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hi steve ,i have heard the same thing about waiting to be operated on i know that with hard work you will walk again.its been 11 weeks for me since my tendons were repaired im walking with the aid of a quad cane.im going back to work light duty on the 12 of may.my os said it takes at least 6 months to recover and walk somewhat normal. i to would like to get back to a normal life, but i know it will come in time.most important thing i can say to you pt,pt pt its done wonders for me i hope all goes well for you, and god bless ,russ
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TrainBuff: Yes, get surgery tomorrow if possible. The sooner the better for a positive outcome. You have lost valuable time. Get in to your OS and tell him you want it asap.
Sorry to hear of your injury! You are the 3rd double QTR! We feel for you 3!

Russ: I never had a complete give out so I fell but I did have several instances of feeling like I stepped in a big hole. Anksign is right, it will improve with strength.

Sinrider: thanks for all your help and support! best to you!

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11 weeks today!

Hey -

Trainbuff: Very sorry to hear about your injuries... That's 3 BQTR now. I have heard the longer you wait for surgery, the harder it is to recover, but my unprofessional advice would be to have the surgery. How could your doctor want to rehab BQTR instead of having surgery? I was told there is no rehab for ruptured tendons, surgery is necessary or you would never be able to walk. You might want to get another professional opinion on the length of time and the advice your OS gave you. You want to do the right thing and become as close to what you were before. I'm glad you found this forum and I'm sure others will have some good info and advice for you.

IG: It sounds like you're doing great! I can't wait to start using weights with my legs again. My OS told me leg extensions are very bad and to never do them again.

Duncan: My legs have never hurt during my recovery, except when I stretch to get more ROM. I push it to the limit and then hold them there for at least 10 seconds. I believe without really pushing them, they wouldn't improve as much.

russ50: While walking around the block about 1/3 mile with my walker, my right knee has given out from 0 - 6 times, with an average of twice. But, it's getting less each time around, so I think we just have to keep getting stronger and it will stop.

A BQTR got my number and called me yesterday from Nashville. He's at 10 1/2 months and did his on a diving board. He was at the bottom of the pool and had to be saved by some friends. He said he's about 85% recovered, but has trouble with jumping and quick movements. He wanted to offer support and to let me know that even though recovery is slow, you do continue to improve. So, keep a good attitude and keep pushing.

Tiger Bait
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10 Weeks Post-Surgery

Hello gents,

IG - We owe it to you for getting this forum started and providing us with a community of other QTR patients from whom we can learn so much - and know that we are not the only ones. I live in downtown Philadelphia, where I have gone out for short walks on crutches and with leg brace every day for six weeks now. At least once a day, I am stopped by a stranger who tells me about his or her SCL surgery or knee replacement surgery, assuming that I have had the same. Their experiences were sympathetic, but too much unlike my own. I never met another QTR patient until I joined this forum. Thank you for starting it up and contributing so much to it.

Sinrider - Does this mean you are the first one from our class to graduate? Congratulations!

Tiger Bait - I'm really happy for your meeting your goals! I was stuck at 75 degrees ROM for two weeks, but I hit 83 degrees ROM yesterday. I hope to match your 90 degrees ROM in the coming week! I was finally able to lift my heel from the mattress while lying on my back in bed, though not yet with the injured leg fully extended - i had to place a cushion under my knee to get a bit of leverage. It might not sound like a great accomplishment, but I had been struggling to get that heel up ever since I started PT three weeks ago. I may not need your "loop" after all, but thank you for you generous offer! Other good news - I had a follow-up appointment with my OS on Friday. He told me not to wear the brace any longer, except in crowds. And I have started to practice walking (very slowly) with just one crutch.

Duncan and in2falling - Keep up the good work. My ROM was only 20 degrees at my first PT session, and 40 degrees after that. I hit a brick wall at 75 degrees ROM for two weeks, but now seem to have broken through it (but not by much).

Before going into each PT session, I've started taking one of the prescribed painkillers (hydrocodone) left over from my surgery. It takes the edge off the pain from the forced stretching exercises and seems to help me to shed some mild inhibition in performing certain PT exercises.

