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Hi Steve

Very interested in your last post im a few days behind you i believe, I ruptured my left quad on my first day of my holiday (14/09/2010) in Cuba falling from a broken path, The doctor wasn,t sure what i had done and Within a day i was up with crouches and getting around quite well and by the time our holiday was up flew back to the UK.

Arriving back home visited my local sports injury clinic but was refered to accident and emergency at the hospital and in turn x-rays taken and refered to out patients to be told the bad news.

Being 51yrs old and self employed ie no work no pay felt very cheesed off and fed up.

Had Surgery on the 8th of Oct and spent 3 nights in hospital no pain but the full length cast a real bind ,how much do you miss the use of a leg but getting on well with the crouches.

Due to have staples out next few days therfore very interested in your post it must have been very scary and hope all is good (or good as it can be)with you now,I was prescribed some blood thinning and have to inject into stomach once a day not nice but should help with the dreaded clots,was given 6 weeks supply !!!!

This forum is so very interesting and I admire everybodys efforts within , I also would like any replys as to at what stage you all began to go back to work.so i can begin to look forward to it.

Two weeks since surgery another week and im half way with the cast yippee trying to keep positive


Thanks  All


Steve (Brooksie)

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5 weeks since repair

Left leg complete tear 9/12

Surgery 9/16

42 year old male


Thanks again to IG for starting this and for all that keep adding to their stories.  Steve,  that is some scary doo doo with the clotting.  I was told to take asprin daily for 6 weeks but that was about it.  When I went in for my first post op 2 weeks later and had my staples removed, my OS asked if I had been moving the foot around and flexing the calf to prevent clotting and I had no idea what he was talking about and felt lucky to not have had any issues.


Met with the OS yesterday and told him I was ready for some good news.  I received it in him signing a scipt for 4-6 weeks of PT at 1-3 times per week.  I'll obviously go all that I can and my first session is set up for Friday morning.  He also allowed weight bearing on the injured leg as long as the brace is fully locked out and for me to sleep without the brace.  As the leg feels stronger, he also stated I can open it up to 10, 20, and 30 degrees of flexion to be worked through with the physical therapist.  He'd been adamant that I not work out my upper body because he felt like I was a big boy and would lift too much weigh causing the leg to tense and possibly comprimising the repair.  He also ok'd me to start working out my upper body again so I went straight from the appointment to the gym and did a really light chest workout with a third of my normal weight but up to 30 reps.


I was starting to feel stagnant in my progress because I couldn't do anything.  My spirits were immediately lifted because I am starting to get into more of a normal routine and the PT is obviously a step in the right direction.  He reminded me it would be extremely painful as the PT will push me hard and I told him I was good with that because that type of pain tells me I'm getting better. 


For those interested, I'll continue to update the PT sessions until my next appointment with the OS 12/1.  Good luck to all in your rehab.

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Brooksie: I can't imagine being out of the country or away from proper medical treatment when I was injured. I was training a few football players on speed and agility drills and was demonstrating a "jump stop" from a sprint when both tendons ruptured, the left was full and the right was 75%. I was helped to my truck and I drove home and has the wife take me to the ER. I currently had an OS for my chondromalacia in both knees and called him immediately. This was on a Sunday and could not get an MRI until Monday......surgery on Wednesday. I knew it was bad when it happened. I have been injured many times and know when something is severe. As I said, I cannot imagine being away from immediate "competent" medical attention when this happened. I say competent because as we all know this is not a widely experienced injury. I was fortunate that my OS is a former OS for the San Diego Chargers and is the team doc for a few teams in the area. Good luck with your rehab and stay positive and keep us abreast of your progress!


