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I'm 50 and been highly athletic all my life.  I ruptured both quad tendons playing basketball,,, one going up and the other on the bad fall.


Not too much pain or swelling, and thought I would be ok in a few days.  Noticed the inability to move the shin forward, so went to the uregent care center. 


Got both reattached with only a 4 in scar that is fading fast, and the stitches in the kneecap will disolve.  In rehab a few weeks, no swelling and no pain.  Already walking on my own.  Have only a 90 deg bend but getting more all the time.  Both legs feel great and gaining muscle mass back.


This injury is not permanent and doesn't have to be as horrible as you hear.

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Injured 7/21/09



Hello and best wishes to all QTR guys out there.  I'm now 10 months post surgery and (other than my issues w/herniated cervical and lumbar discs, which may or may not be related to the QTR injury) things are still progressing.  ROM is normal, quad rehab is decent, no pain but still some stiffness in the area.  My one concern at this point and question for the group (probably more geared towards the "veterans" of this injury) is:  I still get a LOT of swelling after being on my feet all day, walking around on the lacrosse field, mowing the lawn, etc. that can last for a week or more.  I feel like this swelling is significantly slowing down my long-term recovery and am looking for opinions/ideas/ experiences regarding this issue.  I did try (prescribed a few months ago by my OS) an anti-inflamatory drug called Peroxicam which worked amazingly fast and efficiently and almost immediately got rid of the swelling, but within 2 days felt like I had the worst stomach virus ever, so I stopped taking it.  Nothing, including 800 mg of ibuprofin daily, has really had any positive results since then.


Any ideas?



Thanks, and good luck to everyone!




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The swelling is because the muscles of the leg are still weak to pump blood. As the leg is getting stronger, the swelling will decrease slowly. 18 months after my surgery my leg is still swollen a little. No need to take medicine, don´t worry about it, ok?


Best Wishes,



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Ouch, Idaho Guy!! Have you, or any others with similar injuries, tried Cold One wraps? The combo of cold and compression keep the pain and swelling down, especially after rehab, strenuous use, and for preventative care. I SWEAR by them...especially the knee wrap during ski season! They make a "universal" wrap that fits the quad perfectly! Check out their site at www.coldone.com for a full list of the reusable wraps they carry, each ergonomically designed for various body parts. I got an email from them a few days ago that they're running a special through the end of May for 15% off all orders. Use promo code ESDISCOUNT at checkout. And then let me know what you think!! Happy recovery.

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Tuesday was 12 weeks and I was freed. Well, told to "wean" myself off the brace. Like that was going to happen--bye-bye Breg. A medium mistake. By mid-day Wednesday I took my first analgesic in months. Leg hurt like hell. Yesterday I split the difference. No brace in the AM and braced to cut the grass on a slope. Felt better in the brace.

Today, no brace, and I have reached the afternoon totally exhausted with a reasonably comfortable leg. No energy and I was comtemplating a short celebratory run earlier in the day.


So at 64 recovery seem to go as well or better than at 59. But reconditioning suddenly looks like it will take longer and hurt a bit more.


Hang in, guys. I'll let you know if I make The Bear Run.

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This is Coach B. First time posting on this site.  I am a 63 yr. old male who is 7 month post op.  I still have swelling and some stiffness, however I have become very physically active again. I walk, swim, and officiate basketball.  I was injured playing basketball, and at 6 months post op I resumed playing 3 on 3 half court in the Texas Senior Games.  My team plays for the state championship in Houston in Oct. I am not going to take antiflamatory meds.  Just ice and elevation at times and working on my ROM in the swimming pool with bicycle exercise movements. My thoughts are with those of you just coming off surgery.  It is tough. I can still remember not being able to sleep on my side, not being able to put my underwear on, not being able to dive a car or take a shower, but if an old man like me can make it back you can also!  Be patient but work hard on the prescribed exercises.  Good luck to all!

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Originally Posted by robquad View Post

This injury is not permanent and doesn't have to be as horrible as you hear.