Welcome to the club, Russ and Train Buff! Sounds like everyone is advising you to do the right thing, TB.

Cheers to all,

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yes OS wanted to send me to PT even after seeing MRI.. he was surprised that I could walk and lift my legs. the left is worst then the right. sitting on the table I could lift my left like half way and the right all the way up..But he did say the MRI said rupture in both knees..he called in another OS and they both said people who have this injury can't lift their leg or walk...when the injury first happened I couldn't stand or walk and the hospital sent me home in a ambulance, and told me to see my doctor and rest...no joke...the ER doctor had the resident OS come down and they both said they couldn't find anything, their was no MRI machine there. even though I fell like a brick to the floor when I tried to stand...since I don't have any family here, the doctor is going to keep me 2 nights in the hospital and put me in a rehab hospital for 30 days...do you guys think being in the rehab hospital will help...sorry for the long post....you guys talk about bike riding and going to ski, but I just want to be able to walk up the stairs and climb on my train at work..well I hope everyone is doing better and everyone be safe and God Bless you and your family.
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I have to say that I am glad I found this forum. There isn't much on the net about quad tendon ruptures. I ruptured mine (right leg) about 3 weeks ago and had surgery on April 17th. I have started PROM and am at 60 degrees. I have been full weight bearing, with brace, pretty much since the surgery. I start with a PT this week and will be in the brace locked at 0 deg for at least another couple of weeks (until I go back to my OS). I did start driving again last week, which is nice not to rely on anyone else. Anyway, thought I would add to the mix. Nice forum!!
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PhillyBuster: Keep it up! You are getting better and one day you will break the leg lift barrier and you will be on your way!

TrainBuff: I cant imagine the diagnosis/treatment. I couldnt get into an OS so took a rookie Internist, my goal was to get an MRI. she diagnosed ACL/meniscus tears, and because I couldnt slide my foot forward, diagnosed lumbar nerve damage! So Mri for that. OS didnt even look at MRI, said classic QTR. YES! Rehab is the only way and if you can have dedicated time, grab it! You have been put on a trail that makes recovery more difficult, due to the long time to surgery, so this may get you to where you want to be. You must be proactive in your own recovery, so ask questions, ask why, ask ask ask. Best of luck to you! Will be watching.

Out to work in the woods!

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train buff: Sorry to hear of your delayed diagnosis. I have heard that this injury is frequently misdiagnosed without the help of the MRI. One thing you could do if you have not already is get a copy of the MRI report yourself and ask your OS to explain it in detail. It's good that you have gotten a second OS opinion. You could also ask for an additional radiologist to offer a second opinion on the MRI images in the off-chance that the first radiologist mis-diagnosed the image on the right leg. If the diagnosis is correct and it is fully torn on both legs then I agree with others that surgery is probably the best bet but the OS should be able to tell you what the long term outcome is likely to be with surgery and without. I would be interested to hear what the rehab hospital would offer. If after surgery you can get around outside the hospital in crutches or a wheelchair then that might be preferable.
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Duncan...really concerned since I'm a diabetic, the OS said there is a chance of infection..also might not get back to 100 percent but close to it...and also they said its better to have surgery because the knee would always be weak and buckle...I'm being positive.

the rehab hospital I hope they will get me up..is it true it takes 4 to 6 weeks to heal..and during that time can you get up...I see some guys here had started PT before that time. well everyone take care. haven't put this site in my treo but if I can I will try to post while in the hospital and keep track of everyone. also does anyone know anything about using a cadaver for the surgery.
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train buff: Really sorry to hear about your injury. The reason I think they are going to have to use a cadaver part(s) to reattach your quad tendon is because your injury is so old. Everything I read on the internet is that there is a two week windows to get these reattached after that it becomes more difficult and probably in your case they are going to need to use allograft
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Hey, train buff -

I'm really sorry to hear how difficult your case has been, but I want to encourage you as much as possible. I've learned a lot about QTRs from my new buddies in this forum, but I've also learned that each one's case is a little different from the others. I've had my own setbacks along the way (blood clotting in the 5th week post-surgery), but I have to tell you how much heart I took from the other guys who each have had their own particular struggles and were getting through this injury with optimism and gradual signs of real progress.