TD:  Man, I am jealous, what I wouldn't give to go the gym right now!  I am doing some strength band work sitting in the chair but am longing for more. I would suggest to anyone sitting around doing nothing that they obtain some exercise bands. If you do not have or cannot readily obtain strength or stretch bands that you get therapeutic bands. You can do toe presses for the gastrocs, ankle inversion/eversion exercises.....wrap the band around your body and do single arm presses or tricep presses.......wrap the band around your feet and do bicep curls or high pulls for the rear delts. I also use one end of my crutch as resistance on the top of my foot while performing dorsi flexion exercises. This entails starting with your toes pointed away from you and then bringing your toes/foot towards your knee. This should help in keep your anterior tibialis active. (muscle in the front of your lower leg)  The lower leg exercises should help you maintain some strength to assist in rehab and standing and walking. TD this is obviously not for you since you can go to the gym. .....but for all the other poor souls like me, still stuck in the chair!!   I'm anxious to hear how your first few PT sessions go, so please keep us updated!


Keep the faith!



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Hi all,  today I'm celebrating my 3 month anniversary of surgery.  The recovery is going well.  today I walked nine holes of golf while carrying my bag.  My leg felt strong.  By far, the best exercise for me at this point is standing on stairs with my healing leg on the uphill stair and slowly lowering my other leg on the stair below, then slowing straightening the healing leg.  Start doing 500 of these a day and see how your ability to walk down stairs increases.  Absolutely amazing.  Headed to the gym.  Best to all.  Brian

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8 weeks post op



Your advice on the strengthening exercise for decending stairs couldnt have been more timely. I have started climbing stairs in the normal fashion, but going down stairs is a different story, will be trying those exercises.


Now walking without any real noticeable limp, this positive development came quickly since getting rid of the brace (2 weeks now). Recovery is going very well now, but my focus for the next few weeks is increasing flexion- I kind of stalled at about 85-90 degrees this week. PT wants me to focus on this, to be honest I have been working so hard on getting the quads back and probably not enough on bending the leg.


Each week we get a little bit closer to normal. Thanks to all for your posts.


PS - Anyone with any ideas that worked well for helping them increase flexion, I would appreciate hearing...

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get a cardboard box that is about 24 inches tall.  when doing your heel slides put the box beside your knee, mark the height of the top of your knee on to the box and the date, at maximum flex, before you do 20 or 30 slides, and and then after 30 slides, and  then passively move your knee to the maximum flex and mark and date.  Three measurements per session. 


 This will allow you to very accurately measure your daily increase in ROM.  Some days ROM may be less than prior days, but in general I was increasing the height of my kneecap  about 1/4 inch per day.  Very easy to track progress, which will motivate you to improve your ROM.  I would do 1 set of 30 slides in the morning, and another set in afternoon.  Easy walks in the afternoon seemed to help to easy stiffness from these ROM sessions.


Given that we all have repaired tendons, strectching is best done little by little, allowing many weeks or perhaps a few months to regain ROM, and only after getting the blessing of your OD.   Tearing the repair and starting over is not worth the risk...

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1st PT Session


Injury 9/12/10

Surgery 9/16/10


I went to my first PT session and will admit that I was a bit anxious last night and this morning before arriving for my 8 AM session.  The anticipation of the pain involved in the healing process was much ado about nothing.  The first several minutes was entering me into the system and getting everything lined out.  My OS hadn't outlined any restrictions on paper and though I told him what the OS had said, he wanted to take it easy until he was able to speak with the surgeon.  Well, they don't come in until Noon on Fridays so he didn't get to talk to him to get any sort of ok to put me through some good old fashioned pain.


He started with measuring my legs and ROM.  I was close to an estimated 90 yesterday morning but after having been given the ok to weight bear on the repaired leg with the brace, I overdid it some by walking around and standing a lot and had some extra swelling on and behind the knee.  I iced it until bed time last night and it was better but it inhibited my range of motion when he tested it.  I was at 70 degrees on the injured leg and 145 on the non-injured.  My thigh was roughly 4 inches smaller than the good leg and my knee was 3 inches bigger due to the swelling.


He then added some heat mixed with some interval electric stimulation to contract the muscle with direction for me to flex my calf while the contraction was taking place.  That led to an ultrasound treatment around the tight area and on the incision.  We then progressed to me doing some various little exercises of tightening the quads and then stretching it all.  I have a sheet of about 9 exercises to be competed 3 times per day.


