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I would like to tell my story.  I found this forum while sitting and looking for information on my injury.  This forum has been such a help to me in understanding what is happening that I believe it would be wrong for me not to share back. 

September 23rd, I was playing basketball with my brothers and my father.  We have been playing together for 30 years.  I am a 39 year old man, 6’1” 265 pounds.  My father is 65 and still plays twice a week.  He is a physical phenomenon.  Anyway, I caught a pass and went to make a move to the basket when I went down-hard.   I don’t know if the injury caused me to fall or if the fall caused the injury although I do recall driving my knee into the ground.  Instantly, I knew something was wrong.  I was dazed but forced my leg out straight.  I don’t even recall how I made that happen but instantly the pain was gone.  But as I looked at my left knee, I could see a large absence of something just above my kneecap.  The skin was there but whatever was supposed to be under the skin was gone.  I then noticed the muscles had rolled up into my upper thigh. I would later learn that is where my tendon was supposed to be.  I went to the hospital by car and sat in the backseat with my leg locked out straight.  I could not bend my knee at all or I would immediately feel a strange cramping which was a clear indication something was really wrong.  The emergency room doctor diagnosed my injury as a torn quadriceps tendon.  He informed me that it could be 6 months before I could run or jump again.  Honestly, I was praying I would just be able to walk.  I was that afraid of what I was feeling at that time.  Six days later (September 29th), I had surgery to repair the tendon.  It has been exactly 5 weeks since the surgery, 6 weeks since the injury.  Initially, I was given a brace that kept my leg locked out straight.  Two weeks after that, I was given a new brace that allowed 30 degrees ROM and then a couple weeks ago, I was allowed to move it to 60 degrees ROM.  On 11/11, I believe it will be moved up to 90 degrees.  I’ll keep you posted.       

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7 weeks post op

Welcome to the club myquad29.  Definitely not a group anyone wants to join but plenty of support once you do.  I had my surgery a couple of weeks before you and we seem to be on a similar pace.  It was pretty wild how little pain there was with a locked out leg but then trying to move it was just not good.


I had my 6th PT session last night and he's doing some good now.  Lot's of exercises and some forced stretching that had me able to bring the heel closer to the butt to the tune of 112 degrees.  We estimated the forced stretch being around 125.  After a minute of warm up on the bike to get the motion down, I can easily do 30 minutes.  I've been walking some on the treadmill at 3 mph forwards and 2 mph backwards (both with the brace on).


PT is an interesting place.  It's full of people doing the bare minimum of what they ask.  I'm afraid they tire of me asking for more.  The want me to do 10 leg lifts with 10 lbs of weight on my leg and I'll do 20.  They have a stool with wheels on it and a 5 yard line of tape on the floor.  While sitting on the stool, I'm to use my heels to pull myself forward until the end of the line and then use my legs to push backwards to the start and do it for 5 minutes.  Others were doing it and would maybe get up and back 5 or 6 times and I was trying to do it as many times as I could and hit 33.  That's a number I will try to beat tomorrow.


I'd avise anyone on this board to not overdo anything and not be stupid about it but work as hard as you can within the guidelines given you.  As I see the people lazily walking around half-assing it through their routine, I wonder what the point is.  If you aren't working to get better, you might as well just stay home.  I've challenged a few of them to push it a little farther on their things and my PT just laughs at me but they do it.


I hope all is well with everyone's recovery...

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I have every intention of making the most of my rehabilitation.  I have had exactly no p/t yet and am eager to start.  I would estimate my ROM is 70 degrees or just a bit better.  90 degrees will certainly make me uncomfortable but I am so ready.  November 11th I see my O.S. who will probably allow me to move to 90.  Given we are on about the same pace, when do you suspect I will be able to lightly jog?  Right now, my knee feels very unstable and weak.  I can walk around my house w/o the brace.  Truly, I feel like I can walk better without the brace but I wouldn’t dare leave the house without it.  Of course I would not want to fall.  The thought of re-tearing it would be 10 times worse than the original injury.  I suspect I will be the one pushing too hard in the therapy session.

