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It's been a while since I've taken Physics and we didn't discuss that but I'm not sure how that can be.  Generally rain could be considered falling at a rate in time (X number of drops per minute) so if running were to allow less time in the rain, it would limit the number of drops per minute one would come in contact.  So if rain were falling at a rate of 500 per minute and she was in the rain one minute as it compared to my 3, it would make sense that I would have been hit with 1500 drops to her 500.


I'll have to look that one up.

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6 weeks since surgery.


went to PT today.  range is at 95.   has me sitting throughout the day and bending the knee back and holding for a 10 count.   must be working as i was at 85 about 5 days ago.


told me no bike or mayby sweat for another 2 weeks.


hang in there all-

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Might have a point there TD. You are living proof though. Who was the wettest? You or Mrs TD ? Nothing like a practical to demonstrate/ disprove a theory. Taking mass in to account of course. :-).





95 ! I'm Dreaming about 95 at the moment.  Got 45 on my first bend and still not much improvement as yet. Working on it 5 mins at a time with a rhythmical action ( no holding)  6/7 times a day,  everyday for the last 5 days. Sticking at it. In there for the long haul.


Good luck all



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if you keep the exercises going the rom will come.  i was amazed at the 15 degree improvement from last week.  would have not have thought it.    i think gettting to 120 will be the challenge.   i think the pt guy told me 140 is like the max.

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TD, I believe the answer to the rain issue lies in the fact that as you move forward faster you move through more rain that does not reach the ground and that makes up for the less time that the top of your head is exposed. 

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I'm 8 days post-op and saw my surgeon today.  The last 3-4 days have been so much better than those first 4-5 days.  I probably went back to work too soon, I only took the day after surgery off and was back the following day and have been working ever since.  Its my L knee so I have been able to drive thanks to a big roomy old suburban.  Today he pulled off my steristrips, I didn't have staples, he had placed absorbable sutures under the skin incision.  He gave me a Breg T-scope hinged knee brace and set it at 20 degrees.  I thought he would be upset that I only had one crutch, but he said I could ditch that one too if I wanted.  He said to start massaging the patella and start doing careful isometric quad contractions.  Formal PT won't start until 3-4 weeks post-op with my brother-in-law who was with me when I tore the tendon.  I have thought about how I tore it.  At first I was convinced I hit my knee against part of my snowmobile as I jumped on it.  Now I'm pretty sure it just ruptured spontaneously from my own body weight as I tried to make a big jump with a cold leg.  I appreciate all of your stories and experiences, it really has helped me.  Good luck to all with your ongoing rehab.  Andy.

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I'll leave the physics to the physicists.


YQ, Are you doing the wall slides?  That exercise seemed to help me most for ROM in the early stages.  If you aren't familiar with it, you are laying on your back with socks on your feet, use your good leg to get the bad leg heel on the wall, and then let gravity pull that leg down and slide that sock towards your butt.  After a 30 count or whenever it starts aching too much to handle, use the good leg to push it back up the wall straight and rest for a bit, only to do it all over again.




That is quick to get back to work.  I was lucky in being able to work from home so I missed a couple of days recovering from the surgery and pain meds, then started working full time from home.  I couldn't have imagined trying to get into the office and work full days.  Once I finally did get into the office in week three or so, it was a constant state of uncomfortableness until I could start taking the brace off.

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Jumpman- cheers for the encouragement, it's been a good day today. Can feel some quad definition coming back in the upper areas and bending the knee is getting easier. Little but often seems to be the key for me at the moment. Using a lot of cold compression in between as well.


TD- Just tried the "wall slide". I like it. That bit of resistance is really helpful to work with. 


This is the exercise I was given. Whilst in a seated position on the floor, straighten the injured leg. Place a towel under the knee, hold the ends of the towel and use this to help movement of the knee to wards your chest, without force, whilst keeping the heel of your foot on the floor and then relax. the sheet says continue this rhythmically for 5 mins.   