I'm sure the future sessions will be much more strenuous but I will have to say, this was pretty mundane.  The leg raises and stretching stuff felt good and like I did something but it wasn't strenuous in the least.  I was expecting to break a sweat, I guess.


I'm set up for three more sessions next week and he's to call me today once he speaks with my OS and then let me know where we go from here.


I spent my third day at the gym this morning in working shoulders and traps.  My chest and back are already pretty sore from the previous two days and I'm sure my shoulders will be tomorrow.  It's all a good soreness that lets me know I'm alive and doing something to make this old body better.


Good luck to all and Coveryour6, I'll be glad for you to make it back to the gym so you can feel this fun pain I'm feeling.  Hang in there brother.



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Hi I tore mine back in June at home in Cambridge - full tear, dislocated knee cap. Operation 24/06, six weeks in full leg cast with crutches then five weeks in lag brace working my way from no angulation to 90 degrees. Been out of the brace for four weeks. Found a really good sports injuries clinic, not cheap but a great investment.  Had intensive work on knee to shift the scar tissue and free the patella worked wonders. Go to gym 2 a week, one class at the hospital plus exercise at home. Played golf last saturday, 9 holes but haven't the strength in the knee for the driver. Also can now cycle with full rotation on the pedal. I think post op physio the key and exercise, exercise, exercise. Keep positive Stephen 59  


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Stephen59: Good luck with that Driver....that requires a bit of knee torque, so be careful!


TD: Thanks for the vote, man....I can't wait. Enjoy the soreness!



I have a question for those of you still monitoring this board. I am only up to page 18 and read some everyday on this thread and will continue to do so until I am caught up. How many of you experienced knee pain in the top of the patella or in the vicinity where you had your tear, prior to the injury. The more I read, the more I am coming to the conclusion that the tendinitis pain that I have been having several months prior to rupture was an indicator of the coming doom!!   I have had some sort of knee pain for the last 8 years or so. Mostly attributed to arthritis, chondromalicia, torn meniscus, etc. But the pain directly above my patella on the tendon has grown increasingly worse over the past few months, trumping any pain I was having in the joint. My OS said that my tendons look find, other than the huge rip in them, when he reattached and that there was no degeneration of the tissue. I have no doubt that it is related and was wondering if anyone else experienced anything similar. Those that have healed and are getting back to normal, if you did experience the knee pain prior, was it alleviated after the surgery???  (Fingers crossed!)


Thanks for reading and/or responding.  Take care all!



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I had pain above my patella in both legs and that got progressively worse over the past 3-4 years. It got bad enough that I had stopped running earlier this year. I had dropped my running over the last few years a lot. Didn't bother me much biking or cross country skiing or rollerskiing.  Hiking downhill was rough though and I depended increasingly on the poles I'd bought a couple years ago and I'd have a couple Aleve before hiking, a couple at lunch on top of the mountain and a good soak in a cold stream after.  I thought it was tendinitis and 3 weeks before my BQTR I had had an MRI.  The MRI showed some fluid and potential damage and in fact the doctor suggested I be real careful when I went off hiking.  So, when I fell and they ruptured I knew exactly what had happened.  I think the OS who repaired me was impressed when I told her my tendon's had ruptured.  So, obviously my tendons were bad.  The surgeon cleaned out calcifications in the tendons, etc. when she stitched me back together so there was damage there that led to this.  The pain was obviously related. 


Week 11.5 post BQTR


Unlocked the braces at PT and walked back and forth the length of the building several times on my own.  Felt awesome!  Legs felt great, knees feel really good and free and walking wasn't much of a problem.  ROM is about 105.  Haven't had any pain through this whole PT process to date, and I've stuck to the program, but now have to crank up the walking and strength.  Next week I walk with the braces unlocked all the time and hopefully in a couple more week's I can dump the braces for good.  Quads at least look like quads now, although really scrawny ones.   