Like you, I've had to get through this on my own with no one in the house to help with things. I've had to be a little clever about figuring out how to get the most ordinary things done. I got a shoe horn on an extension to help me get my shoe on, and a stick with a hook on the end - called a "dressing stick" and available at the pharmacy - to get my pants on and off. Neighbors have pitched in on occasion with grocery shopping (keep well-stocked!), doing laundry and taking out the trash. I hired someone to houseclean. Otherwise, I've been able to do all other chores and take care of myself. One key to my recovery has been my insistence, ever since the 4th week post-surgery, to go for a walk outdoors on my crutches every day. At first, it was no more than perhaps 1/8 mile, but now (10 weeks post-surgery), I walk (still on crutches) as much as 1/2 mile every day. This has been helpful to regain strength, but has also been helpful just to improve my overall feeling.

Another factor in my recovery has been my diet. I've always been a healthy eater, but now all the more so. My diet consists entirely of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, vegetable broth, skim milk, soy and fish. The advantages of this diet, at least for me, has been that it is efficiently digested - and I haven't gained any weight, despite being laid up and largely inactive for ten weeks now. (Who wants to carry extra weight around when you're on crutches!)

So the good news (if I may use that expression), train buff, is that you WILL recover from this and you WILL be feeling noticeably better week by week. I wish you all the best!

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Seven weeks post surgery

Update: Lots of new members, wow! Good if users put the time since surgery at the head of posts. Makes it easier for reference. It seems these posts are most useful for users to use a reference for their own injury timeline. It was a Godsend in keeping me sane after surgery. Having the surgery reference at the top makes this easier to relate to your own injury timeline. An easy reference point.

To any new users with recent surgery: The flexion machine (danniflex) is awesome. Prescribed by OS. I used it from week two until just now (week 7) I maxed it out at 110 degrees in six weeks. I returned it this week.

It also was useful with keeping the pain down. For some weird reason, at week 5, I begin to experience new pain around the the bottom and sides of the patella. Not near the injury. I may be the suture that the OS runs down and around the patella. He tell me sometimes this will hurt and it either breaks (after its don its job) or he will go in and retrieve it.

Biggest bugaboo for me is lower back pain from lying around too much and from favoring one side of my lower body. This low grade back pain has lingered from week 5 to week 7! It seems sometimes the surgery lead to other weird sensations as your body deals with it all.

Attitude: I agree that attitude is critical, but for me there have been times where I simply get pissed off about having to rely on others for so much. Thankfully, this is starting to change.

PT started at week 6. This to me was the first time I really felt like a human again. I helped with some of the low grade pain. Leg lifts started out by a complete disconnect between brain and quad. It is like the quad is not connected and refuses to work for the brain. I had someone hold up the leg and gradually release it until the quad got the picture. After this, the progress was steady and satisfying. I feel the quad coming back after only four days of leg lifts. (about 15 reps X 2 or three per day.)

Brace off now around the house and out, unless there are too many people around. We are all mindful of our knees, but its other people you should worry about running into you and risking re-injury.

Walking in my pool and doing leg lifts and bicycle movements there. The leg always feels tighter in the warm water 92 Degrees. My solar is working well but sometimes I think the warm water is not that useful, but who wants to be in a cold pool?

Scar is healing well. Using vitamin E on it several times per day. This will help with reducing scaring. Hey, women like scars anyway, don't they? Heh.

I am ready to take on the stationary bike. Looking for a junker on craigslist.

Trainbuff: What a colossal drag. I feel for you! And for whomever experienced the bilateral QTR. That is brutal. TB: I would get in to surgery asap. Make sure your OS is experienced with this surgery, I personally would look to experience since your time injury to surgery is prolonged. Expect some serious pain after, but it will be worth it over time. Get some percocet and a TV. That all there is to life for a few days after. The meds are a life saver but I hated them by day three. I haven't had them since. I alternated for four weeks between aspirin and Ibuprofen. Aspirin for blood thinning and Ibuprofen to take a break from aspirin.