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I had surgery on July 7 2010  for a partial tear, still no official PT, but I'm a hardcore cyclist for the past 35 years, and my OS is now allowing me to ride as much as I want (about 150 miles/week now) , and I've began leg extensions, leg curls and leg presses about 3 weeks ago.  However I doubt I could jog or run for at least two or three more months...My OS keeps telling me recovery from a QTR is a 9 to 12 month process...

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10 weeks post op


Greetings all-


Texas Diesel-- I am envious of your rapid flexion achievements. This has become my biggest challenge. Have about 110 degrees this week.


I continue to work hard at it, I believe my problem stems from my QTR originally being misdiagnosed, and 3 1/2 weeks between injury and surgery, causing more scar tissue.

The main thing is it is improving each week, so I will get there.


As for quad strength, I think I am well ahead of the average, I am now climbing and descending stairs normally, walking several miles on steep inclined treadmill daily, and riding the stationary bike. Think the bike was helpful bringing me from 95 to 110 degrees over the last week.


T.D. I agree with your thoughts on rehab, every day I am either at the gym or PT, from reading the entries in this forum it seems everybody is around the same point after 6 weeks, after which a lot of hard work can dramatically speed up the return to being normal. We become responsible for our recovery rate.


MyQuad- There is a guy in a previous post that started jogging (awkwardly) at 9 weeks post op. I have started some running this week  (10 weeks P.O.) alternating between running and walking.

It gets better each day, just like descending stairs, when you first try it seems impossible, but several hundred flights later, it comes.

In my opinion you can't get the quad strength and stability for stairs and running until you have ditched the brace. It took only 2 weeks (of being VERY careful) before the fear of buckling or collapse disappeared, and was walking with no limp.  As you said yourself-Don't fall. There are some calculated risks involved for sure, but caution on every step seems to do the trick.


Good luck to All

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I’m going to see what my November 11th O.S. meeting brings.  I fully expect to be moved to 90 degrees and given orders for physical therapy which I will take full advantage of.  I’m surprised at the little things that have become difficult.  Kicking the blankets when I’m in bed is a no-no.  I am so eager to build up the strength.  Will that stop the insecure feeling I have where I feel like my knee is going to buckle?  And I am certain that walking without the brace will help me reacquire my ability to walk most normal.       

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My regular physio therapist has come back and has told me that if I do not fix up my walk bio-mechanics I will be in for a knee clean out in a couple of months with the surgeon. As you would imagine this was a schock. It seems I still walk with a lock out motion even if I don't realize it. It seems its the same old problem of weak VMO and VLO. It seems by doing too much too soon I have over developed some muscles which compensate for those that I should be using and it makes it look like I can walk properly. He has nailed me with a range of exercises that really work on my weakness's. I do only a few reps and I find I go lame super quickly so its really hitting the spot. The full QTR is a real challange it makes it so hard to come back to full health. 

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mq29 - I'm more of a weightlifter than a runner so I'm probably not the best guy to ask.  When I was well, I'd get on the elliptical for an hour a day but never really ran much due to bad shin splints.  I'm walking now at 3mph but only for 10 minutes and it all happens with the brace on.  I've done the elliptical for 10 minutes with the brace on and it wears me out because of such little strength in that leg.  I'd think it would be another couple of weeks before I could get into a jog for anything longer than 5 minutes.


ff- Keep after it man and it will get there.  My PT guy has been good with the stretches.  He has me lay on my stomach and pushes my heel towards my butt.  Once he feels resistance, he tells me to push against his hand as hard as I can for 15 seconds, and when I relax, he pushes the heel closer.  He repeats that until I start feeling some significant pain and I was amazed at how much he was able to push it.  After that, my unassisted ROM was a lot better.  It's still tight every morning or after I sit down for a bit, but I can quickly stretch it back out to that degree.


ac-  That stinks man.  I've really tried to focus on walking without a limp and can do a pretty good job when I'm thinking about it but will revert back right after I get out of my office chair, if I'm thinking about something else.  I'm sure he was just trying to get your attention, and did, but you can fight through it and walk fine if you put your mind to it.  Hang in there brother!!!