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Thanks for the reply. The info is helpful in assessing my chronic pain leading up to this. I must say, I was very surprised when my OS said he my tendons were healthy other than the tears but that I could of had a series of micro tears over the years that contributed to the rupture. I'm glad your PT is going well and mostly that you have been pain free up to this point! My hopes and prayers are that after all is said and done, I will be pain free, in the knees anyway, after rehabbing. One thing I have noticed, sitting here, is that my IT bands are finally "supple" (never thought I would use that word describing my legs, but oh well) compared to the tightness that I always had leading up to the injury. My foam roller was my best friend but seemed I could never get away from the tightness.


Anyway, thanks again for your reply and good luck with your PT sessions. Please continue to post your progress!



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Continuing my previous post, a good last couple days!  Got in the pool for walking and swimming last night and except for the fact that my aerobic capacity is shot too it was great.  I think I'll be doing lots of swimming since it'll be a great way to get back in shape.  Walked today with the braces unlocked for 30 min. back and forth along a railing to hold onto and drove the car for the first time. Its all good.  No problems so I think things will pick up speed from here on out.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

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Hello folks.  I am not a skiier; but I suffered a complete quadriceps tendon rupture in December 2009, and I became an avid reader of the blogs on epicski during my recovery.  You guys have provided a good deal of inspiration for me.  I am a former strongman competitor and weightlifter.  I ruptured by quad tendon by slipping and falling down a flight of steps in my home.  As of October 2010, I have fully recovered, and I hope the video below will inspire others.




Take care, and keep your head up.


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Very inspirational....thanks for sharing!!  Question for you:  How long did it take for you, mentally, to feel comfortable, putting your knee under a load?  Whether weight or dynamic movement?  Again, very impressive and great job!



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Good stuff Joel!


I have a question on the benefits of a couple of exercises.  I've always been a full range of motion kind of guy and was wondering what benefit you get from the bench press with locked out arms and you moving the bar up a half of an inch does?  There was also some version of a deadlift where the bar was resting on the squat rack stays that really had you bending very little in the legs.  What's the benefit of that movement?


Thanks in advance.

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Hey Joel,  great to see you've made a full recovery.  I'm 3 months and 5 days out.  How long was it before you were able to do lunges?

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I was able to fully demonstrate a standing shot put throw with full leg block and rotation, so I was pretty pleased with that. I can't wait to do a full rotational throw but my left leg is not quite up to that yet. Spent 4 days at a state carnival walking up and down the stairs of the Olympic size stadium (lots of stairs, lots) between the recording booth and the track and was very glad to go back to work behind a desk for a rest!. But I have to say this complete QTR is a real bore. Each week is a little better than the last and that at least is a positive at least, I just wish it was faster.  I am using light weights in a leg press machine and doing lots of single leg squats but the quads are slow to gain bulk and strength.  Joe's story is truly inspirational.


It was interesting the comments about blood clots. The surgeon had me wear a compression bandage for the first  day but I was mobile within hours of the operation with a drain still inserted in the knee. The only time clots were mentioned was when the therapist commented that as long as you are mobile its usually OK. It is common in Australia to be mobile after hip replacements, ACL surgery etc within hours of the surgery. They get you walking  ASAP and it is only limited by pain. It really is amazing the wide range of treatments being used, some are super conservative and others a quite the opposite, you would think that there would be some sort of standard protocol world wide but there doesn't seem to be.

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I feel your pain brother.  This thing is sloooooooooow to heal and the progression is sloooooooooooooow.  I had my second PT session yesterday and I've heard all of these horror stories about how much it hurts and I'm leaving disappointed.  This session had me with a heating pad and electrical stimulation to flex the quads for a good 15 minutes and then a bunch of stretching and range of motion exercises but nothing that is really strengthening my leg. 


I guess once I have sufficient range of motion to where I can get on the stationary bike, things will progress but I feel like a 90 year old dude during happy stretching hour at the nursing home.  I do 5 sets of 30 leg lifts when they are asking for 3 sets of 10 and am pretty much like that with everything that isn't range of motion oriented where my leg will just stop at a point, I push it until it hurts, hold it there for a count of 30, and release. 