To All: Thank for all the great information. This has helped me understand what to expect through the evolution of this healing process so far. Although I have a long way to go, I feel the worst is behind me. Next goal: stairs with confidence!

Ciao for now
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Welcome Steve and Openboater. Sorry you both injured yourselves, but hope we can help you here. Or at least understand what you're going through and support you.

Steve, I agree with what has been said, definitely have the surgery and get in as quick as you can. Sooner is better is what OS told me. I tore my tendon one day and he made a spot the next day to operate.

My best investment to date was that I went for a full body massage today. MT told me what I already knew that due to my new way of walking my hip and back were both in spasms. So she worked hard on the muscles and I can actually walk normal now. I felt wonderful and a lot less painful after I came out. She also worked on the scar. She said I had done a good job working on the scar, however there was one small area where the scar had attached to the scar tissue under the skin. So she worked on it and told me to work some more to break it up. My Dr told me once the skin had healed to put hand lotion on the scar and rub it hard back and forth across the scar to ensure that the 2 scar tissue don't connect. Apparently I did a good job in all area except one small one.

So my tips of the day are rub that scar to stop the scar tissues from binding, and treat yourself to a full body massage. It was very well worth it.

SD Amigo - I am 10 weeks post surgery and can not do stairs both up and down. So hang in there, you can do it. Good luck on achieving your goal. We're here cheering you on. And if women like scars, that must be why my wife loves me so much. I got lots!
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2 weeks 3 days post op

Well nothing much new here. Did not reach my 60 degrees this weekend like I wanted to but got it close something like 55 degree today. Have till the 13th to get to 90 degrees is what my docs wants, but what he wants and what I can get might be two different things. Worked it for an hour yesterday and an hour 1/2 today and man it was quite sore when I got done. Think that when the swelling goes down a bit more that the ROM will come, hoping it does.

Getting around fairly good with one crutch with a locked brace and getting in and out of the shower now is much easier. Still using two for any long haul trips and stairs.

Going to give up on leg lifts for a while, they are just to painful at this point at the point of the repair and patella so replacing that with lots isometric quad flexes. Also trying fire the quads when doing my PROM exercises while sitting to the living room table.

Been doing some good massaging on the tendon and moving the patella side to side with one hand on the way home from work last week (good 50 minute drive) to help break up any scare tissue. So I am going to keep that as one of my daily routines.

Have dropped a good 10 pounds since the injury, cut way back on my calories and cleaned up my diet since I have not been active for 3 weeks. Soon as I can ditch these crutches and walk some what normal I am to get my butt back into the gym and work on upper body and do the upper body cardio machine.

So when did everyones swelling really start to go down? My ACL surgery on my other knee was 8 years ago and vaguely remember that took 4 weeks or so for the knee to look some what normal.
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11 weeks post op

Hard to believe almost 3 months have past since surgery. But things are moving along well. At week 10, the OS said I could start walking without the brace. He said to work up to walking without a cane. Well, I got home, the brace came off, and I've been doing okay without it. There were a couple of times it felt like it was going to give, but I didn't fall. Now, over a week has gone by and I am at the point where I forget to take the cane with me when I walk. I do stairs, but not able to lift myself up with the injured leg yet.

This weekend, I did some work on my truck and I can really tell the entire body got out of shape after almost 3 months in inactivity. The lower back feels it the worse. But being outside and doing things makes it worth it.

ROM is at 95 and PT has me doing squats along with lots of resistive exercises with the Theraband.

My diet did changed. I cut my portions down and I've avoided beer for the duration. I managed to lose about 5 pounds. But, boy, am I thirsty.

Best to all!

