I would open the brace up so I could more easily get comfortable.


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Mel,  I am 9 weeks post op and have not had a shot at the kayak yet.  It is too cold here and I am wary of trying to balance my Perception Avatar on my shoulders, at least not until I am more balanced on my feet.  I hope to try it in April so I will let you know my experience. I am still weak on my repaired leg side and am having hip pains from the balance.  My ROM is good (about 130) but I need more strength yet.



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I can remember it being a little uncomfortable to begin with when I first started sleeping without the immobilizer with similar kind of time frame post op to yourself. It just gets better with time. It's interesting how we can get rid of one issue and another pops up. I'm getting a very uncomfortable sensation just above the knee slightly to the outside whenever I extend the leg at about 45deg till it straightens. The tissue seems really hard in that area also. Not sure whether it's part of the repair.  





Have to agree with you on bedside manner, I've had no more than 3 minutes face to face with an OS over the last 12 weeks. Shame about your work situation, very tough. See if you can find out from your OS what kind of shape you need to be in to be cleared to drive. I know some guys on here start driving after 4 or 5 weeks but when it's on company insurance, fitness requirements may be tighter. We can all recover at different rates but it could give you an idea of time scale for return to work if you don't have that already.  The best of luck with rehab.



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Hi all, especially the newcommers!

8.5 weeks post-op, 3 weeks since mobilized


Really nice to read today about so many things that I've experienced too, and wondered: is this normal?

The numbness on the outside of the knee - yes, I have exactly that,

The slight pain at night that goes away when you lay on your back and completely straighten the leg - yes I have that. I agree that it may be linked to Patella tracking issues. I had that a few years ago (in the form of 'runners knee') and the uncomfortable feeling is very neraly the same.


The worries about when you can drive a car. Here in the UK I was told the legal consideration is that you must be fully in control of your vehicle, and you make your own judgement call about that. For me the lack of ROM was the limiting factor as I have long legs and need the injured leg to operate the clutch. Needed a ROM of ~60 before I could do that. By that time (week 7) my leg was certainly stong enough to press the clutch.


Had a very good session with the PT on Monday. All the specific weknesses from a week ago have been improved a lot. I spend several hours per day on it. Was cleared to walk without the ROM brace. Was cleared to manage my own recovery training and PT for the next 2 weeks based around the PT protocol, and then return for check up. Great!


Latest PT challenges are to stand on one leg on a small  gym trampoline and catch a ball. Good for muscle control and balance. Also allowed to do the traditional leg squats sliding the back against the wall.


How to combat a limp? Ask your friends/family colleagues to point out what is wrong with your gate. Even my boss had me walk up and down the corridor at work to tell me why I was not walking properly and what to correct. Walking in front of a mirror is also helping. Marching on the spot is another trick. My limp has reduced a lot, but walking still does not feel 100% natural. About to dash to the gym for yet another balance and strength session.


Best of luck!



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Thanks TD, I will have to learn to Slowdown my pace. 


Yorkie, The company is full blast or nothing. Guess I'll just have to take it one day at a time. The pain is better already. Just going home helped. I have 4 teens that can help me out. 

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I get my staples removed tomorrow...I can't imagine how they take the things out (I had stitches last time). I guess I start PT next week or so...I really can't remember the timeline from 2 years ago, but I suspect it will be similar (and yes, same OS this time).


Has anyone else been through this sh^$ TWICE? The first time was sort of a novelty and a challenge, but this time I just feel impatient and clumsy, and even though I can still work from home, there is more going on there and I feel like I am missing out on more, not being in the office. And even though everyone in my life is understanding, I feel a little like Chicken LIttle or whatever, and my once-in-a-lifetime crazy fluke injury DID happen again. And even though I have a significant other this time, we don't live together and I worry about being a burden and ....well...just feel silly.


I'm not working as a trainer in a gym now...just one free-lance client...so that is not hampered, but I was going to compete in bodybuilding again this year....oh well...just getting back in the gym will be a joy these days.


I just turned 50, and although I celebrated my 50th in France with my boyfriend, I come back to debilitating injury, housebound and dirty and unshaven, and solicitations from AARP in my mailbox.


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Happy 50th!  I just hit 53 in November.  The staples come out real easy--almost like they were not embedded in the flesh. No worries mate.




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I am trying to correct my gait too. Thanks for the advice.  My PT told me to walk around the room taking long exaggerated steps then repeat doing very high knee lifts. When you return to normal size steps you feel much more "normal". I am 9 weeks post op and 3 weeks out of immobilizer.



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Hello All;


Injury 1/26/11

Surgery 2/3/11

1 Week Post Op


Well.......I saw my OS on Tuesday, 5 days post op.  He is a friend of mine and he wanted to check out the surgery site and make sure all was good.  The stitch job he did looks unbelievable, like there will be a very slight scar, although about 6" long.


I also have the numbness outside the knee cap, OS said it is about 50/50 as to whether the feeling comes back.  I also asked him about the repair and he had me flex the quad to show me the patella move - hurt like hell when I did it - but it does work so that is good.  All the spasms I was having seem to have calmed down with the prescription he gave me.


Let's see, what else.......yes ROM - I was told stay at 30* until I see him on March 1st.  That will be about 4 weeks post surgery and he said he will move me from there.  Also, just to clarify I am not on the CPM machine, but am using a towel to move my knee.  Puertorican, I can't believe how much ROM you have already!  It just goes to show the real difference in protocol that we have all read about on this forum.