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Tex, I do believe you and I are about the same build along the physical lines.  I despise running except for stuff like playing basketball-how I injured myself.  I look more like a weight lifter/football player but my occupation requires I at least be able to run a little on occasion.  So I’m just trying to get an idea about which week I can focus on to be in a better position to run if I had to.  I’m five weeks out of my surgery.  I walk with the brace and I do not use crutches.  Around my house, I actually walk without the brace about 70% of the time.  I can bend my leg almost 90 degrees, maybe a little less.  I’m eager to get moving on the p/t.  I wish it was tomorrow.

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T.D.- Thanks for the words. My PT does do that leg bend you describe, but I think I need it more often, will get my wife doing it for me to help things along. I find that the wall slides are not too effective after you pass 110 degrees, I have started kneeling and trying to bend towards the heel.(damn painful)


Myquad- As I mentioned I have been doing a bit of outdoor running, but today during my inclined walking workout I tried 10 minutes of running on the treadmill- this would be a real safe environment when you try running, by holding the rails you could prevent a fall if anything went wrong. You are younger than most of us quad snappers, that will help you get better faster.


Both you guys are entering into the phase (post 6 weeks) where as many have said "good things start to happen"  I found this to be very true, you will be amazed what each new week will bring.


My 12 week out appt with the surgeon is 1 1/2 weeks away, and I have ramped things up to show him as much as I can. I am doing light duty (very little) at my fire dept. and am dying to get back on the trucks, and the surgeon holds the key....



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Firefall could you run outside if you had to?  At what week did that become possible?   I am suprised at how quickly I have made improvements.  So I'm wondering when I will turn that corner.  My leg has shrunk in size, so I believe that has something to do with the feeling of instability I am having.


Thanks for giving me feedback. 

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I'm sorry.  I just realized you've already answered my question.  Sorry about that. 

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MyQuad- I have started running outdoors just this week, I use a paved pathway that runs through a park, very level no hills. So, for me it was week 10 before I was able to do this. It is the result of being brace free for the last 4 weeks, and doing a great deal of walking, incline treadmill, squats, stairs (lots of stairs), and stationary bike (just started a week ago, when I achieved enough bend).

Your leg is smaller because your quad muscles have unfortunately atrophied away during the 0 degrees lock out phase. From this forum I learned that muscles start to deteriorate after 4 days of inactivity.


Our challenge is to regain those quad muscles, and get back our flexion, while letting that tendon reattach itself to the patella. My surgeon told me that it takes at least 12 weeks for the tendon to reattach to bone. So the message in that is "be careful, because your repair is not yet healed". The paradox is that the longer we wait to regain the quads and flexion, the longer the recovery, so we each have to choose our level of risk comfort.


You and T.D. will have quick recoveries I think, you are motivated and you want to get normal real bad, just like me.


This will be over before we know it!

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Hi fellow quad snappers (great term Firefaller!),


Lots of activity on here today so thought I'd check in.  I'm at 13 weeks post surgery for my double snap and I continue to make good progress.  This week the OS gave me the go-ahead to start weaning myself from my braces, so I'm no longer wearing them in the house and at work, but it'll be a bit before i do that outdoors.  Feels damned good, even if a bit shaky.  I'm envious of you guys who still have one good leg!  I'm now cranking in the pool every other day and on the other days getting on the bike and walking 30 min. with the braces outside twice a day. Last night I also got on the elliptical after the bike.  Legs were tired today when I did my lunchtime walk. ROM is now at 125, although my PT has it at less.  Working now on trying to walk as normally as possible, but I can see that will take a while and you have to consciously think about it.  Trying to lose the braces for good by the time my son returns from New Zealand in a couple weeks.  I can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel and am very hopeful that I can get on the cross country skis a bit this winter so I can at least watch the kids I coach when they race.  No racing for me this winter though.  My weight was even back to normal after my swim tonight....now I need to get those quads built up.  They look pretty pitiful right now and my knees are still pretty big.  Working with my balance board and doing the short arc leg extensions with some weight now and using the bands to work on the hamstrings.  PT has been pretty gentle so far, but I expect they will pick things up.  Its all good, although way slow.