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Hey -

PhillyBuster: I'm so glad to hear you're ROM is increasing and you lifted your heel! Keep working hard. Everything new we do is a great accomplishment and there's no looking back. This past week, I started riding in the front seat, got rid of my raised toilet and walked around the block three times without either of my knees catching.
At PT today, my ROM was 95 and 105, and I finally got both knees to go completely around on the stationary bike. As small as these accomplishments are, they're great to me.

trainbuff: When you do have your surgery on both knees, will you be weight bearing? There's no place like home, but with both knees involved, if you can't get on your feet, and without someone to help, it seems to me you don't have much choice but to go to the rehab hospital for 30 days.
When I had BQTR and was non-weight bearing, all I could do was lay there and slide over to the portable toilet and the wheelchair. If it wasn't for my wife helping me during that time, I would have had a very hard time making it. If you can't take it at the hospital, or if you feel you can make it on your own after a little while, you can always leave. That first week with the gas from the anesthesia and everything else you will need, it's really tough. I could not imagine not having any help in the beginning like you or PhillyBuster.
If there is one good thing about BQTR, it is that you don't have a good leg to favor or lean on, so I believe that's why I haven't developed any pain in my legs, hip or back or a limp.

For the ones whose right leg was injured who started driving - Did you get permission from your OS or just do it? I feel ready to try, but if I should be involved in any type of accident without his permission, would my auto insurance cover it?

Tiger Bait
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2 weeks 4 days post op

tiger bait,
Before I had my surgery, I asked about driving and wasn't told that it was off limits, but that it may be a few weeks before I was able to drive. After my follow up visit last week with my OS, I was told to start PROM. What I am able to do to drive is lock my leg at about 15 degrees. I use that leg (right) for the gas and my left leg for the break. I pretty much only drive to and from work. I don't know how the insurance company would look at it, but I wasn't told I could not drive. I don't know if that helps or not, but that's my story.
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32 Days Since Surgery

I had my second follow-up appointment with the OS today. He changed my PT script to allow for 0-60 degrees PROM. He also allowed me to start doing straight-leg lifts (without weights) and gave me permission to do quadriceps contractions. He also said I can start moving the patella around. He said I can ditch the brace even outside the home if I want to. I think I will still use it in high-risk activities such as in the gym (for upper body workouts) and outside where there is uneven ground or distractions (e.g. traffic or crowds). I think I am going to start documenting my PT activities at home to help monitor my progress. I picked up a goniometer on the weekend so I can measure my ROM at home.
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2 weeks 4 days post op

Tiger: I am also doing the two foot driving thing that openboater is doing and is working out fairly well. Test your driving out by going around the block a few time or find a parking lot some where and test it out before heading into traffic.

Openboater: See we both had surgery on the same date.
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Into falling, I think your ROM is great for 2.5 weeks. Great that the DR sets goals for you, but set your own goals for what is achieveble. You know your pain better that the Dr does. Just keep it and progress as you can. I know it helped when I did push myself but know your limits and work within them.

Brewman, congrats on getting rid of the brace. I think it is natural for you to think it will give. I know I went through the same thing, and although I kept thinking it would give, it didn't. So hang in there. What date dd you have your surgery. I think we were about the same date. I had mine on Feb 19th.

I finally hit my goal today of 140 degrees ROM. Yehaw! Now to work on the strength and rebuilding muscles. I got ok to start adding weights to leg lifts today. Massage yesterday sure reduced the pain level. I was actually walking normal today and actually had a period free from pain. That was a real treat. PT today agreed that the muscles are in less spasm today and that massage appears to have done the trick. I also got back on the bike today with minimal discomfort afterwards.
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10 Weeks Post-Surgery

ankhsign - You are leading the pack! My quad ruptured on Feb 20 and surgery followed in Feb 21, just a couple of days after you. But I am at only 88 degrees ROM, my leg brace came off only four days ago, and I am just starting to walk with one crutch. My PT didn't start until 7 weeks post-surgery though. I started out pretty stiff.