I know this is all important to getting better but man this is slow.

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I was working on a leg extension machine and I was making sure my VMO/VLO were engaging before the lift by placing my fingers on those muscles. It really brought it home to me how much the Quad has shrunk when I could feel that the injured leg muscle at the attachment point was at least I/2 the size of my un injured leg. (As you would see from my posts I have been very aggressive in the rehab process so the size difference is not from lack of exercise). This exercise causes the quads to bulge at the attachment point as the come on in the lift and you can really isolate them to see how much of a size difference there is. 


It really brought it home to me that I still need to be very careful to protect the leg even after 4 months as it is no way near strong enough yet to take full loads. I remember reading in the blogs some guys ruptured the injuries at about this time with bounding exercises and I can now see why. Mind you I have a complete quadriceps rupture which is a little unusual but at 4 months I would have to say I am really only just starting to get on the road to full recovery. No wonder its frustratingly slow, there simply is not enough muscle yet.

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I'm right at 4 months post-op, and saw my OS yesterday.  WIth his approval I've been riding my bicycles 100 to 150 miles a week for the past month, and light legs weights now.  I still have much less strength and my quad is about one inch smaller around ...He told me at least 3 times during the visit that it would continue to improve over the next 6 months to 8 months. 


So, just focus on improving compared to last month....and eventually we will get "there"

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Glad to hear things are going well. Out of curiosity, up to this point, what type of strength training have you been doing so far for the quads?


I am 3 weeks PO and saw my OS on Monday. He allowed my to unlock my right brace and start movement on the knee. Its a little tight with moderate soreness at the patella but I can semi comfortably get to 75 degrees with no problem with passive movement. The left brace will have to stay locked for another 2 weeks!!  damn!  Have been given permission for leg raises and standing adductor/abductor and hip extension work (which I've already been doing) but thats about it. Cannot sleep without braces yet. Whats the normal amount of time to be able to sleep without braces??


Thanks and happy healing to everyone!



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at about 8 weeks I was able to ditch the brace for walking, sleeping, and begin riding my bicycle.  During the 4 to 8 week period I was doing the straight leg quad contractions and also the same thing where you are also squeezing a rolled up towel that is between your thighs.  Maybe 100 reps per day.


 I began riding with very short and very easy 10 mile flat rides, now I am up to 40 to 50 mile rides with hills several days a week. 


The weight training is just in recent weeks, I do leg extension from 45 degrees of flex to full extension, leg curls, and leg presses where my knee is not bent more than 90 degrees.  Started with light weights and carefully increased the weights, slow lift and very slow on the lowering of the weights...3 sets of 10 to 20 reps.  I'm hoping that adding weight training for the next 6 months will help me get back to my normal cycling level by April.

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1 day shy of 5 weeks and I was able to ditch the brace for bed with 1 crutch handy for the nightly 2am visits to the bathroom.

Strength-wise I am doing my leg raises with a flexed leg while using electrical stimulation and weightless leg extensions concentrating on flexing the quads. I'm also walking at work with a 4 pound ankle weight on the repaired leg.

I'm 6 weeks from surgery today and only one week since my os said I could weight bear and I'm walking much better each day.
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Post op 4 weeks


Not a whole lot to report.  Still in immobilizer (and ankle boot) for two more weeks.  My personal physician has "taken over" my recovery.  While I believe my OS did a good job with the surgery, his protocol, which does NOT include blood thinners, and the general lack of info made me uncomfortable to the point of "firing" him.  I mean, I saw him one time pre-op, the day of the surgery, the day the staples were removed, and in ICU when he heard of the blood clots that nearly killed me.  During the entire time I was never given ANY instruction regarding care of the scar, etc.  I blame myself for not asking questions.  I blame HIM for failing to prescribe any thinning agents, and therefore, in my mind, he is responsible for the clots and the resulting hospitalization, surgery, etc.  The day the staples were removed he said "well, I'll see you in four weeks".  That was the same day I discovered the clots.