Good luck to all of you. 

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Again, thanks for the information.  Sorry you had to tell me so many times.  I'm hard headed.  smile.gif


Nordicracer, I cannot imagine doing both at once although my E.R. Doc did tell me he had just seen a guy who had done both.  The guy snapped one and while hopping around trying not to fall snapped the second.  My God.....  I am envious of all you guys doing p/t and I believe I too will be doing it soon.  I'm eager to get back to as much normal activity as possible.  You all have been so helpful.  Thank you!

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So here I sit on the sofa, my leg in a brace, looking on the web for quadriceps tendon rupture sites and I hit the mother of all blogs.  I’m 50, an engineering manager, and here’s my story:

10/17/10 I slipped going down the stairs at home with my hands full and for a moment, thought I would land surely with my left foot.  I did, but my left knee gave out.

10/18/10 I got an MRI, the radiologist said I had an 80% quadriceps tear.

10/20/10 I met with the OS.  He wanted to operate right away, but I had to get my wife to a specialist on the west coast first. She had a long standing appointment for Oct 26&27 and there was no way we could cancel. Long story short, I made the trip in a brace, flew back east late on Thursday night and went into surgery on Friday (10/29/10).  


I see the OS on the 11th and start PT the 12th.  I’ve been off pain meds for a few days, but I have to say, sleeping with the brace is a bitch. I am feeling lower back pain too, but might be due to the way I have to sit.  

Reading this blog has been very helpful – I’m getting a better idea of what PT will be like.

I’d like to know how long I’m going to be out of work.  Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

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Jayman, welcome to the fold.


If you have an office job, you could probably be back to work in a couple weeks.  I was in my straight leg brace for about ten days.  I could put all my weight on the injured leg from day one.  I don't know if that is always the case.  But if you can, you will be able to get around easier.  The use of crutches, or a walker, is mainly to ensure you don't fall and reinjure yourself.  I am 5 weeks out of surgery and I can walk around the house without the brace and do about half the time.  I never leave the house without it.  The first thing that has to happen is your tendon has to heal.  I have an appointment on Nov. 11th and hope to start p/t then.  I have done none so far.  I would suggest you put a pillow between your legs when you sleep.  It makes things more comfortable.  I tore my quadriceps tendon on Sept 23rd and had surgery the 29th.  Since then, I've had two appointments and they first increased my ROM to 30 degrees, then to 60 degrees.  On the 11th, I expect to be move to 90 degrees ROM.  I hope that helps. 

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Originally Posted by Jayman View Post

So here I sit on the sofa, my leg in a brace, looking on the web for quadriceps tendon rupture sites and I hit the mother of all blogs.  I’m 50, an engineering manager, and here’s my story:

10/17/10 I slipped going down the stairs at home with my hands full and for a moment, thought I would land surely with my left foot.  I did, but my left knee gave out.

10/18/10 I got an MRI, the radiologist said I had an 80% quadriceps tear.

10/20/10 I met with the OS.  He wanted to operate right away, but I had to get my wife to a specialist on the west coast first. She had a long standing appointment for Oct 26&27 and there was no way we could cancel. Long story short, I made the trip in a brace, flew back east late on Thursday night and went into surgery on Friday (10/29/10).  


I see the OS on the 11th and start PT the 12th.  I’ve been off pain meds for a few days, but I have to say, sleeping with the brace is a bitch. I am feeling lower back pain too, but might be due to the way I have to sit.  

Reading this blog has been very helpful – I’m getting a better idea of what PT will be like.