Tiger Bait - If there is anyone in this room whom I am particularly happy to know that he is beating me at recovery, it is you. Just as long as you don't beat me by too much! I hit 88 degrees ROM today. My goal is to reach 90 before the first week of May is up. You have already surpassed me. You won the challenge. Congratulations! My raised toilet is still taking up space in the bathroom and when I tried (for the first time) to get into a front passenger seat of a sedan on Saturday, I failed. Still have yet to go all the way around on the stationary bicycle. (But today I was finally able, for the first time, to lift my heel off the bed while lying on my back and having my leg fully extended without bending the knee and getting leverage from a folded pillow placed beneath it.) How are you walking these days? Unassisted already? What other challenge are you going to throw at me?

in2falling - You're doing great! You are lucky to be moving as much as you are so soon after surgery. As for your question about swelling, my knee looked like a rotting pink grapefruit at 6 weeks post-surgery, before starting PT. It's not as ugly now, but it is still swollen. I asked my physical therapist how long my knee would remain swollen. Her reply: "A long time." A good six months, she indicated, with no promise that it will become the identical twin of my good knee even then.


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anksign, surgery was Feb 12. ROM at 105 yesterday. Congratulations on your 140! Wow, that's great.

re: driving - My OS 'advised' that I not drive until I was no longer wearing the brace. His comment was, if an accident occurred, getting out of the car with a leg brace on my right leg would cast a huge shadow of suspicion.
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2 weeks 5 days post op

I just got back from my 1st PT appointment. My PT had be do the heal drag, leg raises (while in the brace) as well as a few other exercises. My OS wants me at 60° at 4 weeks and I was at 60° today. Today he also had me starting to contract my quad muscle without moving my lower leg, which felt weird at first, but good to be able to do something with that muscle. In all it was a good visit and I now have exercises I can do at home. I know it is going to be a long road, but I feel encouraged right now.......
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13 week post surg

Greetings to all!!!!!!! Special thoughts to the BQTRs. Tiger, you are the man!

I am feeling like a graduate at this point. OS today finally let me throw the flex brace out. It was obvious to him that I didnt need it. Dr NO says he would write a PT order for me (nice concession on his part as I have not had PT to date) if I wanted it, but he didnt see a need. 130* flexion, working upper and lower, driving like a fool, planning to fly gliders this summer(an old habit) and got my first flight since surgery in a helicopter (copilot seat). It is all good.

It appears that I will be the odd man out who will go without PT. I am not sure if it is good or bad. I am released to fly, run (in 2 weeks) and ride my bike.

If I can offer you guys anything, this will get better! It will. There were many times when I couldnt see it but it will happen. Keep the faith! I am going to take a sideline view from here on. This thread has been my lifeline. There are many small steps on the journey and the best part is that the strides you make are sometimes very unexpected such as a night of uninterupted sleep or getting behind the wheel of the car without thinking about it.

IG, thanks for having the stones to start this thread up.

Sinridr, you better stop by!!! 899-2412

The best of days to all of you. Carl
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Almost Forgot


Do not forget your wives or significant others during this time. My wife has been the greatest. We tend to think that the world rotates around us but it does not. Take the time to thank the ones who make your recovery possible. This is critical.

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Hello gents,

I asked my PT about swelling of the knee again today (she had told me that it would remained swollen for probably about six months). Pressed further, she told me that not all QTRs result in a knee that remains swollen for that long. She predicts that my swelling will take longer to subside because of the blood clotting that I have.

What are the rest of you being told about the time it takes to get back a pair of matching knees?

Also, my PT told me that there is a new type of QTR surgery in which the sutures go around the knee rather than into the patella. This new type of surgery allows for a much quicker recovery time - such patients often start PT two weeks after surgery and achieve 55-60 degrees ROM at the first session.

Do any of you know more about this new type of QTR surgery?

VermontSoldier - Congratulations on your graduation! (Shall we elect a valedictorian from our class?)