Think I'll try working both exercises in conjunction with one another.


Thanks for the input.


Happy rehab all.


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Jayman - Yes, I think "tightness" is a better way to describe it. No pain though and I would expect it to gradually get better. As far ar late night television is concerned I was watching mostly old sitcoms and ESPN, interspersed with the ed commercials that Bob Dole started. I was able to resist the urge to order anything.  


I have snowblowed my way out of my driveway (15 inches of snow or so west of Boston), have been out of power at my house for about 4 hours and am off to see the doctor in about an hour for my 8 week (since cast removal) checkup. I hope he makes it to the office. Report later.

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Full rupture injury on Nov. 21st
Surgical repair Dec. 2
Cast removal Jan. 10
First Rehab Jan. 12th
Had my first PT yesterday and, of course, much of it was evaluation. Good and unexpected news was that my range of motion as tested by the PT was over 70 degrees almost 80 straight out of the box. In accordance with the OS the brace is set at 30 degrees for this first week and expectation of 10 degree increment per week. He found a minimal amount of scar tissue to deal with at the moment but expects that to change as we work more and deeper in ROM. He tested in all quadrants for resistant strength and was, also, very pleased with that as well. We then moved on to exercises with 5lb ankle weights for lifts in all directions. Then I did the pilates ball against the wall mini squat against the wall and worked on stepping up and down with the injured leg on a 4-5" step. All went well. Finished with 15 minutes of shock stimulation. All good.  The PT was pleasantly surprised by all this and thinks we will make rapid progress for awhile.
All in all a very positive experience. Moving forward, blessings to all.

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6 weeks in a cast must have been rough! It sounds like it was worth it though, 80 rom first PT wow!!

Keep up the good work.



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they have you on an aggressive program which may be to your benefit.   no weights for me or steps allowed.   just pure leg lifts.  surgery was 6 weeks ago.  95 degree rom earlier this week.   seems stuck though.


interested to see how you go.....


good luck

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Today I am 2 weeks post-op.  I tore my left quad tendon in a fall at home.  OS was very pleased with my surgery.  Said if he did 10 of these mine would be better than 9 of them.  First few days were miserable but doing much better now.  Not much pain but more of a discomfort.  Yesterday I had my staples removed and removed my stiff immobilizer brace to take a shower.  My leg was extremely weak and knee felt like it would buckle very easily ... but never did.  Did you all feel the same sensation when you first removed the brace?  My leg is pretty much dead without the brace.  With the brace it feels sturdy and not much pain.  My next follow up with OS is in 2 weeks.  No discusion yet on PT plan.

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Gatorair-  Be real careful when doing anything without you immobilizer until you get cleared to do so. My OS told me not to take it off till my 1st PT session which was last Thursday and I'll be 8 weeks post op on Saturday. Having said that I broke the no shower rule after 2.5 weeks and yes if felt risky then and still did this morning.  It will get easier though.


Welcome and happy rehab.


Oh yeah, commiserations to the other 9 guys you OS worked on. :-)

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my knee felt very weak at first, out of the brace, the more the knee bent, the less control.  So the trick in the shower was to keep the knee locked, ie keep the leg straight, so that the quads are not under any load.  I'm six months post-op now, doing weights and riding my road bike 10 hours a week for the past 3 months, and still my quads are about 50% as strong as normal.  I HOPE to be back to 90% in 4 or 5 months from now.

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Just a quick one Merlin- Are you able to push a high gear for any length of time or stamp on the pedals when climbing?  Just wondering how secure everything feels after 6 months.




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8 weeks from casts off


Back from my 8 week appointment with the OS. Given my range of motion (almost complete) he told me that I would now be better off at a gym than continuing to do therapy (gave me the option). How great was that.


So, I'll chose the gym and drop the therapy. Released me to do anything there - even the treadmill and leg extension machines (starting with light weights for awhile). All remaining to be done is the quad strengthing and I'll be 100%. My unstableness when walking on uneven surfaces is apparently entirely due to my quad weakness. He did say it could be up to a year for full strength to return. After the year I'll be in no more danger of reinjuring myself in a fall or accident than the rest of the population.