As for those clots, I'm now taking Coumadin, and will be for at least a year.  It's believed the clot in my lungs (a "saddle" pulmunary embolism) has disolved, and I received a surgically implanted "filter" to prevent any further clots from breaking off and reaching my upper extremeties.  A full recovery is expected.  I'll have some x-rays on the ankle next week to make sure it's healed properly.  My doc is "sidecarring" with several ortho friends to make sure he doesn't miss anything.  My OS didn't have need for any further x-rays or MRI's...a visual inspection of the incision area was all I had.  Is this normal protocol?  Did any of you guys have MRI's to make sure the surgery was "holding"?  Just curious.


So, the immobilizer is scheduled to come off two weeks from today, although I do have an appointment with my doc that Tuesday...maybe 3 days early?  Wishful thinking,  I had a little scare earlier today...I rolled over from my back to my side and my knee "popped".  I barely moved it...I'm unable to bend it at all...but it startled me.  It didn't hurt, per se, but just scared me a little.  As I'm typing this (it's 3AM...can't sleep) it's fine.  Whew!


We received my bill for the surgery and hospital stay.  We're anticipating the second bill, which will be for 5 days in Intensive Care and the filter implant, and consults with two pulmonary specialists.  In my mind, that bill belongs to my OS.  I'm not a lawsuit kind of guy, but I do anticipate seeing an attorney with my wife to see if the lack of thinners constitutes malpractice.  I'll keep you updated.  My only advice is to PLEASE discuss potential clotting with your surgeon before you undergo the procedure.  I've had 3 different physicians tell me how fortunate I am to be alive.  I would hate to see any of you get to that point.  I'm getting pretty anxious to get this crap off my leg and get to work on recovering.  My sons deployment ends this month, and I would love to be free of crutches when he gets home.  Thanks so much for reading my little "rant"...it is SO therapeutic to write and to read of the successes on this site.


Best of luck everybody!

 - Steve

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Hi all,

Hopefully by replying to this message this will serve as an introduction?


Briefly: 55 yr old English male, ex-pat in Moldova. I'm UNFIT, not a sportsman, let's get that out of the way first!


Had a fall on ice which ruptured the Quad ( surgeon says 90% was unattached) and completely ruptured the Patellar tendon, latter taking a chunk of pine off the Patella. 8 weeks today post-op.


Was fortunate enough to be operated on by a Canadian surgeon who was doing voluntary work in Moldova - this was a complete repair with tunnelling and attachments.


OK a lot of variations from the injuries which I've read about on the forum - I didn't have staples, had internal stitches and the scar has healed brilliantly in 8 weeks.

No plaster, fixed leg brace. ( Did have blood thinners during 36 hours in hospital and for 30 days self injected afterwards - incredulous to read some people weren't given this!)


Brace is still on and my progress re.exercise is way behind what I read, possibly because of the injury to BOTH sides of the knee.


Am doing quad flexes, toe rises and leg lifts from prone position. Have started doing knee bends but its very, very tight. Achieving only a small raise of the knee at the moment - say three inches .Have two crutches and have limited mobility, its weight bearing (but not wonderfully so)


My situation vastly different from most posters as I'm not a speaker of the local language ( Russian) and having to paddle my own canoe a little. Makes for a challenging time.



Have been told the recovery from this operation is 6 months minimum, 9 months average. Feels like a long old road!


This forum has been an insight!!




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12 weeks post op for BQTR


I've had a really good week and at long last things are ramping up well.  Last Friday I finally was allowed unlocked braces to walk "normally" at PT and have been walking twice a day since then for 30 min., moving better and more quickly with each walk. No problems at all.  Sure makes getting around work a lot easier!  At PT yesterday they added 1lb weights to my leg lifts and put me on a balance board and after about 2 min. was able to get the thing balanced without tipping from side to side much. Really focused on bending the knees as much as possible (braces were locked at 30 degrees).  Just like ski training!  I came home from work and made one for myself.  Walking feels better and better.  ROM is up to 110 degrees in both legs and my right leg has caught up to my left leg, so I will get on a bike at the gym this weekend and give that a go. Got in the pool to walk and swim three times and that will help my aerobic capacity recover. For an aerobic junkie its a bit hard to take when gasping for air after only 100 yards of swimming, and I used to be a swimmer.  However, that too shall pass.  Progress is good!!! 