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6 weeks post op

Hello to everyone on this board. I've been reading it for the last 2 months, and figured at this point to add my thanks to everyone here for posting their experiences, and giving insight into this injury. Here is my journey so far:
March 1 - Fell on my left on a wet floor in the Philippines. No pop, just unable to stand up. Went to a hospital there, xray, said it was a bruised knee. Had to stay in the Philippines another week, in bed for 3 days, then getting along with a walker. Flew back to the US on March 7. Neddless to say, this part was a total nightmare.
March 10 - went to my OS, diagnosed a QT, scheduled surgery for March 25, Also schedlued a MRI for later on in the week. MRI revealed a total rupture.
March 25 - Surgery day. They did a femoral nerve block, said it would help with pain after surgery, and regular anesthesia also. Surgery 1 hour. Doc drilled 2 holes and tied the tendon to the kneecap. Doc was very happy with the surgery, very little retraction even with the 24 days from accident to surgery. I had pain that was controlled with Vicodan the first 4 days, then never needed the Vicodan again. My leg was alll wrapped up, it was difficult to do anything for the first 2 weeks- basically I stayed in bed. Needed help with eveything - basically sponge baths, help with bathroom, etc.
April 8 - 2 week follow up - Staples removed, doc said site looked good, put me in a kness immobilizer (velcro straps) Weight bearing as tolerated, said 4 more weeks in it, with absolutely no bending of the knee, continue using the walker. I coudn't drive since i cant fit into the front seat. Around week 5 I no longer needed the walker around the house, and followed my doctors orders aboout no movement of the knee. He said I could begin doing straight leg raises, which I could do with ease around week 3. I was doing the leg raises whenever I could.
May 6 - 6 week follow up- Doc flexed my knee for the first time since surgery, only got to about 20 degrees. I could do a leg lift till my leg was almost perpendicular to the table. He said I could ditch the immobilizer, and use it only when I was going for a long walk. Continue using the walker. He was thrilled with my progress. He wrote me a script for PT, which I will begin tomorrow. I will keep you informed of my progress.
Feel free to ask me any questions, I will answer as best I can. I am interested to see if my delayed PT is going to limit my knee flexing, and I can't wait wait to begin PT.
Best, Dave
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Hello Everyone,
11 Weeks Post Op,went To Pt Today I Dont Know If It Just Me Or Things Are Starting To Get Easier To Do. I Know My Pt Gal Is Not Letting Up On Me ,and I Dont Know If I Want To Tell Her To Bump It Up A Little Ha Ha.things Are Getting Better Im Able To Walk Longer With Less Pain.still Cant Walk Down Steps But Am Able To Walk Up Them Slowly Holding On To The Rail.this To Me Is A Big Stepping Stone To My Recovery.i Am Hoping Soon That I Can Ditch My Quad Cane But I Stiil Cant Get That Thought Of Are They Going To Give Out ,and What Happens If I Dont Have My Cane.so I Thougt I Will Hang On To It A Littel Longer Just To Be Safe.oh 138 Rom My Pt Could Not Believe It In Just 11 Weeks Im Proud Of That, Well God Bless To All
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Driving Post Surgery


Prior to surgery I asked if I could drive post. The answer was yes, but if you get in an accident you will be in big trouble. I asked physical trouble and the answer was yes. Of course i couldnt drive early on due to immobilizer and lack of general mobility. I got the adjustable brace 3 wks post and began driving that week, the 2-footed type as described earlier. I was very careful, but I had to get out and take care of myself!

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Hey -

VermontSoldier: Graduating at 13 weeks! You and Sinrider are over achievers and have set great examples for the rest of us. I think we can all agree that we learned more from each other than from what any OS has told us. But...let's give them some credit. They did put us back together.
The first 6-7 weeks I was worried about rerupturing the tendons, but after finding this thread, it made me realize that without getting stupid, you can really push your rehab and shorten your recovery time. I still have a long way to go, but before everyone starts graduating, I suggest besides checking in every so often, that one year from when Idaho Guy started this thread -- January 31, 2009, we can all give an update.

DaveValo: What took you so long to join in? Those first 6 weeks are not fun. The delayed PT will slow your ROM, but like some of us who started late, you will get there. It just takes a little longer.

russ50: Great job on the stairs! It soulds like you're getting stronger every day.

PhillyBuster: Great job on the leg lifts! I'm still using a walker, but it's only a matter of time... My goal for that, and a flight of stairs, is in 9 days - May 16 - three months from my injury.
I have not heard about a new type of QTR surgery. That would be great for the next guys this happens to who may need it. Hopefully, those of us already in this forum will never have to use it.

Thanks for all the driving tips. I did it today around the neighborhood, and it felt great!

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