He didn't see any "pre" condition which have led to the injury but said that ruptures was so catastrophic that it would have been tough to see in any case. I was operated on within 6 hours of the injury but the OS said that typically, if only one was injured, I would have been sent home in a brace and be operated on within a week. Because both quad tendons we're gone and I couldn't walk, they operated right away. How fortunate for me that I screwed up both (well, maybe not).


No more appointmants scheduled with the OS.  


Hopefully this is encouraging to all. About 16 weeks since the injury and I'm back in business at the gym. Probably a little slower but definately back.


Good luck all. There is certainly light at the end of the tunnel.


To the gym!!



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Thanks or the feedback and encouragement guys.  I guess patience is the key .. and I'm not very patient.

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Hello, I'm new here; ran across this last March while researching "Bilateral Quadriceps Tendon Rupture", but didn't actually join until now. I completely tore both quad tendons on Feb 25 2010 in a weightlifting accident (squatting). I've been "heavy" squatting since I was 18 years old (now 43), with no injuries. I am from the southeast US (Alabama / Florida border), so skiing isnt a way of life, but I have been skiing 3 times. Although I really really suck at it, it's fun when i get the hang of it. My daughter is a natural at anything athletic, so we like to take her. This background leads to my questions.


I'm about 11 months post op. Have any of you been skiing within a year of your surgery? My doc said wait at least a year to see if I'm okay to go. We'll Presidents day weekend is when we usually go (went last year to Boone NC, which was one week before my accident), and that is a couple weeks shy of one year post op. I've rescheduled my one year follow up 3 weeks early to see if the doc will say it's okay.


When I had the accident I was squatting 405 lbs, which is light given what I've done in the past and the years i've been doing it, very easily the three sets leading up to the break, then "pow" (literal sound heard by the guys next to me ... I had an Ipod in my ear so didnt hear it),  and by the sheer grace of God, I felt NO PAIN at all, except a slight bit when the paramedics picked me up off the Gold's Gym floor to take me away. I didnt get anything for pain for 3 hours, but still had no pain at that point. Unbelivable. I saw the whole thing in the mirror ... both legs snap at the knees, then suddenly my butt, both feet and both knees are all on the floor at the same time, and I could not move my lower legs, except bend backward (hamstrings still intact). I can only write it off as trauma and adrenaline. Luckily I had a saftey bar in place to keep me from getting crushed.


My doc said my case was the first bilateral case thise area has seen. I researched and found this injury is most common with snow skiers. It should not have happened to me, and as I researched, I found that the antibiotic Levaquin has been shown to weaken tendons and contribute toward rupture. I finished a round of Levaquin 4 weeks prior and fully believe it was at least contributory.


Lot's of ramble here, but again, my main question is, did any of you ski without problems less than a year post op? My case could be different, since I am not a skilled skier, it takes a lot of exursion from my quads and stress on my knees to keep from falls and / or wiping out innocent bystanders on the slopes. I just want to take my daughter and would like to accompany her. She will ski the blues, with no problem, but they kinda scared me, now I may not get past the bunnys. Thanks for any insight . Mike

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The knee feels secure, and I use all gears as needed, but my overall fitness and leg strength is down from normal.  I can climb out of the saddle now, but at first it was almost impossible because of my VMO and VLO muscle at 2 months post-op, but I'm actually making a point of getting out of the saddle every ride for a minute or so, 5 to 10 times.  I recently added no weight squats to focus on those muscles...but my OD tells me to expect to continue improving for the next 6 months

Originally Posted by yorkiequad View Post

Just a quick one Merlin- Are you able to push a high gear for any length of time or stamp on the pedals when climbing?  Just wondering how secure everything feels after 6 months.