I am delighted to hear about your successful outcome robquad. I am biting my tongue in this reply - yes, it hurts - but many of us are not quite as fortunate as you due to complications from this injury and repair. In most cases, it is not for lack of putting the required effort into the rehab. Every injury and repair is different. 


To those of us not quite as fortunate as robquad, keep at it, hopefully things will get better?



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14 wks. post-op, 2 wks. into PT.  I suppliment it with hikes in the Columbia River Gorge of NW Oregon, and biking mild to moderate hills.  Absolutely on pain or increased swelling at all (other that a fullness above my patella).  My only issue now is this persistent 15-20 deg extension lag, which I'm told I have a 50% of recovering.  Has anyone ever heard of surgery later on for this?  I'm not even sure it will be an issue functionally.

However, my low back has been killing me, mostly in the mornings.  Once I get out and about, it goes away.  It's different and alot more severe than the pain I sometimes get from my degererative lumbar disks (laminectomy L5/S1 1990).  Any comments about chiropractors? 



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All of you guys seem to be more active that I am. My knee is still not right after 2 years. i found this post by looking for answers and what i'm trying to find out is how much strength training are you doing. My knee hurts if I run, I have been afraid to lift because of the pain. I can ride a bike and a eliptical machine with little pain. Did you just force your way thru it and start lifting or what?

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injured 4/2/10
surgery 4/26/10  I am 48 yrs old and have been reading most of these posts on quad repairs and rehab presently in week 5 of post-op in a weight bearing brace set now at 45 deg left leg repair have driven at 4 wk see my op at 7th wk leg brace will be at 60 deg my question to anybody with this repair is when was the earliest time for golfing? I was active all my life in hockey,biking etc 2 years ago I had THR in my right leg, feels good now , no hockey playing anymore, but I coach hockey to this day, was told my golfing this summer might not happen til possiblally late Aug/10 any help out their, summer is coming 08 was a right off 09 was looking good til this injury! any suggestions out their. cheers Billy.  

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Injured 7/21/09
Surgery 7/28/09


I was in an immobilizer and non-weight bearing for 7 weeks after surgery, and didn't start PT until 8 weeks.  Every doctor seems to have a different degree of being "conservative" in their approach, mine being one of the most conservative, at least when compared to the experiences of most of the others in this group.  I am finally driving - the regular way - after 10 weeks...and yes, it did seem like an eternity.  With mine being a right leg injury, what I am discovering is that with the still-limited ROM that I currently have, I can JUST bend my right leg enough to get my foot where it has to go to work the gas and brake pedals (I am 6'5" and drive a Nissan Versa hatchback, so that doesn't make things any easier!).  My point is, I don't think I could have driven my car any earlier in the process, even if the OS or PT had approved it.  Hang in there...you will be moving around and driving again soon, hopefully and probably much sooner than I was. 

On a brighter note, it is puck season again...GO BRUINS!

Good luck to everyone!

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Hi Peter:


I'm glad to see you're progressing. In addition to my QTR surgery 13 weeks ago, I had two prior low back decompression procedures on L4, L5 and S1 (laminotomy and foramenotomy right and left side; 2008- left and 10-09 on the right). My back orthopedic surgeon tells me that my AM low back pain is largely due to wearing the brace and thereby overcompensating. He also said during the initial recovery period my core muscle support went to hell.I was in terrific shape for for a 71 year old, fully rehabbed from the 2009 back surgery when I fell victim to the QTR.


If you wish, I can scan and e-mail you my low back core exercises which I've been doing since well  before back surgery #1 and which have been added to thereafter. They're fairly standard-- I've seen many people at the gym doing variations on the same type of movements. They've kept my low back stable and the post QTR low back pain is gradually dissipating.


As to the extension lag, mine went decreased to under 10% with PT. ( i e ,Straight leg extension while sitting with back straight and applying pressure to the top of the knee. My PT says the lag (in some cases) is due to the swelling of the knee and scar tissue.


I hope this helps a little. Ride on!!