I’d like to know how long I’m going to be out of work.  Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

I had a QTR on my left leg, and could weight bear a little from day one.  I had surgery on Wed, took Thursday to rest, and returned to work on Friday with crutches for the first month or so.  I could also drive after I quit the pain meds during the day.  The trick to sitting at a desk is that you need a box with a small pillow to rest your leg/brace on so that you leg is slightly elevated relative to your butt.  Having the leg a little elevated will help reduce swelling, also I used gallon zip lock bags of ice for 15 minutes 3 or 4 times per day for the first week or two....I would open of the brace and set the ice bag on a hand towel, which was on my bandage....my bandage and stitches were removed at about 10 days....good luck.  You will need to "Comboy up" for the first 6 weeks, but then you will start seeing improvement

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Firefaller, you mentioned being out of your bace for 4 weeks and you credit your ability to run with having been out of the brace for 4 weeks.  How many weeks post op did you decide to take the brace off and walk without it?  I'm wondering when I may decide to start walking without it.  I also woud like to know if you think the building of the quad is what will reduce that insecure feeling I have that causes me to feel like my knee will buckle.  I'm sure strength building will help the weakness but is the weakness the cause of that feeling that my knee will buckle?  The reason I am asking about the buckeling feeling is that early on, I had a couple incidents where I stepped wrong or whatever and I almost wondered if I had reinjured myself.  I don't believe that is the case because I am still getting better almost daily.  Is that confusing enough. 

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MyQuad-    I had an appointment with the surgeon during the 6 week post op week, I had been weight bearing, no crutches but 0 flex locked brace until that point. I had achieved about 60-70 degrees flexion at this point. Surgeons orders were to continue to wear the brace, but to adjust the flexion to whatever I was capable of, (so 60 degrees at that time) He did not want me going without the brace, and his reasoning was that since my quad strength was so diminished, if I fell or stumbled the quads wouldnt be strong enough to support me. I found that when I was rambling around the house and doing stuff outside, quite often the brace would slip down out of position, and wouldnt really have helped if I did stumble. So, to answer your first question, I stopped wearing the brace by the end of my 6th week post op.

Regarding your "buckling" sensation, I do believe that that is entirely the product of diminished quad strength. I used to get that if I was moving around too fast in the brace. Once you regain a reasonable amount of your quad strength, it will stop. I cant remember my last episode, many weeks ago now.

Don't neglect working on increasing your flexion while you are rebuilding your quads though, that is perhaps the thing I wish I had worked harder on when I was at your stage.


Stay positive, life will be a lot better very soon!

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8 weeks, 1 day since injury

7.5 weeks since surgery

Hello boys and girls and welcome to our sucky little club Jayman.  A lot of nice people on here but a group you never want to meet because of the nature of the injury...


My last appointment with my OS was October 20th (5 weeks), with my next appointment being December 1st (11 weeks).  He ok'd PT, allowed me to bear weight, and told me to start opening up the brace starting at 40 degrees and more as the PT saw fit.  I've been at 90 in the brace for a while even though my ROM is more than that and after seeing all of the people that have stopped wearing their braces around the 7 week mark, as I continue to read this entire thing from page one (now at page 50), I stopped wearing the brace around the house last Monday, around the office last Friday, and pretty much any time I'm not doing anything weight bearing.  I guess something could happen where I stumble and fall, but I didn't do that before the injury so I really don't anticpate doing it afterwards and hope I'm not kidding myself and tempting fate.


The wife and I bought new mountain bikes yesterday and we have a nice calm bike trail around the neighborhood but we only went 3 miles and I was pretty worn out.  The old left leg just doesn't have any strength yet.  I iced it and downed some ibuprofen when I was finished and the neighbors commented the thought I was walking completely without a limp when we went to their house for dinner last night.  I'm now able to go up and down stairs with a hand close by on the rail just in case but I have no real issues.  I obviously couldn't bound up and down them like I could preinjury, and I still feel really weak going down but it is a normal motion, just slower.