Reading some of the posts on here I think I'm very fortunate with the high quality of care I've received, even if a bit conservative for my taste, and the good insurance I have and but for one issue with a catheter after my surgery, all has gone very well.  Steve, I definitely think you need to explore your legal options on the blood thinners.  Such an easy and inexpensive precaution. 


Take care all and heal fast!

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9 weeks post op today


Greetings all-

Started on a stationary bike at PT this week, have got just over 90 degrees flexion so its a bit of a stretch getting full rotation, but that is improving. Still doing a lot of walking, stair climbing (and tenative stair descending). Can now walk briskly without any noticeable limp.


My PT was concerned last week that I had stalled at about 85 degrees flexion, and explained to me the procedure where the surgeon gets you bending under general anaesthetic, and that I could need that if I couldnt show improvement. That was my incentive to work extra hard this week, finally getting past 90 degrees. From the posts here I have noticed that some of us quickly regain flexion, others not so much.


Quad strength is coming back quickly, my PT has really widened the variety of exercises so I expect the improvements to accelerate.


I credit the elimination of the leg brace for my dramatic improvements over the last month. I used to get the occasional "buckling knee" effect when walking with the brace on, now without the brace I don't ever get that.


Happy mending

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I met a fellow QTR at PT and I felt pretty sorry for this poor guy.  He's a pretty big old boy and was in for his shoulder.  He asked what I was in for and once I told him, he said he's been through one and it was 9 months before he was "normal".  I asked how he did it and here's where it gets worse.  The guy was playing golf and was going for a big drive,  As he followed through, he completely tore his right achilles and the reaction to the pain of that caused him to fall on his left leg and tear his quad from the kneecap!


No way I could imagine going through that but he showed the scars in both areas to back it up as i was picking my jaw off of the floor.

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Well, back from first PT session today. 3 weeks, 2 days post op. Left leg is still locked due to complete tear and right leg was released for some lite ROM. Had 73 degrees active ROM on right leg and felt pretty good. It seems both legs are not locking out like they should so I endured some "force" flexion on both legs. Wow, had some heebie jeebies on that one! Russian stim  on both and patella mobility on both knees. PT forcefully moved both patellas around 360 degrees...another heebie jeebie moment!  All in all, felt pretty good but I need to work on the forced flexion to get the knees back to 0.


TD: Man, that sounds like that would suck, big time during a golf outing!!  Who would think, huh?


Thanks for reading and good luck to all!




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6 Weeks 5 Days post op



I had PT for the 5th time and finally felt like I was doing something. PT starts with a hot pad above and below the knee while receiving 15 minutes of electrical stimulation.  I then get a little ultrasound for 10 minutes and then he puts some biofreeze on my leg and massages the quad and knee.  It generally doesn't hurt, though it always feels tight, but this time he found a knot along my IT band and really went to work on it.  It hurt like an SOB.  My left leg is the injured leg and he was mashing down so hard that my entire right side was raised off of the table.  It hurt all last night and is still very tender to the touch.  I still have a knot there and really don't know why.  He suggested I freeze a bottle of water and then utilized the frozen bottle to work on the spot. 


I then did the usual stretches and leg raises but a 10 pound weight was added and it felt good.  I was also able to do a version of two legged and one legged hack squats that seemed to do some good.  I was also asked to scoot around on a stool with legs and was to walk forward using my heels and then push backwards for 5 minutes.  Seem tame enough but it was tough!  I was also able to do the bike for 10 minutes followed by the treadmill for three minutes going forwards and three minutes going backwards.


Before icing it, I asked him to check my range of motion and I was at 70 degrees October 22nd and was 102 yesterday.  I was happy with that improvement.


I had to take some advil before bed to keep the leg from hurting.


I hope all are doing well in their recovery efforts.

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