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Howzit folks,

This is my first entry on this site which I found last night. First, congratulations to all who are doing so well and progressing back to where we all want tobe. I ruptured my L quad seven years ago (Feb 2003) playing basketball at age 43 and on active duty in the Army. I had it repaired one day later and progressed well through rehab, culminating in running the Army ten miler in the October 2003 and passing my PT test run. It has held up well to include skiing. It was tested ata Snowmass at the DAV/VA Winter sports Clinic in April 2006 and done well on all other sports up to today. I don't have the power I once had but am doing everything I want on land and water.

That was until last Friday when I ruptured my right quad, playing basketball. Didn't really do anything dramatic, but ruptured just the same. I have a bipartite patella (patella in 2 pieces with fibrious union) which had caused my no problems until now. The ER PA found I have torn through that part of the tendon and patella. I have an appointment with the OS at the Army Hospital where I receive my care tomorrow morning with a surgery date hopefully of Wednesday or Thursday. At 50, it will be a little more challenging in rehab, but one must  be up for the gig. 

I appreciate all the great posts, encouragements and suggestions everyone gives on this site. My better have is a Physical Therapist and no she will not be treating me, but makes sure I do my thing to the max. I'll be letting you know how this week goes. For now - ice, elevation and visualization/imagery on what I expect the future to look like with a nice repair of the right quadriceps.


OT in Motion

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Howdy all...I've read some posts on this forum in the past, as I too have joined the "club" of quad tear patients, and now wanted to lob a question or 2 out there to everyone. 


Quick history: injury occurred Nov 19 2009 while skiing at Crystal Mtn, WA (I got 4 great powder runs in first). An ordinary turn that went from powder to hard bed surface did the job on my quad tendon. I had surgery Dec 1 and started PT Dec 16. I went from 35 deg ROM to 75 in 2 weeks and then on to 105 in another 2 weeks. I started riding the bike, doing the standard PT etc. Things were going well, but I couldnt seem to shake the pain down below the knee cap (patellar tendon area) when I did my exercises, walked etc. The pain continued, with swelling, no matter what the PT or I did. Once I shed the brace and started walking, riding a bike etc. we thought the scar tissue would break up and the pain would go away. Well, no such luck. I sit here 6 mos. post op and still have continued pain on the patellar tendon. Its keeping me from doing any good quad work to rebuild the muscle and I've resorted to using electro stim on the VMO to help build it back up. I have been riding my road bike but it tends to irritate the patellar tendon as well. 4 weeks ago the doc went back in and took out one of the "stitch knots" that was sitting on the patellar tendon and he thought that would solve the issue and relieve the pain but no such luck. Still hurting and wondering what is up. The good news is that my quad tendon feels great, no pain, and I can stretch it fully (heel to butt) with no issues.


So, my questions to the crew are:


- has anyone experienced problems with the stitch knots in the lower knee cap/patellar tendon area?

- has anyone had them removed?

- has anyone developed patellar tendonitis due to this injuyr?


I'm at the point of going back in and having the 2nd stitch knot removed so I can begin to get the muscle back and create the support system for the tendon. My doc is very hesitant to do it because he thinks it will put me in a position to tear it again, but not having the muscle and stability puts me in the same place as well.


Thoughts? Comments? 





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I'm just an ER Doc, jack of all trades, master at none (except maybe saving your life when it's on the line), but it sounds like an arthritis/ tendonitis situation.  Has anyone suggested steroids, either by mouth or intra-articular?  I wouldn't get more than maybe 3 injections, or your joint can become weakened just from that.  But it may break the imflammatory cycle enough to allow you to gain enough strength to support your knee.  Your OS would be in a better position to recommend it.  A brief pulse of oral Prednisone for 5 days saved me from a second back surgery 2 yrs. after my first one, and I haven't had any significant back pain since.