I can guarantee the "buckling" sensation is due to the weakend quad.  As my leg gets stronger, that sensation gets less and less.  I'm not sniffing being normal but anyone that doesn't know what I've been through, couldn't tell it by looking at me.  I'm looking forward to getting the leg stronger and built back up, and just hope that "tightness" goes away for good and isn't that constant reminder that some say it is for them a year plus later.


myquad - Being that you are an active weightlifter, I want to get your thoughts on something.  We learned years ago about overtraining and the worst possible thing a person can do when trying to gain size and strength, is to work out that body part every single day without allowing it to rest, repair, and grow.  As I've read through people's tales in working the leg every single day, it seems counter-productive to the ultimate goal.  I stretch my leg every single day to get that ROM better and hopefully reduce the tightness.  I rub my leg with my hands and a foam roller every single day to try to get rid of the swelling and soreness.  I don't strength train every single day on it because I want it to get a chance to heal all that I've put it through from the previous day.  I only do weighted activities on the days I have PT (3 per week).  Don't you think that makes sense or are you going to do it every single day like most?


Good luck to all...



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TD, that is a good question.  I totally agree that the most important part of building muscle is giving it the chance to recover between workouts.  So three "light" workouts a week with one day of rest between each sounds appropriate.  When the day comes that I do a real workout which includes squats in a gym setting, I will probably only do that once a week.  If your leg feels exhausted after p/t and only one day of rest is making you feel like it has been overworked and counter productive, maybe I would consider backing down to two days a week.  I am eager to get moving with any muscle building as I can't stand this weakness I feel in my leg.  I will never again squat heavy weights as I don't want to go through this again and I believe there comes a point in one's life that it is unimportant to keep up with the big boys in the gym.  The more taxing the workout, the more rest should be taken between workouts.  I hope that helped.



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Tex and Myquad,  I am 15 weeks and 6 days post surgery.  Last wednesday my OS said he didn't need to see me anymore and to go forth and do as much as you can.  My rom is pretty good and I've been working on strengthening the quad.  My goal is to start skiing on 12/10 and to be fully healed on my six month anniversary of surgery 1/21/11.  I have been working hard doing leg presses, squats and lunges.  I have been lifting weights regularly for the last six years.  I think the point you raise Tex is a good one.  I have been limiting my quad weight training to two times a week and I believe that is the way to go.  I do rom work every day and am constantly messaging my knee to break up scar tissue.  I still have persistent swelling on the top of my knee and the OS said that was normal and will eventually go away.  My motto through this whole thing has been to work hard and intelligently push the limits. Heal up.  Brian

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Hi all: 


Just an update mainly to keep up with my commitment that I am going to keep a log on this injury until I am to what I consider to be 100%.  I am about 8 months out from my second QTR surgery on my left knee during a two year period.  In late October, I did a 40 mile "trans-Zion national park" backpacking trip over four days with some buddies.  I took my hiking poles and carried a standard load for that distance and time.  At the end of each day, the knee was a little tired and sore, especially after big elevation-losing days.  As you might imagine, the last day into Zion canyon proper - about 3500 vertical feet down was very difficult.  It rained quite a bit, and I had one incident where my bad leg slipped in the mud and splayed out in front of me as I fell - I thought for a moment or so that I might need a helicopter to get out, but the pain was very temporary, and I am confident that the repair held - although it was pretty darn sore that night!  All in all, a good trip, and a very stiff test for the knee.


With my success in mind, I approached my OS visit today somewhat confident that I would be given free rein to rip it up on the slopes this year (headed to Aspen for a week with family at Christmas, so I really wanted to be turned loose).  Unfortunately, 'twas not to be. . . .   The OS told me that he did not want me to ski bumps, steeps, powder or crud this year - only groomers on nice days in perfect conditions, and to ski slowly and carefully.  What that means to me is essentially "no skiing" this year.  I'll be spending my time on nordic skate and classic skis - I don't love skiing groomed slopes slowly and carefully even close to enough to spend much time doing it . . . .


Well, I guess this gives me a chance to rehab the knee and get it ready for my 50th year, which will coincidentally be my 40th year alpine skiing - maybe I can talk the wife into going to Europe for a celebration!


To all of you with recent injuries and surgeries:  Yes, it is a long road through rehab to full recovery.  But, you will get there - be persistent, work hard, do what you love to do as much as you can - don't lose your enthusiasm for your sport!