All in all, doing well.  I can get around without crutches with brace on obviously.  I can weight bear on the leg with no pain which really helps in getting around the house.  MaggieGrace, as far as travel this year goes, I am in the same boat.  Was going to Arizona for golf on Feb. 4th, with the kids again on March Break and hiking the Grand Canyon end of April with friends.  Aside from going with kids on March Break, pretty much going to be at home.  Gotta go, nurse just arrived for something unrelated - need more life insurance!



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Injury:  1/14

Surgery scheduled: Tomorrow!  Gack!


My surgery was originally scheduled for next Tuesday, but when I realized how little my insurance would pay for an out of network doc, today I saw someone in network, and he wants to do it tomorrow.  He looked at my MRI and did another set of x-rays and looked at those.  He said something interesting:  he was very surprised and said that I was a case unlike any he had ever seen before because despite of the extent of my injury (nearly complete rupture of the tendon), I was remarkably functional, that is, walking without assistance, driving, getting into work everyday, etc., for the past month now.  I don't know whether to be "proud" of myself or what - ha!!


I've never been under general anesthesia before so am nervous about that, and about the ice-pick pain I'll feel in my knee after, but my doc friends tell me not to worry.  I'm rounding up the troops for assistance.  I'm divorced - so my 20-something children and a close friend will be helping for the weekend, then my sister comes in Monday-Saturday. Getting my 21 yo son to play nurse to me is like pulling teeth, not that he's self-involved or anything.  Or am I the one who is self-involved??..... who knows!  ;)

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I had general anesthesia for my procedure (December 9th) and it was a piece of cake. You are on the table awake for a minute or two then you wake from a dreamless sleep when it is over. Kid of like taking an afternoon nap but a deeper sleep.


I really never experienced the pain you are are anticipating.  They will probably administer morphine by IV before you wake or right after you come around.  You will need a prescription for strong pain medicine (if you tolerate it well enough). I was given Percoset to be taken every 4 hours as needed.  I heeded this advice and took the meds for about 4 to 5 days. I probably could have stopped a day earlier. 


Typically Percoset causes constipation so you need to take stool softeners and over night laxatives. Eat plenty of fiber.


Make sure to ask the surgeon about the risk of blood clots and if they administer anything during surgery to minimize the likelihood of a clot. I had two clots in my leg and now I am on Coumadin for 3 months. 


I will weigh back in if I think of more advice.


Good luck,


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Susan,  Good luck tomorrow.  IMO it is better to go ahead and get the surgery out of the way, so sooner is better than later.  I too, hadn't had any general anesthesia prior to my injury and was quite apprehensive about the whole procedure.  I had no trouble with the anesthesia during or after the surgery.  At the advice of my OS I got a nerve block which lasted a day or two.  From others experiences in this forum, I'm glad that I got it.  I was given oxycodone and took it every 4 hours.  I stopped taking the meds after 3 days.  I guess every experience is different, but the surgery wasn't as bad as I imagined that it would be.  It'll be good to have people around to help you for the first couple of days.


CG, Glad to see things are improving for you.  It's interesting to see the different methods on closing the incisions.  My sutures were under the surface so you couldn't see the sutures along the incision.  You could only see the suture ends on either end of the incision.  Others have had the sutures on the surface while others have had staples.



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Well Hello,

     Jill here. Yes, my therapy has been slight and gentle to this point. 6 month MRI reading is stating a reoccurring tear. OS seems to think there may  be another light tear or the MRI specialist was reading w/o knowledge of surgery. Need to clear up prior to beginning intense therapy.  My complete Quad tendon snapped off and receeded 7" into my upper thigh. OS tells me this is a 1 year injury and to not push it. I am scheduled to start intensive Quad strengthening therapy on monday. I have lost 2" girth near quad itself and lower thigh muscle. My car rides low and is a clutch. Advises me to wait until I get some strengthing done, not just for the clutch but for getting in/out of vehicle. No meds. needed, lots of icing. I do have almost complete ROM as the other leg 'almost'. OS is not concerned about hams or calves, only quad strengthing, Tells me I have a ways to go yet. My goal is to get back to working as CNA and to get back into heels and dancing. Great to see you guys are all healing. It is a mind thing and we will conquer...

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Yeah, I have long well shaped legs. My scar is 5 1/2 " over left knee. However, after 8 wks I was able to lay i in the sun with olive oil. Now the scar is not so noticable.

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8+ weeks post op

ROM 90+


TD: Thanks very much for the advice-esp concerning the car. That is exactly what I will do!


Yorkiequad: Appreciate the reassurance. Always helps when someone has "been there". For what it's worth, I'm noticing kind of a hard spot that is a litttle tender in the same general place you mention. I just figured that it was part of the repair and would soften up soon, I guess we'll see.


Cville guy: Yeah, no lifting kayaks for me either, lol. I don't do that much anymore, anyway. I use a kayak dolly now to get to the boat to launch point and back ( I have an old Eddyline Orca - it's a monster). Once we're out in islands, etc, I use pool noodles under the bow to drag loaded kayaks up the beach and to launch. Works like a charm - esp with our double (110 lbs). I can't  wait to get out on the water again, just hope I'll be able to figure out how to get out of the damn thing while my quad is recovering.


Gymdude: Can definitely identify with the "feeling like a burden" thing, but the truth is you need help with everyday stuff right now. I had to  recruit friends for specific jobs. I hated doing that at first but now I ask people to help me get to work, buy and haul wood pellets for the stove, fix or bring meals, shop, pick up meds and mail, etc. I found that if I chunked stuff out to people by giving specific assignments, they were more than willing to help. Maybe all this is obvious, but having that help really can affect the quality and speed of recovery. Yes, by the way, others have done it twice - Idaho Guy, the "founder" of this thread did it twice! By the way, nothing wrong with 50. It's the new 49, lol. Cheers to all. MG hope the surgery went well. Let us know. Mel

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