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Hello and welcome to all the new forum members - we all feel your pain (heh - heh - heh).  Seriously, welcome and I am sorry for your injury - it is serious, but you can get back to your lifestyle if you are determined and if you maintain a positive attitude


KB:  I had similar but not exactly the same symptoms for almost two years before we determined that my QTR repair of two years ago had partially failed and the OS went back in and "re-repaired" it this last March.  If you are having problems, I'd suggest talking with your OS about an MRI to see if there is a similar situation to what I had - better to get it done now, my friend, than wait two years as did I. 


I went to see my OS for the 90 day post-op visit yesterday.  We are both pleased with my progress - it is much more substantial and complete than two years ago.  But, he is still being more cautious with my activities, and, based on my past experience, I concur - although I chafe to be more active.  He has allowed me on a road bike starting with 40 minutes a day, reasoning (rightly so) that unless he limits me, I will immediately go out and start putting some serious time on the road.  I am NOT to stand up in the saddle, and am not to do any serious climbing for at least a month.  No mountain biking for six weeks.  No real hiking for six weeks (he is more concerned about the downhill than the up).  Withholding judgment on backpacking starting in August/September.  Can start doing very, very light open chain weightlifting with high reps.   Should have no problems nordic skiing by November, but withholding judgment on alpine skiing until later next season . . . .


Last night, I spent 35 minutes on the bike and 35 minutes on the elliptical and this morning walked the two miles on flat ground to work - I was pretty fatigued and sore by the time I got here.  I guess I see his point . . . .  But, regardless, I get to go out cycling, and can, I think, anticipate riding a couple of hours with friends on flat terrain within a couple of weeks.  I am very happy about that!


Hope you all are doing well - be kind to your spouses - they put up with your nasty moods and whining a lot more than you think they do . . . .  I am celebrating 19 years with my bride this week - I am lucky to have had her through this ordeal.


Take care.



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Hello All:

Welcome to all the new members, but surely would rather welcome you to a more cheerful forum! :)  Just got back from my 4 week post-op visit with my OS and I had asked, "what am I allowed to do now?".  Can I get in my pool without the brace and walk?  Can I bend the knee?  Can I sleep without the brace?  His answer was "nothing".  I was told that due to the size of the tendon being re-attached, it takes at least 6 to 8 weeks for the repair to fully heal.  My OS explained that even a small separation of the healing would compromise the entire repair.  I was also told that the first successful repair has a better chance of being successful long term than a re-repair of the tendon if I didn't let it heal completely and he had to fix again.  My followup from this visit will be in another 3 weeks and  PT will not start for another week after that.  Needless to say I was very disappointed, but don't want to start over after being out of commission for 5 weeks already.  IDG, you are correct, our better halves must endure a lot as well, and congrats to you on a long successful marriage.


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Hi IDG - Your bicycling program sounds very similar to what my OS recommended, which worked out well for me.  One thing that I found helpful was increasing my cadence.  I went from an average of 75 rpm to close to 90 rpm, using appropriately higher gears.   I found it was much easier on the surgical leg.    I've settled into a new average of around 85 rpm as I've gotten stronger, which has made me a better and stronger rider overall.   Enjoy the cycling - and best wishes.

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Injured 9/6/09

Surgery 9/9/09


Haven't checked in for quite awhile and can't believe upon doing so I see Idaho Guy had a repeat injury. Unbelievable. All the best on a full recovery; you've done it before, you can do it again.


Coming up on my nine-month mark and am happy to report my leg feels about 95 percent back to normal. Have to think part of it was pool work early on - sat on a noodle in the deep end and kicked about 15-20 minutes a day - and the ultrasound and electrical stim treatments I got from my chiropractor, which are now down to about twice a month. Never did any PT work. It's been a long way back from the atrophy of the early months, and my good leg is still about 1" larger in circumference than the rehabbing one.


Started running about a month ago and about my only limitation is leg extensions, where I'm up to three sets at 20 pounds. Also do one-legged leg press (80 lbs.), one-legged hamstring curls (35, rehab leg only on both), squats with a 50-pound bar on my shoulders and three sets of 50 leg lifts with one of those oversized balls between my legs while on my back. That last one seems good for the abs, too, and my weight is right where it was when I got hurt.