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IG, you tore the same tendon in a two year period?  Was it doing the same thing?



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Six Weeks Post Op


Totally bumming today.  On 9/26 I fell down a hill, suffering a full tear to the quad AND a hairline fracture to my ankle (both on same leg, thank goodness!).  Two weeks post-op...same day staples were removed...found out I had a "saddle" embolism in my lungs.  Five days in ICU.  "Fired" my OS, who failed to prescribe any blood thinners and really gave me no information on scar care, etc.  But today, though...well today was gonna be a big day, cuz I had ankle x-rays yesterday in anticipation of the ankle boot coming off today and the immobilizer then on Friday.  Because of the ankle break I have been totally immobile for six weeks...and after reading about MUA and the other joys of extended immobilaztion, I'm anxious to get this show on the road.  So I went to my doctor, and before he even came in, while the nurse was taking my BP, I said "hopefully today will be a big day".  She made a "pouty" face and shook her head no.  I said "oh no, what?".  The x-rays.  They showed the ankle is NOT healed.  OMG!  So, now I have to see an OS (a different one) to see what to do about it.  It will be a) more time in the boot, or b) a plaster cast or c) surgery.  Regardless, WEEKS of continued immobilzation.  Sigh.  We didn't even talk about my knee.  They were able to find an ortho who could squeeze me in next week.  I am hopeful that he will at least give me a smaller brace for the knee, but there's an equal chance that he won't even want to work with me at all, since I'm seven weeks removed from surgery by another OS who happens to work in the same building.  Because of the ankle, I'm to continue with absolutely NO weight bearing or knee bending.  Sigh.  So, more waiting is in store.  Thanks for the opportunity to vent a little...I know everybody on here understands.  I am so grateful to everyone on here for sharing their experiences.  It does give me hope, even at a time like now when I'm seriously worried about where all this is headed.  And one final reminder...ASK YOUR SURGEON ABOUT BLOOD THINNING!  Lack of it nearly cost me my life...I don't want it to happen to you!


Best wishes,

 - StevieD

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stevieD that sounds horrible.  I'm sorry to hear about your let down.  Did they say why the ankle wasn't improving?  I would continue to press forward with the knee though.  The increased down time may cause you to lose valuable time getting your flexability back in your knee and losing even more strength.  I know you must feel discouraged, but work on the things you can control and do what you must on the ankle.  This too will pass.  Your mind needs to stay right too.  Be strong. 

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Stevie D- MyQuad is right, you are in tough but dont get down and work on what you can. Look at some of the posts from those that suffer BQTRs as inspiration. It could always be worse, but more importantly, it WILL get better.

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Mitch:  Yes, I ruptured the same quadriceps tendon almost exactly two years after the first QTR. Was skiing mellow bumps and it simply and unexpectedly popped and then I again had no control of the leg whatsoever.  We actually determined that the original repair had been damaged after approximately 3 months when a PT inexperienced with QTRs had me hopping off a bosu ball onto a concrete floor - the skiing incident 21 months later simply completed what had been an already existing second rupture.  So, surgery again, and rehab again, and another season of not skiing. 


Its ok, though.  I have it a lot better than some.  Witness StevieD, to whom I am sending good wishes  today. 


Hang in there all.



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6 Weeks Post Surgery, 7 Weeks since injury.


Today is my 6 week appointment with my O.S.  I hope to be unlocked to 90 degrees and to be given instructions for physical therapy.  If those two things happen, I will be very happy.  One thing I have noticed, as I bend my knee to what I believe is about 90 degrees, my knee has that feeling I've heard described on here as it is wrapped in duct tape.  I'll describe it some more.  It feels like it is simply tight all the way around and achieving more flexability will be difficult to do.  I also still have that insecure feeling that the knee will buckle.  I've already had responses on here that is a product of weak quad strength.  Also, sometimes when I straighten out my leg, my kneecap feels pain.  Does this all sound pretty normal?  I am shooting for a full return to work in early to mid December.  I do realize I will not be 100%, but I'm hoping to be good enough to be functional.  Am I hoping for too much?



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