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 I have been reading this forum all morning and am so glad I found it!  The sequence of my injury and surgery mirrors NYCguy:

injury: 12/1/10

surgery: 12/9/10

staples removed: 12/21/10

PT started: 1/4/11

last OS visit: yesterday and the good news is that I can start walking without my brace next Friday (6 weeks after surgery).


I am a cycling enthusiast, I also scull with a local rowing club, kayak, and train with weights 3 times per week. At 53 years of age I consider myself in decent shape but not near the level of many of you who are avid skiers and cyclists.  (BTW my injury was as "unheroic" as you get---slipped on wet concrete in my garage while carrying out the recycling to the street!)


I am dying to get some cardio in and would love suggestions!

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Greetings NYC Guy: 

I have been reading this forum all morning and am so glad I found it!  The time of my injury and surgery mirrors yours:

injury date : 12/1/10  (cold morning here in Central Virginia, my injury occurred at 8am.  Blew our my left quad tendons, almost complete rupture but not 100% complete)

surgery: 12/9/10

staples removed: 12/21/10

PT started: 1/4/11

last OS visit: yesterday and the good news is that I can start walking without my brace next Friday (6 weeks after surgery).

At 90 degrees of flexion. Have been doing hack squat presses and quad extensions with uninjured leg. No resistance training for injured left leg.


Background: I am a cycling enthusiast, I also scull with a local rowing club, kayak, and train with weights 3 times per week. At 53 years of age I consider myself in decent shape but not near the level of many of you who are avid skiers and cyclists.  (BTW my injury was as "unheroic" as you get---slipped on wet concrete in my garage while carrying out the recycling to the street!)


I am dying to get some cardio in and would love to know where you are with all of your rehab! 

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 A quick update:


23 weeks since bilateral ruptures and repair the same day


Had a visit with the OS this week and he said he doesn't need to see me any more and that I can stop PT.  So I went one last time to PT to go over things I should and should not be doing, etc.  Psyched not to have to set that time aside any more! 


For the last 3 weeks I've gotten back to cross country skiing, both skate and classic, and its slowly getting better and better.  I'm wicked out of shape even though I was swimming and spin biking for many weeks prior, but that too will improve.  My quad strength improves almost daily and my legs look almost normal except for some knee swelling still and those nice, matched set of scars.  Need to focus on stretching and continuing to work on my ROM, which is 130-133.  Taking care not to put myself in a position of falling down (no big downhills with corners yet).  We have lots of great snow in the Boston area right now and today I finally felt like I was cranking along classic skiing at a good clip.  So good to be outside skiing!


LittleMike - I'd think that at 11 months you could ski.  Try it out on easy slopes and see how that goes and move up if you feel good and secure.  I haven't experienced any problems nordic skiing, and skate skiing can put decent torque on your legs and knees. 


Cvilleguy - As soon as I had enough ROM to pedal (110 degrees or so) I got on a recumbant bike at the gym for 30 min. which will give you a start on some aerobic training.  I used to be a swimmer and so I returned to the pool on alternate days and swam, putting a pull-buoy between my legs so I didn't have to kick, which didn't feel comfortable for several weeks.  Took me 2 weeks to get back up to 1 mile swims without stopping.


Good luck everyone and hang in there! 



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Thanks NordicRacer!  1 mile of swimming  after 2 weeks is impressive!

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4 weeks post op


Hi all:

Happy to see the progress here and. of course, sorry to see the new members, but you came to the right place! Talked to OS and got reassured about my pace of rehab. She says she is trying to get as much joint mobility as possible without overdoing it. So, at PT, my brace was moved to 60 degrees. Still passive ROM with prone knee lifts and quad isos. So far tolerating 10 degrees per week increase. PT wants max weight bearing in locked brace. Managed one leg lift in locked brace, about 2 inches off the deck, lol, but better than four weeks ago. Otherwise back at work two days a week and counting the days to the six-week (in my case seven-week) OS appt. Really want to get going on some active PT, but OS has put the fear of God in me about firing my quad prematurely, so I'll wait.