Reading this forum has been a huge help and I've always used the rehab period of 6-12 months as a guide. Stick to the plan, get to the gym 3-4 times a week and you'll get there.

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Injured 7/21/09



BSurfer, thanks for the words of advice.  Patience is probably the biggest and most important part of this process.


For any hockey players/coaches out there, I just wanted to share a milestone at 10 months. Last night I skated at my son's hockey practice for the first time since my surgery, which is the one thing that I have missed the most since being injured.  It wasn't a pretty sight, but, all in all, it went well.  The knee was pain-free (although, as previously mentioned, still somewhat stiff and swollen), and the only real problem was that the quad muscles (and all the rest of my muscles, for that matter!) felt very weak.  Still, it was great to be out there and I am looking forward to a slow, steady return to coaching hockey.



Good luck to everyone!




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A better day today. 13 and a half weeks out. I did 30 minutes on the eliptical last night and threw caution to the winds today, walking around 4 miles. I threw in half a dozen 1-200 yard "Jogs". Now I know what the verb shamble means. No pain to speak of at all, but I suspect I'll pay for it tomorrow. I must have been a strange sight--old, portly short guy with one skinny leg kind of wobbling along at a pace a 3 year old could beat.


I have re-discovered a knee support called the Cho-pat. I used one after my first QTR and had forgotton that it really seems to decrease the pain. I picked mine up for $22 on eBay. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260569474091&var=560003128234&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT

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This is Coach B.  At my PT's the other day I met a guy (who is active duty military) who has a stitch knot on his knee. He is coming off is second quad tendon surgery because the first one left his tendon too long.  He is really disturbed by how the knee knot looks.  His current doctor, not the one who did the operation, does not want to remove (forget why?).  I told him to get a second opinion.  My PT thinks he should have it removed.  Not sure if removeal automatically means you will get patellar tendonitus.


Also, as I mentioned on my last post I am walking well with no pain but still have swelling.  As long as you have swelling the quad muscle has trouble developing back to full strength, and yes, it sometimes feels week.  Today, I purchased elastic knee braces for walking (I walk twice per day for exercise).  I highly recommend these braces for those of you who have swelling.  They provide mild compression support without the heat retention of neoprene brackes. I bought mine at Sports Authority but you can google up McDavid knee braces and order then on line.  They are only $10.  You could easily wear these under dress slacks without notice.  Since I am retired I do not have to worry about dress slacks. I also purchased ankle weights for purposes of doing leg extensions.  Although I do these at the fitness center, I think I should be doing more of them daily.


Good luck to all!  Keep the faith!

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Hello all:


So, perhaps I overdid it this weekend.  I started out Saturday with a 40 minute bike ride - just like the OS ordered.  Then, felt so good after the ride that I went to the YMCA for a couple of hours of lifting (again per Doc's instructions), elliptical, stretching and core work.  Then, felt so good afterwards that I went home and spent the entire afternoon doing yard work.  That night I went out with my wife and another couple to celebrate our anniversary, and fortunately had the good sense not to dance with her - she was able to get our friend to dance with her - so she didn't miss out entirely.


The next morning, the knee was swollen, sore and fatigued.  So I spent the day icing the knee and catching up on office work.  Maybe some day I'll learn my lesson . . . .   However, it feels great today, so no worse for the wear.  I'm looking forward to increasing time on a bike with it - I might try to do as much as two hours on the bike next weekend - it seems like the activity that hurts it the least, so as long as I can increase gradually between now and then, it should be fine.


WVCPA; try to be patient - your OS is right - don't push this - I did and look what happened to me. . . .


Best of luck to you all.


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I somehow stumbled onto this forum, and I find it very interesting.  I, too, have injured my knee.  Friday evening, May 28th, I slipped while stepping off my back porch.  It is only about 14 inches high, but when I ackwardly landed on my right foot , I felt the rip of, what was to be known to me later, as my  quadriceps tendon.  Here I was, laying in my yard with a knee that just would not work.  I yelled for my wife, and she came, then I asked her to get the neighbor, who got me into the back seat of my car.


I was operated on Sunday, May 30th.  Sent home on Memorial day, with an immobilizer and crutches. I went back to the OS on Friday, June 4th, and was dissapointed when he said that PT would not start for another month.  They set my new brace for 30 degrees motion, for when I am sitting or in bed.  I lock it straight for standing.  I neglected to ask the dr. if I should try to bend it and straighten it often, as I lay on the couch.  Sort of a form of early, self-applied PT.


My wife has been a real saint, as she is doing everything for me.  What the heck would a bachelor do? 

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DOI:28 May 10  DOS 4 June 10

Hello folks,

I had my surgery last Friday so the rehab process begins again. I stayed overnight and came home Saturday morning and haven't had to take anything more than Tylenol ES along with using a Cryo cuff. Swelling and discomfort is way down. My OS is going slow with me, no active extension for at least 6-8 weeks, like everyone else, locked in extension for ambulation, touch weight bearing only. I have a PT appt Thursday, however, I know very little will happen other than getting acquainted since I don't come out of the post op dressing till next Tuesday.

Tim, check with your OS on his protocol and intent. Some on this forum have done early motion and done well, some more conservative approaches with also good results. He or she will let you know what to do. There are alot of questions that just don't occur to ask right after surgery. I know a few more questions to ask since I did this to my other knee (L) 7 years ago doing the same thing --basketball.

My wife too is priceless. As a PT, she will ensure I don't do anything ridiculous even though as an OT myself, I should know better. Take care and good luck during rehab. It's a long road ahead.


OT in Motion

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Hey OTinMotion,


Sorry to hear about your knee(s)!  I have spent the last 6 months helping my friend rehab his knee (torn ACL in December), so I know what a challenge it can be.

I've been experimenting with tendon strengthening exercises with him and have been blown away.
The idea is to strengthen and stretch from the bone out.  Once a tendon is strengthened, it will not atrophy with decreased use where as a muscle will atrophy within four days of non-use. 

This is really cool because while you're rehabbing, muscle exertion is tricky but tendon strengthening can be done with subtle, very effective, simple movements. 

I know your wife is a PT and I'm not trying to sound like a know-it-all, but I'm curious to see if this is going to work as well for others as it has for my friend, so if I could suggest one exercise to incorporate into your current rehab regeim, it would be this:


As you're lying on the couch or sitting with your leg extended, flex your toes like you're grabbing at something with your foot.  Really focus on spreading and flexing every toe and tendon necessary to do this.

Then, pretend like you are grabbing something with your foot and "fist" the toes in (like making a fist) and point the foot forward as you do it.  

Repeat this 10 times on each foot.


It can also be done standing up - just pretend like you're gripping the floor/carpet with your toes. 

And remember to breathe while you're at it.


You'll probably shake and it will feel awkward, but this will strengthen all of the tendons in the toes, foot, ankles and up through the knees and hips.  It's very powerful and only takes a couple minutes.


I would love to hear feedback if you have any.  I am releasing a whole ski fitness training course this summer and this is one of the functional exercises in it.


Good luck with the rehab - I look forward to hearing your progress!



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Re: "stitch knots, bumps and other cosmetic issues..." For God's sake leave well enough alone. We all heal differently, some scar a lot more than others and what you go by is how it works and how it feels. When you revise a repair that is working well enough you risk infection early and a worse functional outcome later on.


14 weeks today. "Shambled" 5  miles at a pace that embarrassed my dog. Looked at my legs in a mirror. Left (recent qtr) looks about half the size of the right (2005 qtr) but the left knee is half again as big as the  right. Weight is "only" about 9 pounds up from pre-injury. I figure I missed about 360 miles so I'm about where I figured at 36 missed miles=1 pound fat. Have stopped PT since ROM is mostly back and I just need time and motion. I'll miss the blond, though.

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Hi OT in Motion,


Wow, what luck, both knees in 7 years!  I can't imagine going through this twice.  I am laying in bed, with the only light being my laptop, the wife is sleeping beside me.  I believe I overdid it today with the activity, and now my knee is hurting, so I took an Advil.  Trying to stay away from the Oxicondone (?).