Question for anyone: How soon did you begin using the pool? I have access to a semi-private indoor pool and I'd love to get going on exercises there. Also, does anyone have recommendations for  good, nonslip (I mean really nonslip) zori type sandals for walkng around wet pool decks? For that matter, does anyone have recommendations for good nonslip light hiking boots/shoes? I have a wide 15 -16 foot, so any suggestions would be helpful. Right now I'm using Keens sandals, but I'm going to need something more substantial. My old hiking boots are shot.


Take care all! Mel

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IdahoGuy talks about walking in a pool early on(he initiated this blog) . I believe about 5 weeks post-op.  You and I are about there MelaChric (sp?).  I am 5 weeks post-op as of this past Thursday and can remove my brace next Friday. I think I will start pool walking the next day.

If you haven't yet, go back and read SinRider's posts.  He did PT all on his own and starting just almost immediately post op.  Seems to have made great progress in less time than predicted by an OS or PT. (these posts go back to the very beginning---early 2008.)

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By the way---anyone sleeping more than normal during recovery?  Prior to surgery I slept 5-7 hours per night. Post-op I sleep 8-9 hours and still nap 20 minutes or so after work.


Any0ne using heat in addition to icing?

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11 weeks post injury

5 weeks post op


Here is yet another newcomer. I've been reading this site with great interest over the last 2.5 months. We are all quite unique since QTR is so rare - the uniqueness of my story is that my QTR remained undiagnosed for 4 weeks, although I had a complete tear and although I was seen by three doctors (one X-ray expert, one Accident&Emergency doc and one orthopaedic doc) and 2 qualified PTs. It took 4 weeks before I had the opportunity to see an experienced OS and he realized what my real problem was (QTR) within minutes.


I had fallen while running, hitting the pavement sideways knee first. In addition to the QTR the patella was dislocated in the process. Initially I was treated for the dislocation only, that is, sent home in a knee immobiliser to recover.  In this period I spent many hours every day on PT and learnt to walk and swim free style pretty well, masking some of the effects of the QTR with the strength of other tendons. I still struggled in stairs and my straight leg raises had some lag.


Surgical repair took place 6 weeks after injury. This is late and far from ideal, as the tendon and quads have stiffened up and shortened by then. Artificial tissue had to be used to make a bridge between the quads tendon and the patella. Initially after operation I was in considerable pain. Quads seemed on fire – just thinking about flexing the quads gave shooting pain through the thigh. A few days later I had no pain, little swelling and no bruising. But the lower inch or two of the new quads tendon felt like a lump of hard plastic. Now, at 5 weeks post-op this has improved significantly and the tendon is beginning to feel like a human body part again.


Due to the use of artificial tissue, the OS does not allow me to put any stress at all on the quads for the first 6 weeks. I remain in the knee immobiliser and the only PT I am allowed to do is passive ROM to 30 degrees. I get some fitness training through mile-long walks on crutches, the hand-bike and straight-leg rowing in the gym. Upper-body and core gym work is of course OK, too. Hoping to be released from the immobiliser in favour of a hinged knee brace next week.  Essentially, I have not used my quads for 2.5 months now, and they have all but disappeared. Hope to get back to swimming without much use of the legs shortly. Return to running might take until May? Any skiing this winter is definitely out of the question!

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11 Weeks Post OP


Cville guy!

I live in North Garden and work in town. We should cross paths.

email me : red.canoe@yahoo.com - I'll buy you a coffee at Greenberrys


Had to miss my PT for the first time on Thursday due to some fun time at the dentist. But this week I started on the sliding board and I'm doing lunges now. ROM is at about 115 degrees. I still feel every step, but it gets better every day.


There have been a lot of new comers lately - is it the weather? At any rate welcome all to our little club.


Good luck to all, hang in there!



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 Hi Jayman,


An email from me awaits you in your inbox.  Coffee sounds great. Would love to share some ideas on PT.


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