I see you were in the Army.  I retired from the Air National Guard, Jan '08.  At one time, I spent 14 months in the Army Reserve, back in '86-87.  I turned 60 in March, so I am collecting retirement pay, and also using the Tricare Prime health insurance.  I sure hope that the surgery will be fully covered.

With your wife being a PT, you get some free professional advice.  I'm sure she keeps you going on the right path.  I am having flowers delivered for my wife later today, to show how much I appreciate all that she has been doing the past 10 days, since I came home from the hospital.

I am going to make a list of things I want to ask the OS when I see him on the 18th.  Maybe he wants to be conservative in starting PT because of my age, but it is kind of dissapointing, not starting it for a month.  How long did your first injured knee take to rehab?  Did it come back 100%?  I am going to try the exercises that Annelise suggested.  Thanks, Tim

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This is Michigan Man and I am only writing in the hope of being of some help to those who hAs have joined this blog. I am 76 years old and got my first quad tear 25 years ago. I state that so I can say, Yes you do come back 100%. I do not have the flexion I had before the tear but my left leg is my strong leg. Late in February I was riding a mountain bike trail in preparation of doing an Xterra Sport Tri with my son in Richmond, Va. Told my wife I had to ride that trail just one more time before we leave Georgia for home. Well, got about 1/10 of a mile in and wiped out. Looked at my right leg at the right angle is was at and said to myself this is not good. Sure enough got myself another tear on the right leg this time. First time around I had a plaster cast from ankle bone to crotch-in July and August no less. Took a long time to come back. Did not keep as good records as I am this time, only can say I got to the point where I could do everything I could before.

This time had the surgery in Georgia, came home to Michigan and got the staples out. Had a velcro stabalizer on for the first eight weeks. Have been concerened about range of motion with that extra two weeks of stiff legedness. Not doing too bad in that area am about up to  110 degrees and have been riding the bike on a stand in the living room. Have had a very painful pain under the knee cap on the inside which I did not remember from the tear of 25 years ago. Finally got the doc to do an MRI. Had surgery this past Tuesday to take care of a torn Mensicus and am looking forward to getting going again.

Will not be doing the Xterra this year with my son. Guess he won't be doing it this year either, he broke his knee cap last week. Next year ;-)

I have tried to be very brief, but wanted to share my results as so many of yours have been so encouraging. So if you have pain that does not make sense get an MRI. I am blessed with a OS who is an avid bicycle rider and not as old as I am. But his first word to me was "want to get you back to what you were doing, not just walking" exactly what I needed to hear.

Thanks Idaho Guy for the site. Sure wish I had had it the first time.

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Hey Tim,


Let me know if you have any questions surrounding the exercises I suggested.  I look forward to hearing how you like em'... 

Please keep me updated with your status. ;-)


Just discovered another tendon exercise from my yoga instructor tonight that targets the sacrum.  I'm already feeling it!  So cool....





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Hi Annelise


I have been doing the exercises on both feet, and I must say they feel better.  Yesterday, I think I overdid it, as far as activity goes, and last night I paid for it, up with pain and discomfort.  I really don't know how much activity one should do, 12 days post surgery.  When I say "activity", I mean just being off the couch for a large part of the day.  My neighbor, who is on vacation this week, has been such a great help.  Tuesday, he told me to "put the white hat on", sit on a lawn chair, and supervise as he detailed my '72 Mach 1.  He knew that I wanted to take it to the VFW car cruise this Saturday.  Anyway, just being up and about, made the knee hurt that night.  Yesterday he washed and waxed my '05 Mustang, then we went for a ride, and I had more discomfort last night.  I wonder if I should use ice on the knee?  I have been taking Advil.

Do you enjoy Yoga?  Once my knee heals, I would like to become more active, and do more exercises.  Hopefully, it will help prevent future injuries.


Thanks, Tim    P.S.  What is the Sacrum?

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